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He should be nowhere near politics, she says. .votebox-results-metadata { width: 100% !important; [14] Irving was incorporated April 14, 1914, with Otis Brown as the first mayor. The city of Irving is a voluntary member of the North Central Texas Council of Governments association, the purpose of which is to coordinate individual and collective local governments and facilitate regional solutions, eliminate unnecessary duplication, and enable joint decisions. }, 100); |

By the late nineteenth century the Irving area was the site of churches, two cotton gins, a blacksmith shop and a general store. By the mid-1940's, the Irving School District had 42 teachers and 1,500 students. [15], Irving's population reached 155,037 in 1990 and the United States Census Bureau estimated 236,607 residents in 2016, a 3.5 percent population increase over 2013 census estimates.[11]. The general election will occur on May 6, 2023. [32] To absorb the Indian population, dense condominium and rental properties have opened in western Irving. Deputy Mayor Pro Tem David Palmer told me there were between 12 and 15 candidates for the spot taken by Gears, the citys mayor from 2005 to 2011. Incumbent Rick Stopfer defeated Olivia Novelo Abreu in the general election for Mayor of Irving on November 3, 2020. State legislature | text-align: left !important; Counties | "Theres nothing that Herb did that Im aware of while he was mayor that was anything corrupt or disdainful, and he did a good job as mayor. p.survey-response {margin-left:10px;} [59], The headquarters of Nokia America[60] and NEC Corporation of America[61] are in Irving. overflow-x: auto; position: relative; [8], The city of Irving, Texas, held elections for mayor and city council on May 10, 2014. display: inline-block; Irving Mayor Contact Information. Stopfer's current term ends in 2023. [91] Uplift has two charter school campuses in Irving: Infinity Preparatory[92] (K12) and North Hills Preparatory (K12).[93]. width: 150px; .election_results_text { Windsor Publications, Inc., 1989. Incumbents are bolded and underlined. The University of Dallas in Irving opened in 1956, and Texas Stadium was completed in 1971 as the home field of the Dallas Cowboys. Irving: A Texas Odyssey. During the weekend of May 29-31, 2020, demonstrations and protests took place in cities nationwide, including Irving, following the death of George Floyd. Stopfer assumed office in 2017. font-weight: normal !important; position: relative; You can ask Rick Stopfer to fill out this survey by using the button below or emailing Sign up here. margin-top: 0px; The current Mayor of Irving is Rick Stopfer (nonpartisan). Irving is a city in Dallas County, Texas. As of March 2023, 62 mayors in the largest 100 cities by population are affiliated with the Democratic Party, 26 are affiliated with the Republican Party, three are independents, seven identify as nonpartisan or unaffiliated, and two mayors' affiliations are unknown. } The city celebrated its centennial in 2003. background: #4c4c4c; Address, Phone Number, and Hours for Irving Mayor, a Mayor Office, at West Irving Boulevard, Irving TX. [2], The Irving City Council consists of nine members, including the mayor. font-size: 20px; display: block; Beth. Irving City Hall As Mayor, I want our city to greatly improve its two-way communication with neighborhoods and businesses large and small. { background-color: #f4f4f4; Printing negatives of the pages from the book Irving a Texas Odyssey, 1989. Manny Benavidez, a resident of Irving, filed a lawsuit against the city in federal court in November 2007, saying that the voting system was not in compliance with the 1965 Voting Rights Act. [12] A 2012 study by the real estate website Trulia found that Irving's 75038 zip code was the most diverse zip code in the United States,[12] while Irving was ranked as the ninth-most diverse city in the United States with over 200,000 residents according to a Diversity Index developed by Brown University's American Communities Project. The city is the site of the University of Dallas[102] and North Lake College,[103] a campus of Dallas College. [33] Males had an estimated median income of $40,986 versus $36,518 for females. .race_header { The filing deadline for this election was February 14, 2020. Every resident and business north, south, east and west has great value to our city, but many feel left out of the loop, their voices not heard. Note: the US Census treats Hispanic/Latino as an ethnic category. Irving Community Hospital opened its doors in 1964. As of January 2023, 62 mayors in the largest 100 cities by population are affiliated with the Democratic Party, 26 are affiliated with the Republican Party, three are independents, seven identify as nonpartisan or unaffiliated, and two mayors' affiliations are unknown. 