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For Sale By: Nildraga. This is a World War 2 era "Kinfolks" fighting knife, or otherwise known as a commando knife. Two excellent Mark 2's stamped "KA-BAR" are synonymous with World War II U.S. military combat knives. HEAVY TARNISHING TO BLADE. [6][7][4][8][9][5] The prototype for what became the M3 was evaluated in December 1942 by the civilian board of directors of the Smaller War Plants Corporation Board (SWPC)[13] against another competing design, the US Marine Corps' KA-BAR fighting utility knife. Knife is marked "RH PAL Made in USA 36." If you have a question, go to Help & Contact. with flaming bomb. Sn 20444:1 - 20444:1 An excellent WW2 United States V-44 Combat and Survival Bowie knife and scabbard made by Kinfolks Incorporated, Williamsburg, VA part of the Case family business (see page 67 of Fred Stephens book, 'Fighting Knives . . The Western Cutlery knives (known as the W-49 Bowie) are the scarcest of the "V-44s", with the Kinfolks produced knives being the next rarest variant. Kinfolk WW2 Era fighting knife with Kinfolk leather scabbard in good condition, Plus $ 26 Shipping & Insurance to lower 48 States, if buying a gun buyer has to supply a copy of FFL dealer license to ship the gun to, 3 day inspection period, buyer is responsible for shipping cost both ways, Money Order or Certified Check, you are responsible to make sure item is legal in your area, 985 991-0138 . You have entered an incorrect email address! July 18 With the fighting in Sicily still raging, General Dwight D. Eisenhower wins support from the Combined Chiefs of Staff for Winston Churchill's idea of a landing in mainland Italy. The company still exists today, producing fine cutlery. Scarce type in great condition, considering the age. Kinfolks WWII U.S. Army Air Corps AAC Fighting Knife 5" Fixed Blade Pre-Owned C $262.21 Top Rated Seller Buy It Now from United States Sponsored Kinfolks Fixed Blade Knife #25 Made in USA Wood Handle 9" Overall Length vintage Pre-Owned C $104.87 Top Rated Seller or Best Offer from United States Sponsored Old-fashioned checks and money orders will work just as well; please take a look at thePayments section within ourTerms and Conditionsfor mailing instructions and additional details. Ships from Willoughby, OH, United States. The top edge was sharpened about a third of the blade length. Displays well. Blade finishes included polished, blued and Parkerized. The blade has a 4 false edge, and a pair of very narrow, 3 5/8 long fullers, near the spine on each side of the blade. Original U.S. WWII M3 Fighting Knife by Kinfolks, Inc. with M8 Scabbard - Early Blade Marked Version Comments Add to Cart Item Description Original Item: Only One Available. As the war progressed, Kinfolks had to phase out the use of aluminum due to the wartime ban on the use of the strategic metals for the non-essential products. Snap to scabbard functions great. Activities such as clearing foliage, chopping branches for cover, opening ammunition crates, etc. The prototype for what would become the M3 was evaluated in December 1942 by the civilian board of directors of the Smaller War Plants Corporation Board (SWPC) against another competing design, the US Marine Corps' 1219C2 fighting utility knife. Scabbard also shows paint spray. This seems to be a common tactic among collectors, to speak negatively about items that they wish to buy in order to drive down interest. However, it is ultimately the responsibility of the buyer to be in compliance of laws that govern their specific location. Scarce type in great condition, considering the age. 368 FIGHTING KNIFE and SHEATH. Bayonet-knife for use on the caliber .30 U.S. Carbine M1. sac dep spa 115. unable to attach to the process a debug component is not installed. They have some very nice knives for sale too! Collins and Case produced the majority of the "V-44s". . Free shipping for many products! Sell it yourself Shop with confidence eBay Money Back Guarantee These are the actual photos; spent brass is not included with the knife I have a few more vintage American-made knives, as well as WW2 era combat knives and bayonets, scarce WW1 and WW2 fighting daggers and trench knives from other countries available for sale please take a look in our Militariasection. This Kinfolks includes a blade that is 6" long and has the Kinfolks mark at the ricasso. There are a significant number of different varietiessome historians say as many as 42. The M3 replaced the OSS dagger in service in 1944. Many hunters and fisherman carried them. The handle is solid; all parts are tight with no play. Metal areas to scabbard have been painted black. Some military knivesnot just the 225Qwere