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We didnt just evolve the remote contact center model, we revolutionized it. Login. View our background requirements here. Looks like you have Javascript turned off! Existing Duo Security enrollments. Also the hiring process is long and it's unpaid. Director of Customer Care, healthcare organization. Heres a direct link to where you can sign up. As a lot of people in the company say: it just works. Health, Dental & Vision. 75-100% Average flex to unexpected events +2-3 Points above CSAT client goals, on average 25% Faster speed to proficiency 15+ Weve been welcoming customer-focused professionals and businesses into a thriving agent community for over 20 years. Scottsdale (headquarters) 1365 N. Scottsdale Rd. Pass a self-funded background and credit checkThis business expense (just $24.99) is required by our clients and the responsibility of the applicant. No problem. Remote work is undeniably popular and LiveOps offers that. Click herefor technical info. Copyright 2023 Liveops, Inc. All rights reserved. Liveops exists to improve people's lives, and . Privacy Policy Terms of Use Learn about Liveops Enterprise Solutions Click Here Okta allows us to deploy those apps almost seamlesslywe can just push them out to people as and when they need them., Okta is accessible anywhere, from any deviceMac, PC, tablet, laptop, or mobile. Still have questions? Join our fireside chat with Navan, formerly TripActions, Join our chat with Navan, formerly TripActions. The VirtualFlex platform also can augment your existing contact center, providing support to your patients while your internal agents attend company-wide meetings. Find Out How & Apply . Main hustle or side gig its all up to you. All Topics Case study Contact center industry Contact center industry news Corporate Customer experience Distance learning Flexible workforce In the news . You may also receive performance-based pay or other incentives. Live Nations 15,000 global employees produce thousands of concerts and festivals and facilitate sales of half a billion event tickets each year. REDUCE RISK Rest assured your contractor compliance is always audit-ready. Find top links about Liveops Nation Login along with social links, FAQs, and more. Copyright 2023 Liveops, Inc. All rights reserved. It changed what we focus on as IT, he says. Work from home. Empower agile workforces and high-performing IT teams with Workforce Identity Cloud. Okta has the same vision we do, Okta is working with technology partners that fit with where we're going. For example, Live Nation currently uses one cloud provider; and Huckabay is in the process of implementing a second cloud. Outspoken. Easy global collaboration. The IT team searched for a cloud-based identity management solution that would streamline access and integrate instantly with a range of best of breed apps, and facilitate onboarding processes. Its important we stay current with technology and provide our employees with the best tools in order to deliver on our mission to produce music, sell tickets and do sponsorships.. I literally used to sit 5 and 6 hours with 3 to 4 calls., You are an independent contractor at LiveOps. This was a tight category! Okta is embracing this kind of hybrid environment with us, to make sure that we have the integration in a multi-cloud environment, he says. Liveops is a recognized thought leader in the virtual contact center and customer service industries. Please review the Liveops basic technology requirements by clicking here, Learn about Liveops Enterprise Solutions Click Here . Sitting for free I might add., Side hustle success stories: Selling on Etsy, 5 New hustles good, promising and pretty bad. Then, this is the place where you can find some sources which provide detailed information. Liveops is a legitimate company. Since you are self-employed, you should not represent to anyone that you are an employee of Liveops or any of Liveops clients. Its why weve led the industry in virtual flex agent services for more than 20 years. Our Offices. They were cumbersome, and the systems didnt work very well if you were off our network or on a mobile device. As a result, deploying new apps to employees was also a complex process. Want to give someone something unique this holiday season? We understand the complex nature of managing independent contractors. And this month two of the best teaching, We've reviewed 5 new hustles this week, which provide good opportunities for designers, notaries, Basic strategies to survive inflation involve spending (or saving) less or earning more. Sign an Independent Contractor Agreement. Login to know the status of the ticket. We use cookies to improve your experience on our website. Authentication (SSO) API Event Hooks Inbound Federation Inline Hooks Outbound Federation RADIUS SAML Workflow Templates Workflows Connectors SWA OIDC Copyright 2023 Liveops, Inc. All rights reserved. Login - LiveOps Inc. Its a good company depending on the project you are on. There is virtually no support system and virtually no income after spending weeks in training., I have been working with liveops on and off since 2014. As an Independent Contractor Agent, you can: Our Clients look for people who are comfortable: Successful Independent Contractors will have the following skills: As an independent contractor, you will submit invoices and receive payment for completed