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(Providence, R.I.) 1874-1890s, Providence: Sunday Examiner. Institutional and corporate records, manuscripts, photographs, audiovisual materials, and artifacts document ministries in education, health care, and social services. Obituaries from Providence and Woonsocket newspapers, 1987-1990 WorldCat. (Providence [R.I.]) 1842-1843, Providence: General Advertiser, and Providence Weekly Gazette. (Providence, R.I.) 1984-Current, Providence: Providence Visitor. Perform searches by using common misspellings. They repeatedly call her dead weight and complain that she wont cooperate by standing or lifting her feet. (Providence, R.I.) 1883-1886, Providence: Cosmopolitan. (Providence, R.I.) 1888-1914, Providence: Record and Guide. Must have a Coventry library . (Providence, R.I.) 1831-1833, Providence: Daily Dispatch. Required fields are marked *. Online entries present an obituary on a website that publishes online obituaries, generally, a phenomenon that occurs after the year 2000. He graduated with a degree in business from Nichols College, where he made lifelong friendships. Sisters of Providence, Mother Joseph Province. This family name information is often not found anywhere else. Free; Rhode Island, Vital records, 1846-1898, 1901-1953: Death certificates from the State Archives in Providence. View. He attended Onton United Methodist Church in Onton, KY. (Providence, R.I.) 1990-Current, Providence: Town and Country. U.S., Selected Jewish Obituaries, 1948-2002, United Methodist Church Annual Conference Journal Memoirs and Obituary Index, United States, GenealogyBank Obituaries, 1980-2014, United States, Obituaries, American Historical Society of Germans from Russia, 1899-2012, Bristol County Obituaries and Death Notices, Brown University Alumni and Faculty Obituaries 1933-, Coventry, Gordon Menard Funeral Home Obituaries 2008- (transcriptions), Newport County Obituaries and Death Notices, Newport County, Obituaries (Transcriptions), Newport, ONeill-Hayes Funeral Home Obituaries 2007- (transcriptions), Providence County Obituaries (transcriptions), Providence County, Obituaries (Transcriptions), Providence, Mount Pleasant Funeral Home Obituaries 2014- (transcriptions), Rhode Island American and General Advertiser Obituaries (transcriptions), Rhode Island GenealogyBuff Obituary Files, Rhode Island Historical Society Necrology in the Proceedings, 1872-1914, Rhode Island Obituaries 1982- (index only), Rhode Island Obituary and Death Notice Collection, Washington County Obituaries and Death Notices. (Greenville, R.I.) 1976-1978, Greenville: Observer. A former Rhode Island woman, who was disabled from a stroke, was "mocked and bullied" by police in Tennessee before she lost consciousness in a police cruiser and later died from another . She was a cashier clerk for Hayes Oil Company in Henderson and had also worked as a Bus Monitor for special needs children for the Henderson County School System. Over the past few decades, thanks to volunteers, librarians, and archivists, a great number of indexes to obituary information and transcriptions of obituaries from newspapers have been provided for free online. . If it is someone who died many years ago, you should search newspapers, do a Google search, or look on local library websites. (Providence, R.I.) 1863-1995, Providence: Evening Dispatch. (Woonsocket, R.I.) 1885-1886, Woonsocket: Woonsocket Patriot. in Religious Education from Providence College. (Providence [R.I.]) 1842-1843, Providence: Christian Telescope [Electronic Resource]. Opal M. Gill 83, of Providence, KY passed away on Tuesday October 4, 2022 at her residence at Palmer Place in Providence. Edwards told the officer she had a stroke and couldnt walk, but he responds by telling her the hospital wants her gone. Pawtucket, Rhode Island & vicinity - marriages & deaths from the Pawtucket Gazette & Chronicle 1825-1864 Family History Library, One hundred years ago in Burrillville : selected stories