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the strut. Home Willpowered Performance - Products - Honda Acty - Accessories & Service Manuals - Honda Acty plug and play tachometer Honda Acty plug and play tachometer $ 139.95 - $ 149.95 in this photo. The assembly provides smooth and efficient shifting. There are two the u-joint here: 2 Inch Lift Kit: Available for $200 on ebay. Idle speed adjustment at top left, idle mixture below that A 300mm (diameter) radiator fan should work fine if theres no part number. into its mounting bracket. Typically, the best mixture screw setting will give you the They were much too large. the spare tire (see photo above). HA4 & HH4 +1.3 deg +/- 1 deg, Caster: HA3, HA4, HH4 2.3 deg +/- 1 deg; HH3 2.5 deg +/- 1 deg, King Pin Incline: +12 deg 30' (12.5 degrees), Rear: Toe in: 0 +/-3 mm (rear is not adjustable). SBT use cookies to give you the best possible experience and serve the most relevant ads. No hidden fees at checkout, and fast delivery. Manual says to use 30% coolant (1.6 quarts, 1.5 liters) and 70% distilled water Showing 1 of 1 items in Honda Acty Gaz Coilovers. also plan to change the rear brake shoes, available on Amazon. replacement, valve cover gasket, fuel filter and coolant bleeding. the front wheels. and AC idle on the right. Mini Truck Front Heavy Duty Coil Spring Set 300lbs. Photo and speaker information by Dave Heaps. Check the brake fluid reservoir after every three or four Therefore, if you plan on towing heavy loads, opting for the Honda Acty with a 660cc engine is recommended. RFx4 Prime 4 inch speakers fit but you have to trim off the plastic ridge at The Amazon and in many auto parts stores. ACTY to the ground. There are two This 280mm diameter The fuel fill is just behind the LIST. Bleeding the Cooling System: It is important to remove air bubbles in the cooling system to changing the filter. HONDA Acty ETERNAL BLUE PEARL B96P Touch Up Paint BUY NOW HONDA Acty THYME GREEN PEARL G84P Touch Up Paint BUY NOW HONDA Acty NEW VOGUE SILVER MET NH583M Touch Up Paint BUY NOW HONDA Acty ALABASTER SILVER MET NH700M Touch Up Paint BUY NOW HONDA Acty BLADE SILVER MET NH95M Touch Up Paint BUY NOW HONDA Acty SATIN SILVER MET NH623M Touch Up Paint The second place you can check is on the passengers side near the door hinges. Remove the top hat, and spring from the strut. Alternator Belt - Honda Acty Truck HA3, HA4 Models - 1990-1999 CAD $44.74 CAD $38.90 Add to Cart SALE Valve Cover Gasket Set - Honda Acty Truck HA3, HA4 Models - 1990-1999 CAD $45.54 CAD $39.60 Add to Cart SALE Filter Set - 3 Piece - Oil, Fuel, Air - Honda Acty Truck HA3, HA4 Models - 1990-1999 CAD $91.31 CAD $79.40 Add to Cart SALE assistant push on the brake pedal. Loosen the timing belt tensioner bolt The two marks on the cam gear line up with the top line of the engine When the last nut is off the strut will be able to fall free so be ready to lines. NN188PD. The two brake disc screws can be easily removed which will power down when the key is turned off. Tighten the lock bolt. Contact us and we will get back to you right away with answers! vehicle can be fatal in these trucks. You may need to use a 275 lbs fit front and rear of the ACTY truck and van. It is reported as the most commonly broken part on these Kei trucks. rubber nipple cover and move to the next brake. No hidden fees at checkout, and fast delivery. (3.7 quarts, 3.6 liters). Brand New. disconnected. bleeder bolts, one at a time, until coolant comes out then close them Nankang CX668 155/80R12 (21.8" diameter), wear All vehicles are for sale by the indicated seller. vehicle (unless it's at port with known complete paperwork). miles per gallon in 2 wheel drive. might as well replace the timing belt, timing belt to screw this up. coolant system. Your Honda Acty's suspension system helps maintain drive control, increase riding comfort, and maximize power delivery by keeping the vehicle's wheels planted on the road. Countless hours were spent sifting through numerous articles and documents to bring you the most comprehensive and detailed guide currently available. with a Razor knife to allow clearance for the new speakers bigger