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If only there was a 58 cm Cross Check with a sloping top tube (like a Gunnar Crosshairs but with a Surly price tag). I used this bicycle solely for touring and commuting and has always been kept, in doors and never ridden in heavy rain. Reynold's 853 tubesaffordablequality buildplenty of mud clearancewill fit up to 38's, no cable stop for rear brake made set-up of cantilever brakes difficult. Leapfrogging a th tlantic N w SCENSION ISL ND s re Here You ith Monitoring RITISH Times BRO JDCllSTINC CORPORATION tl ntic Rc/a9 Station . Saddle has some wear to the cover but no damage that would affect function. It's removed now. I initially purchased the frame and fork to use for training but quickly fell in love with the comfort of the ride. . Change), You are commenting using your Twitter account. mikayla nogueira tiktok net worth. Not quite as zingy or like I would say springy as a lightweight 80s steel road bike, but the tubing on the Gunnar is significantly larger (25.4/28.6mm vs 31.8/35mm for TT and DT respectively) which gives a racier, energy efficient (stiffer) feel. This is not your 1950s steel. This bike will be professionally disassembled(unless it sells locally) and shipped via UPS to the lucky winner. $570.74 Price. I already had panniers and racks, so I went that route, but bikepacking bags should make things lighter and less less likely to move around while riding. Frame/fork: Gunnar Crosshairs 54cm circa 2008 Note: top tube on these run a bit long ~ 56.5 virtual See website: The fork rake is 4.5cm . beauty of a bike, steel, old school Paul, white industry, just great stuff! Above, Ritchey Classic handlebar and matching Classic C220 stem. Foldable. Mud, beer, cowbells whats not to love? Waterford exclusive butted tube sets, featuring True Temper OX Platinum and Reynolds 853 air-hardening . A brand new gunnar frame and fork is a 3 month wait and will retail for $1300.As a complete. Allowance For Doubtful Accounts Adjusting Entry, My Cross Hairs performed flawlessly in the 2012 version of Trans Iowa. If your in the market for a cross. Shimano CX70 Crankset(46tx36t. The TCX frames are highly sought after as Giant really nailed geo on these, the quality of build is off the charts and theres good tire clearance! Unfortunately, while I have great images of the bike on this device, I dont have any kind of account with social media or whatever to post them on the internet. Steel is also a much more mature product. Ritchey Comp Logic-Cu If I am going for the retro look should I get a straight top tube? I bought this one for double duty and ride it year round. Copyright 2023 VerticalScope Inc. All rights reserved. . Black. . I have done some overnight camping and a couple of long trips (GAP/C&O) with a 4 pannier setup. I have a lovely black 2001 52cm Crosshairs that I got cheap on ebay and built up with some nice older parts and a few new ones. Every year people from all over the world meet in Wildwood, NJ to race their bikes and hotrods from the 1920's and 1930's on the beach, creating a MadMax like spectacle. The tool I used was . It has nicks . I finished Trans Iowa in 2012 aboard my vanilla milkshake colored Gunnar and raced several other gravel events on it. SeatTube-62cm. We definitely have hills in this area, but it isnt exactly mountainous and as everyone knows, a good pair of cantilever brakes offer plenty of stopping power, especially when setup correctly. I just did 4 days on an '86 Schwinn Passage that is the functional equivalent (only original parts are frame and headset). Johns framebuilding setup is pretty compact and he produces some very unique bikes out of that unique space. And now . I'm considering a bike with disc brakes- which all gravel bikes seem to have now. Item Condition Scale: 5: New/Mint Condition. It is stable and responsive, quite useable as a road racing bike (I've been using this as my prmary road bike because it's so nice, leaving my Ritchey Road Classic hanging up) and even for crits, yet it has a very sure feeling ride on dirt with knobbies. It's an earlier version which means the tubing is Reynolds 853. Finally, because Gunnar Cycles can build pretty much anything your heart desires, everything can be customized.The latest iteration of Gabys bike, fitted with Compass 700c x 44mmSkinwall Tyres. Where size permits, we provide a built-in canty brake cable arch for easy and sure brake adjustment. Including stainless steel dropouts with rack/fender eyelets, rear rack mounts, double water bottle bosses. No international