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With OMNY, you can use your own contactless card, your own smart device, or an OMNY card to pay the fare. Tonight I decided to chat with an agent and ask about using my card w/ OMNY. Your fare media or vanpool vouchers or passes will be sent directly to the address you provided and will arrive before the end of each month. Elevate your benefits and create more value for your customers. Commuter Benefits: The Smartest Way to Get to Work. Before you can make fare payments with your smart device at OMNY readers, you will need to add your bank card to your digital wallet. The card will say RF on the back. The plan is to ramp up as we go along. OMNY is available at all subway stations and on all MTA-operated buses in New York City. That would be awesome, but I'll believe it when I see it. Learn more about accessibility. Any balance you don't use in a month stays on the card for use in a future month. At the moment, you can't use WageWorks (or any other pretax transit benefit provider that I know of) with OMNY. Can I sign up to get my transit pass or vanpool voucher purchase automatically without re-ordering my pass every month? What happens if my Commuter Card is lost or damaged? Contactless cards have this symbol on the front or back. Next up is OMNY for students and for riders of paratransit, commuter railroads and other special programs. It works like a pre-loaded debit card. The Commuter Card is a debit card that you use to make purchases at participating ticket vending machines. and i just received yet another T-pass for January. How and when do I receive my public transportation fare media, such as bus, subway, or rail passes, fare cards, or vanpool vouchers or passes? It makes buying monthly transit passes quick, easy, and convenient. The same free transfer rules that apply to MetroCard also apply to OMNY. The current pre-tax monthly limit is $280. Also IIRC you can reimburse batches of credit card transactions in a go as an alternative. NYS-Rideorders do not reduce contributions or benefits under your retirement plan, life insurance, or Medicare. Like contactless cards, smart devices also use contactless technology. How do I switch my current order to the Commuter Card? If you need to update your address, you must do this through your employer. Your free transfer will be determined at the end of each day, before your payment method is charged. Privacy Policy. You can also use cash to buy a new OMNY card or reload an existing OMNY card at more than 2,000 retail locations across the New York metropolitan area. The NYC Commuter Prepaid Mastercard may only be used for qualified commuter benefit purchases in accordance with IRS Tax Code 132(f). Yes. $300/mo train ticket into GCT. Finally select "MetroCard" as the service provider. Simply log into your account and fill out a simple form to have eligible expenses paid directly from your account. You will receive one card, which is funded monthly with a specified amount. i think i'm just going to opt out and rather get the T-pass on my own. Check out the FAQs in the Employee Help Center. Its like a discount on your eligible commuter expenses. With the Commuter Card you can purchase different fare options depending on your commute. qualified public transit and parking expenses, Make buying monthly transit passes and paying for parking quick, easy, and convenient, Use the card to pay for qualified public transit or qualified parking expensesjust swipe and go, Easily change or pause monthly contributions to your cardjust be sure to log into your WageWorks account site for your order/cancellation deadlines, The WageWorks Commuter Card works with the, The WageWorks Parking Card works with the. The card is funded on the 20th of the month prior to the benefit month. Choose the amount of money to pre-load on the card each month and use it to buy different fare options depending on your commute. Be sure to log into your NYS-Ride account and make changes before the order/cancellation deadlines. Digital wallets are mobile applications that allow you to make payments with smart devices, such as your smart phone, smart watch, or wearable. Link your WageWorks card to your OMNY profile. You will need to tap your payment method for each person that is riding with you. This mainly depends on whether the contactless card is NFC-enabled. At their pace, Im expecting, like youre saying, to have a digital OMNY card or even the physical OMNY card you can load before WageWorks gets in the game. It appears that a rollout is or will happen soon depending on who your employer uses, so I would definitely inquire. 