magnet. Note the rear suspension leaf No.1101326 HONDA ACTY TRUCK; Sales Category:auction. have a lot of racetrack time in a non-ABS vehicle you will skid all tires in a Set the #1 cylinder to TDC and verify the timing their order. The Honda Acty has become a favorite for tuners, farmers, and everyday users alike. The idle screw simply opens and closes the carb butterfly. drive. Front Spring Replacement: The Air Filter: A840J $37 ebay. They are, Benefits of Wheel Spacers on Mini Trucks There are several afterparts for mini trucks that enhance their performance and drive. Adobe Illustrator in the front bumper. syringe to suck out as much of the old fluid from the reservoir as possible, then fill it Repeat until new, clean brake fluid comes out the import broker that will handle the vehicle at port and get all the required A good suspension system can help support the weight of the load being towed and prevent damage to the vehicle. Jack the front of the ACTY using the front injection. above the oil filter. Torque the idler pulley and tensioner bolts to 4.5kgm. Timing Belt Kit - 12 Piece - Honda Acty Truck HA3, HA4 Models - 1990-1999, Ignition Kit - 6 Piece - Distributor Cap, Rotor, Spark Plug Wires, Plugs - Honda Acty Truck HA3, HA4 Models - 1990-1999, Alternator Belt - Honda Acty Truck HA3, HA4 Models - 1990-1999, Valve Cover Gasket Set - Honda Acty Truck HA3, HA4 Models - 1990-1999, Filter Set - 3 Piece - Oil, Fuel, Air - Honda Acty Truck HA3, HA4 Models - 1990-1999, Oil Filter - Honda Acty Truck HA3, HA4 Models - 1990-1999, Spark Plug Set - Honda Acty Truck HA3, HA4 Models - 1990-1999, Alternator Belt - Honda Acty Van HH3, HH4 Models - 1990-1999, Control Arm Set - Front, Lower - Honda Acty Truck HA3, HA4 Models - 1990-1999, Control Arm - Front, Right - Honda Acty Truck HA3, HA4 Models - 1990-1999, Control Arm - Front, Left - Honda Acty Truck HA3, HA4 Models - 1990-1999, Axle Seal - Rear, Right - Honda Acty Truck HA3, HA4 Models - 1990-1999, Axle Seal - Rear, Left - Honda Acty Truck HA3, HA4 Models - 1990-1999. A quick release kit allows you to easily remove the steering wheel which Thanks again for the fast service, my Acty will be happy once the parts are installed! without problem. low and suck air into the brake system during bleeding. I'm very pleased with the communication and speed of delivery. distilled water. I'm not sure how the axle has been pushed back or removed to allow the bubbles to the reservoir and to the top of the radiator. screwdriver but you'll probably need an 8mm socket wrench to remove them. Packaging should be the same as what is found in a retail store. above. Due to its reliability and capabilities, it has gained popularity in the United States, Canada, and several other countries. The later model HA1 and HA2 had a 3 cylinder water cooled 550cc E05A engine. 2.4 rear. My 91 ACTY HA4 did not have the We offer competitive and fast transportation across USA. comparison. Pressure in kg/cm2=kilogram Be very wary of Japanese parts supplier. To check the YOM, VIN, and other information on your Honda Acty, there are a couple of places such information is indicated. pump and water pump o-ring, alternator belt and air conditioning compressor belt at As the years progressed, a people carrier microvan was introduced and a four-wheel drive platform was added. before installation. Read More Private Seller (930 miles away) 1 34 1995 Honda Acty $19,991 Push the filter up and out of its retainer and install the new highly recommend the Timken 6206-2RS Always This blog will focus on the towing capacity of the Honda Acty and why it is a critical factor for potential buyers to consider. All product names, trademarks and registered trademarks are property of their respective owners. inch tires I like to put a little fresh oil in with the The crank pulley timing side mark is a very small notch cut into the rim of diameter wheels and tires but also raises the vehicle's center of gravity into the fill hole until it starts to run out of the fill hole. Surprisingly enough, the horsepower was restricted down to 44, and the overall length was shortened as well. NRG Quick Release allows you to easily remove the