sales, you pay shipping. Frame: Gunnar Crosshairs 58cm stock measurements from 2004 Shift/brake levers/cables: Dura Ace 9-speed Brake calipers: Avid Shorty 6(their top of the line) with lots of pad life left Fork: Wound Up Composites Team X carbon cyclocross fork(legs are carbon. this is a Gunnar Crosshairs frame. Item is starting to show signs of wear but is not damaged in any way. Tyres:Rene Herse ne Compass Steilacooms 700x38c I tried to represent these the best I could in the pictures. In fact, the Compass skinwall tyres a little further up in the article are 700c x 44mm - with room to spare - nice! Lugless frames should have reinforcing rings around the ends of the head tube to reduce the risk of ovalizing the head tube if a large bump is hit which is inevitable on a 'cross bike. For me this task is finishing Trans Iowaagain. Its probably the most versatile bike we offer. One bike, basically does it all (though I haven't tried touring with it). Gunnar Crosshairs 995 frame and forks TIG welded True Temper OX Gunnar premium steel lugged Shimano 105 Shimano 2300 . Finally, you can order a version designed for the Rohloff 14-speed rear hub. 40cm, 31.8mm bar diameter. I think youd be absolutely fine, and still have a capable bike when youre not on a trip. These derailleurs were available in one style only, short cage. i've got a carbon road bike and i've just bought a 2nd hand cyclocross (alu frame). Wheels: 700C. At one time, after I stopped being road racer guy, my crosshairs was my main bike, used extensively for touring, camping, gravel riding- including a couple of D2R2s. Tire clearance for all 28c tires with fenders. Though the Passage has longer chainstays. . This frame replaced a stiff aluminum frame and the difference in the ride was a revelation. Standover: 78.7cm/31in. 44mm head tube for tapered fork steerers. Gunnar Hyper-XX in Copper Metallic - It can either through-axle or quick release hubs, post or ISO mount brakes. It's a no frills frame but that doesn't reflect on the quality or the looks. if you have questions please ask! (LogOut/ RcmdId ViewItemDescV4,RlogId p4%60bo7%60jtb9%3Fuk.rp*4a24%60%3C%3E-1494dcede99-0x110-, Gunnar Crosshairs 58: 9-speed Ultegra/Dura-Ace/FSA/Sram equiped, This frame was ordered and the build selected for me at my local bike shop. Ride it as is and it is a very fast road bike. I ordered : x2 to avoid shuddering 34c x 2 36/48. Tire Clearance: true 700x38mm max at rear The Crosshairs has been in Waterford's/Gunnar's line . Gunnar joined us at the beginning of 1998, already a year and a half old. It has a unique and excellent build and has been trouble free, other than routine adjustments, which have been handled by my bike shop. Resolved: Release in which this issue/RFE has been resolved. I also run Challenge GG Race tyres, but I run mine with the tread facing the opposite way. I have since been able to take it out on a few rides and it rides well enough. . The Gunnar CrossHairs rear end clears a 700c x 40mm tyre without breaking a sweat. We took the train to San Jose after work on Friday and rode up to Castle Rock, our preferred semi-urban camping spot. . Genuine matching Gunnar CX fork, Chris King headset, Thompson seat collar, down-tube STI cable stops- basically everything in the photo. "Big tires, maybe some drop bars, hauls everything but no goofy looking forks." 3) A taller head tube, 4) A lower bottom bracket, 5) Cable routing . It totally turned my head around on the subject of weight-weenyism. With a 38 tire clearance, I prefer 100 grams less and a little more profiled rim, after all it's just 0.8mm between mavic and pacenti. Up front I am running a K-Edge Combo Mount with the standard Garmin mount on top for my Explore 820, and a GoPro mount underneath that has been adapted for use with my Light & Motion light. (LogOut/ Worked a charm. 52 CM GUNNAR CROSSHAIRS - FRAME AND FORK FOR SALE I am currently only selling the Frame and Fork. . Custom wheels with White Industry hubs and Velocity rims. gunnar crosshairs tire clearance. The Trek Domane discussed under Endurance Road bikes, could also be considered an all-road bike with its 38mm tire clearance. Twitter; Facebook; LinkedIn; Skype; YouTube 2013 (ish) Gunnar Crosshairs, size 62cm. I used it for a commuter until 2012 then rode it in gravel races until I knew better and bought a gravel bike. 11-speed may be the latest and greatest, but 10-speed still offers plenty of gear selection no matter your chosen genre of cycling. Seat post: Thomson 27.2 Many other brands are overbuilt like you said for touring or special