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As the name suggests, it blooms around Christmas time in warmer regions. This member of the cabbage family produces heads that resemble mini cauliflowers but taste more like broccoli. You can eat these perennial greens fresh in salads or fry them in stir-fries. Perfect for cottage gardens and lining edges, bellflower gives that summer punch of color you need in a compact plant. Blooming from May to July, these intricate flowers provide a deep blue color perfect for edgings and borders. Looking to add some new perennial flowers to your garden, but want to make sure they bloom as early as possible? With beautiful spherical blooms like allium, caterpillars wont bother the pretty lavender flowers. Plants are low calories and high in sun/ warmth need. Offering an array of colors, lupines create colorful spikes in the garden and landscape during the spring. With its strong central stem, yarrow can add color and texture to cut-flower bouquets. iowa total care number perennial plant that looks like broccoli Would you hope to get bigger heads that way? Hopefully the seed quality was good at that time. Germination . Trimming the stems as new blooms appear encourages vigorous blooming. It may be a small plant, but you can count on it for year-round interest as it retains its evergreen foliage over winter. For example, you can blanch the leaves and use in fresh green salads or add them to a stir-fry or soup. Tiny flowers in white, pink, or purple dominate the plant in the spring, but when the flowers are done blooming, a green carpet of foliage remains. Buy . You may see a bit of reblooming in the fall after cutting back, but it will not be as full as the spring show. So, once you plant perennial crops, you can enjoy their benefits for many years. We love petunias (and all flowers) so we've curated the following list of flowers that closely resemble their petunia cousins. I steam the leaves a good half hour. Growing on arching stems, this native to cliffs and bluffs produces panicles of tiny yellow flowers on its stems, lending a brilliant contrast to its green foliage. Also called poor mans asparagus, there is nothing inferior about the taste of this delicious vegetable. The dark green foliage sport blooms in early summer in white, blues, yellows, and purple. Unlike the larger daisy bloom you may be used to seeing, English daisies branch off with sprays filled with smaller flowers. The login page will open in a new tab. Sedum 'Autumn Joy' - a succulent plant with clusters of rosy pink, broccoli-like flowers arrive in fall. Another way to use perennial onions in cooking is to harvest some of the small bulbs. If you have the time, you can pinch the buds on your mums, and although you may wait longer for them to bloom, you will be rewarded with larger, showier flowers that will stand out in the landscape. Cynara (Cardoon) - Tennis ball sized electric blue flowers. (Star of Bethlehem). While it is 100% variety specific, the general answer to these questions is yes! However, there is much diversity in the plant kingdom, and many types of vegetables grow recurrently year on year. Will only grow well in sun or very light shade. Looking to attract some hummingbirds to your garden but aren't sure which plant types will do the trick? Do Impatiens Prefer Full Sun or Partial Shade? LilacGrand 2 yr. ago. The reason sea kale is hard to find is that it doesnt travel well. 16 Jun June 16, 2022. perennial plant that looks like broccoli. If you want a controlled spread, simply divide the clumps in the fall. Globe artichokes grow as perennial vegetables if you protect them during the winter. Both descriptions are apt. So, if you want to grow it for eating in salads, soups, or stews, you dont need to grow a lot of it. perennial plant that looks like broccoli. Give cucamelons in containers something to climb . Due to pests and diseases, potatoes should be rotated every other year to encourage healthy growth. Here are some of the best perennials to try. This showy flower, which enjoys a bit of shade, blooms from late spring to early summer. Lets take a look at some of our favorite perennial flowering plants! Perennial vegetables tend to take a long time to establish themselves. A late-blooming wildflower, Joe Pye weed makes an excellent addition to naturalized spaces and pollinator gardens. Plant in masses to fill in spots and add easy color throughout the landscape. It was cultivated to tolerate the heat typical of the southern states in the United States. In contrast the Cottagers, Taunton Deane and Daubentons are truly perennial and offering enormous harvests of quite bitter but tasty foliage, best with olive oil salt and lemon juice. Forest lily (Veltheimia bracteata) blooms . Broccoli is a member of the family Brassicaceae, making it a relative of the cabbage. Use hyssop as a second tier in the landscape or in pollinator gardens. Also called sunroot tubers or sunchokes, these vegetables grow and spread vigorously in the ground. Dont be