stamped very lightly, while others were deeply stamped. In 1965, Robeson ended production of Kinfolks knives. Mark 1s by Colonial had injected plastic handles. The guard was thick steel angled on top to form a thumb rest. The white line referred to, comes about when the knife has a factory edge that was done after the knife was Parkerized. One is the Shark. Western made two: one with a 6-inch blade, the G46-6, and one with a 5-inch blade, the G46-5. Scabbard is nice showing some wear but no damage. Please email again if you have any further questions or photo requests and I'd be happy to accomodate. Case,R.C.,Pal,Utica. The blade-dated RCC has the pommel staked wrong. All sales to/deals with Russia are void forever. This limited the usefulness of the M3 when employed for backhand slashing strokes. Overall measures approx 12" long.. I asked the seller about them. The three other makers essentially produced copies of the Collins #18 Machete. All orders are subject to acceptance by IMA Inc, which reserves the right to refuse any order. They also made some pocket knives but most were belt knives. View all items for sale by Arkansas Knives, Shipping & Handling to United States Addresses: $13.50. Please email me atinfo@argocoins.comif you would like to make a credit card purchase over the phone. We assume no liability associated with misuse of our products. Scarce type in great condition, considering the age. These are not empty words. The original knife was theNo 18 Machete, which was manufactured byCollins & Company. The knife retains its original leather scabbard which is in aboutFINEcondition as well. Reports of blade failures on M3s in service increased as soldiers began to use their trench knives for ordinary utility tasks such as opening ammo crates and food ration tins, a role for which the M3 had not been designed. M4s were issued to troops for use as a combat knife even though their weapon may not have been able to accommodate a bayonet. US MILITARIA FORUM - COLLECTORS PRESERVING HISTORY Sold Out Item # 64276 $185.00 More Info For Sale By: Kennedy Knives Kinfolks Knife & Hatchet with Leather Sheath Cole, some 50,000 of the knives were acquired by the USAAF between 1934 and 1942, when the folding (or fixed blade) survival machete replaced the, The three other makers essentially produced copies of the Collins #18 Machete. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:This M1 Garand Bayonet is in nice condition showing some wear and age. WWII, . In the post-war period Kinfolks returned to their pre-war production of utility, household and hunting knives, but by 1957 were unable to remain in business due to labor disputes. Gun magazine laws, concealed weapons laws, laws governing new made display guns, airsoft guns, blank fire guns, and other items vary greatly by nation, state and locality. Case family cousins Dean and Russ Case, along with Tint Champlin started the company in 1925, in Little Valley New York to help provide production support and fixed blade knives to the other two companies. Argocoinsaccepts all major credit cards and payments via PayPal as forms of payment. Scabbards retaining straps are present but are really soft. Tip is chipped and shows some light scratches to resharpen it. Knife Bayonets and Scabbards, there is a dead mint ACC marked M4 bayonet that looks like the peen was done with a chisel. WhenBLADE writes about lives depending on knives, its not only referring to the user. They are reluctant to take advice given here so they are just going to keep selling them I guess. Note there is no line of white on the blade. Scabbard is nice with no damage. Leather handle is great with no issues. Appearing at the end of WWII, the M-4 Bayonet gave the M-1 carbine a much-needed edge in combat. Scabbard appears to be original. By PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:This WW2 U.S. Navy MK2 Camillus Fighting Knife is in real nice condition. Kinfolks blade date pommel left,blade marked right. Of the three concerns the starburst would be my least concern. Give Today. BLADE is doing its part by taking a look back at the knives that accompanied those in uniform during World War II. The peen looks a little crude, but in Gary's book U.S. During World War II, the V-44 also saw service with Colonel Carlsons 2ndMarine Raider Battalion, earning the nickname Gung Ho knife. Original WW2 M3 USMC trench knife . This is a fine condition WWII period Mark 3 U.S. fighting knife, made by the very scarce maker, Kinfolks, Inc., and contained in an original M8 Scabbard. Some M8 scabbards were later modified by adding the hook. The collector was knowledgeable and meticulous each knife was stored coated in cosmoline grease and stored separately from its sheath. ok joo ri instagram. CIRCA: Early - Mid 20th, WWII USMC Unites States Marine Corps Fighting Knife Ka-Bar Early This Particular Knife has been featured in the Michael W. Silvey Book Knives of the United States Military World War II Blade Stamped U, LEATHER SCABBARD. Original WW2 WWII Era Kinfolks Blade Fighting Knife w/ Leather Kinfolks Scabbard | Collectibles, Militaria, WW II (1939-45) | eBay! WW2 US USMC 1945 CHATILLON N.Y. Bolo Knife & BOYT sheath NICE! Some soldiers also found the M3's cutting edge to be difficult to maintain in the field. 