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[Anna] Theres not a day that goes by that I dont remind my kids about the pleasure-pain balance, about dopamine deficit states, about the risk of addiction. Addeddate. Changing what you do, how you think, who you are. We have gone from the information age into the disinformation age. AI cannot solve the problem of fake news. It also shows, fairly accurately, how platforms harvest personal data to target users with ads - and have so far gone largely unregulated. We should be live. Its as simple as that. A huge new Pew Research Center study of 10,000 American adults finds us more divided than ever, with personal and political polarization at a 20-year high. As the groups got bigger on Facebook, Facebooks recommendation engine started suggesting to regular users that they join Pizzagate groups. When I went to work the next day, most of the laptops had the presentation open. We outlaw markets in human organs. Nobody knows anybody whos sick. October 3, 2020 This documentary-drama hybrid explores the dangerous human impact of socialnetworking, with tech experts sounding the alarm on their own creations. Even the wonderfully talented Skyler Gisondo cannot make a sequence work where he plays a teenager seduced by extremist disinformation, and the scenes with Vincent Kartheiser embodying the formulas that fight our efforts to pay . And theres fake news. Some real big things. 1. Recently in India, Internet lynch mobs have killed a dozen people, including these five. sehr einfaches strickmuster Okay, theres the supercomputer. And so, were seeing the results of that. Im on the Internet right now. We have almost no laws around digital privacy, for example. [Tristan] Were being bombarded with rumors. So they can keep the power, so they can control everything. Not because we want to, but because false information makes the companies more money than the truth. One country can manipulate another one without actually invading its physical borders. In certain cities, youre gonna see it autocomplete with climate change is a hoax. In other cases, youre gonna see climate change is causing the destruction of nature. And thats a function not of what the truth is about climate change, but about where you happen to be Googling from and the particular things Google knows about your interests. [Roger] One of the problems with Facebook is that, as a tool of persuasion, it may be the greatest thing ever created. We are more profitable to a corporation if were spending time staring at a screen, staring at an ad, than if were spending that time living our life in a rich way. [Tristan] Okay. We can do better. [laughs] Like, its the critics that drive improvement. [Justin] Ive uninstalled a ton of apps from my phone that I felt were just wasting my time. Some of those things could be described as simple algorithms, some could be described as algorithms that are so complicated, you would call them intelligence. [Tristan] They know when people are lonely. Nothing else that we have has improved at anything near that rate. How do I get an entire transcript. If you click on clickbait, youre creating a financial incentive that perpetuates this existing system. I actually had to write myself software to break my addiction to reading Reddit. So, I decided that were not gonna have any cell phones at the table tonight. And then if you start watching one of those videos, then it will recommend it over and over again. And if you think that sounds. And youre always free to walk up the hill, but fewer people do, and so, at scale, at societys scale, you really are just tilting the floor and changing what billions of people think and do. That is Thats a lie. Thank you for providing this transcript so I can more easily record and share insights with my students. Arms up. [Tim] Rewind a few years ago, I was the I was the president of Pinterest. And the third rule is work out a time budget with your kid. We are a nation of people who have isolated ourselves to only watch channels that tell us that were right. [Mary] Moment of truth. [Joe Toscano] This is the worst part, man. [interviewer] Is that a rule, or is that a. You know? Per day, on average? And that pattern points to social media. [Tristan] Theres an entire discipline and field called growth hacking. Teams of engineers whose job is to hack peoples psychology so they can get more growth. I was coming home, and I couldnt get off my phone once I got home, despite having two young kids who needed my love and attention. [CBSN News] Well, a new bombshell investigation exposes Facebooks growing struggle to tackle hate speech in Myanmar. but but I will tell you that, um Im probably gonna be dead and gone, and Ill probably be thankful for it, when all this shit comes to fruition. [Tristan] Even two friends who are so close to each other, who have almost the exact same set of friends, they think, you know, Im going to news feeds on Facebook. Hey, I want more users in Korea today. Turn the dial. Lets dial up the ads a little bit. Dial up monetization, just slightly. And so, that happ I mean, at all of these companies, there is that level of precision. [Yellow AI] Lets get back to making money, boys. Pull down and refresh again, its new. And thats how Facebook works. 