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Monson, who had been co-hosting the afternoon show on The Zone alongside Jake Scott, co-founded the independent station with Utah Jazz TV voice Craig Bolerjack. You are somehow less? It wasnt so much that he loved algebra or geometry or trigonometry or the confines of the classroom. Its a wonderful chance for growth and maturation for some. He was a fervent believer, a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints who had made a habit of scripture study and, in this particular case, he was following with strict interpretation and adherence to what he had read. Not completely sure where or how this tradition started, every general authority needing an initial somewhere in his name, but, please, let it stop. And it was OK. All good. Rich Eisen is widely regarded as the face of NFL Network, but he wants his involvement with the league to run deeper. Do you really think Christ expects the holders of his priesthood to sacrifice? One host, after losing a bet, incorrectly predicting that Utah would lose to BYU in the big rivalry game, had to dress as a Cougarette and read a poem in front of the entire Utes team, everybody busting their guts laughing. That station was what became 1280 AM The Zone, later adding 97.5 FM The Zone. Dan Patrick liked the idea. The two men sold the independent station Larry H. Miller Sports and Entertainment in 2012. GordonMonson They wasted 2 pages in the paper for this. Maybe I wouldn't have officially and so bombastically left the church if you were in charge. Make it fun, make it entertaining, make it informative, make it daring, make it bold, make it honest, make it fearless, fill it with strong opinion, with the opinion of listeners and with our own opinions, the opinions of pirates. Gordon Monson laid off from 1280. For those who dont know, Gordon Monson was a long-time Utah sports radio host for 97.5 1280 The Zone. I do hope you have a large readership to support you. They are in a circle the wagons mood. sltrib.com 1996-2023 The Salt Lake Tribune. "What some readers and listeners don't know, he's a dedicated friend to many he truly cares. And the millions of dollars that came with it. It's probably a contract issue/cost savings. Thats the way it should be, would be here. Im here because they asked and I have something to say.. We were all pirates on an unpredictable ship, part of a general pattern of controlled chaos, with all the attendant foibles and shenanigans and fun, but also responsible reporting and sometimes brilliant, sometimes idiotic discussion and commentary. In the lingering spirit of my old friend, retired Salt Lake Tribune columnist Robert Kirby, I present 20 things I would change if I were put in charge of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints (which would never happen, of course, but if it would, hold onto your flapping shorts) . Oh, well. Many agree; many disagree, but Gordon has always believed discussion is the path to a solution.". Right there in Exodus 20:8 Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy., Study and stare as he might, he could not rearrange the scripture, not in his mind, to a more suitable, bendable Remember the Sabbath day, to keep it holy unless you can pile up enough stacks of cash in pro football to buy a mansion with a pool surrounded by a mote and five acres of manicured lawn, and a garage filled with a fleet of Ferraris., [Get more content like this in the Mormon Land newsletter, a weekly highlight reel of developments in and about The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. Along the way, it changed ownership and ultimately was purchased by Jazz's Larry H. Miller group. A couple of things: When a kid finds himself in that circumstance, why would he be sent home to gain his forgiveness? I'll eat a bowl of frosted flakes now in memory of his hair. Additional visits and contributions from Bolerjack and David Locke and a thousand guests made up a mix that provided some of the best sports talk ever in Salt Lake radio. what can we change about our inherently fundamentalist beliefs and ideologies to appeal to a younger marketplace and modern consumers? , Gordon Monson: Utah ends a season filled with victory with a hurtful defeat in the Rose BowlThere was a mix of sadness and gladness in the hearts of the Utes walking off the field at the Rose Bowl on Saturday Tribune columnist Gordon Monson writes. Make it clear that eternity is a long, long time and if people in this brief life do not always get or agree with what the church is doing or why it takes the positions it does, and they dont cling to the iron rod or stay on the covenant path, if they wander a bit or a lot, they wont necessarily be sentenced to some miserable, hellish prison in the Great Beyond, isolated from whom and what they love. He is still with the Salt Lake Tribune, where he will continue to have a sports voice in the market. All others make their own choices, according to their personal inspiration. They can wear a beard or long