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Jerry Lawler had a successful career as a commentator for the WWE as well. At first, he was a heel, but later turned face, around WrestleMania VIII (1992). 2:00. He is known for his signature move, the F-5. One can't mention the greats without names like Hulk Hogan, Steve Austin, and Triple H. The Rock, Shawn Michaels, and The Undertaker were always crowd favorites. Ric Flair, Hulk Hogan, The Rock, and John Cena. Those are aren't legitimate competitions either, yet I never see anyone talking about how The Mighty Ducks is fake because they weren't really playing hockey, or that the Rocky movies are fake because Sylvester Stallone isn't really knocking people out. From his insane lines to the intensity in his voice, all eyes were on Savage anytime he took the mic. This list of all pro wrestlers can be ordered according to their popularity. Brock Lesnar took several short departures from the WWE to compete in mixed martial arts, where he put together a 5-3-1 record. So it'll be quite awhile before Ambrose's name gets added. Too easy!!!! Crash Holly Who was the tag team partner of Shawn Michaels in the Rockers? The era had an attitude about it, and the wrestlers had an attitude themselves. including Bret Hart as the greatest singles wrestler ever to grace . Sgt. Hart won the match, but he put the 1-2-3 Kid over by allowing him to have his moments throughout the match. However, Mark Calaway's commitment to the role made the character both a beloved and feared fan favorite. They really don't just dish it out to anyone. Also, this only includes superstars from Raw and SmackdownI couldn't also include NXT. Why not retake the quiz and improve your score? One of the greatest performers of all time, which wrestler was nicknamed the "Heartbreak Kid"? He was known for his charisma and natural athleticism. From early superstars like Harley Race and Ric Flair to current top-notch competitors of the squared circle like Daniel Bryan and Sasha Banks, this quiz covers the most famous wrestlers to ever lace up their boots. In WWE Champions, enjoy action RPG and puzzle battles. Quizzes; Events; Quiz Creation . G. Intercontinental championship. Basically, WWE doesn't want anyone to be better than Cena. No, they don't "win" legitimately because the outcomes are pre-ordained, but that doesn't mean it's not an accomplishment. You got a PERFECT score!!! She was paired with the Hardy Boyz and their trio was called Team XTreme. Speaking on WWE After The Bell with Corey Graves, Rollins was asked whether he still thinks Paul is a "tourist" in the wrestling world. Jake Roberts is best remembered for carrying a snake to the ring that he named Damien. Will you knock this quiz into submission or will you be forced to tap out? After winning her fourth Women's Championship in 2006, Lita looked to retire from wrestling with the title in hand, but she had one final match against Mickie James during Survivor Series. The New Age Outlaws made their debut in the WWE in 1997. You look at Lawrence Taylor against Bam Bam Bigelow, perfect way to utilize these celebrities. However, Sting refused to make the initial transition because he didn't like the way those other WCW stars were being treated by their new employer. If you spot an error or errors, please make a comment about the correct answer(s). They develop personas, work on their microphone skills, engineer new moves and new trademarks. Save With WrestleMania 36 taking place without an audience and the future live broadcasts uncertain, now's the perfect time to brush up on some WWE knowledge and test your friends. via Wiki Commons. England and Wales company registration number 2008885. So, do you really think you're the biggest WWE fan out there? H. Leati Joseph "Joe" Anoai (Samoan pronunciation: [a.noa.i] ah-no-AH ee; born May 25, 1985), better known by the ring name Roman Reigns, is an American professional wrestler and former American football player. John Cena has the most reings as WWE Champion. If you are looking to reach superstar status, look no further than the world of wrestling, because few sports promote their stars quite like a wrestling company, which is built all around star power. GOT to be true, Mean Gene!!! 8. "The Dead Man" is often credited for his undefeated streak, where he went 21-0 before finally losing at WrestleMania XXX. Here we go! Test your IQ by taking the "WWE Trivia Challenge!" He is known for his signature move, the Walls of Jericho. Today, we figure out how little I know about WWE Intercontinental champions lol. The current version of the illustrious, history-laden . Of all of the greatest WWE champions of all-time, how well do you know them? Hey, if you liked this quiz, why not take my (much easier), yeah, since only 8 WWE Superstars have won the title. With only 19 WWE Superstars. Possibly one of the most famous WWE champions, this flashy wrestler might call you his "brother.". On with the pain! Rey's twin Royal Rumble 2006 and WrestleMania 22 successes were arguably the least-expected Vince McMahon decisions that year, but they came amidst the depressing backdrop of Eddie Guerrero's death in late-2005. He was inducted into the WWE Hall of Fame in 2007. Box 50391Albany, GA 31703 My Business Email: etrauma214@gmail.comSerious Inquiries Only! A. Kaitlyn B. Layla C. Kelly Kelly D. Natalya 2. Who did Michelle McCool Beat to become the first Divas Champion? Hulk Hogan might be one of the most famous wrestlers to come through the WWE. Andy Kaufman should be here as the intergender wrestling champ. AJ is best firends with who? Athletic for his size, what was the ring name of Leon White? The sport moved on from the cartoonish elements of the late 1980s when kids were told to take their vitamins and flashy colors attracted viewers. Who was never a member of The Four Horsemen? 