from the local newspapers Family History Library, Cranston City Times 1921-1925 Cranston Public Library, Cranston Herald 1936-1975 Cranston Public Library, Cranston Herald News 1939-1939 Cranston Public Library, Cranston Herald Today 1975-1975 Cranston Public Library, Cranston Leader 1889-1890 Cranston Public Library, Cranston News 1922-1939 Cranston Public Library, Cranston Today 1972-1975 Cranston Public Library, Herald News 1939-1940 Cranston Public Library, Neighborhood News 1930-1954 Cranston Public Library, Valley Breeze 07/19/2001 to Current Genealogy Bank, Howard Times 1885-1905 Cranston Public Library, North Providence Breeze 02/02/2006 to Current Genealogy Bank, Evening Times 1886-1920 Pawtucket Public Library, Evening Tribune, 1889-1891, 1896-1902, 1906-1929 Google News Archive, New England Artisan, and Laboring Man's Repository 01/05/1832 to 05/17/1832 Genealogy Bank, Pawtucket Chronicle and Manufacturers' and Artizans' Advocate 11/12/1825 to 04/19/1839 Genealogy Bank, Pawtucket Evening Times 1886-1890 Pawtucket Public Library, Pawtucket Times 01/01/1898 to 02/28/1921 Genealogy Bank, Pawtucket Times 1920-1947 Pawtucket Public Library, Pawtucket, Rhode Island & vicinity - marriages & deaths from the Pawtucket Gazette & Chronicle Family History Library, Pawtucket, Rhode Island & vicinity : marriages & deaths from the Pawtucket gazette & chronicle, saga of the Old Jenks Burying Ground WorldCat, The Pawtucket Times 1948-1949 Pawtucket Public Library, Times 10/07/2009 to Current Genealogy Bank, Valley Breeze, The: Pawtucket Edition 08/19/2009 to Current Genealogy Bank, A collection of obituries published by the Providence Journal Bulletin, Providence, Rhode Island, U.S.A. : 1987-1999 WorldCat, American 10/21/1808 to 10/17/1809 Genealogy Bank, American Journal and General Advertiser 03/18/1779 to 08/29/1781 Genealogy Bank, American Journal and General Advertiser, 1779-1781 Google News Archive, Brown Daily Herald (student newspapers of Brown University) 1891-1991 Brown University, Christian Soldier 03/16/1842 to 04/13/1842 Genealogy Bank, Christian Telescope 08/07/1824 to 10/02/1828 Genealogy Bank, Church Union 06/19/1874 to 03/11/1875 Genealogy Bank, Columbian Phenix 02/28/1807 to 01/08/1814 Genealogy Bank, Corbett's Herald, 1883-1886, 1890-1898, 1901-1918 Google News Archive, Daily Transcript and Chronicle 02/14/1844 to 04/13/1847 Genealogy Bank, Evening Bulletin 01/26/1863 to 12/30/1922 Genealogy Bank, Evening Telegraph, 1881-1906 Google News Archive, Evening Tribune and Telegram, 1906-1906 Google News Archive, Gaspee Torch Light 08/14/1840 to 10/29/1840 Genealogy Bank, General Advertiser 12/18/1847 to 11/14/1868 Genealogy Bank, Gospel Messenger 11/28/1840 to 11/20/1841 Genealogy Bank, Impartial Observer 08/11/1800 to 03/06/1802 Genealogy Bank, Impartial Observer, 1800-1802 Google News Archive, Independent Inquirer 08/28/1823 to 08/20/1830 Genealogy Bank, Literary Cadet and Rhode Island Statesman 04/22/1826 to 07/18/1829 Genealogy Bank, Literary Cadet and Rhode-Island Statesman 1827-1829, Literary Cadet, and Saturday Evening Bulletin 1826-1827, Literary cadet and Rhode-Island statesman. She spent the last few years battling Alzheimers and was cared for by a wonderful team who kept her smiling. 96, passed away Feb. 28, 2023. (Providence [R.I.]) 1850-1852, Providence: Rose and Lily. Providence County times and Olneyville times, 1925-1925 Google News Archive. (Woonsocket, R.I.) 1984-1980s, Woonsocket: Woonsocket Call and Evening Reporter. (Cranston, R.I.) 1936-1939, Cranston: Cranston Herald. (Providence [R.I.]) 1834-1835, Providence: Real Estate Register and Rental Guide. (Providence, R.I.) (from April 22, 1826 to April 14, 1827), Manufacturers' & farmers' journal, Providence and Pawtucket advertiser, 1822-1826, 1834-1837, 1844-1845, 1848-1851, 1857-1860, 1863-1868, 1871-1907, Manufacturers' and Farmers' Journal 01/03/1820 to 09/18/1876, Marriages and Deaths from the Christian Telescope : Providence, R.I., 1824-1826, Microcosm, American