polk county florida land development code

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of the director of public works. Completely stocke. The calculated LOS shall be compared to the adopted LOS standards used for concurrency determination and shall be consistent with the Transportation Element of the Lake Wales Comprehensive Plan. West on Polk Ave is the 2nd Lot on the North side of Road. 23-303.9 Sidewalks. 17(CR 17-A), Central Avenue between U.S. 27 and S.R. to Table 302A. There is a dedicated right-turn lane into the main driveway shared with Badcock Furniture for northbound travelers on Florida Ave. Segment and intersection analysis will be required for the following scenarios: Existing Scenario, Future No Build, and Future Build. No. Street construction shall comply with Art. a. Drainage easements shall be maintained so that their function is not impaired through Conveniently located between Winter Haven and Bartow This property is now under auction terms. Water Tech Specs and Standard Drawings Sewer Tech Specs and Standard Drawings. Site plan of the proposed development that shows the proposed access locations. General requirements for lots and yards. A woody perennial plant with an elongated stem or trunk supporting branches and leaves. a. 2007-33, 2, 9-4-07; Ord. Off-street parking and vehicular access. Rocker Road Estates Lot 4 is 9.09 acres and is one of four home lots. Neighborhood parks. 0000005603 00000 n a. At least one (1) primary entrance shall be provided to a residential development, except that those with fewer than ten (10) single-family dwelling units or twelve (12) multi-family dwelling units are not required to meet this requirement unless it is feasible to extend the entrance street to serve additional development in the future. g. Pedestrian circulation in parking areas. 6100 S Florida Ave, LAKELAND, FL 33813 $750,000 Est. 00-09, as amended, is hereby amended to add and amend the following . Microsimulation software may also be used but is not required. All off-street parking areas must have access from a street, except that access from an alley may be approved by the planning board for small parking areas. Call today for a personal tour. having an all-weather driving surface of not less than twenty (20) feet of unobstructed All elements of landscaping exclusive of plant material, except hedges, shall be installed so as to conform with all other applicable ordinances and code requirements. The administrative official may allow the setback to be measured from the existing right-of-way rather than from the future right-of-way in cases where the purchase of the future right-of-way area is not in the foreseeable future. 23-303.7 Pavement specifications. IV, Div. Florida Polk County Auburndale 1101 SPRING COURT, Auburndale, Polk County, FL, 33823 For Sale Listed by Wes Fleming with KELLER WILLIAMS REALTY SMART +11 photos $159,900 USD 2 Beds 2 Baths 924 Sqft 0.97 ac Lot Size Residential Open House No open houses are scheduled at this time. The ULDC is locatedinChapter 21. In residential developments with over one hundred (100) dwelling units, the minimum distance shall be increased by fifty (50) feet for every one hundred (100) dwelling units, rounded off to the nearest one hundred (100) dwelling units, with a maximum of four hundred (400) feet. 23-303.1 Street layout. 0000002295 00000 n shall be submitted with the report. prior to the issuance of a building permit for construction on any lot. 0000001047 00000 n Sec. Wheel stops, curbing, or other barriers shall be provided at the head of parking spaces and curbing shall be provided around landscaped islands to prevent vehicles from encroaching on landscaped areas. trees being those which have a two-inch trunk diameter at four and one-half (4) feet fund the planting of trees in public open spaces. No. No. 0000012551 00000 n 23-305.2 Fire protection during construction. Future No Build Scenario with Mitigation (if necessary) 2020-30, 1, 12-02-20;Ord. 23-303.11 Grades. Such easements shall be designed and located in accordance with city utility standards d. Landscaping in easements: Easements may be landscaped subject to the following: 1. Deviation from this standard due to special topographical conditions will be allowed only with the specific approval of the director of public works. "Fzqi7EqE1Fd;|ialzIaU'YbB3\mQMy;%-[#;4YY(K>{y:yW"L$. D. A collector street within a new residential development shall meet the standards for a major collector if it serves five hundred (500) units or more. In cases where existing right-of-way width is less than the requirement for the classification of the street (see section 23-303), reductions in setback shall be limited so that a minimum of fifty (50) percent of the required right-of-way width is reserved. There are also planned areas for a clubhouse, pool, and playground. AM (if required) and PM peak hour LOS analyses shall be conducted for all study intersections based on currently accepted traffic engineering principles. the Florida Building Code. Sufficient foliage shall be maintained on all plants and trees so that the landscaping meets its intended