6 (June 1943), p. 104. Blade shows light surface rust in some areas but no pitting. WWII US M3 Case fighting Knife - A fighting knife, also commonly called a combat knife, is a knife designed for military use, specifically for close combat. The only differences between the two Kinfolks variants is that one was maker marked and the other was not, making it a sterile knife. Blade has been slightly sharpened. The first two used the horn grip scales, initially secure by brass rivets as noted and the only difference between them was the type of blade stamping identifying the knife and the maker. PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:This WW2 US M3 Imperial Fighting Knife is in nice condition showing some wear. Manufacturers known to have made the M3 under wartime contract include the Aerial Cutlery Co., W. R. Case & Sons Cutlery Co., Imperial Knife Co., PAL Cutlery Co., Camillus Cutlery Co., Robeson (ShurEdge) Cutlery Co., Kinfolks Inc., Utica Cutlery Co., and H. Boker & Co. We've beat this dead horse. Closure strap is nice and snap functions great. D2 CIRCA: 1930s-1950s ORIGIN: Italy DIMENSION, Dagger and Pocket Knife Assortment Including an original U.S. World War II RH Pal 36 fighting knife with leather scabbard; a Case XX P203-6 chromium fixed blade fish fillet knife in its leather scabba, A THIRD PATTERN FAIRBAIRN SYKES COMMANDO OR FIGHTING KNIFE, 15.25cm flattened diamond section plain blade, regulation ribbed cast metal grip, contained in its partial leather scabbard. Thank you gentlemen, this is the discussion I hoped we could have. Although this knife 285163348244 Only purchases on eBay are covered by the eBay purchase protection programs. Blade is nice showing some light grey spots but no pits or rust. International shipping for this item will be $39 and up to most countries on our ship-to list. This is the first pattern which is blade maker marked and dated 1943. You must be logged in to contact sellers. 1 In Stock. Scabbard shows some wear and rust spotting to metal parts. Blade measures 8 inches in length. It's easy! wwii kinfolks 6" fighting knife.Has separation on handle and finger guard but still tight blade has chip sheath is dry thanks for looking from The M3 fighting knife or M3 trench knife was an American military combat knife first issued in March 1943. Measures approximately 13" long with scabbard. Learn more about account protection. The smaller Sharks were issued to Navy and Army Air Corps pilots as a bailout knife. The tip of the scabbard shows the most wear, with some minor creasing at the scabbard tip. Blade has been sharpened. Do your homework gang! Interesting thread, I pulled out my Cole Book III, and he shows the 1943 blade dated Kinfolks with a staked pommel (pg 101, illustration #17). PHYSICAL DESCRIPTION:This WW2 Case Stiletto Fighting Knife is in nice condition showing some light wear. Everything for sale on ima-usa.com is completely legal to own, trade, transport and sell within the United States of America. Be the first to know of our latest discoveries and exclusive offers. Camillus Fighting Knife is in fair condition showing use and wear. SPRING HILL CUTLERY (eBay: bargainseller02), RARE WW2 (WWII) German Paratrooper Gravity Knife, Victorinox German Army Surplus Pocketknife, Taylors Eye Witness Private Purchase WW2 Fighting Knife, Original MINT 8" Robert Parrish RP CUSTOM Clip Blade Survival Fighter Knife, VINTAGE HOFFRITZ SOLINGEN GERMANY BEARTOOTH FIXED BLADE COMBAT FIGHTING DIRK DAGGER KNIFE KNIVES OLD, BLACKJACK ORIGINAL TOOLING TEST 1987 PROTOTYPE BOWIE KNIFE WITH BJ LEATHER SHEATH, VINTAGE SOUTHERN & RICHARDSON SHEFFIELD WW2 FIXED BLADE COMBAT FIGHTING DIRK DAGGER KNIFE KNIVES OLD, Ontario MK2 Vintage Military Knife with Sheath, Vintage Ontario 10/76 pilot survival knife with original leather sheath, Vintage Ontario 2/80 military Pilot survival knife and original leather sheath, Custom made replacement PAL RH51 knife sheath RIGHT HAND, Custom made replacement Cattaraugus 225Q / PAL RH36 combat knife sheath RIGHT HAND, VINTAGE STAG CATTARAUGUS 225Q QUARTERMASTER FIXED BLADE BOWIE SURVIVAL FIGHING KNIFE KNIVES OLD WW2. Marked RH PAL 