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When I was coming back up out of the holler, the cops were coming up in my driveway. The TBI has yet to identify the driver of a red or maroon Toyota Tacoma that was allegedly in Beech Creek area around the time Summer was last seen. The Logistics Team will determine after Mondays search if donations are still needed. There is ONE MAN between Timothy Holmseth and President Trump. She added that if investigators did develop information that the child was taken and develop a suspect and vehicle description, that information would be immediately shared with the public. The agency also shared more photos of the Wells residence. Her mother described Summer as the boss of the family.. Wells has stated he was at work on the afternoon of June 15. They ask me every day, Is Summer coming home today? I cant answer that. I said, I cant find Summer. Read all of CrimeOnlines covering of the search for Summer Wells here. They were out here for three or four days straight searching 5,000 square (acres). Summer is a white female character who has been characterized as having short golden hair and blue . Before the cops even came out, I went down and told my neighbors, Summer is missing, will you help me look? just in case she did wander off. The area where Summer went missing has a river and one two-lane road that runs through the length of the county. On June 15, 2021, Summer's mother, Candus Bly, reported the 5-year-old girl missing after watching her return inside the house after planting flowers with Bly and Summer's grandmother. Searches and. Whoever has my daughter, I pray and hope that they have not harmed her and they bring her back to us safe and sound., Bly says she, Summer, and a family friend went swimming on June 15. At the time, her family disclosed that she had been in the front yard . Two human remains that were found months ago in the rural town of Summer Wells have finally been identified as those of a mother and her young daughter. Preliminary identification has revealed that the remains are those of Hispanics. STD8DOPO102: thats what this is all about right? Candus Blys sister, Rose Marie Bly, has been missing since 2009, but investigators say there is no evidence that indicates the two cases are connected. They would love to find out what happened to their daughter and hope that whoever is responsible will be brought to justice. I think that someone snuck up on her and grabbed her. Many of these individuals had recently immigrated to the state, and many were undocumented immigrants. Bly, along with Summers grandmother and two of her brothers, attended a prayer circle organized by the Kingsport community on July 6. The TBI said in a tweet that it had received 30 tips as of Wednesday evening, over 24 hours after Summer was first reported missing. LOTS OF PEOPLE OUT OF WORK. In recent weeks, human remains have been found at several of these wells. An arrest warrant obtained by News 2 states that a Hawkins County deputy had responded Oct. 14, 2020, to the home where Donald Wells lived with his wife and four children, including Summer, for a report of a domestic assault. So, I just followed them up in here. I dont know. About 2,400 acres had been searched since Tuesday night. 242 talking about this. FindSummerWells.com. ) Before the cops even came out, I went down and told my neighbors, Summer is missing, will you help me look? just in case she did wander off. We went in to grandmothers after we were done. that would shock the shit out of her Im sure. I sent the older boys down through the creek. Shelby Raeigh discusses the Summer Wells case.#SummerWells#DonWells#CandusWells#Grandus#missing#TrueCrime#FoulPlay SUBSCRIBE to my Channel, Like & hit the Notification Button for up-to-date information on Don, Candus, Summer &. Hunter, a 15-year-old kid, was among the final individuals to visit Summer Well. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, Tru gives us insight. Mutual Fund and ETF data provided by Refinitiv Lipper. A BIT HARD IN THIS ECONOMY. In addition to Tennessee, Donald Wells has faced previous charges in Utah and Arkansas. Sheriff Ronnie Lawson said that no search warrants had been issued as every search so far had been conducted with the consent of the property owner. The TBI told News Channel 11 Monday morning that the total number of tips sent in regarding the possible whereabouts of Summer Wells had reached 150. Here I will be covering the case of Summer Wells. I combine the timeline of that day to get more details and see where there are discrepancies. Transition We are always transitioning in life. ROGERSVILLE, Tenn. (AP) On June 15, 2021, around 6:30 p.m., 5-year-old Summer Wells was reported missing. Download the WJHL News appfor updates sent to your phone. Authorities have not ruled out foul play in Summers disappearance, and multiple agencies have conducted daily searches of the remote east Tennessee area in an around Hawkins County, where Summer was living at the time of her disappearance. It did not appear on any surveillance cameras but authorities have noted that the area is very rural. A witness told investigators that the truck had a ladder rack and white buckets in the bed. Legal Statement. Wells also spoke about the evening