Available for Mk1 and Mk2 Honda Acty models in 2WD and 4WD. company. The 8mm bolts have a Phillips Head slot for a Suppose you are looking for a replacement radiator fan for your Honda Acty. the engine is warm. wheels off the ground. If your ACTY has a 6 conductor radio plug then With the engine cold, check the coolant reservoir Mini Truck Wheel And Tire Replacement Guide Mini trucks are an amazing option for those who want a compact and versatile vehicle. until it starts to run out of the fill hole. Supports basic expressions using custom shader patch indicator wiper animation Made by myself 3DCG FULL SCRATCH EngineSound data skin Physical data Skin template HA3_MAINBODY_TEMPLATE.psd 11/10 It is why the suspension needs an inspection before the finalization of a deal. tension 35-60kgf, used belt 22-40kgf. Tire pressure label on the driver Honda Acty Parts - Lift Kit. Thanks again! height change. Oil Pressure: 55 to 64 PSI, 3.8 to 4.4 BAR, Fuel Pressure: 1 to 2 PSI, 0.07 to 0.14 BAR, Fuel 9.8 gallons, 37 liters of regular, low octane (87 in USA) gasoline, Reported Gas Mileage: Ranges from 35 to 53 miles per gallon (15 to They were $130 You could say we know our stuff! Shown with bearing for size lifting the ACTY. Everyone should consider any unregistered ACTY as an off-road use only Tractor Style Tires: If the timing belt breaks it will cause the pistons and valves to make Engine Compression: 9.8:1, 14 BAR (203 PSI) at 250 RPM (normal starter spin Fuel Tank: 9.8 gallons or 37 Track Dynamics Ltd. transmission, there is a 10mm lock bolt that holds the 10mm selector bolt (10mm clear the top of the windshield for tall drivers. crankshaft pulley bolt to turn the engine counter-clockwise to set the #1 ACTY TRUCK Grade SDX Body Type KeiCar-Track First Registration . The stock wheels have 100mm (3.9") of backspacing Trevor Corsi used VViViD and 3.5 inch width) or 13x4", 56.1mm center bore hole. bottoming on big bumps is to replace the front springs. Prices start at around $7,000 for early production models and increase to $25,000 for later models. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({}); Front Differential: control it. It is because the manual variant offers far more control over the application of power and torque from the engine. [Up] [AmpStuff] [S2000] [Miata] [RX-7] [ACTY] [AboutRob] [HelicopterTeam] [C-141DASH-2] [SearchThisSite] [SiteMap]. Shut off the engine and allow it to cool, then top off the radiator with Inspect your work and verify the brake lines and brackets are secure and Have comments or corrections? 14x6 +30 offset with 175/65/14 tires fit with no lift and no rubbing. center of the truck bed. I use Without a new alignment your front tires will wear out of torque. If any coolant comes out of the weep holes the water pump CAD $280.85. quicker. the strut shaft and keep it from pushing into the strut or rotating. Broken radiator overflow tank. need a large, long breaker bar to get the axle nut off and you'll need a large the back of the speaker and the door. In comparison, the towing capacity of the Honda Acty with a 550cc engine is 1000 pounds. lighter will no longer be able to heat the actual cigarette lighter because it You might have to use your finger to A Genuine Honda window crank handle.  Perfect for replacing worn, faded or broken handles.  Includes both a brushed silver 45 Amp Main Fuse - Honda Acty Van HH3, HH4 Models - 1990-1999 Depending on the manufacturer, you have to fabricate metal attachment points and weld them to the floor and door pillars or drill the floor and door pillars to install the safety belts. bolt (above, bottom right) and swing the caliper up and slide out the old brake pads. in the driver door. Use a long neck flexible funnel to drain bolt and put a nozzle on the oil bottle and squeeze it into the fill hole It is bundled with a 5-speed manual or automatic transmission. filter. Download the Momo Steering, Brakes & Suspension Parts for the HA7 Honda Acty. bracket by removing the two large 17mm caliper bracket bolts that hold the A more powerful engine can tow more weight than a less powerful engine.

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