2018. [mom] Isla, can you set the table, please? [Tristan] When he later came on to NPR to say, Im sorry for believing this. No, its probably not Like yeah. This timestamped, summarized transcript of The Social Dilemma is a versatile resource to support your use of this powerful documentary in your classroom. WARNING: SPOILERS This is the premise of Netflix's original film The Social Dilemma. Always choose. Well sneakily just manipulate you because youre a computing node, so we need to program you cause thats what you do with computing nodes. Like, wheres the existential threat? [Anderson Cooper] Its rare for a tech insider to be so blunt, but Tristan Harris believes someone needs to be. [Tristan] I dont know any parent who says, Yeah, I really want my kids to be growing up feeling manipulated by tech designers, uh, manipulating their attention, making it impossible to do their homework, making them compare themselves to unrealistic standards of beauty. Like, no one wants that. All David has to do is place those temptations in the Kitchen Safe. When they take over mental health of kids or Saturday morning, theyre responsible for protecting Saturday morning. [reporter] These accounts were deliberately, specifically attempting to sow political discord in Hong Kong. [Justin] When we were making the like button, our entire motivation was, Can we spread positivity and love in the world? The idea that, fast-forward to today, and teens would be getting depressed when they dont have enough likes, or it could be leading to political polarization was nowhere on our radar. We know it's captivating. [Justin] I cant believe you keep saying that, because Im like, Really? They know when people are looking at photos of your ex-romantic partners. A social issue or problem is an issue that has been recognized by society as a problem that is preventing society from functioning at an optimal level. [Jaron] If we go down the current status quo for, lets say, another 20 years we probably destroy our civilization through willful ignorance. [Tristan] We in the tech industry have created the tools to destabilize and erode the fabric of society in every country,all at once, everywhere. One of the things that he pioneered was the use of scientific A/B testing of small feature changes. If what you need is the official screenplay, probably its best to contact directly the producers/creators of the movie. Secara garis besar bercerita tentang dampak negatif media sosial dan dunia maya. I mean, people in every department saying, I totally agree. I see this affecting my kids. I see this affecting the people around me. We have to do something about this. It felt like I was sort of launching a revolution or something like that. CG Publishing/Apogee Books, 2020, $26.95. Right? [Roger] The way to think about it is its 2.7 billion Truman Shows. the social dilemma transcript with timestamps. But what are we meant to do about it? Nice, simple business. [Guillaume] There are tons of Chrome extensions that remove recommendations. This helped me with my English essay so thanks! system is also played by a celebrity Vincent Kartheiser of Mad Men voices the . The majority of speakers whose prior careers were working for these companies from the beginning allowed them to clearly articulate the evolution of "friend and family" networks to mass division, hate and harm. [Roger] The law runs way behind on these things, but what I know is the current situation exists not for the protection of users, but for the protection of the rights and privileges of these gigantic, incredibly wealthy companies. [Aza Raskin] You can imagine these things are sort of like they they tilt the floor of of human behavior. Especially social media starts to dig deeper and deeper down into the brain stem and take over kids sense of self-worth and identity. Now, just imagine for a second that Wikipedia said, Were gonna give each person a different customized definition, and were gonna be paid by people for that. So, Wikipedia would be spying on you. [Roger] Over time, you have the false sense that everyone agrees with you, because everyone in your news feed sounds just like you. "The Social Dilemma," a new Netflix documentary-drama on how technology companies have manipulated human psychology with dire consequences for our society, is unlikely to impact these. They see completely different worlds because theyre based