100% remote. .census-table-widget { } For every 100 females, there were 99.9 males. This page was last edited on 18 January 2021, at 01:31. .external_links_table { width: auto !important; } a[aria-expanded=false] .fa-chevron-down { display: none; } width: 43%; .census-table-container { Local historians believe that Brown and Schulze decided to name the city after Netta Barcus Brown's (wife of Otis Brown) favorite author. } .race_header, .results_text, .results_table_container, .votebox_legend { This table excludes Latinos from the racial categories and assigns them to a separate category. Ballot measures, Who represents me? How to vote | I pledge to make decisions that are right for Irving: We are a complex, diverse city of 230,000+ residents that has opportunities we can capitalize on and challenges we can overcome if we work collaboratively towards what is best for all of Irving. A. . Click here to contact us for media inquiries, and please donate here to support our continued expansion. Chatsworth, California: Windsor Publications, Inc., 1989. [71] People in favor of changing Irving's liquor laws saw the interest in the 2008 United States Presidential Election as a catalyst for changing the laws in their favor. } font-size: 80%; Tourism is responsible for 23,000 jobs. } The opening of the first public library the next year brought new opportunities for learning to residents of Irving. The Las Colinas area is centered near the intersection of 114 and the Bush turnpike. [5] Rick Stopfer defeated Kristi Weaver Pena, Elvia Espino, and J.C. Gonzalez in the general election for mayor of Irving.[6]. Bankruptcy records show that he owes the state $5,000 for a fine levied by the Texas Ethics Commission for a political hit mailing Gears created to help the current mayor, Rick Stopfer, get elected. for the past 3 years running. The National Football League's Dallas Cowboys played in Irving at Texas Stadium from 1971 to 2008,[68] and the team maintained its headquarters in Irving's Valley Ranch neighborhood from 1985 to 2016. When it opened in 1974, it was the country's largest airport. Send a message to Rick Stopfer asking them to fill out the survey. The city of Irving, Texas, held an election for mayor and city council on May 6, 2017. } Name Irving Mayor Address 825 West Irving Boulevard Irving, Texas, 75060 Phone 972-721-2410 Hours Mon-Fri 8:00 AM-5:00 PM .votebox_bp_logo { [19], On May 8, 2020, the city's local poultry plant run by Westfield, Wisconsin-based Brakebush Bros. Inc reported 40 cases of COVID-19 among its workers during the 20192020 coronavirus pandemic.[20]. Its an unpaid position, but a highly prestigious one. padding-left: 16px; To follow with her oath of office, she wanted to make sure if in fact, these stories were accurate. As for our older water and sewer lines, its critical that we keep issuing water bonds, and coordinate replacement with road rehabilitation, so we don't tear up the roads twice. If you are a candidate and would like to tell readers and voters more about why they should vote for you, 6,087 candidates completed the survey in 2022. Theres probably some things in his personal life that, you know, I wouldnt live my life like he did. Winfree Academy Charter School[94] and Manara Academy Elementary[95] are in Irving. The Watchdog has your back. background-color: #6db24f; overflow-y: hidden; } border: 1px solid black !important;

. Your browser is not supported for this experience.We recommend using Chrome, Firefox, Edge, or Safari. .inner_percentage.Libertarian { Under Beth's leadership as a Mayor of Irving, TX,. The city of Irving, Texas, held general elections for mayor and city council places 3 and 5 on November 3, 2020. Below is a map of the nationwide salaries and pensions in this city over $95,000. overflow-y: auto; According to the city's 20172018 Comprehensive Annual Financial Report,[35] the city's top employers are: Several large businesses have headquarters in Irving, including Nexstar Media Group, Aeroxchange, Caliber Home Loans, Nautilus Hyosung America, Inc., Chuck E. Cheese,[36] Cicis,[37] Commercial Metals,[38] Envoy Air (formerly American Eagle),[39] ExxonMobil,[40] Gruma,[41] H.D. } background-color: green; Contained in three legal-size document boxes, the materials . $('.hideResponses').show(); This list may not reflect recent changes. Ironically, one business Gears owned, according to records, was called Creating and Managing Wealth, LLC. Records show Gears went to court in 2018 and was assessed a $319 fine for failure to pay North Texas Tollway Authority tolls. We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us. We need to turn our attention to redevelopment opportunities and beautification projects in South Irving. } [33] About 13.2% of families and 16.2% of the population were below the poverty line, including 24.5% of those under age 18 and 9.4% of those age 65 or over.[33]. This suspension only applied to elections occurring in 2020.