and Gazette 04/17/1830 to 03/30/1833, New Age and Constitutional Advocate 11/20/1840 to 03/08/1842, New England Artisan, and Laboring Man's Repository 05/24/1832 to 10/18/1832, Obituaries from Providence and Woonsocket newspapers, 1987-1990, Providence County Times, 1917, 1922-1924, 1928-1938, Providence County times and Olneyville times, 1925-1925, Providence Evening Press 03/14/1859 to 11/13/1878, Providence Evening Press, 1859-1861, 1864-1884, Providence Gazette 10/20/1762 to 10/08/1825, Providence Gazette and Country Journal, 1778-1784, 1811-1817, Providence Journal 01/01/1950 to 12/31/1960, Providence Journal and Town and Country Advertiser 01/02/1799 to 12/30/1801, Providence Journal: Web Edition Articles 12/17/2016 to Current, Providence Morning Star 01/01/1873 to 06/05/1877, Providence Patriot 01/15/1814 to 12/27/1834, Providence Phoenix 04/28/1802 to 02/21/1807, Providence Phoenix 07/26/2007 to 06/19/2014, Providence gazette and moral political & commercial register, 1817-1819, Religious Intelligencer and Christian Monitor 05/13/1820 to 11/04/1820, Republican Herald 12/15/1832 to 12/04/1852, Rhode Island Free Democrat 11/25/1852 to 11/11/1853, Rhode Island Press 06/29/1861 to 12/29/1877, Rhode-Island American 10/20/1809 to 02/01/1833, Rhode-Island Farmer 08/09/1804 to 01/31/1805, Rhode-Island Religious Intelligencer 05/26/1821 to 11/13/1824, Runaways, deserters and notorious villains from Rhode Island newspapers 1732-1800, State Gazette and Town and Country Advertiser 01/04/1796 to 07/02/1796, The Pioneer and woman's advocate. Friday, March 3, 2023. (Providence [R.I.]) 1824-1825, Providence: Rhode Island Business. Reporting by Liz Kellar and Orlando Mayorquin for USA Today was used in this story. Try searching for their husbands name. He was a lifelong farmer and worked, Ruth Phyllisjean Keene Adair, 91, of Morganfield, KY, passed away on Friday, November 11, 2022, at Baptist Health Deaconess Hospital in Madisonville. Kenneth Melton Davis, 75, of Providence went to be with the Lord on February 5th, 2023. To me its very evident. ", "They really didnt do anything to help her," she said. (Pawtucket, R.I.) 1839-1845, Pawtucket: Latino. TITLE editors often didnt fact-check spellings in the past. She was a member of the Pilgrims Rest Primitive Baptis. The officersays he doesnt know if she is faking, but says she is not answering him. Compassion, Dignity, Justice, Excellence, Integrity. Using. 3 seater and 2 seater sofa set recliner. According to the US Newspaper Directory, the following newspapers were printed in this county, so there may be paper or microfilm copies available. (Providence, R.I.) 1906-1929, Providence: Extra!. The Dignity Memorial online obituary search tool gives you access to obituaries from thousands of locations across North America. ([Providence, R.I.]) 1842-1843, Providence: Providence Free Press, and Pawtucket Herald. (Providence, R.I.) 1859-1861, Providence: Providence Express. (Providence, R.I.) 1820-1848, Providence: Microcosm and Weekly American. Obituaries were generally published in about 1890 or later, though in some areas they were printed previously. (Woonsocket [R.I.]) 1873-1876, Woonsocket: Woonsocket Patriot and Rhode-Island State Register. (Providence, R.I.) 1823-1824, Providence: Republican Herald and Post. (Providence, R.I.) 1827-1829, Providence: Literary Cadet, and Saturday Evening Bulletin. (East Providence, R.I.) 1890s-1900s, East Providence: East Providence Post. (Pawtucket, R.I.) 1893-1896, Pawtucket: Pawtucket Evening Times. (East Providence, R.I.) 1882-1910s, East Providence: East Providence Herald. Edwards repeatedly tells officers and staff she cant breathe or stand, but they respond by telling her she has been medically discharged and is fine. Edwards' treatment by the police, caught on body camera footage, has caused an uproar in Knoxville, where residents decried the officers callousness as Edwards experienced a medical emergency, USA Today reported. Uncover the branches of your