his daughter was reported missing. STD8DOPO102: I thought you were going there yesterday dipshit? I went down there to check, and she was nowhere in sight., Bly has stated she is certain Summer did not wander away from their home, I feel in my heart that somebody has came up here and took her, has lured her away from here., She said shes scared that somebody is hurting her daughter. She was 5 at the time. Wells spoke with Nexstars WJHL about the charges and protective order, saying that he had been in Utah and that he and Bly werent on the same page due to lack of communication. She never went nowhere without me. DO NOT LIKE ANIMALS ANYWAY, STD8DOPO102: so youre mr. William murtaugh killed trenton duckett, murtwitnessonelive: A GAS, MEANS LOTS OF RUN, murtwitnessonelive: NOPE, MOM BEAT ME TO IT. STD8DOPO102: he gonna be the next victim? The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation said it had received 304 tips so far. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed. During a June 24 briefing, Earhart said they couldnt discuss everything in the case. Summer Moon-Utah Wells is a 5 year old girl who was last seen on June 15, 2021 in Rogersville, Tennessee. The horrendous confession showed the author bragging that he raped and murdered little kids and laughed about the fecal matter that exits a childs anus when being raped. Dr. Phil aired a. donations? 5 Summer's parents, Candus and Don Wells, appeared on Dr Phil Credit: Dr. Phil 5 Summer Wells went missing on June 15, 2021 Credit: Facebook / Donald Wells She is a lovely baby, and were so thankful for everyone looking for her. Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. Authorities have interviewed more than 170 witnesses, examined digital evidence and searched the home and surrounding area more than once by land and air. If your child will play baseball or softball this spring, youll need to stock up on appropriate clothing and equipment. Grandma Candy had trouble with her knee, and she was in a lot of pain that day. Summer Wells home in Rogersville, Tennessee. I sent all them searching and I went out in my moms truck and went all the way down by the church, then went all the way down the (other) way and I didnt see nobody even out and about,, Then I went all the way back in the holler as far as the truck can go and I didnt see nothing back in there, either. Joining. A Rogersville church opened its doors Friday evening for those wanting to pray for Summer, about 72 hours after she was reported missing. Missing Child. Summer Wells, Tiffany Foster, and Other Eerie Missing Person Cases Still Haunting Investigators Crime & Justice These Eerie Missing Person Cases Are Still Haunting Investigators STILL. CHILD I TRIED TO HELP YOU I TRIED SO HARD! READ MORE: Summer Wells: Police say circumstances of disappearance remain unclear, ask neighbors to check their entire property for missing 5-year-old, Candus Wells has since posted another TikTok video, with photos of her daughter and a message: my baby girl mommy and daddy misses you so much we are searching everywhere for you and I wont stop until I find you.. Lauren Summer Harvey Hunter Preisendorfer C.J. Although the search will still continue, officials will begin to rely on resources from Middle and West Tennessee, as well as out-of-state resources. Sheriff Ronnie Lawson said youd have to work very hard to find somebody we havent talked to.. Wells had a protective order filed against him in 2020, In October 2020, Wells wife Candus filed for a protective order against him, stating in court documents that she was afraid for my children and myself.. The Tennessee Bureau of Investigation issued an endangered child alert for Summer. Anyone with information regarding Wells whereabouts is urged to call 1-800-TBI-FIND, Please Contact TBI If You Have Information, 1-800-TBI-FIND / email : TipsToTBI@tn.gov, Find Summer Wells Call 1-800-TBI-FIND with info! In 2020, Murtaugh traveled to Minnesota to meet with Minneapolis FBI agents as part of what he called OPERATION CHAOS he was running in conjunction with former Navy SEAL Craig Randall (Sawman) Sawyer, founder, Veterans For Child Rescue Inc, Arizona. He's with the Church Hill Rescue Squad and one of many who have volunteered their time and skills to search for 5-year-old Summer Wells.Teams have endured extreme heat and rough terrain but say giving up isn't an option. Copyright 2023 Nexstar Media Inc. All rights reserved. Several hours after the report published, Murtaugh went Live on You Tube and . The next thing I knew, an officer was at my door asking if I wanted to talk to them, One Trillion Academy 2023 All rights reserved, Summer Wells Human Remains found two months ago, The arrest of Don Wells in connection with her disappearance, Eureka council passes first reading of organics collection ordinance, Identifying Ones True Self in a World Full of Trend Followers, 2022-2023 NCAA Mens Power Rankings: February Edition, How To Get Rid Of Sideburns 3 Tips For Girls. Summers three brothers and other people who visited her home prior to her disappearance have been interviewed as part of the investigation, Earhart said. Were gonna find Summer., During the same briefing, he stressed reaching out to officials with important information, rather than