services. Public Relations e-mail ( Locations. . (No background noise, such as kids, barking dogs, traffic, doorbells, TVs, radios, etc. When you become virtual call center agent with Liveops, you join Liveops Nationa thriving community of thousands who help, encourage and support each other. Liveops offers work from home in customer service and sales. Well create a unique plan to ensure a smooth transition for you, your teams and independent contractors. Live Nation Entertainment is the largest live music company in the world, putting on 30,000 concerts and 100 festivals a year, and selling over half a billion tickets annually to music and sports events via Ticketmaster. Here's everything you need to succeed with Okta. IT Support You are using an unsupported browser. Support. We understand the struggles of companies that utilize independent contractor workforces because weve experienced them first-hand. Support. Learn More Hear from Real Liveops Agents What's it like to be self-employed and provide virtual contact center services? We were getting rid of all of our on-premise servers and moving everything to the cloud, Myers reiterates. We are seeking Independent Contractor Agents to provide virtual services to our clients customers, spanning a variety of industries including Retail, Healthcare, Licensed Insurance, Non-Licensed Insurance, Energy, Government and Tax Support. If you are still unable to resolve the login problem, read the troubleshooting steps or report your issue. Remember me. Login. If the last few years have taught us anything, its that VirtualFlex is a critical element for navigating the unknown, attracting the right talent at the right time. We don't have to have IT going in and setting things up; the employees are put in the right groups and access is given to them on Day One., Just as importantly, Okta plays an important role securing and automating offboarding. You dont have to do anything else.. And, no calls equals no pay. Enjoy the freedom of being your own boss. Live Nation Entertainment (NYSE: LYV) is the worlds leading live entertainment company comprised of global market leaders: Ticketmaster, Live Nation Concerts, and Live Nation Sponsorship. Love the flexibility of the jobs, but wish training was paid. Liveops Nation is a community for virtual agents to interact, learn and grow to get the most out of their experience contracting with Liveops. Keep contractors happy with accurate payments on time, every time. Learn more about how Liveops virtual contact center solutions can scale your business. OR Look in your activation email. 10 Customer Service Tips for Agents to Keep in Mind, Liveops Agent Spotlight: Veronica, 2022 Agents Choice Award Winner, Yes, You Can Have Both Scale and Quality In Todays Customer Service Environment, How VirtualFlex can lower your total cost of ownership, 2023 Agent Trends: Tools for Your Business in the New Year, Meeting Customer Needs During Unplanned Natural Disasters for a Top Five National Insurance Company, Giving a Natural Gas Company a Better Forecast, Liveops Agent Spotlight: Marjorie, 2022 Agent of the Year. Ditch the paperwork and endless manual tasks. Status. Apply now and a member of our team will work quickly to review your application and provide next steps. Username or Email Password. Now we can focus on making sure IT is partnered with the business in everything they do.. Its all part of keeping Live Nation at the forefront of cutting-edge technologyand Okta will be a part of that journey, every step of the way. ; During sign-in, the user may be prompted for additional verification depending on your app sign-on policy or settings in your Duo Security deployment. Earning potential. Attack Protection. LiveOps, meanwhile, requires you to pony up $25 to pay for your own background check, and get trained on your own time. TMCF is the nation's largest organization exclusively representing the Black College Community. Live Nation Entertainment is the largest live music company in the world, annually putting on 30,000 concerts and 100 festivals, and selling over half a billion tickets. No ones done this, Huckabay says. Submit an application for an available virtual contact center opportunity. Rather, you are self-employed meaning you work for yourself, or your business. Moreover, the site demands that you have all sorts of equipment, which you supply yourself. Freedom. Use your email address or username and password to sign into your WebCE learning center account. Liveops path to becoming an Independent Contractor Agent: Independent Contractor Agents choose their own schedule by self-scheduling in 30-minute blocks. You get some of the best brand-certified agents in the business, and you can scale and cover busy times with ease. But workers have a lot of complaints about the unpaid training and the fact that you must commit to be available during certain hours. Earning potential. See all features. Well learn about your business and help guide the best solutions based on your needs. Hundreds of enterprises have trusted Liveops to improve their customer experience by leveraging our VirtualFlex platform that includes exceptional talent, award-winning distance learning platforms and top-ranking security standards. We help you work around your life, whether it be the wee hours of the morning or after the kids are in bed, weve got opportunities. Modernize recruiting, onboarding, insurance and payment