fooled by the wiry green stems on these compact plants. An easy-to-grow perennial, mountain bluet can be found in a variety of colors, including white, pink, and blue. It was packed in July 2003 so a mere 19 years old but Im hopeful. These sun loving flowers can be grown as annual flowers in cooler climates, and are hardy in zones 8-11. Put out cabbage, broccoli & cauliflower plants. With purple flowers blooming in late spring, coral bells need a bit of afternoon shade, especially in climates with warmer summers, although it does well in full sun. Every part of the plant is edible and tastes like broccoli. Perennials at Shop by Plant Care Full Sun Plants that need 6 or more hours of direct sunlight Part Sun Plants that need 3 - 6 hours of direct sunlight Shade Plants that need 1 - 3 hours of direct sunlight Water When Soil Is Dry Plants that need to be watered when the soil is dry Water Once a Week Plants that need to be watered once a week It does need a lot of sun Im afraid Liz. Hydrangea - Produce flowers that turn blue in acidic soil. Although rhubarb stems are prepared like a fruit in cakes and pies, it is actually a vegetable. We tend to think of vegetables as annuals, while most types of fruits are perennials. Once established in a vegetable patch, asparagus gives delicious edible stems year after year. The pollen from ragweed, which blooms at a similar time, should be blamed, not the beautiful goldenrod. The earliest reference Icould find to this vegetable is in The Gardeners Magazine 1907. Some good companion plants for broccoli include dill, rosemary, cucumber, and celery. I picked them this morning, leaving the small shoots lower on the stem to grow on for further harvests. And you'll find them all at The Home Depot. spearmint. What is Companion Planting? One on hand, it's one of the most expensive vegetables to buy at the grocery store, so growing it yourself would seem like a good move for the wallet.. On the other hand, it takes quite a while to get a good yield. Luckily I brought my seed bank with me. Its blooms offer a lovely fragrance and color from June to fall, and Russian sage looks best when planted in masses. Im in the same boat as Jane Carr. 25 Seeds $3.50 250 Seeds $18.50. The writer describes a specimen in its fourth year giving nine heads with three of the largest measuring 11, 10 and 8 inches across. The beautiful blooms open up in the morning and then close in the afternoon. Scutellaria californica (California skullcap) is an herb native to the low elevation mountains of Northern California. Yes the leaves have a particularly good flavour I think. This species of meadowsweet gives your space a real show-stopper. A profuse bloomer, expect blooms from midsummer through early fall. The edible part of the vegetable is the large globous flower bud. Test Garden Tip: Northern sea oats is a fast spreader, so plant in a container or other spot that will keep it in bounds. Info on Turkish Rocket First Harvest:1st year USDA Climate Zone: 3-9 (potentially up to 11) The tuberous roots are the edible part of this perennial food. Ceratostigma - Small genus of perennial wildflowers. Blooming in summer with a variety of yellow and orange flower colors to choose from, these sun-loving perennial flowers look good paired with spiky purple plants, such as speedwell or salvia. Some were so tiny that I must have left them, and eventually the slugs got much of the rest of the plant, which seems to have died now. Its small, daisy-like blooms give summer color when the heat often chokes out other perennials. It's especially active in hot summer temperatures. Now that would really be worth growing! This spicy, peppery vegetable is related to broccoli, cabbage, and mustard. Primrose will spread in the garden both underground and by self-seeding. Horseradish is extremely easy to grow in your vegetable garden. Our allotment is fairly shady.thanks. Another root vegetable that grows as a perennial is horseradish. The mature plants will reach about 30 inches in height, adding a fluffy understory to taller varieties of black-eyed Susan. Resistant to deer and drought, plants can rebloom throughout the summer, but they do need consistent watering to do so. Their large blooms become so heavy that staking can be helpful; otherwise, one heavy rainfall has these plants bowing to the ground. This tall flowering perennial is perfect for areas next to garden fences, or areas where you need a taller flower. Hyssop forms clumps and spreads fairly well through self-seeding. Now this is how you boost your home's curb appeal. Petals open early in the morning and usually drop in the afternoon, but perennial flax continues sending up shoots, sometimes for up to eight weeks. Nine Star perennial broccoli is a plant that has been on the perennial vegetable scene for many years, less well-known than asparagus and globe artichokes, but, like Good King Henry, appearing from time to time in general vegetable gardening books such as Hessayon's The Vegetable and Herb Expert. However, the cultivars 'Nine-Star' and 'Purple Cape' are great perennials. 