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Right: A man in a leather thong and sparkling glitter dances at Electric Circus in New York City, 1979. The Meislers helped found Congregation Beth El, were Presidents of The Knights of Pythias, Pythian Sisters, and Temple Sisterhood. 76.. 2001 Club lasted in the Rochester area for more than a decade. ones anyway." what he had missed. The film and its accompanying soundtrack broke all kinds of records, and artists such as The Bee Gees seemingly graced every minute of radio airplay. in journalism from the University of Sydney, Australia. But what about the Hamptons? Copyright 2023 Newsday. Its also not uncommon to stereotype millennials and post-millennials as being overly-focused on social media but it may not be totally accurate to blame changes in nightlife preferences on Instagram, Facebook and the like. Jack Alper says people his age are more reserved when it comes to dancing. Do you remember Leones on Long Beach Rd in the 1970s. As a subscriber, you have 10 gift articles to give each month. I also told him about the 'old aluminum jeep club plate'. I forgot about them Disco wasnt my thing & I never went back., Scotty G. Lewis, whose Facebook page indicates he was from Rochester and now lives in Arizona, wrote simply, Disco died and there was a reason for it. I completely forgot about the photo until looking through my archives for the book, she says. . And until I rediscovered the the box of them the other day, I still didn't They left their homes about the same time that todays generation is going to bed., The place was huge, says Northport headhunter Gregg Alper, 47, of The Malibu. Long Island nightclubs of the past: Scenes from the 1980s-2000s By Newsday Staff March 25, 2019 Many members of Generation X (Baby Boomers, too) will remember the scene well: Flashy, even. Happy hour at Glo in Westbury on Nov. 7, 2008. Its also easy to find a bar where DJs spin popular songs and casually-dressed people congregate. Long Island is ripe for it, he said. I was a junior at Stony Brook and lived on campus. and accouterments. He called the experience one of the best times of my life. He remembered the day the club opened April 21, 1978. With the new caste system in discos, however, bar hopping is becoming more difficult. - 9:45p.m. There is nothing more exhilarating than to open a club and being able to deejay there, said Pazdyk, who lives in Spencerport and had done a slew of announcing over the years, including stints at Watkins Glen International Speedway and as the longtime voice of the Section V Boys Basketball Tournament. The disco, housed in an old golfcourse clubhouse, has been drawing 2,000 people each weekend since it opened about a year ago. Bianca Jagger rides into Studio 54 on a white horse during her birthday celebrations in 1977. One great band, not mentioned, that played at Speaks was Stanton Anderson Band (played Springsteen, Southside Johnny, etc).to answer a question early on in this thread about a Dead band, might have been Timberwolf. Of all the aforementioned spots once hot in Hampton Bays, only Beach Bar and Boardy Barn still exist and do big business. Commack's rink closed in 1995. A year ago Mr. Schrager and his partner opened the Enchanted Garden in Douglaston, Queens. Left: A couple dance at Studio 54 in 1977. There is a war on between the pub discos and the chic discos, said Michael Gagliardi, the bartender at the Yellow Brick Road in West Hempstead. And unlike todays popular hangouts mostly restaurants and taverns there were places that didnt serve food, and were built to be flashy, even luxurious. Available for Special Events, Concerts, Weddings and. By 1975, three artists would help solidify the style enormously K.C. I posted here. the rear bumper. Such fond memories of him at my house every weekend in his ever present skull cap and stinky, I was a part time junior ski instructor at Bald Hill during two winter seasons. The mighty Neptune Beach Club ceased operation in 2013. plaques being sold during this period were actually manufactured by the Luigi terapiccio. - 3p.m. Right: A woman wipes the sweat from her face at Studio 54, 1977. There are pics of it being constructed on the net. He used to work at the place that made them and most I got them from him right Spreading Wings at the COYOTE Hookers Masquerade Ball, NY. var m = document.title + " Page was updated on " + document.lastModified; He wanted to know The lively pub/club also offers delicious no-frills meals such as wings and Irish burgers to enjoy while you listen to the stellar live band or DJ playing. Jaysons goal was to bring disco to the American shopping center.. No, Im more into Montauk, where I can chill., Gosh I feel old talking about this! exclaims Nikki Rivas, 37, a Farmingville mom. The stuff History of these NOS (New Old Stock) car club plates or plaques: I asked the seller: "How much do you want for the aluminum I was a disco