relying on social media, I know theres a lot of social media [posts] going on out there but they are absolutely useless unless these people, that are 100% positive, call 1-800-TBI-FIND, that means nothing.. And we give ourselves as an example of the affects of a broken system. The TBI put out a notice hoping to get in. #TNAMBERAlert: 5-year-old Summer Wells went missing from this property.Anyone w/ information regarding her disappearance is asked to call 1-800-TBI-FIND.Every detail no matter how insignificant you think it may be is important. murtwitnessonelive: NOT LATELY. All rights reserved. It is not known when the video was recorded or what time on June 15 it was uploaded. He transported them into the wilderness, where he allegedly subjected them to brutal physical and sexual abuse before violently murdering them. Summer Wells, now 6, has been missing for a full year. Thanks for stopping by! Rose Marie Bly vanished from Wisconsin and her car was found in a parking lot 30 miles away from her home - an unsolved mystery that may or may not be related to her niece Summer's disappearance earlier . Helen Elfer. This lead count number was updated at 4 p.m. on Monday. On the morning of Tuesday, June 15, 2021, five-year-old Summer Wells was woken early by her mother, Candus. He also revealed investigators cannot say for sure when a truck appeared near summer's home. Ill be right back. Wells had been working on his dig site when he made the discovery and informed the police who arrived to find human remains. Tuesday marked one week since Summer Wells was reported missing. Jonathan Lee Riches aka JLR (c) 16.2K subscribers Where is Summer Wells? Tennessee AMBER Alert Summer Wells (Photos: Tennessee Bureau of Investigation). Bly and Donald Wells were involved in a domestic disturbance last week - reports . Five-year-old Summer Wells disappeared on the evening. As CrimeOnline previously reported, Summer Wells parents reported missing on June 15. So, I went down there and I searched. We interviewed our tech expert, Jaime Vazquez, to learn more about accessible smart home devices. The story of Summer Wells, a young girl from Hawkins County who is the subject of an AMBER Warning in the state of Tennessee, has captivated the attention of thousands of people throughout the region. Quotes displayed in real-time or delayed by at least 15 minutes. INFILTRATED 'THE FINDERS' & EPSTEIN JSOC ONE MAN AWAY FROM PRESIDENT TRUMP. 2,100 KIDS RESCUED BY U.S. MARINES FROM UNDERGROUND, ALEXANDRIA GODDARDS BEHAVIOR CAUGHT LIVE ON VIDEO, Tennessee Bureau of Investigation alerted to organized kidnapping in Summer Wells case, ONE ASSHOLE WHO THOUGHT HE WAS UNTOUCHABLE [MORE TO COME? According to the FBI, Rose Marie was last seen leaving her residence in St. Croix Falls, Wisconsin, on Aug. 21, 2009. Wells parents reported her missing the evening of Tuesday, June 15 when she disappeared without a trace from their Hawkins County home in rural Northeast Tennessee. Investigators are still looking for the driver of a red or maroon Toyota Tacoma with a full bed ladder rack that was in the area around the time Summer disappeared. Anyone with information on Summer Wells whereabouts is asked to call 1-800-TBI-FIND. If it wasnt through the woods, it was by that road that she left, since the road connects Beech Creek Road to anywhere. More than 120 teams, including members of the Hawkins County Sheriff's Office,. "When we held the first media briefing on June 16, [2021], honestly, we expected to have good news to report by the time the next media briefing came around," Earhart said. The arrest of Wells is a relief not only for the Wells families, but also for law enforcement agencies who have been tirelessly investigating their case for years. Summer Wells disappeared from her Hawkins County home on June 15. Etherton said he is planning to host another prayer circle soon and hopes more churches and people can become involved. Summer's parents, Candus and Don Wells, appeared on a Thursday episode of Dr Phil, where they were questioned by behavior analysts and body language experts Scott Rouse and Greg Hartley. Anyone with any information about her whereabouts is. She was in the house with the boys. reward fund for information leading to Summer Wells. Last July, Child Protective Services removed Summers older brothers from their home. We yelled and looked for her as much as we could. Get home now, Candus recalled. 2023 FOX News Network, LLC. Get home now, He was like, Call 9-1-1. So, I dropped my phone because I had to run over and get Moms phone and dial 9-1-1, because her AT & T phone is the only one that works out here to call 9-1-1. Today we published Tennessee Bureau of Investigation alerted to organized kidnapping in Summer Wells case. He was, I think, one of her favorites.. They would cover around 1,000 acres by the end of the day. After about 15 minutes they went back to their car and left. Sinkhole opens up in Mall at Johnson City parking, Greeneville man describes moment US shot down balloon, From the Archives: Carter County, Roan Mountain floods, Join News Channel 11s 70th celebration in Elizabethton, Continents largest salamanders native to region, Do Not Sell or Share My Personal Information.

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