tubing. Lovely looking bike. The 54cm floor model was slightly too big for me, but doable as far as getting a sense of the bike over the course of the test ride. It has plenty of spacers left on the fork if you need to shorten it. It is a cyclocross bicycle with cantilever mounts and more of a "road" geometry compared to some of the other racing cyclocross bikes. And, to a point I think this is very viable. Gunnar Crosshairs 62cm Cyclocross Bike True Temper USA Shimano Ultegra 11 speed, 2013 Gunnar Crosshairs cyclocross frame. Ritchey dropouts. When I brought to him to look at, John at Stones said it was also beyond his skillset and I need a framebuilder to put it in a jig and check the alignment. The 23C's are too skinny for gravel, but 25-28C's let you go fast if you have the handling skills and conditions are dry. I forget) Tektro brake Levers. Whether its on the race cour, Gunnar Crosshairs cross road bicycle frame. It now fits up to 40c. Have special needs and interests? Finished in 28.5 hours. I called him up and went over to his humble yet busy space in Richmond, where he realigned the fork with little more than a vise, a straight edge, some pieces of wood, a dummy axle, and some dropout realigners. I'm not the only one looking for this, right? Tied with Paul Errington for 8th place, 3rd place Single Speed. It is a fantastic bike. The Kinesis 4s comes close but I'm suspicious of how big a tyre you could get in there with a calliper and mudguards. I also wondered if 38s would be wide enough but have seen a couple of examples getting around with 40s and even 42s (not sure how much clearance it leaves) so figure Id be fine. My current "road" bike is a Gunnar Crosshairs cyclocross bike with skinny rubber. Our niche bicycle industry is getting even more niche-y and narrowing down riding styles and categorizing bicycles into narrowly defined machines. This is my second Gunnar (I also have a crosshairs), my first new one. Oof, like the Gunnar - good component choices too in my opinion. The Gunnar Steelseries Scope Glasses are great for people that have a setup of two screens or more, due to the wide angle that they provide. I will have the bike boxed and shipped from by local bike shop. Cameo appearance by my little friend, Tuesday. Double-bend chainstays add tire clearance. Mavic Open Pro rims on Shimano 105 hubs. I use 28 mm Avocet slicks on the road and 28 mm Ritchey 'cross tires in the dirt. Gunnar agreed to make us a "prototype" version of the Cross Hairs since we both own and race on the current stock version of the bike. Likewise I have listed international shipping at 50.00 and again will refund any difference if shipping is less. Lugged crown. I still miss that bike. Id want 40mm gravel tires for comfort and dirt roads. This is an absolutely stunning frame and I am really reluctant to sell[see below] Frame size: measurement from centre bottom bracket to top of seat seat is 54 cm; horizontal top tube length is 55.5 cm. Would it be possible to speak with you via email to discuss this bike. Shop Viotek GNV30CBXA Advanced 30-Inch Curved 200Hz Gaming Monitor (HDMI, DisplayPort) Black at Best Buy. Id love to hear peoples thoughts on the tread orientation of these tyres. I had a hell of a lot of adventures on it. Clearance. It was impressive watching his experienced hands ply the fork into line. STEM- Thomson X4. Black. The smallest geometry fits 650B wheels. An old Bridgestone MB-3 set up for cross. For other ideas, check out our Archived Colors. do NOT contact me with unsolicited services or offers. Continental 32c tires, clearance for 38/40c tires. Handlebar tape:SRAM Service Course What about low rider mounts? brake type: cantilever It is a made in america classic made out high end steel. Note the forks eyelet for a rack / fender mount. Geometry Size: 54cm. The Crosshairs frameset is perhaps the most versatile design we offer. Looks great. Choose Your Gaming PC. Gunnar Crosshairs, 56cm, fits 5' 11"-6'1" best. For the money the Crosshairs can't be beat. The components are from Campagnolo a very high end Italian parts maker in which the original rear derailleur and quick release skewer was created. 