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User Options. I was an assistant principal at Southwest Elementary School in Clemmons. I do my research. Apply now. The Winston-Salem Forsyth County Schools have policies that protect student diversity. policy) with a minor in history; paralegal certificate with a concentration in civil litigation; graduate of City of Winston-Salem University; certified notary, OCCUPATION: Neighbors for Better Neighborhoods community residential leader/liaison. The educational programming on Cable 2 includes news about schools, students, and staff. Please subscribe to keep reading. Regardless of how we got so far behind, there is only one solution to getting caught up: teach, not test. Updated: 10:18 PM EDT October 28, 2021. Most of all, Ive been a partner with all my childrens teachers because I know that students are most successful when parents, teachers, and students are working together. And How can we make it better? As a leader of the Office of Communications and External Relations, responsible for facilitating and leading all aspects of a robust community engagement plan that supports the WS/FCS strategic . 3) What would you do as a member of the BOE to establish relationships with the schools and students outside of being present for all meetings?A board of education member must be present and available in order to build trust with everyone involved in our schools. There will never be enough private or charter schools to meet the needs of every student. Programming: . What ideas do you have for supporting teachers during what some have called themost challenging year of their careers? Republican and former Reagan High School principal Stanley Elrod . I also have two children who are WSFCS students and two children now in college. No amount of restorative discipline is going to resolve that right now. Meeting Minutes. Kindergarten Classroom Teacher job in Winston-Salem, NC, US with Winston Salem/Forsyth County Schools. If you dont use it, the Bb footer will slide up. In a written response, she wrote that all students should feel welcome at school regardless of race, religion, or sexual orientation or any identity., I've become alarmed by the number of students I've talked to who feel they must keep their political and religious beliefs to themselves. She says she supports the districts current equity policy. Job Details. Public school educators and school leaders' main focus is the best education possible for all public school students. My degree from WSSU, poli-sci/pub adm / minor in history, as well as my certification from the City of Winston-Salem University, gives me a foundation to understand the politics and policies that surround education. My passion for students and the teaching profession has no bounds. Voters throughout the county are eligible to vote for at-large candidates. Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools - Winston-Salem, NC | Tue, 21 Feb 2023 20:54:34 GMT Performs/certifies State Department of Motor Vehicle inspections and State Board of Education School Bus Preventive Maintenance checks and repairs. Please reach out to Jackie Haywood at for updated information on part-time and full-time vacancies. Planning. I want to serve to make both areas better. Copyright 2002-2023 Blackboard, Inc. All rights reserved. Additionally, low performing schools should have assistant teachers in all classrooms. With more parents choosing to home school or sending their children to private or charter schools, make a case for public education. Public education provides children with the opportunity to connect with and learn from those who are different from them, making them better human beings. A persons story is always a powerful tool to help people understand their journey.. 3/4/2023 1:53 PM. Our older students have opportunities to follow education paths that will allow them graduate with not only a high school diploma but an associate degree or certificate that will allow them to go straight into the workforce if they choose. I worked as volunteer with various organizations. The lone Democratic candidate is Jennifer Castillo. I dont think it has to be an either home school, private, or public education debate. Three of the at-large candidates are Republican: Michael Hardman, Sarah Absher, and Allen Daniel. Save job - Click to add the job to your shortlist. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. My experience in education causes me to stand out among the other candidates. Read More . What I'm concerned about is, again, the private companies that we use that get a nice chunk of our school budget, she said. The decision to home-school, or attend private or charter school should be based on positives those opportunities offer, not out of necessity to receive a quality education. I am already serving and advocating for students and educators, so the work is familiar to me. Teachers need the full backing and support from administration/school board. Apply now. Thats like being deeply in debt; so deep I know I cannot possibly get caught up in five years. View more Job Category Administrator, Finance / Business / CFO, Support Staff, Secretarial / Clerical. We should not allow differences among students, or between students and adults, to disrupt that instruction, Daniel wrote. This employee is responsible for organizing and implementing an instructional program for students in the regular classroom setting and meeting the duties of teaching as outlined in laws and policies. But first, we need to find out why so many positions go unfilled. Contact. Public education is at the heart of creating a strong education system and democracy. I was a classroom teacher at Wiley Middle School. My top issues. It is the responsibility of the board to set policy that ensures every student in the district has a safe environment in which to have the opportunity to reach their full potential. I believe that public schools stand alone in providing the widest and most diverse opportunities for our children not only to receive a great education, but to grow as individuals and understand the importance of building a community inclusive of everyone. She is a mother of five and has worked as a substitute teacher and volunteer reading tutor in the district. How much further ahead would I be if I worked those Fridays and called them once at the end of the year? In addition, all voters may vote for at-large candidates. But put them in in-school suspension and make them do something restoratively for the community, like putting together hygiene bags for the homeless, or writing letters to people in nursing homes, she said. Data Manager at Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools Winston-Salem, North Carolina, United States . Illustrative Examples of Work Duties of this position include . Balance the budget, cut out wasteful spending and maintain a budget that is predictable and sustainable from year to year. I support options for learning, including home schooling, public career and technical education such as our Career Center and Atkins Academy, private or parochial schools, magnet schools, charters, schools, online learning, and early-college high schools. Richard Watts, At-Large, Democrat 1) Describe any experience you have in a public school environment, whether that be as a teacher, administrator, coach, staff member, current member of the school board, substitute teacher, PTA involvement, etc. The 2023-24 calendar reflects the districts best efforts to reconcile these protocols with the wishes of parents. Although public school may have its flaws and issues, especially on