2019 Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Sep 26, 21 (Updated: Feb 06, 23) Always consult a professional when making life-changing decisions. You may continue using the same payment method at a different OMNY reader. Carpool options from most Ride Share Services, Personal car, personal van, or casual carpool. Good news if like me you have a WageWorks commuter card and you are sick of swiping when everyone else is tapping. News and Alerts How to Sign Up How To Guides Program Details Annual Transit Card NYC Commuter Prepaid Mastercard For non-personal use or to order multiple copies, please contact Manage your commuter benefits, any time, any place. Weekly unlimited MetroCards are still for sale, but users pay the full $33 cost for 12 rides upfront, unlike with the OMNY program. Employers can save by reducing their payroll taxes. Username Name selected when you registered. I have multiple cards in my digital wallet. Learn more about contactless payments offered by our partners. This program is sponsored by OER and administered by Edenred Benefit Solutions (Edenred). Digital wallets on your smart phone, smart watch, and wearable are supported today, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more. Don't pay taxes on it, too. Be sure to log into your NYS-Ride account and make changes before the order/cancellation deadlines. Implementation Manager II @ WageWorks; Project . All things related to the OMNY payment card system in the New York Metro. The card will not include your photo, but it is solely for your use as a Reduced-Fare customer. For customer service, call 1-833-584-8109. You can use the Commuter Card to buy tickets at ticket vending machines of many transit providers throughout the state. When you switch to OMNY, you can keep using your Reduced-Fare MetroCard until you spend down any remaining value or the card has expired, and then use OMNY for all future trips. When you swipe your card at checkout, choose "credit" (even though it isn't a credit card). Digital wallets on your smart device are supported today, including Google Pay, Apple Pay, and more. Mastercard is a registered trademark, and the circles design is a trademark of Mastercard International Incorporated. What if my fare media or vanpool vouchers or passes arrive but then are misplaced or lost? WageWorks just seems to not give a damn because they have so many corporate accounts. Manage your bank cards and OMNY cards all in one place. This will prevent you from accidentally charging other cards in your physical wallet. Until March of 2020, the average travel time to work was 26.6 minutes (), the longest commute time since the census began measuring one-way commute times in 1980.While many essential medical workers and production and supply chain employees have certainly still been getting themselves to a physical work place each day; Gallup reports that up to 62% of the . The WageWorks Commuter Card is the quick and easy way to pay for qualified public transit and parking expenses using your WageWorks Commuter benefit account. It couldnt be easier!. Use the Edenred Calculator to calculate your estimated savings. Monthly administrative fee: $1.25 (paid by your additional payroll deduction). SelectingEvery Monthas the frequency when you make your first purchase and you will automatically receive your mass transit fare media, vanpool voucher, or pass every month until you make a change or miss a payroll deduction. All rights reserved. Create an account to follow your favorite communities and start taking part in conversations. What if my commute or commuting costs change? How do I know if my payment method was charged? The OMNY card is MTA's dedicated contactless card. The Commuter Card plan offers two options: If you are also enrolled in the Park-N-Ride plan, you can choose to have both benefits available on the same card. Just ordered the WageWorks commuter card and of course they are still either a) technologically slow or b) too cheap to do contactless cards or to allow the cards to be loaded onto a digital wallet. However, if you do so, the 4 free transfers associated with the original 4 taps will be forfeited. City of New York. Considering commuter benefits? Click here to learn more about OMNY readers, including what the OMNY reader screens mean. This will trigger an authorization amount of $2.70 or $2.75 depending on your payment method. Yes. Youll love the swipe-and-go convenience of this card. It works like a charm on OMNY readers. is a pre-tax benefit that helps NYS employees save money on public transportation costs and contributes to a greener environment. I just had an hour and a half call with a poorly informed Wage Works rep who had no clue what Apple Pay even was. Reach out to your commuter benefits provider to learn more. All rights reserved. If you resign, retire, or leave state service, you will not be eligible to take part in theNYS-Rideprogram. Discover how to turn your commute into amazing taxsavings. Get Karen Schroeder's email address (k*****@wageworks.com) and phone number at RocketReach. What happens to my Commuter Card balance if my commuting pattern changes or I go on vacation? HealthEquity does not provide legal, tax or financial advice. Why can't I make changes after the deadline? You will need to use another form of payment to complete this transaction. When you add your bank card to your digital wallet, it will create a device account number. for more details about the MTAs Balance Protection Program. Distribution and use of this material are governed by If your bank card has a chip but is not contactless, you can still add it to your digital