5. Purple Italian Globe artichoke. Comment * document.getElementById("comment").setAttribute( "id", "ae6914e01b3ccbcb2149ab862489116a" );document.getElementById("i26c28fece").setAttribute( "id", "comment" ); Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Old-fashioned daisies are a must-have plant in cottage gardens and make a great addition to bouquets, at least as far as looks go. After logging in you can close it and return to this page. Jerusalem artichokes are hardy perennials to zone 2. Thankfully Mandy Barber at Incredible Vegetables has plans to work toward this aim alongside some other plant breeders. Attractive to butterflies, mountain bluet makes a great addition to butterfly gardens. Above the ground, the vegetable sprouts large green leaves and clusters of attractive flowers. Also known as golden dead nettle, yellow archangel often gets used as a ground cover because of its prolific spreading habit. Lengthy gray stems covered in tiny powdery lavender blooms come out from the ground in a V-shape, giving this perennial a lovely shape. Thriving in dry conditions, sedum can be placed in dry areas that other perennials cant tolerate. It is a perennial plant, but many varieties bloom during the first year, even when started from seed. The stems can be tough, although they look wiry and thin. Its young shoots are used as a spring vegetable . Also called Red Spurge or Caribbean Copper Plant, this lovely plant is native to South America, where it can grow into a tree 20-30 feet high. (Windflower). Dont be fooled into thinking this native plant causes hay fever. Most varieties of broccoli grow as annuals and produce a large head at the end of the season. Another perennial member of the mint family, catmint has gray foliage with a slight aroma, topped with spiked flowers in purple, white, and pink. Also known as creeping thyme for its spreading habit, mother of thyme produces tiny, tubular, deep-pink to deep-purple flowers that bloom during summer. Many enjoy using delphinium in cut-flower arrangements because their spiky upright blooms contrast nicely with flowing foliage. . Their heavy fragrance and large, showy blooms make peonies a spring favorite for gardeners. Although called an artichoke, Jerusalem artichoke is a member of the family Asteraceaemaking it a relative of the sunflower. Some popular vegetables that grow as perennials include globe artichoke, garlic, asparagus, types of onions, and sorrel. When the foliage fades, you can cut them down to the ground and anticipate their coming back next spring. These native prairie wildflowers offer easy growth and a spectacular display of rich purple blooms with a unique look. Because of their large blooms and fragrance, peonies make wonderful cut flowers. Long, thick stems hold a beautiful ball of tiny lavender florets with flowing foliage only at the base of the plant. Is an amazing hardy vegetable that produces a central large creamy white cauliflower type head with a myriad of sprouting side shoots from as early as February through to May. To identify a plant enter the plant name, if you know it, in the text box below and then select any distinctive attributes about the plant from the drop-down boxes underneath. Strangely there are also references to Nine Star Perennial Broccoli being developed by a Mr Charles Curtis in 1927. Blooms have been known to open in the snow and can withstand short spurts of sub-zero temperatures. Edible perennials produce attractive flowers that attract pollinatorsbees and butterflieswhen other plants arent flowering. Blooming in summer, you will enjoy spikes of pink to purple flowers. Thinking of adding some perennial flowers to your garden but aren't sure which ones to add? 11 Perennial Greens You Will Love to Grow, Posts may contain affiliate links, which allow me to earn a commission at no extra cost to you. Hi, I have 4 plants from last year and havent been able to keep up with the cropping so Ive chosen one to keep and Im letting the others go to seed ~ the flowers are just opening, beautiful white with yellow stamens and smothered in bees As to my keeper Im about to take the last head off before it flowers. Featuring intensely blue flowers that resemble forget-me-nots, Siberian bugloss features incredible spring blooms that look vibrant when paired with tulips in the landscape. Also a member of the family Brassicaceae, the thin stems and small green leaves have intense, sharp flavors. You cant use crop rotation to keep perennial greens free from pests and disease. Companion planting broccoli with herbs with small flowers, like parsley, fennel, chervil, and dill has also been shown to attract the beneficial insects that feed on broccoli worms. The foliage may remind you a bit of hostas, especially varieties with silvery or variegated markings. perennial plant that looks like broccoli. 