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FOR YOUR ACTIVE & STYLISH LIFESTYLE: It's a timepiece designed for anyone looking for adventure, sport or any daily rugged outdoor activity, as well as Elegance, Sophistication & Suave, FEATURES & MATERIAL: The SWW-45M S.W.A.T. Smith and Wesson customer service can be reached by phone at 800-331-0852, Monday-Friday, from nine AM to five PM Eastern Standard Time. It can also be hung outside the belt for use as an OWB. 540Brands is proud to offer officially licensed Smith & Wesson apparel. The C was designated for this function in the 38 Military & Police series in March 1948. By the war's end, Smith & Wesson had made over 800,000 revolvers for Allied troops. They can give you that info. I've been drooling (figuratively ) over a "Dirty Harry" Smith & Wesson 6 1/2" model 29-2 w/ PB, TT, TH, & RC serial numbered N63xxx at a nearby shop, and am curious re its date of manufacture. Hi would you mind letting me know which web host you're M&P Shield 9mm holster covers the entire body, effectively preventing sweat and avoiding clips Clothes can be safely and safely used. M. MOD.686. In some cases, it may not be possible to find detailed information about a gun based on its serial number. The revolver is chambered for the .38 Special cartridge and has a four-inch barrel. Serial Number and Year of Manufacture Lookup for Smith and Wesson J Frame Revolvers For models 36, 37, 38, 49, 50, and pre-model number varieties, here is when your gun was manufactured according to the serial code range. Smith & Wesson is excited to announce a new partnership with the Smith & Wesson Historical Foundation (S&WHF). This is our high-quality IWB KYDEX Holster Custom Fit: M&P Shield M2.0 9mm/.40 with Integrated Laser Pistol, And also suitable M&P Shield 9mm/.40 without Laser. Use a magnifying glass or other visual aid: A magnifying glass or other visual aid can sometimes make it easier to read a serial number that is difficult to see with the naked eye. Serial numbers can be a great way to identify your gun and learn more about it. How about my 686-3? Tyler Purol is a professional Bowhunter. If I hold the gun and look at the serial number on the bottom of the handle - and the barrel is pointing to my left the serial number is 60699. Ive tried for hours to figure the manufacture date sn 6k63632 on the frame. 32 S&W caliber with a 3" barrel. Note the following: The serial number is often on the Guns trigger guard or theyoke area. It is a .38 caliber, 5 shot, top break. Some of them began doing it in 1942. Smith and Wesson told me that it's not a serial number that is. Smith & Wesson became a subsidiary of Bangor-Punta from 19651983. Some of these databases are free to use, while others may require a paid subscription. Smith and Wesson customer service can be reached by phone at 800-331-0852, Monday-Friday, from nine AM to five PM Eastern Standard Time. AWP2754. Its worth noting that S&W no longer offers factory letters for a fee, and their manufacturing date estimates by phone may not always be accurate, especially for older guns. For models 36, 37, 38, 49, 50, and pre-model number varieties, here is when your gun was manufactured according to the serial code range. JavaScript is disabled. This is a second model. Keep in mind that the chances of successfully recovering an old, scratched, or otherwise difficult-to-read serial number will depend on a number of factors, and there is no guarantee that any particular approach will be successful. It just depends on who answers. LIFETIME WARRANTY: We confidently offer a lifetime warranty that gives you peace of mind when choosing PoLe.Craft IWB KYDEX Holster. After entering the serial number, hit the Search button and you will be given a list of results that includes the model number, date of manufacture, and other information about your gun. However, you can contact the police department in the jurisdiction where the gun was last registered to see if it has been reported as stolen. White was to receive royalties of 25 cents per gun produced until the expiration of his patent in 1872. Pre-War N frame. Performance Center M&P9 M2.0 Ported C.O.R.E. Buy Smith & Wesson 1911 Performance Center Pro Series 45ACP 3" Scandium 178020: GunBroker is the largest seller of Semi Auto Pistols Pistols Guns & Firearms All: 973682190 . Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Serial Number Identification You may only get the year made, or the whole month day year. You can visit the Smith and Wesson site if youre curious about your gun. It is reliable, accurate, and easy to use, making it a great choice for both novice shooters and experienced gun enthusiasts alike. For example, some guns do not have a caliber (such as airsoft guns). This post will consider theSmith and Wesson serial number lookup, and serial number location and help you understand the Smith-Wesson prefixes. Copy. As Ive got a 686-4 Im looking for date of manufacture on as well as potential value. Performance Center M&P40 M2.0 C.O.R.E. Blue screen windows 10 system service exception, Smith And Wesson Manufacture Dates By Serial Number. Adjust your quantity or search for a similar item. This commission comes at no additional cost to you. During World War II, the British Commonwealth approached Smith & Wesson for revolvers. You should also make sure that you are buying from a reputable source, as there are many counterfeit firearms on the market. For example, if a gun has the serial number ABC123, this means that it was the 123rd firearm manufactured by ABC Corporation. If youre looking for a classic revolver that will never go out of style, the Smith & Wesson Model is the perfect choice. However, starting in January 2022, you will be able to request an historians letter from the S&W Historical Foundation. Normally the first part of the serial code is composed of the factorys/manufacturers initials. Smith Wesson used the V (victory) prefix from April 1942. Use a camera: Taking a photograph or scan of the serial number and then enlarging the image can sometimes make it easier to see details that are hard to make out with the naked eye. There's a lot of helpful people willing to help. access consistently rapidly. Feel free to reach out to us or read our affiliate disclosure and privacy policy. Numerous entities like police forces and military groups would mark armory or rack numeric values on weapons, which can easily be mistaken for the industrial serial number. I am curious about year made. A letter prefix did not precede the serial number on S&W revolvers before World War II. Very nice and hard to find Smith and Wesson, model 57, 41 magnum, big N frame. Please Help Smith & Wesson 686 serial number - Spokane Gun Trader. For those revolvers, the C prefix lasted until 1967, when C999999 was finally attained. The letters must be included when submitting the serial number for your S&W weapon. However, you can use our guide or the Smith & Wesson Forum for learning more about Smith & Wesson weapons. # end 191-95 16-03-800-95 Running a gun serial number search is essential if you're looking to buy a used gun from an individual or a dealer. Mine is in the 946xx range and if I remember correctly was manufactured in 1943. There are uniqueserial numbersfor each, emphasizing the importance of knowing yours, especially its location. Cross reference the serial number with Smith & Wesson's customer service (see Resources). It was produced for a short time in the early 20th century and only about 700 were made. Then it has E3 and below it what looks like 2 sets of #'s one overlaying the other. Post pictures here including the serial number on the butt of the gun and someone will look up the shipping date. The precise shipping date as "lettered" can be several years off depending on model. Model numbers were originally imprinted on S&W handguns in September 1957, when the management decided to give each line of revolvers a unique identity. The average price for a brand newSMITH WESSONpistol is $833.80, while a used one is $661.29. 2 PURPOSE What is your primary purpose of the firearm? S&W dating is kept intentionally vague, in order to sustain the S&W Collector's Association with proceeds from "Factory Letter" requests. Throughout its history, Smith & Wesson has been at the forefront of firearms innovation, and the company continues to produce a wide range of firearms for a variety of markets, including law enforcement, military, and civilian shooters. It may be possible to recover an old serial number that has been scratched or is otherwise difficult to read, but the success of such an attempt will depend on the condition of the serial number and the techniques used to try to recover it. JavaScript is disabled. Serial TAL2120. :cheers: Couldn't find a Model 36 SN that is like yours. The Standard Catalog of Smith & Wesson, 4th Edition is the ultimate S&W gun guide! The Fora platform includes forum software by XenForo. The Serial Number is A4441** I was wondering if anyone could help me pinpoint the date of manufacture for this . Key details regarding the year of make and the serial number on your gun. Yes, Firearms manufactured after 1968 must have unique serial numbers, but only within each manufacturer. However, keep in mind that even experts may not be able to give you an exact answer, as there are many factors that can affect a guns age. It's designed for tactical training, hunting, military, the range, law enforcement agencies, personal defense, daily carry and open carry of any kind. Heres the Deal, In Defense of GunTubers (Well, sort of) - Recoil Review, StopBox Review: Portable, Reliable, and Secure. The only place that the serial number is guaranteed to appear on all S&W revolvers is the bottom of the grip frame, with the minor exception of a number of certain I-frame revolvers that carry their serial numbers on the front strap. CARRY WITH CONFIDENCE: Please feel free to use PoLe.Craft portable concealed holster to protect Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm Holster. Location: Columbia Basin Washington. 