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And why was my defense not provided with the "No Roots Attached" report which is exculpatory evidence, at trial.? Cancel Anytime. Does anyone see motive in this scenario? In March of 1998, a jury returned two guilty verdicts against Patricia Rorrer for murder, and two more for kidnapping. Submissions should outline a mystery and provide a link to a more detailed review of the case such as a Wiki article or news report. The FBI waiting up to 6 months to question people in the class makes it near impossible for her to prove that she was actually there on a random Thursday night. And the kidnapping scenario became more plausible when you factor in the privacy of the alleyway behind the Katrinak house. They moved into her house in Salisbury County, staying together for about two years. He wanted to move to Colorado and she was against it.. Patricia knew her gun tended to jam, but she used it anyway. I knew when Andy got married and I was happy for him. A hearing on the issue got heated Tuesday. So much in this case, and every time she appeals with new evidence she is denied. They released a poster of Joann and Alex, noting that the baby had "almond-shaped blue eyes," weighed 18 . During Patricias hours-long turn in the witness chair, Michael McIntyre grilled her relentlessly. The case rocked Pennsylvania's Lehigh Valley and resulted in the conviction of Patricia Rorrer, now 53, the ex-girlfriend of Katrinak's husband. It was later believed that his recollection was keen, since he'd been the one to dress her posthumously. . During the interview, the FBI agents noted that I had no cuts, scratches, or bruising on my hand or face, as would be expected if I had been in a life and death struggle only a week earlier. "When I read that petition for the first time about 30 days ago, I couldn't believe it was written by a lawyer.". Rorrer has filed a petition to get new evidence admissible that he said could set her free. We affirm. Wrong Man says she had normally signed in for her line dancing class but didn't on the day Joann and Alex disappeared. Find where to watch Patricia Rorrer's latest movies and tv shows In 1995 DNA testing was brand new. Mizgerd said she is convinced Rorrer is innocent. Shes extremely, extremely happy with the baby. They released a poster of Joann and Alex, noting that the baby had "almond-shaped blue eyes," weighed 18 . At the very least, prosecutors got their story very wrong as they convicted Patricia. My husband passed away of a broken heart, Sarah OConnor said on the Montel Williams Show in 2001. I think you might have mistaken what's being mentioned in the Washington Post article; that is talking about microscopic hair analysis, which is when they compare two strands of hair for a match. Here is the link Other loyal friends and associates attested to Patricias kindness toward horses and devotion to her daughter, whom she took along as she worked in stables. . How would an intruder find it? The Innocence Project has declined to take her case. When she stood trial that same year, she maintained her innocence and alleged that she and Andrew Katrinak had continued to stay in touch as good friends, so she wouldnt do anything to hurt him. I know I did not commit these murders and they need to get justice for Joann and Alex too. This proves that whatever hair root was DNA tested and matched to me could not have been one of the hairs taken from Joann's car. The phone wire was located at the opposite end of the basement, which was dark. But Patricia had moved from Pennsylvania years ago, and she'd started her own family in North Carolina. Andrew had an ex-girlfriend, Patricia Rorrer, who'd been familiar with the trail, and she'd previously managed a horse stable just a mile from the scene. Any ideas why the fact that their bodies didnt appear to have been in the woods as long as previously thought wasnt brought up in court? Joe Berlingers documentary series Wrong Man shows what long form documentary journalism can achieve. And dance instructor William Jarrett couldnt remember whether she attended his dance class at the club the night of Joanns disappearance. Stable situation. When their bodies were found four months later, police sought the clues to find their killer. Patricia Rorrer has been portrayed as a bully, petty thief, neglectful horse owner, and heartless killer or a sweet, caring friend railroaded by authorities desperate to solve a double-murder case that snagged worldwide interest. Here is the link,, Today, Rorrer's attorney says not only is his client innocent, but she was framed. After watching the latest Starz episode of Wrong Man (a great investigative show), I started thinking about the Patricia Rorrer case again. Patricia was living back in North Carolina when the double murders occurred, yet investigators questioned her nonetheless. By the mid-1990s, Patricia was known for being both warm and caring as well as aggressive and loud. Criminal Division at No (s): CP-39-CR-0002176-1997 BEFORE: BENDER, P.J.E., BOWES AND SHOGAN, J. We take wrongful convictions to heart. Innocent nonprofit Wrongful Conviction. The Ex Files: Directed by Rob Rosen. And in a piece of salacious testimony, Patricia Rorrers half sister, Sandra Ireland, said that in May 1995, about six months after the murder, their mother, Patricia Chambers, stopped by the house and asked her to hold onto or hide a gun, or both. The main one of course was committing murder