21 Early Blooming Spring Perennial Flowers, 21 Orange Perennial Flowers With Names and Pictures, Red Perennial Flowers: 15 Different Red Perennials, 31 Different Flowering Plants That Will Attract Hummingbirds To Your Garden. It looks like this Is growing them in full shade an option? Sea holly pairs well with low-lying ground cover that can provide a backdrop to showcase its multiseason changing looks. Perennial Plant That Looks Like Broccoli - Haworthia attenuata "Zebra Plant" - YouTube / More than 360 species of lobelia are grown as annuals, perennials or shrubs.. Well really I think that is only a half decent crop. Sorrel is a popular green leafy vegetable in many countries. These may sleep for the first couple of years, but your patience will be rewarded with a plant full of lengthy stems and blooms. Sea kale grows well in light, sandy soil, and in zones 4 and above. Radicchio is a type of chicory with beautiful red and white leaves that grow in a head, much like cabbage. Even after blooming, the seedheads offer an interesting look as well as food for songbirds in the fall. Tastes slightly stronger in flavour than cauliflower, more like a cross between cauliflower and broccoli. Rhubarb can grow in gardens for years and gives a bountiful annual crop of tart red stems. This active spreader blooms in the summer and fall and can take over garden areas if not maintained. June 14, 2022; idioms for beautiful nature Pinch back the tip growth of plants, like petunias, to force bushiness and more stems which means more flowers. whhe11 2 yr. ago. Im loving the Nine-Star Broccoli I bought last year. Birds and bees will flock to its blooms in the summer, and wildlife will enjoy the seed heads throughout the winter. Long-lived perennials can live five to twenty years, and sometimes a lot longer. Today I found the Nine Star seed packet I havent seen in years. If you're interested in growing this well-known variety, it grows well in zones 3-10 and is particularly cold hardy. Offering an easy-care habit, this dependable perennial features small sunflowers covering its vines, giving a casual, laid-back look to any garden area. You will find these showy perennials easy to grow although they take a bit to establish. Spurge has an interesting shape, and the greenish-yellow look of the blooms offers a color you dont often see in summer perennials. Watercress is an herbaceous perennial green that adds peppery spice to a salad. Mandys project will work to reverse the inbreeding depression that results from saving seed from a small number of brassica plants.). However, it has to grow for two to three years before you can start to enjoy its tasty shoots. Some gardeners use the vining stems and large leaves for ground cover. The leafy greens go well in salads, soups, sauces, and stews. It will come back every year in most climates. Opportunity is missed by many because it is dressed in overalls and looks like work. Its stems make an interesting addition to cut-flower bouquets. Its blooms begin as pink then age to a beautiful rose-violet and finally to blue. Nine-Star Perennial Broccoli This is another perennial cabbage family plant that has done well in my garden. These thick, flowering stems give typical broccoli its signature look; they look like tiny trees! If left to die off during summer, you will get small shallot-type onions in early fall. More information Keep perennials watered as they get established. Ive bought excellent perennial kale plants from you when I lived in the south of England and a nine star broccoli which hadnt matured enough before I moved to Portugal just over a year ago. Fingers crossed ? Green Magic likes to grow in USDA zones 3-9. Mandy writes that as fewer commercial seed companies have carried the variety there has been an ever shrinking pool of seed, which has led to a lack of genetic diversity. Name: Chasmanthium latifolium. (Peruvian Day Lily). Blooming throughout summer, catmint spreads, making it suitable for walkways, borders, and filling in gaps in the landscape where you want color during summer. Nine Star Perennial Broccoli. Calibrachoa, commonly called million bells or trailing petunia, is a tender perennial that produces mounds of foliage, growing only 3 to 9 inches (7.5-23 cm.) With over 500 species, it should come as no surprise that you can find primroses in all colors except green. Types of Plums: Black, Red, and More Varieties (With Pictures) - Including Plumcots, Apriums, and Pl Types of Yellow Fruits with Their Name and Picture (Identification), 27 Types of Berries: List of Berries With Their Picture and Name (Identification Guide), Types of Persimmons: Persimmon Varieties from Around the World (With Pictures), 17 Perennial Vegetables to Plant Once for Years of Bounty. The flowers look like miniature daisies, with some varieties showing a similar yellow center and rounded white . I go back and forth with asparagus. . The bud looks like a lavender balloon and opens up into five-petalled blooms from lavender to deep purple. So it seems that Nine Star definitely needs some reselection. This list of blue flowering plants is just the beginning. Seen lining long country