family tree. Some indexes also include the date of death, so be careful if you are recording the date in your genealogy database. LAX soon to be as close as Rhode . Accessible in an easy-to-use interface with searching by name, date range, or text such as institutional name, social affiliation (s), geographic location (s), philanthropic activities, etc. How Do I Find the Newspaper Where the Obituary Resides? He was a lifelong farmer and retired from W. (Harrisville, R.I.) 1892-1893, Howard: Howard Times. (Woonsocket, R.I.) 1837-1840, Woonsocket: Woonsocket Weekly Patriot. Must have a Coventry library card beginning with 22224 to access from home. Stewart Ronald Herald, 56 of Morganfield, passed away Monday, October 17, 2022 at the Lucy Smith King Care Center in Henderson. (Providence, [R.I.]) 1861-1864, Providence: Evening Telegram. A particular obituary may be a simple two-line death notice or an elaborate biography of the deceased. Its the best way to honor and preserve the memories of loved ones who have passed. Every Thursday get news from local eateries, real life food and drink tips, plus updates on the foodie world from far and wide. (Providence, R.I.) 1869-1873, Providence: Republican Herald. (1981 - Current) Providence Journal: Web Edition Articles. Officers note that she is not using it correctly and one offers her a cigarette. As family members typically wrote these, they tend to be relatively accurate. She decided to move back to Tennessee to live with a friend. (Providence, R.I.) 1879-1883, Providence: Providence Journal, and Town and Country Advertiser. "Involuntary manslaughter, I think, fits what happened that day," she said. Within 10 minutes, she has slipped out of sight and cannot be heard any longer. There are subscription newspaper databases and free historical newspaper collections. Phyllis Parker Phillips, 81, of Providence, Ky., passed away peacefully at home on Mon. Make a page! Finding death notices in the Providence Journal can be another vital source (Providence, R.I.) 1912-1915, Providence: Literary Cadet and Rhode-Island Statesman. After graduation, she met and married the love of her life Fred Moses. (Providence [R.I.]) 1839-1840, Providence: Phenix. The new proposal is currently before the PUC; a public hearing is set for next Tuesday at 6 p.m. at the commission's offices in Warwick. ss80 locking block fix. Plus, 95% of GenealogyBank records cannot be found through any other online services. Accessible in an easy-to-use interface with searching by name, date range, or text such as institutional name, social affiliation (s), geographic location (s), philanthropic activities, etc. (Providence, R.I.) 1909-1913, Providence: Evening News. And remember you can always find online historical newspapers to search for obituaries for free on this website (links atNewspaperLinks). (Providence [R.I.]) 1891-1906, Providence: Providence News. (Providence, R.I.) 1828-1852, Providence: Rhode Island American and Gazette. Virginia E. Porter, 90 of Mayfield, formerly of Dixon, passed away on Friday December 9th, 2022 at Baptist Health in Paducah. (Woonsocket, R.I.) 1848-1854, Woonsocket: Woonsocket Patriot. He started his own business in electronics, installing high end sound systems. Born in Pawtucket, RI she was the daughter of Walter Edward and Madeline Gertrude (Tully) Kalin. (Olneyville [Providence, R.I.]) 1917-1924, Olneyville: Rhode Island Citizen. (Pawtucket [R.I.]) 1825-1827, Pawtucket: Pawtucket Chronicle, and Rhode-Island and Massachusetts Register. (Providence [R.I.]) 1817-1819, Providence: Providence Gazette. Request archival records, historical information or photographs, and view additional contact information. Providence Journal Archives. (Providence, R.I.) 1845-1846, Providence: Eagle. (Woonsocket, R.I.) 1876-1881, Woonsocket: Woonsocket Daily Reporter. They live in Coventry. One of the main goals for genealogists is to find obituaries. She served as an elementary school teacher at schools in Massachusetts and