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So, today we're going to check out tier lists, see what they. Go to the Hero tab -> tap the hero portrait -> use the navigation keys to switch between heroes -> tap the skill button to read the skill description. Goblikazes are, like their name already tells, a kamikaze troop that will approach the enemy and blows themselves up. Hero Trial wins will let you climb a separate leaderboard and climbing the ranks will give you a set amount of bounty depending on how you rank as each season ends (a week).5. Home (current) Templates; Tierlists; Categories; Login; Register; CREATE TEMPLATE; Video Games / Art of War: Legions Troops tier list August 2020 They are another unit that are probably best suited towards the back, but equally can do well towards the front utilizing their ranged attack and then taking the enemy head on with a melee attack. So its better to get familiar with each troop that you have so that you can assign them based on their strength defensive units in the front row and followed by attackers like Archers, Bomber, or supporters like Pilgrims in the back rows. If he is your best and only hero as of yet, let him stay at the back. Also, a hero that can be used on offense and defense as well. Pumpkin Guard is a unit that everybody loves and although it was an event troop but with the taunt and attack reduction it's a very nice one. ALT+Click on a troop or hero to decrease its level. For the report, there are three icons and I cant interpret what those icons are Some of the best heroes in the Art of War game are; Davison(Legendary), Ainz(Epic), Apollo(Legendary), Hohenheim(for gold farming, his passive skill helps you get more gold rare). Cactuses are easy to get and level and their main purpose is not being really strong themselves, but they keep the enemy troops quite busy so the other troops in your formation can do the damage needed. Upgrade the hero to raise his skill effect. I feel like such a noob building my own spreadsheet :), Scan this QR code to download the app now. Take Advantage of the AdsPardon us for using an aggressive term, but it is what it is; the game is keen to give an option to show ads in exchange for something and its only proper to abuse this. Still, continuously aim to increase your power rating because some features and modes require certain minimums before theyll be unlocked. You will not be penalized for fleeing and remember that the smart outlives the strong. Share your Art of War Legions best formation tips in the comments. Art of War Legions troop tier list ranks all troops based on how powerful and how good they are. Thank me later ? The Witchcraft Totem has massive health and is also quite well to obtain considering it's a legendary troop (compared to some other legendary troops) and have the very useful ability to scare the enemy troops away and only one in your army can change a lot of the dynamics of a battle. You will be the commander who leads legions of tiny armies. I unlocked then as I progressed. Do you have more tips, troop, or formation strategies to share? How do you get it? You may field up to 5 heroes at a time, but they will occupy troop slots. It's your army, you're in charge. They also have a crowd splitting heavy attack that happens every other hit. I'd consider placing her in S Tier but the fact that you only take one in your army formation makes it quite an invest for that as Dark Witches won't carry your formation, they simply help it (very well). They will protect your back units really well, but also are fantastic in the front row too. Aly is just scary to mess with and her massive fire bomb just causes so much damage and nuke a full army. To deal with ghost assassins, add mages in the back row. On the main screen, it says Battle. Edward has some nice debuffs on the enemy and buffs selected troops in your army. The sooner you can amass wealth, the quicker youd be able to muster a formidable battalion which translates to the ability to breeze through levels battles and see success in PVP matches.The flow of coins is abundant, but youd need to be quite persistent in order to afford recruiting troops regularly. Bomber are not as terrible as the troops in the tier below, and have their uses early in the game, but overall not a troop you want to rely on or invest in. I asked the best players in Art of War: Legions to rank every troop on a tier list and they did. Such formation is also applicable if the hero you will use is not quite tanky because the void will allow them to ease into your own crowd, thus lessening the chances for it to be intercepted by enemy ambushers.2.2.1 Defense Against AmbushersKnowing now how potent ambushers are, it is smart to set defensive measures against them. the first 50 or 100 levels would be to place your melee fighters (infantry, iron guard) at the front and . Peltasts However, in our opinion, the best place where you can get the most value out of your diamonds is the Wheel of Fortune. DO I NEED TO WAIT UNTIL MY HERO IS CLOSE TO THE ENEMY TO USE THEIR SPECIAL ABILITY? Am I missing something? As this tier list is tailored towards end-game, he doesn't play much of a role but for early game to mid game players a hero you want to have on your list. Chione is dropping ranks and I believe with the new buffs and the meta shifts coming with it, she will even fall more out of meta in the future. I have done