36 on blade. Blade is unsharpened. by Wayne Goddard DESCRIPTION: A World War II (WW2) United States Navy early fighting knife made by RH Pal Remington. My only intent was to have a determination regarding the authenticity as a WW2 Blade dated Kinfolks M3, with the goal of further education for the collector community here. It was 12 inches long with a 7-inch blade. The metal shows some light toning and scattered areas of age discoloration as well, but it completely free of any real pitting. Avery nice example of an early issueM3 knife from a scarce maker, ready to add to your WWII edged weapon collection! Just a real nice unique quality made knife. Cole, some 50,000 of the knives were acquired by the USAAF between 1934 and 1942, when the folding (or fixed blade) survival machete replaced theV-44. [5] U.S. paratroopers frequently wore an M3 and sheath tied to a boot for emergency use in cutting parachute lines or close-quarters defense. In the United States, World War II mobilized a workforce that had never been seen before. Sincerely, Lisa. This attractive WW2 era Kinfolks fighting knife has not been cleaned or tampered with in any way, the set is in 100% original as is condition. 12/21/20 - This is a fairly scarce US M3 fighting knife made by Kinfolks Inc. Only about 135,000 of these knives were made, being the 5th scarcest m3 manufacturer. According to knife maker, researcher and author M.H. See pics. The original scabbard is marked, U.S. M8 B.M. We at Argocoins stand firmly with the people of Ukraine against the Russian aggression. Length: 31cm. Catalog of Standard Ordnance Items of 1943 clearly explained: The Trench Knife M3 has been developed to fill the need in modern warfare for hand-to-hand fighting. Rare official Office of Strategic Services (OSS) Stiletto Fighting Knife, known as the ‘Pancake Flipper,’ made between 1942-1943 for behind-the-front line members. Beginning in June 1944, the front band included a bayonet lug. Fastening snap functions great. Blade is tight. Total length with handle is 12 3/8 inch. Most had blued blades, though some were polished. Condition: As FoundDimensions: L-12".Provenance: From a New York City Estate. A similar Kinfolks mid-war manufacture type with than-standard Bakelite fittings is illustrated on page 166 of the KNIVES OF THE UNITED STATES MILITARY WORLD WAR II book by Michael W Silvey a well-established expert and author of many books on the subject of US military edged weapons (see the pages scan attached). What It should look like on a proper dated Kinfolks Last comment I'll make, the RCC being sold has a 7groove handle, never saw one before, and the PAL blade-dated was he one with what looks like the square cut out like an M4, but filled in. Bayonet is in nice condition showing some wear and age. US WWII OSS STILETTO Pancake Flipper Sheath -CIA/WW2 Dagger/Knife Collection. The tooling marks on the main bevel of the blade. The rare Western produced V-44s were a simplified version of the 3, The knife retains its original leather scabbard which is in about, Overall this is a very attractive and eminently displayable example of the classic World War II era, World Wars - Military (Other than edged weapons), Rare & Fine Kninfolks V-44 WWII Era Survival Knife, Exceptional National Armory Brown Springfield Model 1822 (1816 Type II) Flintlock Musket, Extremely Scarce and Fine Suhl 1861 Springfield Rifle Musket by Christian Funk, Rare Percussion Sharps Carbine and Rifle Combination Tool. Many times the guards and pommels were mixed and matched. Having all three of these anomalies would cause me to pass until I had satisfactory answers. Stacked leather washers handle with colored fiber and brass spacers on the ends; solid aluminum pommel with a large brass lug-nut. 100% OF OUR PROFITS ARE DONATED for purchases of the much-needed cold-weather clothing, medkits, and other field gear for individual units of the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The M3 was originally designated for issue to soldiers not otherwise equipped with a bayonet. Pommels were the traditional birds-beak design or flat of steel, plastic or wood. nice and tight. The machete really resembled the oversized Bowie knives often encountered in images of early Civil War Confederate soldiers, as opposed to a traditional machete. Kninfolks, Lots of questions! Variations included different spacer colors, marks/stamps, pommel thicknesses and materials, piening vs. welding of the pommels, blue vs. polished blades, and smooth vs. grooved handles. US WWII Kinfolks Utility/FIGHTING Knife with ORIGINAL Leather sheath is in EXCELLENT CONDITION. My experience has taught me that there's nothing like digging in and getting started. The M3 trench