purpose whether for buffering, shade, or appearance. Private Tour Select date and request your own property tour: 02 Mar LAND DEVELOPMENT CODE of POLK COUNTY, FLORIDA Codified through Ordinance No. 2017-20, 2, 11-21-17; Ord. No tree shall be considered in meeting density requirements which is planted closer than fifteen (15) feet to the base of another tree. $262,000 Last Sold Price. The number of trees existing in the neighborhood on improved property. AM (if required) and PM peak hour, directional Level of Service (LOS) analysis shall be conducted for study area segments based on currently accepted traffic engineering principles. xb```"wV#ce`a \8#v '0Fwzi "pR17``0h```R *aA%a20-@,ge`m`pA5") ]Vo]/>V10&@%pF ~` T6" work. Future Roadway & Intersection Conditions: future roadway segment geometry and future intersection geometry. In flood-prone areas, the director of public works may require profiles and elevations of streets in order to determine the adequacy of design. That right-of-way increases the gross planted area to about 41 acres. If the development does not directly access a segment on the Concurrency Determination Network, no segment evaluation will be required. COMMON ELEMENTS/AREAS, COMM. Downtown Landscape. See section 23-309 for restrictions regarding planting and grading of easement areas. ii. Terms used in this subsection shall be defined as follows: 1. Projects identified for construction in the first three years of an adopted Work Program (WP), Transportation Improvement Program (TIP), or Capital Improvement Program (CIP). B. Street trees are typically planted in a linear fashion and provide spatial enclosure as well as other technical and aesthetic benefits (Wildwood Mo.). In any residential or non-residential development, a minimum distance of one hundred fifty (150) feet is required between the intersection of any entrance road to the development with a roadway exterior to the project and the intersection of a cross street or parking lot access. a tree removal permit in accordance with section 23-214 unless removal of the tree has been approved under the requirements of section 23-302.2. c. Private hydrants. a. Polk County, Florida. a landscaping plan approved by the administrative official. APN. 2006-24, 10, 11, 6-6-06; Ord. Loose aggregate will not be considered a completed pavement. Polk County Land Records are real estate documents that contain information related to property in Polk County, Florida. iii. parks and common open space areas as required per section 23-310. About This Home Welcome Home! b. . the preliminary plan and changes may be requested or required in the layout as necessary The multimodal assessment shall include an evaluation of existing and programmed bicycle, pedestrian, and transit mobility options. Preparation of land for construction or paving and any alteration The street layout of a subdivision shall provide for the continuation or projection of streets already existing in areas adjacent to the areas being subdivided unless the approving body deems such continuation or extension undesirable for specific reasons of topography or design. A neighborhood park shall be located no further than 600 feet from any dwelling in the neighborhood it serves. No alteration of drainage easements such as the addition of berms or other grading, The mixed use Planned Development Project (see site plan attached) also features a 2.2 Acre Commercial site with frontage along Scenic Highway 17, which will be directly accessible for the Single- Family home residents without having to go on public roads. Location markers for flush hydrants shall carry the same color background as stated 23-306.3 Number of off-street parking spaces required. a. and planting plans; and for the purchase, planting, and maintenance of trees and shrubs B. Landscaped areas with a minimum of ten (10) feet in width and a minimum total area of one hundred (100) square feet shall be provided to prevent excessively long, continuous runs of parking spaces. B. Developments on two (2) acres or less may be accessed from local streets. Park Avenue between Lake Shore Blvd. 3. a. Landscaped area shall have one (1) tree of a minimum height of eight (8) feet at time of planting. See subsection 23-214 for permit requirements. diversion or increased flow of surface waters. b. Roadway improvements programmed within the first three years of an adopted work program, TIP, or CIP may be utilized as long as the improvement is funded for construction consistent with the proposed buildout year for the development, but no more than three years from the date of the study. Land for sale in Florida's Polk County recently totaled around $546 . Vine: Any plant which normally requires support to reach its mature form. Arterialhighways. COUNTY CORRECTIONAL FACILITY Chapter 7. 23-303.2 Street classification system. E. When an access way intersects a public right-of-way, all landscaping shall provide unobstructed cross-visibility at a level between two (2) feet and ten (10) feet within a cross-visibility triangle as defined below. 3. 