54cm Gunnar Crosshairs Cyclocross bike. Im doing shades (not by choice) of blue, purple has even more variations it appears. It's amazing that with just a switch of wheels and removal of fenders it can go from a 22 lb rain bike/commuter to a sub-19 lb racer. In fact, the Compass skinwall tyres a little further up in the article are 700c x 44mm - with room to spare - nice! Cyclocross. New bar wrap Just tuned up with new cables 9 speed bar end shifters Nice road pedals some minor scuffs and scratches but nothing major never been crashed or dented. What the Gunnar Website Says About Crosshairs: Ah. Condition. Wheel stuff- $150(tires. Light touring rig Yes. I love Hope skewers. Above, Shimano's XT level pedals offer longevity, serviceability, mud clearance and value for money. Yup Im still loving it! It has monster clearance mine will accept 262.1-inch tires. Been set up as a long distance road bike for a double century. . . I think one day I will replace the bug eye cable housing with slick 11 speed stuff. make / manufacturer: Gunnar Crosshairs would work fine for bikepacking as you've defined it: gravel, maybe small sections of chunkier stuff. I barely had room for RH Stellacoom 38mm tires on Velocity Quill rims. Bike was overhauled before storage and is fully functioning ready to ride with a new chain(only a couple of rides since this was done) Frame& fork have some cosmetic wear from age/ use. FPO, Alaska, Hawaii will be higher. Front derailleur:Ultegra FD-6600 Front Center: 597. Created at the inauguration of the Opra Garnier in 1875, the Grand Caf Capucines quickly became an essential part of the Grands Boulevards.The establishment is a witness and actor of the incessant cultural activity of the Boulevard des Capucines.Rediscover the must-see brasserie in the Opera district, redecorated by the architects Toro&Liautard in 2019.Like the Grands Boulevards, the Grand . The Crosshairs frameset is perhaps the most versatile design we offer. which is a disc brake bike that offers clearance for fenders and 35c studded winter tires (I ran that this past winter on my La Cruz). I was kind of nervous to commit to the custom details I did, like should I have gone disc brake? Were pretty sure he can become your friend, too.. Ed is your guy he said, and passed me the contact info for Ed Litton, the iconic Bay Area framebuilder in Richmond. Some of the smaller details include fender mounting, which is accomplished via symmetric inward facing threading no brake hole adapter here, any fenders I mount will be drilled and then bolted direct. No impact points, no dings, no dents, no cracks, and really no damage other than just superficial marks. This is a very low-mileage 2011 Gunnar Crosshairs frame and matching steel Gunnar fork, with 1-1/8" steer tube, in Charcoal Silver (kinda Gray). Add either a matching Gunnar steel fork or Ritchey WCS composite cross fork. Onto the drivetrain, Gabys Gunnar features a highly functional mish-mash of parts that get the job done. Gunnar makes one awesome bike.and they call it the Cross Hairs. Slightly sloping top tube. Now, finally I hear about the Traitor Crusade due out in early 2010. Fork Rake: 45. Excellent condition. This bike does it all. I rode my Gunnar Cross Hairs for more than two years. weight? Worked great, but I wouldn't take this approach on rough trails while loaded. Thomson 90mm DERAILLEURS- Shimano Ultegra rear. This latest bike only whet my appetite for the possibilities of custom fabricated bikes as it is the closest thing to custom I have. No Dents, Cracks, Or Rewelds. This is my preferred ride feel, borrowing from my Univega, for its stability, reduced toe overlap (this bike has zero), and theoretical flex giving properties. White Industries T11 hubs, in purple, naturally. 50CM Bike Size. Carbon MTB Mountain Bike Frame 29" Boost Hard Tail XC Cross Country BSA Small $ . . No wear but minor signs of use evident on close inspection. Not evident in the photo are the 5 and 10mm carbon spacers, just for kicks. frame size: 56 cm You cant directly post images here, is that right? Different casing/tread molds?) The Paycheck delivers with a smart design that deletes the chainstay bridge for the most mud clearance possible down below, and a gorgeous curved seatstay bridge that gave monstrous amounts of clearance to the 40c tires. Gunnar Crosshairs $450 USD. Mostly from transporting and storage but has NEVER been wrecked, damaged or taken off-road. Ordered the frame on 2000 (red) 48 cm. Wheels: Mavic Open Pro rims; Ultegra hubs; DT Swiss butted spokes(I forget which model) Skewers: Your choice. To all interested. Though originally conceived for competitive cyclo-cross events, road riding, commuting, hard pack and non technical off road are also all within the scope of this bike. May or may not come with original packaging. How much of a pain is it to do this with disc brakes/ thru axles and not mess up the calipers and rotar (which I guess can be delicate too with the wheel off.) ultimusmoron (cozen), Friday, 3 September 2010 14:35 (eleven years ago) link. In 10-speed form, the 12-25 cassette is a very tight looking, closely spaced unit. Also speced for 38 with fenders. 