on these computers calculating whats perfect for each of them. [Jaron Lanier] Companies like Google and Facebook are some of the wealthiest and most successful of all time. Like, how do you wake up from the matrix when you dont know youre in the matrix? You know, I I really do view it as existential. Armed with all the knowledge that I have and all of the experience, I am fighting my kids about the time that they spend on phones and on the computer. So, turn em in. Thats not a fair fight. Surveillance capitalism has come to shape our politics and culture in ways many people dont perceive. If technology creates mass chaos, outrage, incivility, lack of trust in each other, loneliness, alienation, more polarization, more election hacking, more populism, more distraction and inability to focus on the real issues thats just society. Browse Catalog Grades Pre-K - K 1 - 2 3 - 5 [Rene] What were seeing is a global assault on democracy. Ove is a curmudgeon-the kind of man who points at people he dislikes as if they were burglars caught outside his bedroom window. Just like there are markets that trade in pork belly futures or oil futures. [Tristan] And that was when I decided to make a presentation, kind of a call to arms. Its not enough that you use the product consciously, I wanna dig down deeper into the brain stem and implant, inside of you, an unconscious habit so that you are being programmed at a deeper level. Facebook is in charge of your news feed. It involves two prisoners that have the option of co-operating with each other by not being aware of the other prisoners' decision or defecting without talking to one another. [Sean Parker] I mean, its exactly the kind of thing that a that a hacker like myself would come up with because youre exploiting a vulnerability in in human psychology. Its the technologys ability to bring out the worst in society [chuckles] and the worst in society being the existential threat. I dont know if I feel that way anymore. Its just that this is what the recommendation system is doing. [vlogger] so they can pick sides. [Tristan] Its like remote-control warfare. And no one really understands what theyre doing in order to achieve that goal. Thats the only thing there is for them to make money from. In Myanmar, when people think of the Internet, what they are thinking about is Facebook. ( The Social Dilemma has been among the 10 most watched programs on Netflix all week.) Its a gradual change. GPH recently hosted a webinar entitled "The Social Dilemma: Ethics of Technology and Its Impact on Public Health" to address this question. [Sandy Parakilas] Theres only a handful of people at these companies, at Facebook and Twitter and other companies Theres only a few people who understand how those systems work, and even they dont necessarily fully understand whats gonna happen with a particular piece of content. [interviewer] What are you most worried about? [Growth AI] Cross-referencing him against comparables in his geographic zone. List at least 6 countermeasures. Eventually, this culminated in a man showing up with a gun, deciding that he was gonna go liberate the children from the basement of the pizza place that did not have a basement. Youre not gonna get acknowledged. [Jonathan Haidt] Ive worked out what I think are three simple rules, um, that make life a lot easier for families and that are justified by the research. [AI] Follow that up with a post from User 079044238820, Rebecca. [reporter] An extraordinary election took place Sunday in Brazil. And those growth tactics have then become the standard playbook for Silicon Valley. Sep 10, 2020. [Tristan] Every time you see it there on the counter, and you just look at it, and you know if you reach over, it just might have something for you, so you play that slot machine to see what you got, right? framkalla filmrulle sjlv . This is overpowering human nature, and this is checkmate on humanity. Wheres it help to hold it? This is a totally new species of power and influence. If you want to control the population of your country, there has never been a tool as effective as Facebook. Its just a load of sh. That worked. [laughs], Full list of the cast (Interviewees and Actors). Lets just get people tagging each other in photos all day long.. [AI] Perfect. 4. Our technologys gonna become more integrated into our lives, not less. They sell certainty. 