wallet on your smart device to make contactless fare payments. If you make, change, or cancel your order online after 11:59 p.m. EST on the first of the month, it will be considered an order for the next deadline. Take the burden off your commute. The card cannot be transferred between employees or employers and has a maximum balance limit of $2,500. Contact Edenred at(888) 235-9223. For example, if you travel with 3 additional riders, you will need tap 4 times on the first leg of your trip and 4 times for free transfers on the second leg of your trip. If I have a temporary Reduced-Fare MetroCard, can I switch to OMNY? Which card will be charged if I tap my smart device on an OMNY reader? If you are a new applicant to the Reduced-Fare program, you can let us know youre interested in OMNY as part of the online application process or when you visit us in person to apply. Just got a contact-enabled, refreshed wageworks card in the mail. We will continue to expand OMNY card availability to more retail locations throughout the region, install new vending machines throughout the system, and more. if they had gone with a pass that's auto-reloaded or i can update it on my digital wallet, their deadline could be much later. For more information, please see our Buy and load value on an OMNY card, then tap it at an OMNY reader to pay the fare and GO. It is a convenient way to pay on subways and buses your pre-tax commuter benefits, if you do not have the . These two funds will be maintained separately too, i.e. this is what i do with my wageworks card that is not contactless yet: i bought a physical omny card and then set up an omny account with that card. Pay no more than $33 in total fares between Monday and Sunday, no matter how many rides you take. Try for free at rocketreach.co . Once you have resolved the issue with your payment method, there are a few ways to start using OMNY again: What can I do if my payment was not accepted at the OMNY reader? yeah, that's great customer service. The wages reported on your W-2 form are reduced by the total of your NYS-Ride orders. Send payments directly to your parking provider, Get monthly transit passes or tickets mailed to your home, Get reimbursed for eligible out-of-pocket parking expenses, Load funds onto your smart card or debit card. Important:You are limited to tapping and paying for yourself and 3 additional riders with the same payment method at a single OMNY reader. To resolve an issue with your card, please contact your bank. Use it to buy tickets, vouchers, and monthly passes for the train, subway, bus, ferry and/or to pay for vanpooling and parking as part of your commute to work. This video explains how to use Commuter benefits to maximize tax-savings on eligible parking and transit expenses. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. Can I still pay for multiple riders with OMNY? This is because the system must have a record of your payment method before you can perform pass-backs. To see the site as intended, we recommend using a newer browser like Google Chrome, Safari, Mozilla Firefox, or Microsoft Edge. Sign Up for the plan. Important: You must use the same payment method throughout each individual trip to qualify for benefits like free transfers. Get an OMNY card at a 7-Eleven (the one near Port Authority on 42nd between 8th and 9th have some as of 12/9). You cannot switch between OMNY and MetroCard and still obtain your free transfer. This authorization amount is temporary and will be reversed when the actual fare is charged to your payment method. This site isnt optimized for Internet Explorer users. The fare charged to your payment method is not displayed on the OMNY reader screen. OMNY is a service provided by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. Since OMNY does not know which card is your preferred payment method, the system will charge your fare to the first card that it reads. More enhancements, features, and services are coming in the months ahead. What are the benefits of using the Commuter Card? Important:If you travel with multiple riders, you can perform pass-backs to pay for yourself and up to 3 additional riders, including free transfers. This change will take effect for the January commuter benefit. Lost fare media or vanpool vouchers or passes cannot be replaced. Add a payment card to your digital wallet, then tap your device at an OMNY reader and GO. Reduced-Fare customers who do not register their own payment method will receive a Reduced-Fare OMNY card directly from the MTA in 2023. The NYC Commuter Prepaid Mastercard is accepted at transit agencies, fare vending machines, designated transit retail centers where transit products are sold, and at qualified . The Commuter Card is funded by payroll deduction. NYS-Rideorders do not reduce contributions or benefits under your retirement plan, life insurance, or Medicare. Want to pay with cash? With OMNY, you can use your own contactless credit, debit, or reloadable prepaid card, the digital wallet supported by your smart phone, smart watch, or wearable, or an OMNY card.

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