hair or flowing robes. Over a period of time, the Jazzs agreement with KFAN ended and LHM Sports and Entertainment went ahead and bought our signals and reunited much of the old crew, blending it with the new, including on-air talents like Spence Checketts, Riley Jensen, Tony Parks and producers such as Lloyd Cole and Austin Horton and Jake Hatch. Gordon Monson: Utah ends a season filled with victory with a hurtful defeat in the Rose Bowl There was a mix of sadness and gladness in the hearts of the Utes walking off the field at the Rose Bowl on Saturday Tribune columnist Gordon Monson writes. - Doctrine and Covenants 17, "And they were strict to observe that there should be no iniquity among them; and whoso was found to commit iniquity, and three witnesses of the church did condemn them before the elders, and if they repented not, and confessed not, their names were blotted out, and they were not numbered among the people of Christ." The next youth leader who uses the chewed-stick-of-gum analogy for any girl who falls short of the moral-cleanliness standard so revered in church teachings would be put in timeout for a few months to rethink that comparison. When the Cougars won, he did not follow through, thankfully. But this discussion isn't about what could have happened on the court. (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) Records transfer requests should be done at the permission of the person. archived form does not constitute a republication of the story. Thousands of Utah Utes fans are experiencing that now. Whether those women have the priesthood or not, they should be allowed a berth as wide as the men when it comes to church leadership and decision-making. For all the bravado and strong opinions, as Bolerjack states, above all Monson is a husband, father, grandfather and friend. He was a top prospect, a 6-foot-7, 330-pound offensive tackle who had been a high draft pick, selected despite previously sending letters to NFL clubs saying he would decline any invitation. GordonMonson Who is Gordon Monson? Its relentless support through the highs and the lows. Hunter. sltrib.com 1996-2023 The Salt Lake Tribune. iHeartMedia Minneapolis is proud to continue our partnership with Gopher Athletics and Learfield through the 2026-27 athletic season, said Greg Alexander, iHeartMedias market president in Minneapolis, said in a press release. The more sports talk around here, the better. He said: None of our guys asked me to come on. Should I go with Gordon or the scriptures? or superseded by additional information. They are a somewhat reputable gossip site. What if Donovan Mitchell emerges not just as a great basketball player, but as a social leader of an entire generation? Trapper. The Zone was meant to step up, not down, to stir thought, to break through tradition and conformity, to punch sacred cows and puncture sanctimony, to praise great performances and criticize lousy ones. "As it turned out, through all the years, I could save other people's jobs, but . (There are more stories to tell, really fantastic stuff, and at some point in the future, I will write them.). All rights reserved. GordonMonson This was a really great article! Too many women of all ages within the confines of the idea that the body is a temple are made to feel shameful for those temples, which, ironically enough, brings additional emphasis on and attention to the bodies that church teachings are attempting to cloak. GordonMonson I applaud your courage in writing this article. Our two companies are uniquely aligned, sharing deep roots in Utah and a focus on serving local audiences with a commitment to high-quality content and operations.. And he that taketh not his cross, and followeth after me, is not worthy of me. . One host told a caller making racist comments to take the white hood off. Others went after coaches who mistreated their players. Monson also hosts "The Dori Monson Show" on Seattle's KIRO Radio 97.3 FM, which includes a weekly interview with Seahawks coach Pete Carroll. Six Sigma Black Belt. All did their jobs professionally well, most of the time. Shame, shame, shame. Ill never forget the reaction to that news when my column was published in The Salt Lake Tribune back in the mid-1990s. A manager informed Boler and me of that decision minutes before we went on the air for our last show. But I always came back to the feeling that I shouldnt. They can express themselves and dress however they feel comfortable dressing, style their hair however they want, sport tattoos if they want, have piercings if they want, express themselves as they see fit. Five years after that football player made his own decision, I visited him in his classroom, where he was teaching a bunch of 16- and 17-year-olds the finer points of algebra. Monson, who had been co-hosting the afternoon show on The Zone alongside Jake Scott, co-founded the independent station with Utah Jazz TV voice Craig Bolerjack. On December 31, 2022, Dori Monson sadly passed away in a hospital in Seattle. Husband. He broke rule #1: 1. He was happy for other athletes who chose to go ahead and play on Sundays for their success, for their utilization of size and strength and speed and skill. Thank you for supporting local journalism. Next thing, the Los Angeles Times and Boston Globe, among others, were contacting him to get his story. Hopefully people here do not kick a guy when he is already down, Even if financially ok, gotta be a big blow to your ego/confidence to know that, Poor guy on the air sounds like he's forcing back tears talking about it. With tender feelings we announce that Thomas S. Monson, president and prophet of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, died this evening at 10:01 pm in his home in Salt Lake City. OK, since were starting a new year, lets try something wild and crazy here. Since I was also a columnist for The Tribune, with strict journalistic rules to follow, working simultaneously now for a station owned by the Jazz, a team I covered and opined about for the paper, there had to be hands-off orders to follow. 9/30/21 2:09pm. It's worth reading in depth. As of immediately? His students seemed happy. Head Topics, publish breaking news of all around the world. Gordon Monson: "He only wants to talk to you about the good times, not about the bad, not about the issue that has rightfully grown in public attention but that he has never fully addressed." sltrib.com Gordon Monson: Karl Malone ran from me this weekend, and he runs from you, still All rights reserved. Get ready for more Ute coverage. It came from a gossip site that said Tom Brady is pushing back the start of his TV career until the fall of 2024 because Tom Brady wants to begin a career in standup comedythis is Radar Online. Still owned by the Jazz, I believe. "He's one of the first journalists in the market to combine his writing skills with TV and then co-host his own daily radio show," said Bolerjack. Nobody could tell me why I, rather singularly, was uninvited. Check out our facebook forum where we discuss ideas that shape ourworld. He'll go back to 1320 and bring them all with him. As a former member, I realize that backlash can come quickly. There is an I in Rich and Eisen, so I am using this platform for myself.. Patrick is a radio host for 97.5/1280 The Zone and the Zone Sports Network. I worked in Utah radio long enough to know that people get fired all of the time. Below are a few of the "interesting" ideas from his article. Try riding around on a bike all day, day after day, in a suit and tie, winter and summer, handing out copies of the Book of Mormon, pouring heart and soul into the endeavor. deductible, Report a missed paper by emailingsubscribe@sltrib.comor calling801-237-2900, For e-edition questions or comments, contact customer support801-237-2900or emailsubscribe@sltrib.com. According to church doctrine, Satan wanted to take agency away and force everyone to do everything just one way. David James and I made the cut that had Jazz ownership cede control of the radio network to KSL broadcasting management. Before and after the Miller Family sold the Jazz and the station in separate deals to Ryan Smith, the overall spirit of the station remained. He had served as a Counselor in the First Presidency of the Church since November 10, 1985. GordonMonson Narrator: The members of the cult had different feelings about some of the membership requirements. Its love without conditions. Inter-Faith Advocate. When I kept reading it thinking This cant be true, this cant be true, I started thinking to myself I hope its truehes going to suck, and its gonna be so funny. Michelle Monson Mosure's affidavit, for example, would have been admissible in 2001 the year she was killed but would have been inadmissible under Crawford three years later. You werent in the position or frame of mind at a certain time in your life to do the mission thing? A cocksure host bet his life that BYU would lose to Oklahoma back in the day. Yeah so what if you reject your priesthood duties. I know, I know, many are called, but few are chosen. Probably true. Bonneville also agreed to simulcast Utah Jazz games on KSL News Radio. Some may just laugh thinking this is just a little light eccentricity. Let me represent those fifty people in the bar. Ive actually heard church leaders blame girls in the congregation for wearing short skirts and tight shirts, thereby causing impure thoughts to creep into the tender minds of the boys. But Monson still has hope for what the station can be in the Salt Lake market. Can one spiritually dip his or her toes in a pool while talking with friends, but not slip in for a swim? He was a home but he, Never good for someone to lose a job, glad he still can write to support himself. Maybe an occasional palm to the forehead. Just ask around.Donate more if you feel so inspired, but you dont have to do so in the name of good and Godliness.Drop the specific details and lose the personal confessions that should be left between each individual and God himself not an ecclesiastical leader who two or three