guy and we flitted around all the clubs., Barbara Gebell Sobel wrote that she saw Russian-born classical pianist Vladimir Horowitz dancing up a storm at 2001 following a performance with the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. One night Id wear Girbaud jeans and Doc Martens with a silky button down and the next it would be a skintight mini dress with slouchy boots. series, Your California Privacy Rights / Privacy Policy. I need a place that I can feel comfortable in, she said as she danced in place by herself. ), at moose lodege lots of other WWII, Jeep, and other stuff. Pyramid Club - New York, NY. Steve Rubell and Halston on Easter Monday, Hurrah, NY. hanging dice & poodle skirts, greasers, gassers, track, wide track, Alan Colletta of Charlotte wrote that he played the video game Pong for the first time at 2001. Jerry Worth, one of the owners, acknowledges that the place is a singles club. Born there in November 1964. the world hasnt been the same since. All rights reserved. Billboard magazine called the 2001 clubs probably the most successful and truest form of disco franchises in the country. Dinner is served until I A.M.; from 1 A.M. to 4 A.M. breakfast is served, including omelets, lox and bagels and a quiche. Posh,in the Garden City Hotel on April 15, 2006. The use of car club plaques seems to have started in 25. 18 was legal (drinking age) then. Something for everyone interested in hair, makeup, style, and body positivity. a smaller place and the wife says I've got to get rid of this stuff. 21. & Custom, Custom Rodder, Hot Rod, and other custom car & hot rod The one in Levittown, which opened in the 40s, closed its doors in 1986. Jive Guy on Williamsburg Subway, Brooklyn, NY. He asked if they had anymore non-jeep details and he wanted to know if I would go back & get some plaques Wasnt a disco fan myself. Last month I decided to open up the Car Club Plaques became more popular in the 1950's when stock generic plaques were sold by several companies to the readers of Rod & Custom, Custom Rodder, Hot Rod, and other custom car & hot rod magazines. var p = m.length-8; any more "Jeep" ones. Napper Tandy's 229 Laurel Avenue Northport, NY 11768 (631) 757-4141 nappertandysirishpub.com. Dempsey notesthat there arent many "high-end places that are geared toward the under-40 crowd.. The Lizard Lounge 4589 Sunrise Highway Bohemia, NY 11716 631-244-7300 lizardloungeli.com. how he got them and if he had any more "Jeep" ones at home or back at the Truly lived it, breathed it. The driving beat echoed through discotheques across the island, as well as every local pop radio station, as the nation caught its latest case of dance fever. I was probably there a couple, three times a week in the late 70s, Colletta said by telephone. Self care and ideas to help you live a healthier, happier life. I was a junior at Stony Brook and lived on campus. Bloodchits, and other Aviation Stuff For Sale. drag race, drags, dragster, funny cars, NASCAR, slicks, Mag Rims, memorabilia, my permission. Port Jazz 201 Main Street Port Jefferson, NY 631-476-7600 clublongisland.com. Thats what it was all about. He asked Small donations are always appreciated to help keep our informational archive afloat. Luigi terapiccio. Like I said, I'm going to keep 2 of my favorites to remember him by.". The plaques were usually made of aluminum, but sometime bronze was used. In stark contrastto the restaurant- and sports bar-heavy Long Island circuit of today, Mirage was a 12,000 square-foot nightclub with 40-foot ceilings andan Egyptian design that was influenced by the Luxor Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas, asBedrosian describes it. Does anyone remember the teen disco called Guys and Dolls? The Village People perform live as the audience dance the "YMCA" at the Shrine Auditorium in Los Angeles, California, circa 1970. She says her nights often started at 11 p.m., then she and her friends would dance until 3, make a stop at Taco Bell or a diner, then head home for it to start all over the next day. The interior of Chaz is shown on page 1. 7 talking about this. When I like what I see coming in the door, I can get right up and grab him, Miss Levine said with a smile. disco dance party put on those dancing shoes and come dance to the greatest disco hits of the 70s & 80s with dj plax of 103.1 fm also hosted by mickey b also appearing nicole vanessa ortiz making her longisland appearance and performing that night at 2183 jackson ave in seaford from 8-1 ticket are 38.00 with a full hot buffet or 15.00 no food partial proceeds will be going to the think first . Mike Pazdyk was the deejay at 2001 for years. My. If I just wanted to run a singles place I would put in a round 90foot bar where people could meet, but the Enchanted Garden is more than that., It is a little like the shoppingcenter phenomenon, Mr. Schrager added. Obsessed with travel? 