2012-03-11 03:16:52. The serial number is 48J3XX Thanks in advance. Smith & Wessons early products included lever-action rifles and revolvers. Scopes, guns, boots and other tactical stuff in-between. A forum community dedicated to Smith & Wesson firearm owners and enthusiasts. This gun comes with an original box. Some serial numbers are located underneath the frame in front of the trigger guard. Sometimes the serial number is here, especially in later models. In this instance, 331-12345 was manufactured in the year 2007. Check with the website after confirming your guns model, then utilize numbers after the dash. If you have a gun and want to find out what kind it is, you can use the serial number to look it up. # END 199516-03-001-95 16-03-800-95 The number you listed for the 10-5 is the assembly number, which is arbitrary and basically meaningless. 02-28-2023. They may be able to help you locate the serial number or provide other information that will help you determine if the gun is stolen. During the 1980s, Smith & Wesson developed its L-frame line of .357 Magnums: the Model 581, Model 586, Model 681, and Model 686. Quick-release Button: This M&P 2.0 Holster allows you to place your index (trigger) finger in the perfect position that enables a smooth, quick draw from this 60 degree adjustable holster. Marlin Model 39 Serial number prefixes. Michigan Gun Owners Community Forum > Knowledge Sharing > Firearm Identification . YEAR SER. Here are some of the serial numbers that utilized the V prefix: The inside of the lock works, denoted by an S, was altered in 1945. The Model 31 is the rarest Smith and Wesson revolver. September 11, 2021, 08:10 PM. Most guns have their serial numbers engraved on the side of the barrel. Answer (1 of 8): As Mike Irwin answered, the information you need is stamped on the revolver itself while the serial number is less informative and on older guns actually refers to the production runs of a particular model or are for the parts set (so appear in multiple places on the revolver for. Partnership with Horace Smith & Daniel B. Wesson was from 18561874. Leave a comment below with the answer and any additional data on our topic. makes no guarantee or warranty as to the validity or accuracy of the information. Here are the designations of the rifles with the J prefix: In 1969, the S prefixes were replaced by N prefixes, beginning with N1. Check with a firearms dealer or gunsmith: A firearms dealer or gunsmith may be able to provide information about a gun based on its serial number, especially if they sold the gun or have worked on it in the past. $ 599.00. I think the admin of this web page is actually working hard for his web site, for the reason that here every stuff Posted September 12, 2009. There are a few ways to look up this information. I hope this article helped satisfy your curiosity about the rarest Smith and Wesson revolver. What gun do I have? Are you trying to find out more about your Smith & Wesson firearm? However different models have serial numbers located in different places: The Serial contains letter prefixes and numbers which are significant in outlining the manufacturing date. A 4 inch, dash 4 with factory targets should bring $850 to $1000. Search. Some S&W revolvers don't have hammer mounted firing pins. The Smith & Wesson Model is a simple, yet effective revolver that has been in production for over 100 years. Marc - accipere facile, sed sumite! That version was made from 1910-1917, serial numbers 102501 to about 263000. S&W Model 39 and 39-2 Serial Numbers - Smith & Wesson Forum. Yeah the gun will come back with an "M" stamp from S&W to show that's it's had the work done. American Outdoor Brands also manufactures ammunition and other firearm-related products. Dec 23, 2015 Well the gun was made about 1975 which would make it a Model 14-3 (the next version the 14-4 came out in 1977). The revolver has been in production since 1899 and is currently being produced by Smith & Wessons subsidiary, U.S. 2012-03-11 03:16:52. serial numbers range.2009-12-2 Is there anywhere. Never have checked it either serial is BHC-06XX. In 1852 Horace Smith and D. B. Wesson started the company whose name today still stands for high quality and leading design technology. You can also reach customer service by email at I'll add more if and when the mood strikes me.

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