driveways in the Midwest, peonies come in a large variety of colors and bloom types. Daylilies represent the dependable summer perennial. Some types of broccoli grow as perennials, whereas others grow better as annuals. With its thick stems and tiny florets in pinks and purples, sedum not only adds color in late summer, but it also makes a stunning addition to cut-flower bouquets. Im left with a tall, rather flopped plant with a solid stem and a mass of large leaves and heavy stumps at the top. There must be a story there but not one Ive been able to recover I can only thinkthat the main credit should go to Mr Crisp as his Nine Star is mentioned first. vegetarian eggs benedict calories. (Certainly seed for Nine Star has been quite difficult to buy in recent years your best chance at present is probably to wait until Pennards Plants or Brown Envelope Seeds have new stock or go to Victoriana Nurseries for plants). Garlic: Thawed cloves appear grayish-yellow and water-soaked. Especially stunning with mums and coneflowers, aster should be cut back nearly to the ground after it finishes blooming to prepare for the spring. Grow one plant in a large 12-18 inch container (at least 5 gallons). Should I cut it back or leave it as it is, feed it and wait till next year. This popular spring-blooming ground cover lives up to its name. So, grow it beside a pond or in an area of your yards that has poor drainage. For everyone in cold climates looking for blooms in the wintertime, the Christmas rose has you covered. ( Prince's Feather). Quite small, these plants add a vibrant punch of green foliage in areas that need color and provide clustered bright flowers in the very early spring. Although this native to Missouri can grow in many different soil conditions, it makes a great addition to rain gardens or anywhere you have slightly wet soil. Dahlia Colors: What Colors Do These Beautiful Flowers Come in? Wish me luck. A useful groundcover, this variety of the chamomile herb does not get used in tea production, but unlike the tea-worthy German chamomile, the Roman chamomile can be counted on for perennial production. Are you thinking of planting petunias but want a few alternatives for your flower garden? Most of the outer layer is removed to reveal the artichoke heart, which is then boiled, steamed, or fried. You can clean plants up by pruning spent blooms or allowing them to go to seed so that the hard geranium can spread. Other leafy perennial plants such as kale get leggy and need replanting. All you need to grow watercress in your garden is damp soil. It prefers to grow in well-draining soil and in an area with partial shade. Sweet potatoes are another type of perennial vegetable that is usually grown as an annual. Fusarium Wilt. Once you plant the vegetables, they will grow every year with very little work. Good to hear Helen. This type of broccoli is the opposite of Eastern Magic; it prefers hot weather. With purple or white flowers facing up, hardy geraniums bloom abundantly from late spring to early summer. The lilac color against its green foliage has a lovely effect in cottage gardens and pathways in late spring to early summer. Its also native to many areas across the United States. However, even these vegetables are grown as annuals because the roots are generally harvested every year. To enjoy these greens, just snip a few leaves off and chop to use in salads. This leafy perennial vegetable has a spicy, bitter taste that becomes more pleasant when grilled. A place to explore and buy perennial vegetables and other food plants. It is interesting in that sometimes it will not produce a head the first year, but will take almost two years. This plant represents the one plant gardeners dont mind seeing chewed up. Put your kitchen scraps and leaves in this shady cold area and let your chickens. Once the blooms fade, they are replaced with interesting seed pods that open to unfurl seeds that float through the air on cottony strings and self-seed. Forming tidy clumps, blue star will not take over areas, but it will grow wide. Calabrese broccoli forms a large central head with tight florets, aka tiny flowers. You can find a few different types of flowers that further sub-categorize garden mums, but all can be planted in spring or summer and will bloom all through fall in a wide variety of white, pinks, purples, reds, yellows, and oranges. This cruciferous vegetable grows recurrently every year into a leafy mound. Good King Henry is hardy in zone 3 and above. This spicy perennial vegetable is hardy in zones 2 to 9. The flower heads resemble that of Black-eyed Susan as well, with a dark brown center and yellow radial petals that bloom in summer. Ageratum houstonianum. You can cut spent blooms to encourage longer bloom time or cut the entire stem for use in bouquets. Feb . It usually only grows to around 8 inches tall, making it perfect in low growing areas. Lovage is considered an ancient herb that has fallen out of fashion in that past few decades. Blooming in June and July, spurges