2. Two different titles. wow cena 11? His athleticism made him a top contender in both WCW and WWE. Which wrestler went "Hollywood" and became the leader of the New World Order? However, he always managed to win over fans, which forced the WWE to push Bryan to the top of the company. 1. The truth is that there's a WWE roster to match every generation. "The Heartbreak Kid," could put anyone to sleep with his "Sweet Chin Music.". Edge Davey Boy Smith Goldust Vader They were part of the first TLC match and won multiple Tag Team Championships throughout their careers. By 28barbantib. He would later transform his character to his real life name, "Mick" Foley. He is known for a chokeslam which he nicknamed, "The Showstopper.". Plus the title is defended MUCH more often now than it used to be. When it comes to this WWE champion, you might not be able to see him. The Great Khali, or Dalip Rana in real life, was the first wrestler out of India to sign a contract with the WWE. You really know your WWE trivia a total and utter SLAM jam. Which rebellious wrestler had a feud with Mr. McMahon because he refused to obey corporate orders? He may or may not have spent his childhood obsessing over WWE. He even did it to the current U.S. president in 2007. Recognizing this, the WWE gave Piper his own interview segment known as Piper's Pit, where he often talked trash to wrestlers he was supposed to be interviewing. This is a quiz to see if a certain wrestler was ever WWE Intercontinental Champion.Take the quiz first before you watch the video or watch as you go along! Eric Bischoff impressed by Logan Paul. He was known for his rebellious attitude and his popular finishing move, the "Stone Cold Stunner." Which of the following superstars has never competed in a Hell in a Cell match? After Bobby Lashley retains against Randy Orton, Big E cashes in his Money in the Bank contract against The All Mighty to capture the WWE Championship. Yokozuna wrestled in the first ever "Monday Night Raw" match. In the really old days before it was televised they would defend it weekly as part of a touring show, wouldn't they? I know it's all totally laughably fake, but, doesn't it make more sense to actually have one or two or a handful of champions that realistically would hold on to the title because they were better wrestlers? . 1. There have been hundreds of champions to pass through the WWE ring over the last few decades. Here's a quiz where you can find out. That's true whether people ended a pay-per-view thinking, 'Why the f*ck did they put the belt on them?!' This "Nature Boy" loves his robes and is known for his figure four leg lock. This quiz has 50 questions, divided into 5 rounds, that cover both the past and the present of WWE, with topics including the people and matches that have shaped the world of 'Sports Entertainment'. P.S. The Undertaker's gimmick could have been turned into a joke if it was put in the wrong hands. That was the case for Rey Mysterio, who lost in a hair vs mask match in the WCW to Scott Hall and Kevin Nash. A star in the 1990s, Owen Hart often wrestled under the name The Blue Blazer, a gimmick character known for his goofy antics. Who has held the WWE Championship or the top WWE prize the most times? No wrestler on earth could match the intensity of "Macho Man" Randy Savage. It's no wonder then that many wrestlers won their first championship off the "Nature Boy.". He originally got his start in wrestling as an NCAA champion. Paige came into the limelight when she won both NXT Women's Championship and Divas Championship. He lost it to Randy then won it back from him. This wrestler is the current WWE Universal Champion as of March 2018. Mark Calaway Actor | Suburban Commando . https://www.kontrolfreek.com/ Want awesome seats for a concert, sporting event, etc? Keep scrolling down for answers and more stats Wow. Rollins has been feuding with Paul for weeks, as the social media star eliminated the former WWE Universal Champion from the Royal Rumble match. Mark Henry crushed opponents with his bear-like grip before delivering his signature move, the world's strongest slam. Edge had real-life heat with Matt Hardy after stealing Hardy's girlfriend, Lita, who Hardy had been dating for years. Brock Lesnar is one of the most dominant forces in WWE history. "Stone Cold" Steve Austin joined the WCW in 1991 and his career grew from there. "Can you smell what The Rock is cooking?" 141 Title Changes, eight minutes to get them all! WWE Intercontinental Championship. Ohhhhhh yeahhhhh! Which of the following titles has Ric Flair never held? The brother of the Undertaker, which wrestler came back to get his revenge after their parents were burned alive? Bret "The Hitman" Hart joined the WWF in 1984. Sting joined the WCW in 1991 before moving on to TNA in 2003. Name all people who have ever won a WWE Branded World Championship (as of 11/04/2019) WCW and ECW Championships just count reigns during WWE Ownership Ordered by number of wins, then longest time as champion For my Secondary (IC/US) Championship quiz see: http://www.jetpunk.com/user-quizzes/204778/all-secondary-champions-wwe Quiz by wwefan1989

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