36 finished of 91 that started. The crankset would appear to be bullet proof. Crankset:Ultegra FC-6700, 172.5mm, 50/34 BOTTOM BRACKET- Chris King Precision Components. Will be professionally packed and shipped anywhere in Continental U.S. Sizing: TopTube-59.5cm. A good one-er cross bike, fat . I can also ship but cost may be up to 25.00. Price, Reynolds 853, good company backing, gloss black (stealth). The Paceline Forum > Image Gallery > Production Bikes: Gunnar Crosshairs Gunnar Crosshairs Frame 57cm RITCHEY DROPOUTS Cross Bike. 2023-02-19 16:50, bicycle frame material: steel Beautiful bike and spec. One is a Gunnar Crosshairs. Long weekends to a couple of weeks, largely unsupported, but occasional nights in a hotel - a hot shower is a wonderful thing. Seat Tube Measures 55cm CTC. the bike rode wonderfully. Thanks to all who organized this great race! In my opinion it is one of the best riding bikes I have ever been on. Ultegra Bar End Shifters(9 speed) SKS Full Fenders with flaps. Gunnar Crosshairs set up as an awesome townie. I am interested in the Gunnar as it does not seem to be overbuilt like other more modern steel bikes as you mentioned. I used it that way on my Gunnar Crosshairs. . Stem- $140(with faceplate) Seatpost- $100. Gunnar's CrossHairs turns out to have the kind of qualities that make it ideal for the sport: You can mount tires from 700C x 23C to 700 x 40C. I am about 95 kg (210 lbs), put out reasonable power and whenever I try and go all-out, I just feel the bottom bracket swaying side to side. i bought some 32c marathons because i think they suit the bike better, as the 23c did look a bit skinny for the bike. Id want 40mm gravel tires for comfort and dirt roads. 4: Like New/ Excellent condition. I'm thinking of one for bikepacking, but probably not until next year. Excellent condition. I had one for several years and it was great on and off-road. The Gunnar CrossHairs rear end clears a 700c x 40mm tyre without breaking a sweat. Gunnar Cycles: CrossHairs: Steel: Gunnar Cycles: Rock Tour: Steel: Gunnar Cycles: Grand Tour: Steel: Ibis: Hakkalugi: Carbon: LINK: Jamis: . If bike racing is a fringe sport, then cyclocross is the fringe of the fringe. It is a ~2006model crosshairs and several years back I had it powder coated yellow as the original paint was chipping. Bid with confidence. Hangers- $50(cable carriers. Im thinking of stuff like the Rodeo Labs Flaanimal, the Soma Wolverine and DoubleCross, anything from Surly (HEAVY). Genuine matching Gunnar CX fork, Chris King headset, Thompson seat collar, down-tube STI cable stops- basically everything in the photo. The frame and fork were made in Waterford. Commuter Yes. It always depends on the true tire width vs marked but I thought 38s were too close for mud clearance so I went down to 36s, which do measure as marked. Brakes- $260(includes top-mount levers) TOTAL: $4190. WHEELS- hand-built. One owner. HANDLEBARS- Ritchey Pro. Chainstay disc mounts. . Just such a fantastic functional detail. Visit for the tech scoop. wheel size: 700C. It is well used but not abused. There are signs of use- paint chips on the frame& a couple scrapes on the fork- no dents. Gunnar has refrained from raising the bottom bracket height to increase ground clearance. Descends like a demon. . geometry for easier (dis)mounts and wheel clearance caek, Friday, 3 September 2010 15:01 (eleven years ago) link. studded tire on front, knobbies on back. Fantastic, versatile bike that deserves to be used for a lot more than 'cross. Fork- $300. I recall Gunnar's site at one time described it as being a bit like a stage race road bike (this was before endurance road bikes were a distinct category). At first, the road was quite rideable on my Gunnar Crosshairs cyclocross bike. My friend just got a bike with . Above, Shimanos XT level pedals offer longevity, serviceability, mud clearance and value for money. The Hyper-X lets you build a race-ready disc 'cross and gravel bike. [SOLD] Gunnar Crosshairs '11 62c-t st x 59.5c-c ht: $1,250 picked up w/in 50mi of NYC Metro area; I'm not considering shipping at the moment due to hassle and covid stuff. You choose: Components (drivetrain, brakes, wheels, cockpit) Color; Matching Gunnar steel or ENVE carbon fork; . The crosshairs is an extremely light-steel. SEATPOST- Thomson Elite 27.2mm x 330mm. Item is worn but still has plenty of life left. Waterford's Gunnar Crosshairs Men's Steel Bike 54cm frame. 