years from now will transform back to the schlub who lives next door to you and your family. We had some fun with that awkward circumstance over the next few hours, and then we walked away, making a different promise, this one to ourselves, one that would actually be kept to go out and build a new show on a new station that would do sports talk right. Nah, I would have left anyway, but I'd have left with some measure of respect for the CJCLDS if you were in charge. Monson was caught up in a business decision between the Jazz and Bonneville International Corp., which will manage the daily operations of The Zone Sports Network (97.5 FM and 1280 AM). Its not a fictious site. He told Rich Eisen that he recently had a conversation with his wife saying that he needed a new crusade in life. Not infrequently, with BYU such a big deal in this market, religion crossed over into sports. (Alma 34:33-34). Cover it up? It may be a wine bar, but a bar nonetheless!. A couple of us banged on then-BYU football coach Gary Crowton on the air so resolutely that he called the show to confront us. He is certainly a significant figure in the large intermountain west sports community. A recent quote I read: Theres no commandment that commands anyone to make sure other people keep commandments.. What is that fascination exactly? The NFLs competition committee has already held two meetings this week in Indianapolis ahead of the start of the NFL Scouting Combine. Who do we want to replace those that leave the Zone/97.5? iHeart Minneapolis has been an outstanding partner, and were pleased to secure a multi-year extension with Greg and his team, knowing theyll continue to provide best-in-class opportunities for fans to follow the Gophers, Gopher Sports Properties VP/GM Greg Gerlach added. KSL took over the zone? If fans at home are screaming at their TV that the call that was just made makes no sense, then the NFL should be listening. The article was published for subscribers only so there's a paywall. Because of the "QB's go to Utah to die" article? No, youre not. Football games will continue to air exclusively on KFAN. Its making mistakes, but giving grace. Nay, ye cannot say this; for that same spirit which doth possess your bodies at the time that ye go out of this life, that same spirit will have power to possess your body in that eternal world." Something different. Management at the station previously had promised to increase our pay, not decrease it or eliminate it altogether and thereby eliminate us. There were times when I decided to play pro ball. Millers group then sold the operation to Smith Entertainment Group in May 2021. The Jazz showed organizational self-confidence and security in agreeing to allow me and others to express whatever we saw fit to express. (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints) "The Family: A Proclamation to the World" was unveiled in September 1995. GORDON MONSON hosts "The Gordon Monson Show" weekdays from 2-6 p.m. on 104.7 FM/1280 AM . Yo-ho, me hearties, we were unafraid to tell the truth, or at least our version of it. In some form or fashion, he has played a part in contributing to the employment of many on-air talent and producers across multiple stations. I fact-checked this nine times, because I said This can not be real, Roberts said. The recently renovated Oakland Temple. Everyone freaked out that the Mormons would cancel the show. Having said that I cant imagine youre in any danger of losing your membership. The show made money. His primary focus is Sports. He, along with David James, are on the air Monday-Friday from 6 a.m. to 10 a.m. Utah State belongs on BYU schedule going forward, Patrick Kinahan: Utah State belongs on BYU schedule going forward, Patrick Kinahan: Time comes for Utah to blow off quick fix at quarterback, Patrick Kinahan: Exploding interest in Sitake may open BYU's coffers, Simone Fontecchio is hopeful hot shooting game is 'not a one night stand', Utah Valley's outright WAC championship didn't earn top seed in Vegas. (Russell M., call me anytime. I called an executive at Simmons Media, left a telephone message for him, told him what we aimed to do. Longtime Salt Lake Tribune sports columnist Gordon Monson usually writes about first downs, double-faults, 3-pointers and four-baggers. Patbagley GordonMonson They probably will. Politically I've been annoyed with KSL, but sports-wise they've been pretty fair, Actually a very good move. On the other hand, some readers and responders applauded his commitment to his beliefs, considering that commitment nothing short of inspiring. Doing business on Sunday is frowned upon, and the influences of that can be seen all around Utah, where many stores, restaurants and services are either closed or limited. That was Jackson Guild's version of what happened during and after the natural. The closest he ever came to preachment was when he said: Anybody who claims to be a Christian has to have some thought about the Ten Commandments.

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