23-214) shall not be used in meeting landscaping requirements. Parking areas shall be designed to provide safe conditions for pedestrians. D. Mini-parks shall be landscaped and at minimum shall provide seating area and connection to the pedestrian path network within the development. Exempt from these requirements are streets within the C-1 and C1-A zoning districts. The City of Lake Wales has expressed interest in annexing the property into the city limits. Note: traffic counts more than one (1) year old cannot be used in the study unless approved by the City. Lake Wales (Current through Ordinance 2022-52, Adopted 1-03-2023), Chapter 23. Stores, such as Publix supermarket and Walmart, are located within a 4-mile radius. 2017-20, 1, 11-21-17; Ord. No building shall be erected on any lot unless such lot has the required frontage on a dedicated public road or a road shown on an approved and recorded final development plat. 13 Florida St, FROSTPROOF, FL 33843 | MLS# A4553854 | Redfin Search Overview Sale & Tax History Street View See all 11 photos 13 Florida St, FROSTPROOF, FL 33843 $169,000 Est. The intent of this document is to define the requirements, procedures and methodology for the preparation and submission of a traffic impact study (TIS) in the City of Lake Wales and to provide an equitable, consistent and systematic means of determining the future impact of proposed developments while maintaining the adopted service levels on all roadways. 2014-08, 4, 09-03-14; Ord. Comes with an 8 inch well with Jet irrigation. In planned development projects where adequate provision for pedestrian circulation is provided, the requirements of this section may be modified by the approving body. Proposed streets which are obviously in alignment with other already existing and named streets shall bear the names of such existing streets. Construction or alteration of any off-street parking areas and curb cuts for vehicular access requires compliance with this section and site plan approval under section 23-222 except that driveways for single-family houses and duplexes may be approved under section 23-215, land alteration permit. Species excluded from the requirement for a tree removal permit (sec. 0000004556 00000 n All shrubs shall be maintained at six (6) feet or less in height. 5. When the smallest angle of street intersection is less than seventy-five (75) degrees, the director of public works may require curb radii of greater length. RESERVED 1. 2. 1. Interior portions of off-street parking areas not specifically designated as parking spaces or maneuvering areas shall not be paved for vehicular use but shall be planted and permanently maintained with trees and shrubs and finished with ground cover or other landscape material. Consists of all roads not defined as arterials or collectors; primarily provides access to land with little or no through movement. 7. Public hydrants. Polk City, FL 33868 RIGHT-OF-WAY AND PAVEMENT WIDTH. Below are the most recent Development Special Magistrate agendas. CONTRACTORS AND CONSTRUCTION Chapter 5.5. New residential development or neighborhoods with no more than one hundred fifty (150) dwelling units proposed may be allowed to only have one (1) entrance, subject to the approval of the Development Review Committee. Street paving shall follow section 23-303 and applicable guidelines of the department of public works. 0000010633 00000 n FAQs. 523 ADAMS VIEW LANE , Auburndale, FL 33823 (Polk County) Size: 0.49 acres. Open burning shall meet all applicable government regulations and, in accordance with section 10-8 of the Lake Wales Code of Ordinances, shall require issuance of a permit by the fire 3. The removal or lack of maintenance of vegetation The property slopes to the west and south. You can search by broker or agent name, iii. Sec. 1. b. Dedication of right-of-way for existing streets. RaYff\lPC^\|]~0TTF z9! Ground covers used in lieu of grass, in whole or in part, shall be planted in such a manner as to present a finished appearance and reasonably complete coverage within six (6) months after planting. Required. as soon as combustible material accumulates. POULTRY, BEES, FISH, RABBITS W/COM. C. Mini-parks shall not be combined with neighborhood parks, except that mini-parks may be incorporated into a linear park. 3. In all cases, it will be the responsibility of the applicant to demonstrate to the Administrative Official and the Polk TPO that a proposed development will not unduly impact the road system. When the subdivision is located on only one (1) side of an existing street, one-half () of the required right-of-way width measured from the center line of the existing street shall be dedicated. h. Flood hazard areas. Cuts. in public parks and streetscapes. $41,230 Down & $3,879/Month This objectionable material as well as similar material from cuts shall be removed from the right-of-way area and disposed of in such a manner that it will not become incorporated in fills or hinder proper operation of the drainage system. 4. Auto and truck repair or auto service stations. 6. For past agendas, contact the Planning Division to request a copy.

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