2001 Clubs of America was the brainchild of Tom Jayson, an entrepreneur who started with Pittsburgh in 1975 and followed with clubs in Jamestown, N.Y. and Meadville, Pa. before hitting the Rochester market. Clubs like Studio 54, Hurrah and Ice Palace 57 dominated the scene of the late '60s and through the '70s, when self-exploration was welcome under the fragmented light of a disco ball. & Rods He points out that while mega-clubs are gone from Long Island,there are pockets around the country where clubs still exist, and for those wanting that experience, they find themselves in the more tolerant environments of metropolises like New York City where mass transit eliminates the DWI issue or they celebrate occasions on a junket to Las Vegas. A day of infamy. I have pictures of myself at 6 yrs old ice skating down Burnham Ave,my family homes street,in Roslyn Heights. Back in late 70s early 80s it was Speaks, Malibu, RTI, and a few others I cannot recall for me. 2023 www.democratandchronicle.com. Neptunes sat only a few dozen feet or so from the ocean. magazines. With a charming, low-key ambiance and a relaxed crowd and atmosphere, Napper Tandy's is the place to be for the fun-loving 40+ crowd to drink well and dance the night away. Long Island has long been renowned for its happening nightlife, with an impressive selection of trendy nightspots drawing crowds of hip youngsters each weekend. varies from new shiny to slightly oxidized. read more. Gone were the lush string sections, the incendiary horns, and the mirrored light balls, replaced by a new wave edge and perhaps even a cynicism that resulted from the overexposure of disco in the 70s. with them. Havent heard those names in years. Anyone out there have, Yes! anymore or the place went out of business or something, but he ended up "I loved to hear the stories from customers [about] how their older sister or brother told them about the club, and how they couldnt wait to come of age to get in,"Maggio says. They set minimum age of 21 for admission and put up signs saying No dungarees.. - 4p.m. I called Ask We would go there not to meet girls although I did meet my wife of 22 years there but to dance. Club Plaques of the 1950's, 1960's, 1970's, Please don't pirate my pictures or text. There were numerous memorable DJs on WBLI back in the day, including Don Nelson, Scott Taylor, Adam Knight, Jeff Thomas, Barry Neal, Randi Taylor, and one of the smoothest voices in radio, Bruce Michaels. 2. A dance club blends into a kaleidoscopic haze at a disco club in New York City, 1978. jeep sign?" Gran Sport, Malibu SS, Cutlass 442, Impala SS, Monte Carlo SS454, Daytona, A man and woman take center stage on the dance floor at the disco club 2001 Odyssey in Brooklyn, New York, in 1979. Tempest, Impala, 1955 Chevy, 1956 Chevy, 1957 Chevy, AMX, Rebel, Tempest, Bloodchits, and other Aviation Stuff For Sale, Craftsman storage and start selling off some of the contents of all the piles, crates, photos of what it was like when I started digging into the stacks of stuff of American Speed They might reawaken Larry Williams, 15, of Queens, and Erica Stanley, 14, of Brooklyn, attend an alcohol-free night at Bay Street in Sag Harbor on July 13, 1988. Sangria 71. The driving beat echoed through discotheques across the island, as well as every local pop radio station, as the nation caught it's latest case of dance fever. Going to a disco is an end in itself, he said. It wasnt until maybe six months later that someone tried to copy it.. Anyone can read what you share. Dad would sit with him at White castle counter 1948-50 , both worked nights. As a high school student, My hands-down favorite candy bar as a little kid. 1950's, 1960's, 1970's (7:30p.m. Whether commuting or taking a road trip with friends. The site . The dance floor is packed at Danceteria in East Quogue on June 24, 1989. Copyright A group of DJs spin records at a disco club in New York City, 1979. At Chaz and the Decameron, where the sound systems are hearty and sophisticated, there are special musicfree lounges and game rooms where people can talk. Car Club As for those monstrous venues like GLO and Malibu,Rivas recalls that sometimebetween 2005-2010, they were suddenlyempty on a Saturday night. Paramount Pictures released Saturday Night Fever, starring John Travolta as the local delinquent who learns to dominate the dance floor. The Lizard Lounge is an upscale martini lounge that prides itself on being frequented by celebrities and recording artists. Bars & Clubs Dance Clubs & Discos. NY's leading 70s DANCE/DISCO/FUNK group performing to packed dance floors every week! a link to my online catalog of Willys MB & Ford GPW WWII JEEP Parts There was no place for adults to go for a night out on the Island. said Arnold Sher, a part owner of Chaz, as he stood among the tall white palms near the sunken dance floor. A short, but vibrant, scene that seems impossibly distant, but that resounds through pop culture to this day. generic plaques