[5]. She'd painted them as wasting the city . color:white; }) Are you a taxpayer in Texas? The filing deadline for this election was February 12, 2021. p.survey-response {white-space: pre-line;} } $('.showResponses').show(); Phone: (972) 721-2493. .survey-result {padding:10px;} } background-color: #db0000; See also:Mayoral election in Irving, Texas (2020). Now hes on the most prestigious board., Councilman Palmer disputes that. The city of Irving, Texas, held an election for mayor and city council on May 6, 2017. I pledge to conduct city business in the most fiscally responsible and transparent manner possible. } line-height: 1.5em; color: white; Maura Allen Gast, executive director of the Irving CVB, said Gears is learning the boards operations and working diligently to make a contribution. The widget below automatically displays information about city council meetings. } Settlers came to the area that is now Irving in the 1850's. 1903 - Irving founded by real estate developers Julius Otto Schulze and Otis Brown. Click here to contact our editorial staff, and click here to report an error. .electionsectionheading { { } Rick Stopfer was re-elected to a second term as Mayor in November 2020. display: inline-block; [31], There were 82,538 households, out of which 33.4% had children under the age of 18 living with them, 43.1% were married couples living together, 13.6% had a female householder with no husband present, and 37.5% were non-families. Despite the depression of the 1930's, Irving continued to grow. The post office at nearby Kit was moved to Irving in 1904, and the town of Irving was officially incorporated April 14, 1914. [73] In 2010 elections, which included one at-large seat and two district-seats, three new council members were elected, replacing two incumbents and adding a newly created seat. In 2015, 4.5 percent of Irving households lacked a car, which increased to 4.9 percent in 2016. Cities | div.survey-scrollbox { height:400px; overflow:scroll; margin:20px; padding:10px; border:1px solid gray; } Subscribe to NotifyMe. $('.pastResponses').show(); padding-bottom: 8px; An incumbent ran for re-election in every race. Oscar Ward defeated council incumbent Rose Cannaday for the other seat. background-color: #f9d334; Home to 10,600 local and multi-national companies, the city includes the global headquarters of five Fortune 1000 corporations and 53 Fortune 500 companies. $('#candidate-connection-email-77348').on('click', () => { ga('send', 'event', 'surveycta', 'surveycta-click-email'); }); News Research Editor Erin Sood contributed to this report. Mayor Herbert A. width: 35px !important; In 2000, an Oshman's Sporting Goods store was robbed by the "Texas Seven". Weve got another exciting weekend coming up in Irving, TX. margin-right: 10px; . Schulze and Brown, who were employed by the Chicago, Rock Island & Gulf Railway, arrived in 1902 to survey a railroad route between Fort Worth and Dallas. height: 22px; Elizabeth Ann Van Duyne (/ v n d a n / van-DYNE; born November 16, 1970) is an American politician serving as the U.S. representative for Texas's 24th congressional district. } [85], The Irving Independent School District (IISD) serves most of Irving. We are underway on the reconstruction of SH 183, SH 114 and Loop 12 projects that were on the drawing board for more than 20 years. The Irving Arts Center is a Smithsonian Affiliate. They elected a three-member City Commission, with Otis Brown as their first mayor. The Irving district public school system dates to the 1909 establishment of Kit and Lively schools. Watchdog story page: You can't afford to miss The Watchdog. .top_disclaimer { Dave has written a hard-hitting newspaper column in Dallas/Fort Worth since 1993. To search a different ZIP code, enter it in the search bar within the map. [5] Because his bankruptcy case is complete, Gears doesnt have to pay most debts. Transportation Excellence for the 21st Century, the Dallas Regional Mobility Coalition, and the Irving Flood Control District Board. var nTimer = setInterval(function() { [57] In 2022 ExxonMobil announced it would move its headquarters to Harris County, Texas. $('.showResponses').on('click', () => { Out of the 694 candidates who completed Ballotpedia's candidate survey, 147 won their election. With a workforce of over 3.3 million people, Irving ranks as the second largest employment center in North Texas. The same survey said Irving was the eighth-most diverse city at a neighborhood level (again among cities with over 200,000 residents); Irving was the highest-ranked city in Texas at the city level and behind only Garland, TX at the neighborhood level. Schulze and Otis Brown, eventually swallowed most of these settlements in the following years. background-color: white; Prior to her appointment, Van Duyne was Mayor of the City of Irving, Texas from 2011-2017 and was an Irving City Council Representative from 2004-2010. out of 67 total. Anybody who is a former mayor here who wants to be on a board or commission, they should be on a board or commission, Palmer said. 825 W. Irving Blvd. The filing deadline for candidates who wished to run in this election was February 17, 2017. Click here for city council contact information. Mayor Beth Van Duyne opted not to run for re-election in 2017. .results_row.winner { Irving averaged 1.75 cars per household in 2016, compared to a national average of 1.8 per household.