processes all in one easy-to-use platform. Remote Work-From-Home Call Center Agents Independent Contractor, Work-From-Home Nights & Weekend Call Center Agents Independent Contractors, Licensed Life Insurance Independent Contractor Agents Remote Work from Home. As a self-employed independent contractor, you are in control of how much time you devote to your business, how you operate your business and the amount of profit or loss you derive. To find out more, read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. Okta enables our employees to get to their applications wherever they are and enables a mobile workforce., Once Live Nation decided to implement Okta as its identity solution, the company was able to deploy the software quickly. Copyright 2023 Liveops, Inc. All rights reserved. Browse case studies, customer service tips and other helpful resources for enterprises. Read more. Liveops online contact center opportunities put you in the drivers seat, giving you the flexibility to be self-employed set your own hours and work from anywhere. Secure your consumer and SaaS apps, while creating optimized digital experiences. One where youre provided with free warm leads? They dont promise a set rate of pay, but maintain that most companies pay 25 45 cents per minute but only when the representative is online. Companies across a variety of industries trust Liveops to provide virtual contact center services. Functionality Add this integration to enable authentication and provisioning capabilities. Best of Antivirus Software. Reach out to us. Support staff employees are great and work hard to keep us busy and motivated. Liveops Nation is a community for virtual agents to interact, learn and grow to get the most out of their experience contracting with Liveops. Copyright 2023 Okta. The driver for that is people now work from anywherethe more on-premise infrastructure you have, the harder it is to meet those demands.. My job is to equip our employees, he says, and to reduce friction: anything we can do to make their job easier, from a tech standpoint, we need to do it.. Were now out of the back room and working with the business to add direct value, Huckabay says. Scale your processes and free up resources by outsourcing administrative operations with Liveops agents. As a self-employed independent contractor or business owner, youre 100% in control of your own schedule. Get started on your new home business Flexibility. Agent Login Username / Email Forgot password? Everyone else we spoke to claimed they were cloud-based but they weren't. Suite 390. When someone leaves, they're deactivated. Sign in. Employees embraced the change, easily adjusting to the single portal and enjoying a boost in productivity. The virtual flex model is a distributed workforce of highly motivated independent contractor agents who are driven to deliver the best possible level of service with every call. Mobile first. Applicant Login - Join Liveops Opportunities What to Expect Resources About Apply Now Opportunities What to Expect Resources About Apply Now Copyright 2023 Liveops, Inc. All rights reserved. Copyright 2023 Liveops, Inc. All rights reserved. Qualify and onboard contractors in record time. Scottsdale (headquarters) 1365 N. Scottsdale Rd Suite 390 Scottsdale, AZ 85257. Liveops Nation - Virtual Call Center Community. management. Knowledge Base. With Okta we're able to quickly deploy tools to new employees. With Liveops' VirtualFlex platform, you don't pay for brick-and-mortar overhead. Learn More. Your customers deserve the best at every touchpoint. Flexibility. As an agent with Liveops, you are a self-employed independent contractor, not an employee. Were all looking at the same data one version of truth consolidated in a single repository. Our distributed workforce of highly motivated independent contractor agents is driven to deliver the best possible level of service with every call. Live Nation currently has about 15,000 internal employees using some 250-plus applications. Which equals no money! It means there are no open holes in our infrastructure., The IT team is no longer occupied with maintaining servers, running data centers, or answering endless password reset questions. Thats up to you. Okta offered exactly what Live Nation needed. Operating System: Must be one of the following: Browser: Google Chrome (latest version) or Internet Explorer 11, Monitor: Capable of displaying at least 1024 X 768 pixels. document.getElementById( "ak_js_1" ).setAttribute( "value", ( new Date() ).getTime() ); A quiet place to work online. Login. Liveops gives companies access to an on-demand network of experienced agents ready to provide virtual call center and customer service solutions. Take our quick quiz and well recommend our top client matches for you. You can make money teaching it online. Live Nation saw an opportunity to increase employee productivity by streamlining access to their applications globaly. Schema Discovery Import the user attribute schema from the application and reflect it in the Okta app user profile. If you decide to contract with Liveops, we connect you with opportunities that fit your unique combination of skills and availability. Join Liveops Nation and experience the freedom and autonomy of being self-employed! Live Nation CIO David Huckabay shares how technology is critical for the global powerhouse. Browse case studies, customer service tips and other helpful resources for enterprises. Sound: Must have a sound card installed and be equipped with speakers or headphones. 