were sold by several companies to the readers of Rod But it's not just the youthful 20-somethings who get to enjoy the island's dance clubs--Long Island also boasts a first-rate nightlife and entertainment scene for those over 40 who want to enjoy some music, drinks and dancing without the cheesy strobe lights and the teenagers' pop-disco tunes. To preserve these articles as they originally appeared, The Times does not alter, edit or update them. Do these names sound familiar? Left: A couple wearing matching high socks dance at the disco club Xenon in New York City, 1978. Lombardo, a millennial, says she certainly feels that way.I [would] much rather be at a club with bottle service, with dancing and lights and sparklers wearing my best outfit rather than in a hat [with] sweats and sneakers at a bar listening to a live band.". channeled, can-am, Route 66. We decided it must be something completely different, more plush than anything in the city. As he spoke he ran his hand over the orange suede coach in the tentlike game room. As a high school student, My hands-down favorite candy bar as a little kid. - 1946 California License Plates: The WWII Era in California, 1942 She and her friend (and fellow stylist) Arianna Lombardo, 24,of Bethpage, represent a slice of the millennial and postmillennial nightlife crowd. A crowd gathers at Spa Lounge at Zachary's in East Meadow on Jan.8, 2010. Twisted Sister, Zebra, Mazarin, Randy Coven Band, Cintron, Rat Race Choir, The Dublin Pub,Rumrunners, The. I found humour in most situations, was in awe of the amazing variety of people I met and in love with the energy of NYC, she reflects. "I've had them up on shelves and hanging on the walls of The X-3 and 1 were my favorites. Privacy Policy |Terms of service |Subscription terms |Your ad choices |Cookie Settings |California Privacy Rights |About Us |Contact Newsday |Reprints & permissions |Advertise with Newsday |Help. There was a time when people on Long Island would have to go to 34th Street to shop at Macy's. Im not personally a fan [of bars] at night, especially on weekends., Like Toscano and Lombardo, Dempsey also prefers the scene at Kyma and Hendricks, as well as Rare650 in Syosset and Monsoon in Babylon, upscale restaurants that regularly have DJ nights and tend to attract clientele in their 40s and older. The two women frequent restaurants such as Kyma and Hendricks Tavern in Roslyn, which feature DJs spinning to upscale crowds, or head to Manhattan where traditional, big dancefloor-style nightclubs can still be found. It's just changed., People still go out, says former nightclub impresario Greco, who helped morphFour into The Refuge. long island disco clubs from the 70s long island disco clubs from the 70s. Clubgoers dance at Canoe Place Inn in Hampton Bays on May 11, 1991. No discussion of Long Islands music scene would be complete without mention of My Fathers Place, a little club located in Roslyn that was an epicenter of musical talent in the 70s. I packed them away with all the This is still who I am. Celebrate St. James Presents Art Classes: Huntington Waterfront Festival & Craft Fair. At about 2 A.M. on a recent weekday at the Decameron the breakfast tables were empty but the dannce floor was crowded. The entire university shut down for a week. Hot Rods, Street Rods, Muscle Cars Bedrosian, whose current ventures include hisNew York Burger Bars in Massapequa and Babylon Village, describes restaurants such as Rare 650 in Syosset and Hendricks Tavern as the new social scenes of today, still steadily drawing the 40-and-over audience with DJ parties that spin much of the music Gen X Long Islanders danced to 20 years ago. 1998-2012 Brian French. I don't want to embarrass you any more., The woman, who said she had not been in a discotheque in a year, later laughed the whole thing off. Singles Speed POOL Ages 40's 50's 60's BayShore. There is no shortage of restaurants where people go to dine in style on Long Island in 2019. Cant remember where it was, buy my best friend had her grammer school graduation party held there back in 79. The younger Alper says he enjoys the current bar scene in Huntington and Patchogue, including spots like Finley's of Green Street and Christopher's (both in Huntington) and Dublin Deck (Patchogue), adding that a lot of the places he goes to have abar area with DJ and a dance floor. 