my best Google-fu to find something but I can't find anything that is just a simple layout that makes it easy to compare troops stats. Paladins are one of the better melee units and are incredible taking at taking out Magic Apprentices that run to the back if they are placed in the back row. You are practically able to max the level of your starting bases if you will waste no time in upgrading them. With the help of the tier list, you will be able to determine who the strongest troops in Art of War Legions are, allowing you to dominate, progress faster, and become a powerful player. Unlike other troops that will last for the full battle. Iron Guards are another basic unit, much like the infantry, just stronger, they can be used as a tank in the front lines early in the game and will do a lot of damage and take a lot too. In a war of attrition, having the ability to augment your forces in the heat of the battle is an undeniable asset. It doesnt seem to matter if I win or lose on the normal combat levels. The reason it's ranked here at the top of the B Tier is the other troops in the A Tier bring much more to the table in your army. The as each reinforcement troop is ready, it will be released. Your email address will not be published. The hero highway formation we shared earlier can work for most heroes because it facilitates charge-types advancement and can box-in for protection. I have Heroes like Poseidon with 3 stars who still gets his ass kicked by much lower non-Legendary Heroes and numerous Epic ones with 70 after reaching 15 and it says, "Coming Soon". While they have a good sized attack, their health and defense score make them perfect tanks, utilise these bad boys in the front and back rows to absorb a lot of damage while your other fighters take out the enemy. Seondeok is also a hero you can use well no matter at what stage in Art of War Legions you are right now. Ha sok a katond, kb. Don't know when that was changed, sneaky devs. However, the constants do remain as okay, constant. Do not hesitate to take extra time to rearrange your troops especially for Arena battles. As you complete a certain number of levels, new game modes such as Headhunt or Treasure Hunt, the PvP arena gets unlocked. These are the mainstay variables that will help you forecast if your troops has a chance to rout the opposition. Reddit and its partners use cookies and similar technologies to provide you with a better experience. One word of caution before we go to the list. Kraken not only has some nice-looking skills, he also packs quite a punch in the current meta and is, especially on offense, a hero that works really well right now. Make sure your Army is fairly strong. If you spend 50K gems, you'll get a pair of Odin shards. The troops in the battle formation fight the enemies all time and you earn gold coins gems on an hourly basis. The Angel can be tanky with the health and with the ability that will give evasion to all the allied troops around every few seconds. Also, dont miss my tier list on the best troops in Art of War Legions here. The number of decisions you have to do as a commander will make you realize of the games depth. Units in Art of War: Legions are divided into two different categories. do i need to be a certain level to get to chapter 2? So keep clearing the levels and increase the Idle Rewards amount. In expedition mode, you are set on a map with a base or two to start with. Deals massive damage when that happens and you will even late-game players use them occasionally, but they are kind-of easy to counter with ranged troops and once they're gone, they're gone. Just like "Art of War", the Art of War: Legions expansion makes use of real-time strategy (RTS) mechanics, but instead of military units, you will be commanding fantastical . get seondeok or davison at least lv2 for quick leveling. When you first start playing art of war: Source: Is there something? BitLife Globetrotter Challenge Guide: How to Complete the Globetrotter Challenge, Puzzle Quest 3 Beginners Guide: Tips, Tricks & Strategies to Conquer Your Enemies. be sure to disable auto-skill for davi, basically you should put Magic Apprentices / Ghost assassin in front row. Accept the challenges of various levels and don't forget to get extra rewards from bounty tasks! What is level? Absolutely amazing and many formations run multiple of these in their army. is not endorsed or affiliated with any game. Subscribe to our YouTube Channel Gaming Soul for new mobile game videos. They can damage multiple enemies in an area making them efficient in handling small clusters of hostiles. I used to win every time no problem but I am at 1900 now and I win at least half. Every 5 or 10 stages in PvE, the game gives you a special reward; it could be a chest or few gems. For a reason, as they can scout the battlefield and attack enemies from the back row. Goblin Tech is not only a fun one in terms of the graphics and setting, it can also build cannons. document.getElementById("ak_js_1").setAttribute("value",(new Date()).getTime()); This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. I have completed all and now what? We keep an eye on the new valid codes for this game title, so we recommend you to visit this . Lets first focus on the battle modes which currently have five general types:1. In Hero Trial, always use the 5 hero slots and adapt a strategy based on whos available to you. This is your main progression path, advancing through levels here will let you unlock troops at certain points. Some of the troops have high Defense, while some have high Attack Power. 