Rhode Island, including St. Peter's, Worcester and St. Lucy's Middletown, Donath 'Donnie' Patterson Tuggle, age 66, died on January 31 in Hilton Head Island, South Carolina, following a brief illness. Claire Lillian LaRoche. John Taylor White, 87, of Providence, KY, passed away Saturday Jan. 28, 2023, at Redbanks Colonial Terrace Nursing home in Sebree, KY. Barbara Faye Mitchell, 83, of Providence passed away on Saturday January 28, 2023, in Louisville, KY. Lila Sisk, age 81, of Dawson Springs, passed away on Tuesday, January 24, 2023, at her residence. As expressions of God's healing love, witnessed through the ministry of Jesus, we are steadfast in serving all, especially those who are poor and vulnerable. Alabama Free Online Genealogy Research Toolkit, 275 Free Obituary and Obituary Index Collection Links for the New England States. (Lonsdale, R.I.) 1882-1880s, North Providence: North Providence Standard. Use multiple collections to fact-check any found records. He met his loving wife Joy in Buffalo and the couple married on September 25, 1965. An obituary is a published or unpublished death announcement. Although some people use the terms interchangeably, theyre actually two different things. 603 likes. He was a member of Shady Grove General Baptist Church in Poole, KY and Bailey-Onton Masonic Lodge in Sebree, KY F&AM#538. NewspaperArchive has content from 16,031 publications and over 3,442 cities from all over the worldbig cities, small towns, and everything in betweenbut we focus on staying close to home with newspaper publications from small towns, where you are more likely to find your family. (Woonsocket Falls [Woonsocket], R.I.) 1833-1837, Woonsocket: Woonsocket Patriot. He was a US Marine Veteran, he served in the 3rd Battalion, 3rd Division 3rd Marines. William Louis Lombardo Jr. of Charlotte, North Carolina passed away peacefully on Friday November 25, 2022, with his family by his side, he was 85 years old. (Providence, R.I.) 1978-1988, Providence: News-Democrat. (Providence, R.I.) 1893-1895, Providence: Pomona Herald. 86, formerly of Pawtucket, passed away peacefully on Sunday, February 19, 2023. Knoxville Police Chief Paul Noel said he was "disturbed and embarrassed" when he watched the videos of the incident. (Providence, R.I.) 1973-1976, Providence: Friend of Man. 9 in the Top 20, won the NJSIAA 2022-23 girls basketball Group 2 championship on Saturday at RWJBarnabas Health Arena in Toms River. (Providence [R.I.]) 1827-1829, Providence: Jewish Herald. However, we will be happy to accept obituaries from family members pending proper verification of the death. Obituaries > Rhode Island > Providence > Providence Journal. He was a volunteer firefighter for the Dixon and Wheatcroft Fire Departments. Accessible in an easy-to-use interface with searching by name, date range, or text such as institutional name, social affiliation(s), geographic location(s), philanthropic activities, etc. For more information on how to locate offline newspapers, see our article on Locating Offline Newspapers. (Providence, R.I.) (from April 18, 1827 to Jan. 7, 1829), Literary cadet, and Saturday evening bulletin 04/22/1826 to 04/14/1827, Literary cadet, and Saturday evening bulletin. The officer drives another three minutes before he stops to help a motorist. (Providence [R.I.]) 1886-1887, Providence: Evening Mail. USA (1,373,456) > Rhode Island (8,340) > Providence County (3,513) > Providence County Newspapers and Obituaries (379), USA (1,373,456) > Rhode Island (8,340) > Rhode Island Newspapers and Obituaries (645) > Providence County Newspapers and Obituaries (379). (Greenville, R.I.) 1956-2006, Harrisville: Burrillville News. (Providence, R.I.) 1984-Current, Providence: Providence Anzeiger. Seabrook Beach, NH - David W. Ray, 75, of Seabrook Beach and a former resident of East Greenwich, RI, passed away on Thursday, October 6, 2022. It takes less than a minute. Terry Gizmo May, 69, of Calvert City passed away at his home on Tuesday, October 25, 