of a young woman and her infant son over an argument. One was a convenience store clerk, who said Joann, her baby and the man were in her store for up to 20 minutes, buying a couple hundred dollars worth of supplies in this small convenience store. As for an epilogue on ex-flame Andrew Katrinak, he has moved to Colorado and kept a low profile since the trial ended. She has been incarcerated for 24+ years. Prosecutors offered Patricia a plea deal that would take the death penalty off the table, but she declined. On Instagram, I found a post for a two-part Win at All Costs podcast featuring journalism professor Bill Mousheys interviews with Patricia Rorrer from prison in December 2019. Rorrer was tried and convicted in 1994 for the brutal killing of Katrinak and her three-month-old son. Perhaps police couldn't get a warrant for a sample of Patricia's hair, the color being inconsistent with the latent hairs found in the car and at the murder scene. "I'm very angry, very very very angry," McIntyre said. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. Right now she has no attorney and your generous donation will fund our mission. Andy also failed at least 2 lie detector tests, and before an arrest was made in the murders, moved almost all the way across the country without telling the police. Tragedy also touched Patricias life. He would be alive today if it were not for Patricia Rorrer. The mild-mannered Sarah died in 2019 at the age of 83. This is crazy. Patricia Rorrer has been portrayed as a bully, petty thief, neglectful horse owner, and heartless killer or a sweet, caring friend railroaded by authorities desperate to solve a double-murder case that snagged worldwide interest. It's now up to a judge to decide whether to allow that information, as well as information questioning the validity of hair samples that helped put Rorrer behind bars. I am humbly asking for your help to hire a lawyer and procure a fair trial. Media galore. !) and detractors (This is another bs attempt to free a psycho). Other defense claims and recent updates include: Two separate witnesses claim to have seen an unhappy Joann with a man on the day of her disappearance. The bodies of Joann Katrinak and her baby were found in a wooded area of Heidelberg Township in 1994. She does not have a lawyer, her last lawyer was sued by the prosecutor. To really understand this case, you need to sit down and read this book called Convenient Suspect written by Tammy Mal. However, as profiled on IDs Deadly Women: Green-Eyed Monsters, Joanns husbands ex-girlfriend, Patricia Rorrer, was eventually identified as their perpetrator. After watching the latest Starz episode of Wrong Man (a great investigative show), I started thinking about the Patricia Rorrer case again.. Rorrer was convicted of kidnapping and murdering Joann Katrinak and her 3-4 month old son Alex in 1994 by forcing them our of their home and driving them to a wooded area where they were shot and killed. He gave an audio interview to the Wrong Man investigators when they made a surprise visit to his house, but he declined to appear on camera. It will show you that I have not committed these murders. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. There is another question, though: Can anyone say . Still, no good leads materialized. So now, lets find out everything there is to know about her, shall we? He contributed to Altvariety, Chiseler, Smashpipe, and other magazines. Forensic Files didnt mention it, but the hairs were actually brown at the top and the rest dyed blond, according to the show Autopsy Six: A Fatal Attraction. God Bless each of you. When I gave samples of my hair, the doctor took a total of 39 hairs, but only 35 can be accounted for. Another case is Patricia Rorrer, who has been in prison since 1998, convicted of the murder of a young mother and her 16-week old son in Pennsylvania. According to a Morning Call account from March 5, 1998: McIntyre leaned forward conspiratorially like someone trying to persuade another to tell a secret, lowered his voice and said: Heres what I want to know: After you killed Joann Katrinak, did you kill that baby or just leave it to die?. Rorrer claims the DNA evidence used to send her away is junk science., read more: Why Netflixs Ted Bundy Movie Avoids Violence, The third inmate whose case is under examination is Kenneth Clair. Rachael Ray Ending After 17 Seasons: Its Time for Me to Move On. Of course she did--because all that was out there on me was fake news. Finally, four months after that dreadful day in December, a farmer plowing his fields found what at first seemed to be a pile of discarded clothing. Theyd been missing for four months, but their discovery only gave rise to more questions than answers, especially as the young mother had been shot once in the face before being struck on the head 19 times. Andrew's involvement in the latter theory was dismissed when his alibi checked out. (We didnt get into the specifics.). Fury of the Gods Brings Back the "Shazamily": Inside DC's New Superhero Adventure, Scream 6's Brutal NYC Trip: "You Can't Trust Anyone" This Time, Cocaine Bear Is Not Just About a Killer "Coked-Up" Bear, It's Also an "Underdog Story", How Marvel's Wastelanders Podcast Created an Exciting Story with No Visual Safety Net, Wrong Man Season 2 Release Date Confirmed (Exclusive). Her newest book, Convenient Suspect, is scheduled for release in the fall of 2017 and recounts the murders of Joann and Alex Katrinak and the potential wrongful conviction of Patricia Rorrer. A closer examination of the hairs showed traces of dried blood. 