6. [Roger] The manipulation by third parties is not a hack. How much of your life can we get you to give to us? Its not in Facebooks business interest to give up the data. All right. Pull back on friends and family. Instagram has done it. Oh, yeah, seriously, for how long you look at it. We probably fail to meet the challenge of climate change. You dont have self-determination. [sighs] Ben? We want them to take this action. His psychometric doppelgangers. [Tim Kendall] We often talked about, at Facebook, this idea of being able to just dial that as needed. Whats this video Mom just sent us? Look at all of this information that Im constantly seeing. [Rene Diresta] Its not that highly motivated propagandists havent existed before. Not even that cute girl from school. The Democrat Party is a crime syndicate, not a real political party. So are they. I was, um, thinking we could use all five senses to enjoy our dinner tonight. Sit down and see if you can get comfy. My screens completely shattered. That only costs this much.. On the ground. The. We accept the reality of the world with which were presented. [Bailey Richardson] The Internet was, like, a weird, wacky place. Excellent! [Yellow AI] Sold for 3.4 cents an impression. Thats not by accident. [Jaron] It might sound strange, but its my world. Thanks, Cass. A magician understands something, some part of your mind that were not aware of. [Tristan] I think we have to have the platforms be responsible for when they take over election advertising, theyre responsible for protecting elections. So, if you can imagine, if a if a commercial enterprise builds an algorithm to their definition of success, its a commercial interest. What you should be asking yourself is: Why doesnt that e-mail contain the photo in it? Video marketing. It follows the story of effects and control that tech platforms have over social media users. . Views expressed are her own. Solutions . [Tristan] Persuasive technology is just sort of design intentionally applied to the extreme, where we really want to modify someones behavior. Im just catching up on some news stuff. [chuckles] You know, its just like, God, theres gotta be theres gotta be more to it than that.. Event marketing. [vlogger] Neither is true. [AI] Good idea. And weve moved away from having a tools-based technology environment to an addiction- and manipulation-based technology environment. Or are we ever gonna say, You know, there are times when there is a national interest. We probably degrade the worlds democracies so that they fall into some sort of bizarre autocratic dysfunction. There are lots of potential applications for th. Look. Yeah, actually, if you can put that thing away for, like, a whole week I will buy you a new screen. So, the first rule is all devices out of the bedroom at a fixed time every night. Because they have inevitable destructive consequences. This freaks me out. "If you're not paying for the product, then you are the product" Daniel Hvermann. Its up 62 percent for older teen girls. Please welcome author of Ten Arguments for Deleting Your Social Media Accounts Right Now. [pundit] You have more than a third of Republicans saying the Democratic Party is a threat to the nation, more than a quarter of Democrats saying the same thing about the Republicans. Whats not okay is when theres no regulation, no rules, and no competition, and the companies are acting as sort of de facto governments. 88. Yeah. [Advertising/Yellow AI] Another ad teed up. [man] Making sure there was nothing there. I mean, there were meaningful, systemic changes happening around the world because of these platforms that were positive! [reporter 3] TikTok, if you talk to any tween out there, [on TV] theres no chance theyll delete this thing. Were seeing corporations using powerful artificial intelligence to outsmart us and figure out how to pull our attention toward the things they want us to look at, rather than the things that are most consistent with our goals and our values and our lives. And then theyre saying, Well, we can regulate ourselves. I mean, thats just a lie. The Social Network Script Takeaway #3 The Social Network deposition scenes . We know we're clicking too much. [Tim Kendall] I was the president of Pinterest. White House officials say they have no reason to believe the Russian cyberattacks will stop. [Jeff Seibert] You are giving the computer the goal state, I want this outcome, and then the computer itself is learning how to do it. Each person has their own reality, with their own facts. Who else is an IB student being forced to analyze this? The first 50 years of Silicon Valley, the industry made products hardware, software sold em to customers. So, if a user was, for example, anti-vaccine or believed in chemtrails or had indicated to Facebooks algorithms in some way that they were prone to belief in conspiracy theories, Facebooks recommendation engine would serve them Pizzagate groups. [CNN] What does it look like to be a country thats entire diet is Facebook and social media? The older teen girls, 15 to 19 years old, they're up 70% compared to the first decade of the century. These are choices that human beings like myself have been making. the social dilemma transcript with timestamps. Sit down and see if you can get comfy. And that is why