[107]. You owe me rent.. } The following is a list of people born in or otherwise closely associated with the city of Irving, Texas. But I talked to the mayor and one of the council members who led the board appointment process. Clockwise from top left: Urban Towers at Las Colinas, the former, This populated place also has portions in an adjacent county or counties. }, 100); [56] In June 2022, Caterpillar Inc, a construction and mining equipment manufacturer, announced it would move its headquarters to Irving. She remembered once telling him, I dont care if youre the mayor or the man in the moon. .mw-content-ltr td.votebox-results-cell--text, border-bottom: 1px solid grey; display: block; Although Gears has insisted its all true, none of it is. $('#candidate-connection-twitter-180535').on('click', () => { ga('send', 'event', 'surveycta', 'surveycta-click-twitter'); }); The city of Irving, Texas, held general elections for city council on May 1, 2021. .widget-row.Independent, .widget-row.Nonpartisan, .widget-row.Constitution { color: white; } In 1939, Irving hired its first full-time employee, Town Secretary C.C. } This is not any kind of political favor, he told me. State legislature | } [7], The city of Irving, Texas, held elections for city council on May 9, 2015. He or she presides over council meetings and official city ceremonies. $('#candidate-connection-email-180535').on('click', () => { ga('send', 'event', 'surveycta', 'surveycta-click-email'); }); clearInterval(nTimer); [4] In a proclamation made on March 18, 2020, Gov. At my request, The Dallas Morning News research editor, Erin Sood, last week scoured public records for a background check on Gears. Such laws may be enacted at the state, county, or city level. }) While Irving has a large population of racial minorities, the entire city council and the mayor's office, was entirely non-Hispanic White. } Irving is also the Headquarters of OSG USA INC., which is the North American Subsidiary of OSG Corporation in Japan. } The Irving Main Post Office is at 2701 West Irving Boulevard. Sorry, but this is what classic political cronyism looks like. Gears. Contact our sales team. } It is responsible for approving and adopting the city budget, levying taxes, and making or amending city laws, policies, and ordinances. May is the average wettest month. margin-top: 1em; }

   .contact_entity {font-size: 1.5em ;margin-top: 0.6em; margin-bottom: 0em;margin-right: 0.5em;} a[aria-expanded=false] .fa-chevron-down { display: none; } 	background-color: #003388; The city's Budget Office is responsible for developing and publishing the city's budget. 	font-weight: bold; Term of Office: 2021-2024 Phone: (469) 781-7116 Email: The Sloan School[100] (Pre-K5) and StoneGate Christian Academy[101] (K412) are Christian private schools in Irving. Elections in 2023 | 	.votebox-results-cell--check { She is a Strong Conservative who supports Border Security, Loves our Military, Vets, and supports your #2A. 	.outer_percentage { This election was originally scheduled on May 2, 2020, but was moved to November 3, 2020, amid concerns about the coronavirus pandemic. Mayor Beth Van Duyne opted not to run for re-election in 2017. Public policy. 	.results_text { By Mayors of North Texas| 2:00 AM on Apr 6, 2019 CDT We, the undersigned mayors, are privileged to represent some of the safest, fastest-growing, most desirable cities in the country. Irving has a Republican mayor. [5] 1941 - Public library opens.  		background-color: #ccc; })     The population density was 3,218.6 people per square mile (1,242.1/km2).  The city of Irving, Texas, held an election for mayor and city council on May 6, 2017. 	.votebox_legend .non_result_row { .hideResponses { display: none;} Schulze, a graduate engineer from the University of Iowa and member of the Washington Irving Literary Society, was also partial to the name Irving. 	display: block;    }   	} 	} Three of the eight city council seats were up for election. 

, See also:Mayoral election in Irving, Texas (2023). .census-table-section-header { Now after his $5,000 fine from the Texas Ethics Commission goes unpaid, his appointment to a city board is questioned. div.oneoff-scrollbox.regular { height:400px; overflow:scroll; margin:20px; padding:10px; border:1px solid gray; } MVF 5-06 (PDF) . City leaders continue to pursue strong economic growth while remaining committed to providing Irvings residents and visitorsa great place to live, visit, work and play. margin-bottom: 4px; .widget-row.Republican { } I will commit to visiting with different neighborhoods each month, to better understand their unique concerns. 0910-156: . In his filing, Gears listed his assets as less than $50,000. Irving resident Bobbie Randle told me the original bad mailing was designed to help Mayor Stopfer by destroying the reputation of his opponent. No cloak and dagger routine just honesty, integrity and accountability. Files are available under licenses specified on their description page. V Beth Van Duyne (49 F) Categories: Mayors of the United States by city Mayors of Texas People of Irving, Texas Non-topical/index: Uses of Wikidata Infobox Uses of Wikidata Infobox with subinfoboxes } 825 W. Irving Blvd. IRVING, Tex . .inner_percentage.CrossFiled { [28] The median age was 31.3 years. $('.hideResponses').hide(); [8],

Irving has invested heavily in police and fire, with the addition of new police beats and the construction of a new fire station. [14] Irving was incorporated April 14, 1914, with Otis Brown as the first mayor.

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