the tail-end of a pandemic, public schools still have some of the best options for most children in our district. My experience spans 30 plus years as an educator, various roles in the medical field and home care. The schools with the most short-term suspensions statewide were CMS with 21,411, Wake County Schools with 11,355, and then Winston Salem/Forsyth County Schools with 10,160 short-term suspensions. In the 1830s, Horace Mann, a Massachusetts legislator and secretary of the Massachusetts Board of Education, began to advocate for the creation of public schools that would be "universally available to all children, free of charge and funded by the state." She did provide answers to questions that were sent to all candidates. The opportunity here is to try something new, and it's not throwing out consequences or accountability, she said. Continuing professional growth through educational meetings, visiting related facilities, reading professional literature . This is the disclaimer text. I am responsive to students, parents and staff. Everyone deserves someone who sees you. Veteran teachers and administrators should be recruited to the low performing schools but with extra pay and extra planning time. In a crowded school board election, how do you stand out among candidates? As a member of the board of education, Ill work with members to engage county commissioners, law enforcement, administrators, parents, and teachers to raise standards and get back to the basics in order that all of our schools can be successful. My wife taught at Southwest Elementary, Sedge Garden and Prince Ibraham. They should not be relating to students regarding race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation or religion.. . Published 12:10 am Thursday, November 3, 2022. I stand out among all the other candidates because I believe I am the total package with 30 years of experience. When Marc Raye envisioned his barber studio, he wanted people to not just get a haircut, but also wanted them to have an experience. Assisting in upholding and enforcing school rules, administrative regulations, and School Board Policies.i. After retiring, running for the Forsyth County Board of Education was always in the back of my mind. Working with local and federal governmental agencies. Wood and Barr did not attend the forum. Administrative Implemental Procedures: 1. Voters in District 1 will pick 2 members, voters in District 2 pick 4 members, and all voters elect 3 At-Large members. 2022 school board race: A look at the candidates for Winston-Salem/Forsyth Board of Education. My master's of education degree in Reading and experience teaching thousands of students to read will be an asset to the board of education in making decisions to face this challenge. Bohannon currently serves on the board and did not attend the forum. $2,479 Monthly. Thank you for your interest in Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools Career Opportunities! I thought about that. Published 3:01 pm Sunday, November 6, 2022. The candidates were asked about how the school board, with regard to policy and practices, should relate to students who find their race, ethnicity, gender identity, sexual orientation, or religion marginalized. Read More . What are short term and long-term initiatives that can be done to garner respect in the educational community? I have experience from serving on the current school board as well as other community boards and understand what a board members role is. Woodward, OK. Posted: February 22, 2023. It is possible that it could turn into a "complaint line," but I am sure there will be legitimate issues raised that perhaps we hadn't thought of, and that deserve to be addressed. Programming: . This protected planning time should not include cafeteria, bus or hallway duty. Our District is diligently working to expand mental health access, school counseling as well as working with other community providers who focus on different aspects of emotional health, she wrote. OCCUPATION: President and owner of S&L Painting and Decorating, Inc. I bring a wealth of knowledge and experience to the table. Encourage families to participate in their student's education from home, and make curriculum and lesson materials easily accessible (restore textbooks to the classroom). I would support teachers getting "uninterrupted" time during their regular school day to plan effectively, duty-free lunch, time to collaborate with their colleagues, support from their administrators with students behavior issues, and adequate and effective professional development. As a former teacher, coach, athletic director, assistant principal, principal, central office employee, parent, and grandparent in our school system, I feel I have the experience and first hand knowledge of the commitment needed for a successful educational community. Copyright 2002-2023 Blackboard, Inc. All rights reserved. 2. I believe we need to give classroom educators more automony in deciding how best to deliver the content, while still making sure all standards are covered; relieve them of unnecessary professional development; and give them the support staff they need so they can focus on the educational needs of every student. Jan. 5 marked the beginning of a new era for Winston-Salem/Forsyth County Schools. If a student cannot conduct themselves in a manner that allows everyone in the classroom to feel safe, to teach, and to learn, there needs to be an alternative setting for them. As a board member I would like to meet with different students to hear their stories and struggles so I will be aware of current issues and prejudices that may be occurring in order to provide students with protections from bullying, Barr wrote. You can follow her on Twitter at @amydiaze. Winston Salem/Forsyth County Schools Location Winston-Salem, NC, US Salary Competitive. We need to reform our Educator Compensation Plans. Ive participated in career days and read to my childrens classes. Teacher morale is very important for the success of our schools, and protecting teacher pay should be top priority for our board. f*** Coone-Godfrey participated in the creation of the district's new Student Code of Character, Conduct and Support, which was adopted earlier this year. Browse Winston-Salem homes over 4,000 square feet in size. Being proud of who you are and what you stand for can help turn the tide on disrespect or hate from others.. The Board of Education approved a salary schedule in December that turned out to be $16 million more than the budget would allow for. Newcomers are Robert Barr, Trevonia Brown-Gaither, Sabrina Coone-Godfrey, Susan Miller, Richard Watts, and Steve Woods. EDUCATION: Master's in education, Wake Forest University; Bachelor's in education, Winston-Salem State University. 2. h*** For my family, public schools have been a great choice. Four of the candidates are Republican: Leah Crowley, Stanley Elrod, Steve Wood, and Robert Barr. Our District is expanding access to various mental health agencies that focus on the different needs and concerns of our students, Kaplan wrote. I care deeply about this community and will continue to make the best decisions with students as the priority. 475 Corporate Square Drive WS/FCS Administrative Center. Subscribe to our Daily Headlines newsletter. Log In. FOR WSFCS BOARD of EDUCATION. All students deserve a safe and nurturing learning environment without discrimination. Each parent should continue to make that decision. New teachers must also be mentored by a more seasoned teacher to help transition into the position.

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