57cm Gunnar Crosshairs CYCLOCROSS Frame. Handlebars/stem:Zipp Service Course, 42cm, ergo. Canti/Mini-V brakes, which is fine by me since I'm not a fan of disc brakes. Scratches, tears, etc. If you want to go to an even smaller outer ring, I ride a 42, then you will need a shorter cage FD to clear the seat stay. It shared tears of defeat and tears of victory with me and never failed me. Palmetto State Armory offers a wide variety of Red Dot Sights & Holographic Sights to help you stay on target. Straddles, adjusters, etc. I was running smooth 32mm tires, which worked well on the crushed rock. Minor scuffs and wear to the logo's. ???? Stack Exchange network consists of 181 Q&A communities including Stack Overflow, the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers.. Visit Stack Exchange The Rock Tour was designed with a concept in mind; a simple, comfortable and versatile off-road touring bike . . An old Trek set up for Cross. In fact, part of Gabys decision in choosing cantilever brakes related to the weight savings they offer versus disc. MUST PROVIDE OWN I am approximately 5' 9.5" with longer legs and a shorter torso. Double check the tire clearance. I called them and other than selling the bike they have no information on the bike. The pedals, bottle cages and seat on the bike are not included, in the auction. Plus, tapered, oversized headtubes and a disc-equipped frame are just so overbuilt and so much stiffer, maybe thats why people are using bigger tires at lower rim-busting pressures. Frameset: Gunnar Crosshairs, custom geo, custom braze ons Brakes: TRP CX8.4 Mini V, Shimano pads Shift/Brake levers: Dura Ace 7700 Front derailleur: Ultegra FD-6600 Rear derailleur: Shimano XT RD-M770 Cassette: Shimano XT 11-34, 9 speed Chain: SRAM 951 Crankset: Ultegra FC-6700, 172.5mm, 50/34 Read it's strength, weaknesses, find deals and pricing - . It feels like a stage race bike that can still take 35mm rene herse tires and paul mini-moto brakes (wow, so powerful and great modulation). Top tube measures 57cm CTC. Stem-100mm. Lots of component similarities with the bike Im currently building. Head Angle: 72.5 degrees. Item has scratches. Gunnar Uni-Fork Disc Nothing beats the strength of the unicrown design, ideal for disc brake (and touring) applications. And yeah, those Waterford forks are golden. What makes the Crosshairs a greatcross bike also makes it a great all-around bike. This is probably the best value going in a 'cross frame. Thanks. New modern features include flat-mount disc brakes (of course) and clearance for 32c tires. The frame and component were used for 4 months and saw recreation use. Top Tube Slope: 3.8. Sugino 46-36-26 Crankset. Still gets some commuter use, and some love Maybe I'll get it painted .. [wipes a tear]. Improved braking in wet conditions. But when I wanted to play with manual gear changes, I de-eccentric'd my ENO and used that wheel in a Surly Cross Check (long, forward facing horizontals), and was much happier, overall. The Rock Tour was designed with a concept in mind; a simple, comfortable and versatile off-road touring bike . Two finishes!!! Handbuilt in Waterford, Wisconsin with True Temper OX Platinum tubes. My . Item is in perfect working condition. As we were putting together our series of TIG-welded air-hardening steel alloy bikes, it turned out that a lot of the things we wanted out of the bikes are what we already got from our friend Gunnar: Its only natural that our good friend Gunnar come to symbolize our effort. I think they run them low for shouldering clearance. I had a post about it back in June when I had first placed the order. My first "real" bike when I came back to biking was a Gunnar Roadie. Other parts aluminum) Crankset: FSA Carbon Pro Compact(50/34 110 BCD) Octolink Bottom bracket and carbon arms(pedals not included) Cassette: 12-25 Shimano Hyperlink(at least Ultegra. Everyone should know how to wear a cap in style. It's strong, light, adaptable and is a great upgrade. Paul Components ships the Touring Canti brake with Salmon Kool Stop Thinline brake pads, which work well in all weather conditions. dukesgunnar Road Racer Strength: strength of frame slightly sloping top tube handling tire clearance Weakness: frame alignment? Though the Passage has longer chainstays. I feel like some magical quality was lost through the work hardening, which could just be my head but the fork has been wrenched on a lot because it was pretty out of alignment.

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