2022. Search Providence obituaries and condolences, hosted by (Providence [R.I.]) 1829-1830, Providence: Providence Daily Journal. Newspapers can be a treasure trove of information for your ancestors. Along with her parents she is preceded in death by her husband Douglas Lovan in 2011. She was 84 years old. (Providence, R.I.) 1844-1847, Providence: Day Star. Searching for Death Information: Tips on finding death certificates and obituaries. He was a commercial brewer at The Aiken Brew Pub in Aiken, SC. U.S., Social Security Death Index, 1935-2014. Catherine M Moses, 95, passed away June 9, 2022. Learn more about our staff and our services. Providence Journal Obituaries and Death Notices. Having started as a secretary, she later excelled in public relations and lobbying at a time when women business leaders were rare. (Providence [R.I.]) 1800-1802, Providence: Independent Inquirer and Rhode-Island Journal. Like our page to stay informed about passing of a loved one in Providence, Rhode Island on facebook. (Pawtucket, R.I.) 1888-1890, Pawtucket: Evening Tribune. (Woonsocket, R.I.) 1915-1910s, Woonsocket: New England Siftings. Glenn Edward Goldsberry 65, of Tilden, KY passed away on Friday January 20th, 2023 at Baptist Health in Madisonville. (Providence [R.I.]) 1850-1867, Providence: Providence Daily Sentinel. Officers and the jail transport van driver struggle for 30 minutes to get Edwards up and into the side compartment of the van. Marie B. Koutsogiane. (Providence, R.I.) 1952-1973, Providence: Christian Soldier. New Providence, ranked No. (Howard, R.I.) 1885-1900s, Johnston: Beacon. (Providence, R.I.) 1980-1981, Providence: Providence Evening Dispatch. (Providence [R.I.]) 1887-1888, Providence: Daily Evening Chronicle. Providence County Times, 1917, 1922-1924, 1928-1938 Google News Archive. In addition to her career William Russell Scott, age 78, of Wickford, RI, and Naples, FL, died suddenly Monday, May 30th doing what he loved. 1672 Flat River Road | Coventry, RI 02816 He is survived by his wife, Ruth Thurber, daughters, Deborah Thurber of Ocala, Florida, Kathleen Arnold of Eastford, CT, and Melissa Thurber of Pawtucket, RI, sister, Jean Bessette of Rumford, RI, nephews, David Bessette and Robert Bessette, grandchildren, Keisha Thurber and Victoria Arnold, and 2 great grandchildren. (Pawtucket, R.I.) 1840s-1855, Pawtucket: Evening Times. (Pascoag, R.I.) 1895-1899, Pascoag: Pascoag Herald. (Providence, R.I.) (from April 18, 1827 to Jan. 7, 1829) Chronicling America, Literary cadet, and Saturday evening bulletin 04/22/1826 to 04/14/1827 Genealogy Bank, Literary cadet, and Saturday evening bulletin. (Providence [R.I.]) 1830-1832, Providence: Rhode-Island Religious Intelligencer. Providence Journal Archives & Obituaries. (Cranston, R.I.) 1977-Current, Cranston: Cranston Mirror. (Woonsocket, R.I.) 1917-1985, Woonsocket: Woonsocket Call. February 22, 2023 (90 years old) View obituary. She was a Registered Nurse having graduated from St. Vincent's School of Nursing. Linda Conn Oldham, 86 of Providence, KY passed away on Thursday February 16, 2023, at Baptist Health Deaconess in Madisonville, KY surrounded by her family. (Pawtucket-Central Falls, R.I.) 1978-1991, Pawtucket: Evening Tribune. (Providence, R.I.) 1929-1937, Providence: Olive Leaf and Rhode Island Temperance Herald. STE 600 Naples, Florida 34108. Andrea Zettler Gobin, of Clay passed from this earth on Saturday, Dec. 10, 2022, at Deaconess Midtown Hospital in Evansville, Indiana, after a recent cancer diagnosis. (Pawtucket, R.I.) 1850-1840s, Providence: American Journal, and General Advertiser. De Palma, 86, of Charlestown, RI, and formerly of Somers, NY, passed away peacefully on October 4, 2022, in Clover, SC, with her daughter, Andrea, and son in law, Roger, at her bed side. If youre trying to get more information on a specific relative, follow these steps to perform an advanced search of the Providence Journal obituary archives.

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