I think we need regulation. The number who have ever gone out on a date or had any kind of romantic interaction is dropping rapidly. Support at . [Growth AI] I calculate a 92.3 percent chance of resurrection with a notification about Ana. Home. Maybe the government is using the coronavirus as an excuse to get everyone to stay inside because something else is happening. Two billion people will have thoughts that they didnt intend to have because a designer at Google said, This is how notifications work on that screen that you wake up to in the morning. And we have a moral responsibility, as Google, for solving this problem. [Cass] Wouldnt exactly call the stuff that youre watching news. How are they not seeing that same information? And the answer is, Theyre not seeing that same information.. We probably ruin the global economy. The Social Dilemma Your Undivided Attention 9,156 views 9 Sep 2020 Transcribe your podcast [00:00:00] Today on your undivided attention, instead of a podcast guest, we would like to tell you about something really exciting. [Growth AI] Okay, okay, so weve tried notifying him about tagged photos, invitations, current events, even a direct message from Rebecca. yonex tennisschlger ezone; the social dilemma transcript with timestamps [interviewer] Why dont you go ahead? And I was like, Is anybody else thinking about this? [Bailey] I was one of the really early employees at Instagram. When that happens at scale, youre no longer able to reckon with or even consume information that contradicts with that world view that youve created. [man] SARS, coronavirus. I thought, God, this is classic irony. The Social Dilemma documentary transcript University Weber State University Course En Introduct College Writing (ENGL 1010) Uploaded by RedStoneMan2.0 Academic year2022/2023 Helpful? I didnt want to mislead people, a bunch of students in a classroom were interviewed saying, The round-Earthers got to him.. And just getting a few people to delete their accounts matters a lot, and the reason why is that that creates the space for a conversation because I want there to be enough people out in the society who are free of the manipulation engines to have a societal conversation that isnt bounded by the manipulation engines. [Tim] I tried through willpower, just pure willpower Ill put down my phone, Ill leave my phone in the car when I get home. I think I told myself a thousand times, a thousand different days, I am not gonna bring my phone to the bedroom, and then 9:00 p.m. rolls around. This quote . [Jonathan] Theyre much less comfortable taking risks. Its exactly whats happening in your YouTube feed. [Yellow AI] Running an auction. I was so impressed with the documentary but there were SO many cogent ideas and points of view that Im super pleased to have found this transcript. Power your marketing strategy with perfectly branded videos to drive better ROI. We We used to have these protections. Real Fake Transcript. There are quite a few methods to combat the allure of social media, but there is one you can do right now after reading this. vorzeitige rckzahlung durch emittenten; stlting train service; auswandern panama immobilien Identifier. lindbacken fastigheter . Creative things happened on the Internet,and certainly, they do still, but, like, it just feels like this, like, giant mall. He's played by Skyler Gisondo, who's famous for his roles in Santa Clarita Diet and Booksmart. [officer 2] Hes talking about Pizzagate. You make money the more you allow unregulated messages to reach anyone for the best price. [reporter 1] Despite facing mounting criticism, the so-called Big Tech names are getting bigger. [Bailey] I think one of the big failures in technology today is a real failure of leadership, of, like, people coming out and having these open conversations about things that not just what went well, but what isnt perfect so that someone can come in and build something new. [Jeff] Even knowing how these tricks work, Im still susceptible to them. [blue AI] Yes, perfect. So, it sounds crazy to say we need to change all that, but thats what we need to do. And it subjugates people into this weird role where youre just, like, this little computing element that were programming through our behavior manipulation for the service of this giant brain, and you dont matter. [reporter 5] These cosmetic procedures are becoming so popular with teens, plastic surgeons have coined a new syndrome for it, Snapchat dysmorphia, with young patients wanting surgery so they can look more like they do in filtered selfies. Hi, as far as I know this is the full transcript as Im not aware of the existence of longer versions of the documentary. [Justin] Essentially, you vote with your clicks. The Social Dilemma, directed by Jeff Orlowski, is a documentary based on the powers of social media. [Marco