chartreuse color scheme makes for an excellent contrast to other summer bloomers, especially purple and red flowers, such as the coneflower. A fragrant, showy perennial that blooms profusely from summer to fall, hyssop attracts butterflies and bees with its fragrant purple blooms and erect stems filled with foliage. Gardens and Landscaping Verbena, sometimes also called vervain, refers to a genus of annual and perennial plants in the Verbenaceae flower family. The young leaves have a milder flavor than the older and larger leaves (And in addition to the perennial greens, this plant produces a flowering stem that you can eat like broccoli!). Though most often seen with yellow flowers, you can find whitlow grass in white, pink, and purple. You can even just buy a fresh root from the store and plant it in the ground. Slow spreaders, this shade-loving plant looks best in clumps. By Monique Valeris and Lauren Smith McDonough. 30 min read, perennial blooms can also be found in pinks, 10 Beautiful Flowers That Look Just Like Petunias. Adding an exotic look to your landscape, the flowers bloom in colors of pink to white in varying shades. A clump-forming perennial, coral bells provide variety in their foliage, beginning with a purplish-brown color upon emergence and then maturing to a beautiful green. The harvests were good but ultimately the strong smell of cabbage leaves in midsummer was not nice so I didnt replace the plants. These flowers attract many bees to your garden. They are right on top of their record keeping so they maximize your shipping and combine orders flawlessly. These low-lying perennials do well in the dappled shade of trees where the afternoon sun cant scorch its leaves. You dig one hole per plant and can be confident that theyll repeat their pattern of blooming year after year without you replanting them. The ends of its stems look like tiny fireworks exploding in vibrant colors ranging from red to white, pink to purple. All Rights Reserved. Spiderwort acts a bit like a daylily even down to its spidery, sprawling foliage. A mid-spring bloomer, wild pink provides an early food source for insects and makes a great addition to a butterfly garden. Last updated: November 2, 2022 | Tolerant of many things, balloon flowers dont like to be disturbed once established. Asparagus, or garden asparagus, folk name sparrow grass, scientific name Asparagus officinalis, is a perennial flowering plant species in the genus Asparagus. It doesnt matter how much you chop off the leaves and stems of this perennial edible plant, it keeps growing back. The flowers run atop erect stems that can sometimes get leggy. All you need to do is avoid harvesting the root so that they grow back year after year. In this article, we look at our favorite early bloomers that will give your garden some color in the early spring. They dont like to compete for light or water so avoid planting these near trees or anything that might provide shade. Also known as the trumpet gentian, this flower has a petunia-like appearance. This tufted perennial can easily be grown from seed. Hummingbirds and butterflies love delphiniums, and they partner well with coreopsis and other yellow summer bloomers since delphinium comes in purples and pinks. The nine star heads were excellent eating but you would need a few plants just for those if the foliage does not last, Can I ask if it needs much sun. My nine star gave lovely foliage then started making heads. perennial plant that looks like broccoli. Cucumber: Transparent, water-soaked appearance in cross section, just under the skin. Known scientifically as Echinacea paradoxa this herbaceous perennial is hardy in zones 5-9. Sorrel is a leafy perennial green with a citrusy, tangy taste when cooked. Their white pernnial flowers are what most gardeners think of when considering yarrow. Thinking of adding some perennial flowers to your garden this season, but aren't sure which ones to pick? There are many different types of perennial flowers that can brighten up just about any garden. Its rose-pink flowers cluster loosely around the top of the stem, the wild pink perennial is a low, mounding native wildflower. The flowers bloom in spring to summer. Indoor houseplants that are in dimmer lighting can be forced to bush with this treatment, and herbs respond very favorably to pinching. Priced for a 9 cm pot. I had a trio of plants that didnt do very well and died, now 2 years later, I dug a new bed and a seedling that looks very like it, has popped up. Shasta Daisy. One of the most significant benefits of growing perennial vegetables is that they are low-maintenance crops. Dahlias can be grown in pots, as long as they have adequate sun. Maybe you want a shady perennial garden. Learn more about Turkish rocket and how to use it in your garden. The new growth is tender enough to eat . Aromatic herbs, hyssop, thyme, wormwood, potatoes, celery, dill, chamomile, beets, onion, sage, peppermint, rosemary, oregano.

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