2. This is great crowd control ability and stops troops from attacking and binds them. Processing. Answers. Is there something? Bandits are unique in so much as they are a ranged unit that throw daggers at the enemy before turning into a melee unit and engage the enemy in close combat. Balista Its sweet to state that, once you achieve a power rating where you can comfortably finish the two constant headhunt battles, it will all be a breeze from there because their difficulty dont scale up with your power rating or account level. Die quick, don't deal damage and there are maybe 0.1% of cases where you could utilize them well. The first order of duty is to quickly upgrade your starting bases to the next level. They can protect your back rows well, but also work hard engaging the enemy from the front. Also, it's really hard to obtain and max out, so keep that in mind as well. Place them in the front rows to get them into the action faster as they can then tank for your magic apprentices. Choosing the Recruit Camp path then is better if your aim is to level up and acquire more common troops. 270K coinrt. So let's check them out and see what they have to sa. This is the general troop guide, if youre looking for the best troops to run in the different stages of Infinity War, please check here. 3. Position close to them demons that will tank for them. True to the nature of raising an army, having fat pockets is a requirement if you wish to become a force to reckoned with. Note strategically placing the troops is important otherwise, they would be useless. Coin multipliers are straightforward bounty boosts which fully stacks with the x3 ad watching multiplier.It is important to note to only do the auto-battle + coin multiplier trick when you are confident that your army is strong enough to tear through the upcoming battles; in the event that you went AFK and lose, the reattempts would consume your auto-battle charges. Fastone Games, the publishers behind Hello Stars game, has just added a brand new war game called Art of War Legions to their app portfolio. ?, arana: Chapter 9 Level 2600 So a good location to place this unit is in the center of the third or fourth row. SHIFT+Click on a troop or hero to remove it from the formation. For example, if youre conquering a neutral base with 20 HP, you would need at least 40 troops to successfully seize it. Davison just received a buff that makes him so much stronger. Play Arena Mode. Arena the primary PVP feature in Art of War: Legions. Goblikazes (rare) Templar Knight are not as great as the Rhinos and also harder to level, for that reason I ranked them lower. It costs you thousands of gold coins or hundreds of gems. Miguel. Sword with clock: attack speed attribute Bien vous His protection and damage skill makes him fare good even when surrounded. Head to the shop -> there you can buy Normal Card Pack, Super Card Pack form normal or rare troop units. Class: LegendaryIdeal placement: second row of frontline or backlineStrong points: hard to kill; can help mount a late-battle comebackEquipped with notorious damage and brief invulnerability, a Sacred Swordman is almost guaranteed to win a 1v1 battle against any other troop (except when severely under-leveled). There are three major lines in the battle formation, including the front line, the middle row, and the back row. Then again, the flank designation isnt a panacea, if your army is outnumbered, there is a high chance that your hero would be eventually dealt with. In bird's eye view, the points for deciding whether to acquire troops from the Recruit Camp or Troop Card is based on what benefits you seek. As ranged threats like archers can hurt your troops, you can help your melees by putting the rally point right at them so they can eventually be flanked and eliminated. A max level base can gain up to 50 troops/health and in order to conquer a maxed out enemy base, you either have to time that they are yet replenishing troops or you can set 3 bases of yours to funnel all their troops to it.Excelling in expeditions may take you a few trial and error attempts. Priest Mage have this nice area of effect damage that can be put to the center of an enemy's army with their fireball. I cannot for the life of me figure out what the little clock/person in the lower left is on the battle level screens. These units move through your troop rows so can be effective coming up from the middle or back ranks, they are a basic unit that is not so strong in defense or attack. If you didnt know, there are Art of War Legions redeem codes, so look them up if you want to get free items. Quite nice kit and has his spot in the meta. Note that you wont be able to purchase troop cards after every level (due to the sheer price) and the tips were sharing below will help make it possible for you to recruit soldiers as frequently as possible. That means, if Hohenheim is fielded, instead of getting +10 prompts in kills, what youll see instead are +11s. About this game. On my battlefield, five of my troops have circles lit up and spinning below them. Also make sure to not miss out on any gift codes available for Art of War Legions, check out our frequently updated list of active codes here. Chapter 12 Level 3800 I found out by going into the troops (heros screen, second tab at the top) section and pressing the bottom right arrow (after you click on a troop) to see stats for higher level troops. Some would say he's broken but there are still ways to deal with him. Just don't use them or invest in them. You need 2500 hunting medals. Check the power rating and more importantly, the trophy count. However, in line with the apparent chances we have observed in our playing experience, we usually go for the 60,000 coins per draw. Your troops are the main force of your army and they determine your main strategy. The strength, number of enemies, and the bounty you get from kills scale up accordingly.2. Use of the trademarks and other intellectual property of Supercell is subject to Supercells Fan Kit Agreement. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. If you feel that you have miscalculated your timing of sending troops to an outpost or castle and have multiple failed invasion attempts, feel free to hit pause then quit and then do the necessary adjustments on your next run.And thats a wrap! The area of effect comes in handy early-game and you them used a lot, but there are simply better alternatives mid-game that are more reliable and durable. Hohenheim may not be getting enough love in the multiple hero tier lists available online, always a bottom tier. If you do that, all you must do is time your siege, make your troops march as soon the enemy troops are about to make contact with the target structure. Ice Mages are really effective at slowing down the enemy, but are nto so strong so need to be placed in a position where then can get some protection from other troops, so we recommend somewhere in the middle for these guys. PLEASE HELP!!! This is a clear confirmation that the dynamic they bring to the battlefield is a straight up gamechanger. They are tanky and can take a squad or two of units with lower levels. In expedition (using android) chapter 2 level 12 Im only allowed to attack with half the troops and not all like the game sometimes does. We fret a bit, but took hope with the sign if were fighting a strong army, how come he only has 1053 trophies? By using a code in Art of War: Legions, you can get various kinds of free stuff such as diamonds, gold, scrolls and others. Depending on your power rating, you will be given an option to choose from Normal, Hard, or Extreme difficulty. Of course, less effective, but that's the only real use I see for him in the current meta. You can run her on offense as well as on defense. Kalvins is the hero everybody starts out with in Art of War Legions, but he doesn't play an role in the mid/late/end-game meta (except some Hero Trial formations, but that's not mandatory). Upgrade the armies, create your own formation to crush the enemies. I will say as soon as you can join a clan and get on discord your new clan will help you with formations and which heros to use. Im not sure if I should keep battling and just take the coins I get or wait until I can build up my troops better because its not good to pass levels with a defeat. The placement of tanks and capable fighters at the backline is meant to take the shock against hostile ambushers, see how the enemy Demons, Magic Apprentices, and Ghost Assassins were met by the melees we designated to cover our rear. Chapter 4 is coming soom and has not been made yet, i completed the first chapter in expedition, but i am unable to unlock the second chapter.. help me. Nonetheless, we soldiered on trusting a concept that works even in way more complexed games like DotA, wherein multiple supports may be utilized to groom a carry. For more information about Supercell, please visit their website at All intellectual property shown here belongs to their respective owner.Contact usPrivacy PolicyTerms of Service. Class: RareIdeal placement: anywhereStrong points: may work to burst enemy heroes, efficient attackersWith the ability to instantly blink behind enemy troops, they are able to create an early-battle damage head room with max efficiency. Viking Warrior are pretty cool when they get enraged and that's when they are viable - but the problem is they only get there after they lost a certain amount of health and that is not great synergy with any healer troops in Art of Legions, that also goes pretty much against everything you want to do. It depends on battle level. The only way to counter her properly is by setups with immunity skills or stunning and they have to be properly timed and used. To view the purposes they believe they have legitimate interest for, or to object to this data processing use the vendor list link below. A funny game with huge amount of spectacular battles. By raising the troops level, you can increase their combat capabilities or attributes like HP, ATK, DEF, ATK SPD, etc. What do the troops and heros race effect? Harbinger of Fire are quite easy to level up early in Art of War Legions but will get replaced fast as well - basically a placeholder troop for the ones that do the same thing better, and that's dealing area damage. Other than that, more like a niche type hero in Art of War Legion. There were two opponents on the list with a power rating lower than ours, but we challenged the one with a superior power rating at 246360. Their impact on the battlefield is so immense that newer players would not have an idea that they were once the laughingstock