401 (k) (Traditional and Roth) Employer Matching Opportunity Time Off. Love the flexibility of the jobs, but wish training was paid. I enjoy working with LiveOps because it allows me freedom to choose my work schedule. We couldnt have done it without Openforce. 2023 Openforce | Privacy Policy | Terms of Service, Manual record keeping drains time and resources, Minor admin errors can create misclassification lawsuits, Compliance Director, UST Logistical Systems. To have an identity management solution that wasn't cloud-based really wouldn't work for us. Some client programs may require Independent Contractor Agents to provide services above-posted minimum standards to maintain eligibility. Password Remember me Or, sign in using: Earning potential. He, Helen Spallas has worn many hats--investigator, janitor, tax preparer --but she didn't make six. FLEXIBILITY AT SCALE. From professional services to documentation, all via the latest industry blogs, we've got you covered. Cons are having to provide your own equipment. Users verify their identity by . Most opportunities pay a per-talk-minute ratebasically, the more calls you take, the more you earn. No problem. View our background requirements here. Come on board! Liveops Nation Login. Nonetheless, we suggest you check out Boldly, which hires virtual assistants and customer service representatives. Independent Contractors are responsible for expenses and control their profit and loss. If there are system issues, you will not get paid. Get Directions But, the site does not guarantee that youll take calls during those hours. Is Liveops nation legit? Their consistency, professionalism and customer service are unparalleled in the industry. The background check requires a $24.99 processing fee paid directly to our vendor. Forgot your password? Reach out to us. Were ranked #1in Flexjobs 2023Top 100 Companies with Remote Jobs. Find Out How & Apply . Liveops SWA Array Overview This app integration supports Single Sign-On. Live Nation CIO David Huckabay shares how technology is critical for the global powerhouse. You dont necessarily have calls every minute, however, which makes the hourly rate suspect. By giving agents the autonomy of being independent contractors, Liveops attracts - and retains - a flexible, nationwide network of experienced, reliable and motivated agents. A wide array of jobs -- many of them well-paid -- don't require a degree.. Provide support to users of top tax software providers. For 10 years, she successfully owned and operated her own business in her home state of Indiana. Onboarding is also simpler: new employees now receive login credentials and access to all the tools they need on their first day on the job. Users see the Duo Security factor as a way to authenticate themselves when they sign in to Okta or access an Okta-protected app. And unlike other potential identity management solutions, Okta could meet Live Nations 100% cloud mandate. Everybody likes to hear way to go sometimes, which is how it works at Liveops. Theres a lot I love about working with Liveops but what I love most Joan found out about Liveops one day at the grocery store. This means you can choose when, where, and how often to work! Username or Email Password. Over 100 million people rely on Okta to connect to apps inside and outside of their organization knowing that their credentials are protected by robust security protocols. Okta gives you a neutral, powerful and extensible platform that puts identity at the heart of your stack. Depending on call volume, utilization, incentives and how much you commit, hourly earnings could range from $12-$17 per hour. Welcome to Liveops Nation Liveops Nation is a community for virtual agents to interact, learn and grow to get the most out of their experience contracting with Liveops. See Capabilities for more details. Pros. which is why weve been helping companies like yours for over 20 years. McAfee and Norton were almost a tie but by far the most popular amongst agents. ( Press & Media. Forgot password? Different programs have different pay structures. Easy access was particularly important for the tools Live Nation employees and management use daily to keep in touch and work efficiently. Although I would work four hours a day I would be in training or zoom classes for another two to three hours. Huckabay describes his vision of the future of work: enabling people to work from home, offices, or shared office spaces. Intelligent Pass a self-funded background checkThis business expense (just $24.99) is required by our clients and is the responsibility of the applicant. They love it because it does what it's supposed to do.. Modernize recruiting, onboarding, insurance and payment processes all in one easy-to-use platform. Log in. To accept cookies continue browsing as normal. Forgot Password Enter the email address associated with your account. People start, they have great tools, they have great equipment, and they know what they're supposed to be doing. Support. Be a superhero sales agent with great earning potential. Our developer community is here for you. Gift Matching Community. The world's largest organizations trust the Okta Browser Plugin to protect their people's passwords and securely log them in to their business and personal apps. Liveops | Okta . I don't mind the extra training if they had compensation for it. Creatively solving problems. The more investment you make in yourself, the greater the reward. Avoid Recruiting Scams Norton 360 with LifeLock helps keep your digital life safer. process. Theres just so much built into the software that provides the firewalls needed to help ensure compliance. Live Nation rebranded Okta as Backstage Pass and rolled it out to its entire workforce within four months. Work confidently with real-time chat support, tech support, business tools and professional development workshops. Login to track your existing support requests. Copyright 2023 Liveops, Inc. All rights reserved. All rights reserved. Or, if, No college? Then Liveops is looking for you! Liveops Nation is a community for virtual agents to interact, learn and grow to get the most out of their experience contracting with Liveops. If you have not created a ticket yet then you would need to register or create a new ticket to begin. Client opportunities may have additional requirements, including expanded client-specific certification. Liveops has been able to consistently attain 90% plus on both Customer Satisfaction and First Call Resolution in this first year of our partnership. Its a huge volume of work, and thats why Live Nation provides its people with best of breed collaboration, communication, and productivity tools. Youll rest easy as the Openforce platform collects and stores contractor records in one, convenient place. I say this because you get paid per min of talk time so if you are not on a call they do not pay you not even if you say logged in and available you wont even get partial pay like working solutions does. The organization relies on Okta to provide streamlined, secure, and consistent access to all its appsensuring daily work can be done effectively anywhere, anytime, and on any device. Money is amazing, but like every job there are flaws. You get to dictate when and how often you commit to providing services. Connect and protect your employees, contractors, and business partners with Identity-powered security. Submit ticket. Discipline and setting expectations of yourself are key to working from home. You may also want to check out FlexJobs, which is a broad-based job site for remote positions. Guide customers through the claims process. Actual earnings may vary depending on client opportunity and support required. Companies across a variety of industries trust Liveops to provide virtual contact center services. Yes! GET A DEMO SAVE TIME Automate your processes and stop chasing down documents. Success with Liveops is about choosing an opportunity that matches your skills, experience, and availability. Build a thriving work-at-home business providing remote customer service for top brands. You can also manage cookies in your browser settings. Autonomy. Please enable it to improve your browsing experience. The integrations looked complex. Programs have varying pay structures, but most programs pay for time spent talking on the phone and assisting callers. Independent Contractor Check the Eligibility requirements and make sure were currently accepting applications in your state. Submit ticket. Login. To find out more, read our Privacy Policy and Cookie Policy. HSA and PPO Options National and Local Networks Retirement. Okta had a truly cloud-based solution with lots of built-in integrations, and it almost seemed too good to be true., But it was true. A single portal that simplifies access and boosts productivity, Improved security posture with strong authentication and simplified user access, Reduced maintenance and infrastructure costs with cloud-based solutions, Efficient, fast onboarding of new employees, Facilitates communication and collaboration throughout the global workforce. Watch as agents talk about their passion for helping people, and how being an independent contractor gives them the freedom to live on their own terms. Get in touch to discuss how Liveops can help you meet your customer service needs with greater flexibility, lower cost and better outcomes. . Browse case studies, customer service tips and other helpful resources for enterprises. In todays day and age of misclassification lawsuits, youve got to make sure youre crossing your ts and dotting your is; and Openforce helps us do that every single day. This is critical, says Huckabay. Get in touch to discuss how Liveops can help you meet your customer service needs with greater flexibility, lower cost and better outcomes. Goodbye long commutes, rigid schedules, and busybody managers. As part of this tech-first philosophy, Huckabay began a ground-breaking initiative four years ago he called zero servers: Live Nation would move 100% to the cloud. Our Liveops agents are more experienced and more scalable than traditional contact centers, transcending geographic limitations and typical work hours. First, check out our frequently asked questions about the agent experience and application process. The agent community comes together regularly for regional Roadshows, "coffee talk" sessions and fun social media . The typical military family moves every two or three years. After weeks of unpaid training where the training facilitators are rude and condescending you will spend time studying for a role where you will ultimately not have any shifts available to work.

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