knife was developed as a replacement for the World War I-era U.S. Mark I trench knife, primarily to conserve strategic metal resources. Both had huge blood grooves, stacked leather handles, and several different guards and pommels. Kinfolk's knives were made by the Kinfolk company from about 1924 until the early 1950's. They are very hard to date the exact time they were produced. Save Item. The blade-dated Utica does not have a pinned pommel, but has "V"cut grooves in the handle, which were never used. Made in USA. The third and fourth versions replaced the horn grip with Bakelite, initially secured with brass rivets and with the final variant secured with steel rivets. Blade has been sharpened. Could be a fake. It does not have any major issues or damage. Cross-guard is marked U.S. M4 A.C.C. Blade has been slightly sharpened. handguard butt cap and leather handle are in great shape. Even if I compare this blade dated one to other Kinfolk that are just blade marked I still see the differences. COVINGTON -Rare FSSF Knife, Kinfolks Knife with Stacked Leather Handle & Sheath, US WW2 CASE XX PIG STICKER fighting trench knife 3 sm pin 29th Infantry Div, WW2 CAMILLUS NY USN MARK 2 GUARD MARKED FIGHTING KNIFE ORIGINAL SHEATH **MINTY**, Vintage KINFOLKS RARE HUNTING KNIFE 5" Steel Blade BONE Handle Full Tang, US WW2 CASE XX PIG STICKER fighting trench knife leather sheath scabbard wwii, WW2 RED SPACER USN PAL RH37 MARK 2 FIGHTING KNIFE IN ORIGINAL SHEATH ***MINTY***, WW2 USMC Custom Fightimg Knife EGA East Bros Sydney, US WW2 Custom RANDALL Model 1 Springfield Fighting Knife w/ Sheath, Rare, Vintage, Yellow Kinfolks Model Y330 & Y333 Twin Set, Hunting Knife, Case. The bulky Bakelite grip scales are black and have a mostly smooth texture. The handle on this Kinfolks includes a plastic guard and pommel with no damage. [4][2][5] This limited the usefulness of the M3 when employed for backhand slashing strokes. However, it was particularly designed for use by elite or 'shock' forces in need of a close-combat knife such as airborne troops and Army Rangers, and these units received priority for the M3 at the start of production. New message: Hi, Thanks for your email. The Kinfolks V-44 was also a copy of the Collins third variant knife with Bakelite grips, lead rivets and a brass barbell guard. Original WW2 era American fighting knife manufactured by Kinfolks Cutlery in Little Valley, NY. The knives had been in storage for many years, some of them for over forty. They show only some light handling bumps, dings and surface scratches. WWII Kinfolks Commando Fighting Knife w/ Scabbard. Nice condition with some light wear. ALSO, WOODEN MALLET WITH METAL END. The M3 was developed as a replacement for the World War I-era U.S. Mark I trench knife, primarily to conserve strategic metal resources. This law exempts antique firearms from any form of gun control or special engineering. $150.00 + $10.05 shipping. An extremely scarce sub-variant of the Western knife used brass for the rivets and crossguard. Blade finishes were blued and polished. This cut is only on one side and can be seen in last photo. Open today 9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. 945 . Crossguard is marked : U.S.M.C. SKIP. . Email reference id: [#a02-mxr09cfvza#]_[#14087033f01d4caaa5dbf21b968fe210#]. WWII WW2 USN USMC KINFOLKS 6 INCH FIGHTING KNIFE EXCELLENT CONDITION $325.00 Seller: vpt60 (1,008) 100% or Best Offer +$16.00 shipping Sponsored WWII US M1 CARBINE BAYONET FIGHTING KNIFE KINFOLKS USM4 w/ M8A1 Scabbard Pre-Owned $195.00 Seller: archeologycity (8,807) 99.3% Buy It Now +$11.75 shipping Free returns Sponsored World War 2 German close combat fighting boot knife with scabbard. Cases initial production knife was a copy of the third Collins production variant with Bakelite grips, the barbell shaped brass guard and brass rivets to secure the grips. Fine, The handle was stacked leather, generally grooved. The blade is dated and maker stamped, a variation seldom seen by US M3 collectors. I asked Gary about this and he said that new workers in the factory did not always get the peen right. Sell a Similar Item. WW2 era Kinfolks fighting knife, early-war aluminum pommel type; original leather scabbard $ 169.99 Original WW2 Kinfolks fighting knife, early-war 5-inch blade/early-war aluminum pommel "private purchase fighter" type; orig leather scabbard. As the U.S. Has the early Kinfolks stamping on the blade. I noticed the seller has several on ebay, all look refinished. According to knife maker, researcher and author M.H. Description 5/8/18 - This is an extremely rare, all original US M3 Fighting knife made by Kinfolks during WW2.

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