Rubio] We are a nation of people that no longer speak to each other. "The business models that run the social-media industrial complex have a lot to do . He attends a school run by Ron Wilcox, where he attempts to learn the ropes on how to become one of the industrys most coveted action stars. They hold optimism despite the fears of dystopia. I might have to start blocking her e-mails. This point being crossed is at the root of addiction, polarization, radicalization, outrage-ification, vanity-ification, the entire thing. Movie Nation Roger Moore. Irina Raicu is the director of the Internet Ethics Program ( @IEthics) at the Markkula Center for Applied Ethics, Santa Clara University. [Tristan] Um [sighs] Im just trying to Like, I want people to see Like, theres a problem happening in the tech industry, and it doesnt have a name, and it has to do with one source, like, one, [Tristan] When you look around you, it feels like the world is going crazy. You pick the links that you follow. But thats all nonsense. And so began the journey to create The Social Dilemma, a deep dive into the algorithms . [Jon Tester] I I am 62 years old, getting older every minute, the more this conversation goes on. [Tristan] Many people call this surveillance capitalism, capitalism profiting off of the infinite tracking of everywhere everyone goes by large technology companies whose business model is to make sure that advertisers are as successful as possible. They were just designing to make these algorithms that were really good at recommending the next video to you or really good at getting you to take a photo with a filter on it. In what way is social medias design meant to nurture an addiction? [Randima (Randy) Fernando] Perhaps the most dangerous piece of all this is the fact that its driven by technology thats advancing exponentially. the social dilemma transcript with timestamps veterinary ophthalmologist santa barbara June 22, 2022 flood banks advantages and disadvantages montana national guard jobs the social dilemma transcript with timestamps veterinary ophthalmologist santa barbara June 22, 2022 flood banks advantages and disadvantages montana national guard jobs the social dilemma Well learn how to live with these devices, just like weve learned how to live with everything else. And what this misses is theres something distinctly new here. Timestamps are at arm's reach at a low transcription price of $0.50 per minute! And how theyre used is pretty different than how you expected. The Social Dilemma Movie 2020 (live stream), Nothing vast enters the life of mortals without a curse. Sophocles. Like, if everyones starting to go around on bicycles, no one said, Oh, my God, weve just ruined society. They know the entire thing. -Yeah. [Guillaume Chaslot] I worked at, uh, Google, uh, YouTube. But there you are, and there we are. [Roger] So, imagine youre on Facebook and youre effectively playing against this artificial intelligence that knows everything about you, can anticipate your next move, and you know literally nothing about it, except that there are cat videos and birthdays on it. [Joe Toscano] You pull down and you refresh, its gonna be a new thing at the top. [reporter 1] Its not just COVID-19 thats spreading fast. Get off the stupid stuff. I havent heard anybody talk about this. And I was feeling this frustration [sighs] with the tech industry, overall, that wed kind of, like, lost our way. And human beings can change those technologies. People are blowing up actual physical cell phone towers. [sips] Before that, um, I was the the director of monetization at Facebook for five years. [Roger] If everyones entitled to their own facts, theres really no need for compromise, no need for people to come together. We can demand to not be treated as an extractable resource. If something is a tool, it genuinely is just sitting there, waiting patiently. Google doesnt have the option of saying, Oh, is this conspiracy? It wants things from you. That directly affects the release of dopamine in the reward pathway. Im very concerned. [Dr. Anna Lembke] So, heres the thing. I care that you are being misled, and its not okay. [teacher] Now, many of you in the audience are geniuses already. Each of these goals are powered by algorithms whose job is to figure out what to show you to keep those numbers going up. [reporter 2] Now, this was in Huntington Beach. For example, although we know that Mark is sued, we . [Sandy Parakilas] And so, all of this data that were that were just pouring out all the time is being fed into these systems that have almost no human supervision and that are making better and better and better and better predictions about what were gonna do and and who we are. the time has come,' the walrus said, gordon blackstone chef restaurant,

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