of Epic class troops.Soul Hunter. In this guide, our aim is to give tips, tricks, and strategies in gathering resources efficiently and in making the most out of the random troops you obtain in card draws or recruitment. In the Recruit Camp, the chances for drawing a rare card is also higher at 70%. Hands down, one of the best heroes in Art of War Legions right now, on offense as well as defense. arra, amibl 30 katont kapsz A funny game with huge amount of spectacular battles. If you have too many heroes unlocked, then make sure to read their skill details and select the one that suits your team. Do you mean the troop attributes? She simply has a lot of buffing and rebuffing going on and is not easy to deal with and you will be able to use her well in pretty much all game modes and on offense and defense. Also, it has an Idle system so you earn in-game currency while not playing the game. They can protect your back rows well, but also work hard engaging the enemy from the front. As always, some factors were beyond our control, but they had only a minor impact on overall tier ratings. In each chapter, you will have a certain number of stages to complete. Ad watching ops are always offered after each battle against AIs and, in limited occasions, also to speed up the waiting time for opening troop and hero chests. Once you have unlocked it, you earn free 20 charges that replenishes after 24 hours since its depletion. By rejecting non-essential cookies, Reddit may still use certain cookies to ensure the proper functionality of our platform. To be fair, he isnt really designed to be a combatant. Turning it on, depending on how many charges it has, will let you take on level battles even when you go AFK. *Exciting BattlesThe battle is more like a real dance of war. You can learn about the units in the troop(s) menu of the game. In such case, you are obligated to deploy your hero at the back, so it can take on any ambushers. You can merge or level up the troops on the battle formation screen. Do you have questions regarding all those troops in Art of War Legions? All the tips, tricks, and strategies we shared here are the tenets we lean on to become a successful commander. With this in mind, think one step ahead on how can the chaos mold into your favor. The Catapult is a siege weapon but a lot less viable compared to the Ballista. It's your army, you in charge. The special capability with the fire area deals low damage overall. Beginner Formations. Can be particular good in honor hunting to keep your troops alive for longer. Im depressed of replaying the same boring battles again and again, always winning and growing this dull army that gives me no satisfaction Im only at Level 800 now, but very bored without expeditions: the only brilliant challenge of this game. Zeus also got buffed recently, which might get him higher in the future, but I like to keep him here in the B Tier for now. Also, it has an Idle system - so you earn in-game currency while not playing the game. And both these currencies can be earned by playing the game; as an Idle reward or battle reward. Also, it does not mean that EPIC, RARE Heroes all are bad. There are simply a vast number of features inside this modified Art of War Legions Mod Menu version, like the ad-free gaming interface, GOD Mode, and free defensive powers. The abundance of ads in Art of War: Legions is actually a breath of fresh air because free-to-play games that are somewhat pay-to-win are usually laden with forced ad viewing sequences; not this one. You'll be able to discover who the greatest soldiers in Art of War Legions are with the assistance of the tier list, enabling you to dominate, develop quicker, and become a formidable player. The Pirate Ships are loved by so many players, for a reason. . The number of trophies is a strong indication of an armys effectiveness. This can change the outcome of battles and a good reason to have them in the . But I think with a few buffs he can make his way back up a tier, we'll see. Click on a hero to add it to the formation. You'll be able to discover who the greatest soldiers in Art of War Legions are with the assistance of the tier list, enabling you to dominate, develop quicker, and become a formidable player. The format of Hero Trial is exactly like what you get in the normal battle, except that all of your Heroes are pre-deployed. If the enemy formation has no durable melee types in their backline, Demons can wreak absolute havoc and ravage enemies before they themselves fall. Quick Instructional Video. Also, the chest takes time to open you can reduce the time by watching the video Ad. To create the troop tier list for Art of War Legions, we used high-end accounts and tested troops in the best possible condition to get the most accurate tier ratings. Kriss is, obviously, a season hero and not many players use him in Art of War Legions - for a reason! Even though they are only classified as a Rare troop and generally ranking low in troop tier guides, we are considering Ogre Warriors as notable troops because they are easy to acquire (hence, promote too), can withstand a ton of damage, and they are able to hold their ground against higher class or multiple opponents all at once.Demon. Their hit points will allow them to stay in a battle for longer than a lot of troops. i wiped my bum and there was blood,

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