1 talking about this. New state, new man. I dont even know its Christmas.. They theorize that Andrew Katrinak framed Patricia and that the hostile phone call between Patricia and Joann actually took place not on Dec. 12 as Andrew said but rather on Dec. 7. The second season will continue to uncover new theories and reveal startling new evidence that could prove that three new inmates are, in fact, not guilty, according to Starzs press statement. The second is Patricia Rorrer, who has been in prison since 1998 after being convicted of the horrific murder of a young mother, Joann Katrinak, and her 15-week old son in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania. Morrison was 16 weeks pregnant when her lifeless body was found beaten beyond recognition and dumped along a remote country road, reads the statement. On December 7, 1994 I called Andy to let him know that me and my team had won the National Championship at a team penning competition in Oklahoma. Incriminating words. Get local Breaking News alerts sent directly to your inbox. Brand New App to watch all of WFMZ-TV News and Syndicated Programing 24/7 on your Streaming App enabled TV. Sir I would not kill somebody and I definitely wouldnt kill somebody I never met, Rorrer said. In a million years, she wouldnt do anything to harm that.. In addition to her . Back in March of 2017, Investigation Discovery ran Murder in Lehigh Valley: Keith Morrison Investigates which questioned the conviction of . FBI didn't follow up on Patricia's alibi for months (6 months?) . Until WCJN has thought that the hair was planted but the FBI has just released a report detailing unscientific and fraudulent analysis of hair samples in criminal cases. TV-14 Information Genre Documentary Released 2022 Run Time 42 min Rated TV-14 Languages Original Audio English . In February 2008, Patricia Taylor Allanson, age 70, was arrested and charged with doctor shopping for thousands of pain pills over the past year. But other things Patricia did also seemed strange, especially according to prosecutor Michael McIntyre. This website is not intended for users located within the European Economic Area. Later, they both worked 12-hour graveyard shifts at a textile factory. Christopher Tapp, who was convicted of the 1996 sexual assault and murder of an 18-year-old girl in Idaho, was coerced into confessing to the crime after an estimated 150 hours of interrogations. She was born on July 27, 1942, in Henry County, Va., to Edward Rorrer and Susie Morrison Rorrer. Detectives from the Davidson County sheriff's office took the witness stand to recall the morning of June 24, 1997, when they knocked on the door of Rorrer's Linwood, N.C., home and told her she . Rorrer claims the DNA evidence used to send . McIntyre said he was accused of being the mastermind of a conspiracy to frame Rorrer. Probable cause of death: exposure. You have permission to edit this article. Culture Editor Tony Sokol cut his teeth on the wire services and also wrote and produced New York CitysVampyr Theatreand the rock operaAssassiNation: We Killed JFK. McItyre said this is hearsay and the officer has refuted everything in an affidavit. When she stood trial that same year, she maintained her innocence and alleged that she and Andrew Katrinak had continued to stay in touch as good friends, so she wouldn't do anything to hurt him. Detective Robert Werts stated Rorrer offered four or five alibis for the time of the incident. And because of the gun jamming, the assailant had to resort to blunt object and beat her about the head. Patricia Rorrer (right) is led to her hearing in Lehigh County Courthouse Wednesday morning, August 26, 1998 by a sheriff's deputy, at left. Patricia Taylor Allanson, the Deadly Magnolia, was released from prison in 1999. Dance defense. A young mother and her infant son suddenly went missing just before Christmas in 1994. Patricia Rorrer has been in prison since 1998, convicted of the horrific murder of a young mother, Joann Katrinak, and her 16-week old son, in Catasauqua, Pennsylvania. An expert will be allowed to examine evidence from the 1994 . Shes attracted the help of writer Tammy Mal (full name Tammy Malinowski OReilly), author of Convenient Suspect, a book about the case. Pfeiffer and Burke claimed that police Sgt. Keith Morrison investigates the horrific 1994 murders of Joann Katrinak and her infant son Alex, the tangled relationships surrounding the crime, and the ongoing claims that Patricia Rorrer was wrongfully convicted. It showed her usually all-brown hair haphazardly highlighted blond. How to do some spring cleaning on your smartphone, What the Tech? As is the alibi (signing into a dance class), one regular at the dance club said the sign-in sheet was not regularly used by many patrons. Knowing that they were not killed the day they were kidnapped, but instead held for potentially months, blows the fact that she didn't make a phone call for a few days out of the water. However, a former boyfriend stated that she did own a .22 caliber chrome-plated semi-automatic weapon. Docket at pp. Um why is that? Patricia Rorrer Age: 51 Sex: FEMALE Patricia, who moved from PA to North Carolina, made long distance calls from her home practically every day, except for the time period between December 11 and 16.

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