2001 matched 747 with its glitz. This is a digitized version of an article from The Timess print archive, before the start of online publication in 1996. Behold, then, the perfect uplifting surprise for a Monday morning from Meryl Meisler 's latest exhibition and book, SASSY 70s NYC, which is currently showing at Midoma Gallery in New York. Tim M. Cant remember every concert I saw there but I definitely saw the Brian Setzer Orchestra , The Machine ( Pink. P. Diddy appeared for the pre-Independence Day party at the Whitehouse night club in Hampton Bays on July 3, 2007. for him. Watch on. All Rights Reserved. Fun days! I think the bar scene just became more popular for the younger generation at the time," Rivas says. The 70s have become an era for which we today are especially nostalgic, and these scintillating images all but transport us to its infamous dancefloors. the late 1940's, right after the end of World War Two. 2001 was part of a franchise operation that started in Pittsburgh and later spread to about 25 cities. This is how I see.. Vinny Maggio Jr., manager of Neptune Beach Club from 1990 to 2013, recalls that going to Neptunes during the '90s and 2000s was like a rite of passage.". Guests dance as guest DJ Samantha Ronson plays at Glo in Westbury on Oct. 15, 2008. If one was dead, wed go to the other. I have had the Nestle Aero bar,. Kristy Addison has been a New York-based writer since 2003. At 15,000 square feet, the disco was said to be the largest in the Rochester area. They came to be entertained. But love it or hate it, at least disco was fun, employed real musical instruments, and gave many a talented artist the exposure they deserved. https://www.nytimes.com/1976/12/26/archives/long-island-weekly-a-new-look-for-the-disco-counterpoint-pub-discos.html. We proved that there are sophisticated people out here who want and need such a place. Mr. Schrager talks of a social strata in the disco world, with disco clothes, disco decor and disco people. The club's decor will also be highly appreciated by the 40+ crowd, with art deco lighting features, hardwood floors, cozy furniture and a charming fireplace. Seems complete but no assembly instructions. Bell . They think theyre too cool.' Bought some turntables at the Fordham road (Bronx) location when I was 14. http://javascript.internet.com --> I just picked up one of these in the box. anything from The Smiths and Sousix to top 40 like 99 Lft Balloons. Now it's my turn to down size, so I am going to sell these plaques and Here are links to my catalog of Jeep I have a wonderful photo of him dressed as Elvis during the Halloween party. him back from a pay phone (remember pay phones?). in Chicago, IL, and Stylized Emblem in Hollywood, CA. Love it or hate it, the disco craze dominated the latter half of the 70s and New York was unquestionably the epicenter. From Business: Chef Eric uniquely weaves local cuisine into an American Grill, setting himself and 317 Main Street apart from the many restaurant choices on Long Island. The people are the show, said Ian Schrager, a disco entrepreneur who has invested in clubs in Manhattan and Queens and expects open a place soon called After Dark in Oakdale. Remember them all. document.writeln(""); document.write(unescape("%3Cscript src='" + gaJsHost + "google-analytics.com/ga.js' type='text/javascript'%3E%3C/script%3E")); They originally sold for $2 to $5 each. The disco era was an poque unto itself, Meisler explains. (7:30p.m. Have an idea youd like us to explore? A great light show, like this one at GLOin Westbury on Nov.7, 2008, was almost as important as the music. Many members of Generation X (Baby Boomers, too) will remember the scene well: Flashy, even luxurious places with dress codes and bottle service, and usually a long line to get in. We got actual flierson our cars (often left on windshields) and heard it on the radio. Regular$3.16. The Hamptons were crazy, and there were bars and clubs everywhere.. Addison graduated with a B.A. "The same basic recipe for success still exists," he says, noting The Refuges success, "but the venues have changed from clubs to restaurants, lounges and outdoor waterfronts.. And he was no spring chicken! she wrote. "Why are you selling them?" Twenty-seven-year-old Kristin Cole is a bit too young to remember, much less visit, Neptunes, but when told of the crowds and the lines she immediately says Standing in line? old memories, or it could be the first time you've heard of them. Alan Morrell is a Rochester-based freelance writer. They weren't selling ), at Celebrate St. James Community Cultural Arts Center The club offers an eclectic range of music to enjoy from salsa to jazz and hip hop, while serving top-notch martinis. Your email address will not be published. Lines to get in could snake hundreds of feet back to the parking lot, which would often fill to capacity with cars, withdrivers seeking parking for miles around. I remember going back and forth from 747 to 2001. The Wood Vibrations play a wide variety of your favorite hits from the 60's to today covering artists from the Bea. lowered automobiles. The Arena was built in 1959. We were out to have a good time. J. Sprats in Island Parkon June 7, 1994. A group of partygoers join in a synchronized dance number in an unidentified club, circa 1977. 2001 rebroadcast the show. I hope youll share your thoughts on the topic in our comments section below. DJs Party Equipment Rentals Silent Disco West Village.

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