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On June 19, 2013, Pope Francis gave it his Apostolic Blessing. pray for the Church, which is bleeding . I need to decide if I should consecrate my life to the Mother of God., Thats great, Walter, Aaron responded, but its 9 a.m., and we have work to do. Soon this time of fear, of injustice and of pride will no longer exist. The conversion has to be now! Given our knowledge through the testimony of exorcists as to how the fallen angels detest and fear Mary to the point of refusing to name her, the chances that one would spontaneously induce the production of the words Mary most holy (Maria santissima) in blood on the seers body would appear to be next to nil. Gisella The Church is Tasting Her Martyrdom, Gisella Everything is Being Totally Fulfilled, Gisella Many Have Fallen Into the Greatest Deception, Gisella Ecclesial Freemasonry Wants a Single Church, Gisella The Time Reaches Its Conclusion, Gisella You Will be Stripped of Everything, Gisella Falsehoods are Worse than Disease, Gisella Dramatic Events and Grandiose Signs are Coming, Gisella The Warning Will Expose Everything, Gisella The Church Will Live Her Passion, Gisella The Times Predicted from Fatima Onwards have Arrived, Gisella This is the Time of Persecution, Gisella The Road of the Antichrist is Opening, Gisella Gather as Many Souls as Possible, Gisella The Vatican Will be Greatly Shaken, Gisella The Holy Spirit Will Now Blow Strongly. Together, they had six children, and after sixteen years of marriage, her husband died. With the first apparition of the Holy Virgin, our lives changed. The position of the Church towards the Anguera apparitions is understandably one of caution; as with Zaro di Ischia, a commission has been established for the purposes of evaluation. However, when considered over a longer span, the Anguera messages touch on a wide variety of subjects containing nothing incompatible with Church teachings or approved private revelations. Our Lady said: Pray for China, because new diseases will come from there, all ready to infect the air by unknown bacteria [excerpt], or, as Gisella now says, a virus that would arrive from China after a few months it arrived. She also requested that a chapel be built that still stands. Although you can find such an introduction in the books, The Crown of History, The Crown of Sanctity, The Sun of My Will (published by the Vatican itself), A Guide to the Book of Heaven (which bears an imprimatur), Mark Malletts brief summary On Luisa and Her Writings, the works of Fr. Do not fear regarding the times of pain awaiting you You have given birth to a humanity without God. Otherwise you will not see the gate of Heaven about to open. The apparitions have already been the subject of an Italian national TV broadcast during which the seer behaved with remarkable calm in the face of some heated criticism from panelists in the studio toward her and two books. We have a mission dictated by the plans of the Holy Virgin, and no one can hinder this path. She does housework in the mornings and receives visitors in the afternoon. Valerias Copponis story of receiving locutions from heaven started when she was in Lourdes accompanying her military husband on pilgrimage. Many of the prophecies Luz de Mara has received have already been fulfilled, including the attack on the Twin Towers in New York, which was announced to her eight days in advance. She is a humble, normal, and psychologically healthy woman. He then presented her to Our Lady, who said, You will be my cenaclea term she only understood years later when a priest used it in the context of theprayer group she started in home city of Rome, Italy. On one occasion, Jesus placed the crown of thorns upon her head causing her to lose consciousness and the ability to eat for two or three days. Her local Bishop Romano Rossi of the Diocese of Civita Castellana is reservedly supportive of her. She booked a ticket to Rome and, against all odds, found herself and her companions in the inner corridors of the Vatican. Elizabeths answer was Yes, and through her, Jesus and Mary began a Church movement under a new name given to that immense and eternal love that Mary has for all her children: The Flame of Love.. Gisella - Be Careful Regarding Vaccines - Countdown to the Kingdom Gisella - Be Careful Regarding Vaccines Our Lady to Gisella Cardia on March 16th, 2021: My children, thank you for being here in prayer. Amid such scenarios, messages from Heaven, as conveyed through Catholic mystics, are unequivocal about the vaccines. Do not believe Satan's lies and illusions., Video documentary (Italian) including archival 1995 footage of the seers (among them Ciro Vespoli): Why are we the best website for current private revelation? The messages to Edson Glauber, which total over 2000 pages, are highly consonant with many other credible prophetic sources, and have a strong eschatological dimension, have been the object of Many studies. | CNS photo/Robert Duncan VATICAN CITY The Catholic Church has always been very cautious when it comes to judging reported Marian apparitions. the wrath of God can no longer be stopped. In the following year, Jesus began to speak interiorly to her especially after receiving Holy Communion. While an investigative commission was established in 1998 by Bishop of Brescia Bruno Foresti, the Church has never taken an official position on the apparitions, although Marcos prayer group has been allowed to meet in a church in the diocese. Only thus will the Our Father prayer truly be fulfilled; and this prayer, the greatest prayer ever prayed, is a sure prophecy uttered by the lips of the Son of God. She was also active in evangelizing and organizing pilgrimages to Italy, the Holy Land, and Medjugorje. . Marco Ferrari had three meetings with Pope John Paul II, five with Benedict XVI and three with Pope Francis; with official Church support, the Association of Paratico has founded an extensive international network of Oases of the Mother of Love (childrens hospitals, orphanages, schools, aid for lepers, prisoners, drug addicts). These are the words that Jesus is begging us to have ever on our mind, heart, and lips. In this Second Pentecost, the Spirit of Christ will penetrate ever soul so forcefully and thoroughly that in five-to fifteen minutes time, every person will see his or her life of sin. My children, I ask you to have a pure heart: rid it of hatred and resentment, and make weekly confession; be ready, because the Warning is about to occur. Gisella Cardia kneels and looks skyward Aug. 3, 2020, in the moment devotees claim Mary appeared to her and revealed a message. Father Jos Mara Fernandez Rojas has remained beside Luz de Mara as her confessor from the beginning of her locutions and visions, and two priests work with her permanently. In 1948, the Communist Nationalization of Hungary was a harsh master, and she was fired from her first job for having a statue of the Blessed Mother in her home. A painting of the Divine Mercy purchased in St. Peter's Square wept the blood and water of the Mercy of Jesus. Since Dom Grittis death in 2016, there has been an as yet unresolved conflict between the diocese of Itacoatiara and the Association established by Edson Glauber and his family to support construction of the Sanctuary. Currently, the movement is seeking further approbation as a Public Association of the Faithful. Running to more than 1000 printed pages, Alicjas two-volume spiritual journal (Testimony (1985-1989) and Exhortations (1989-2010) was published posthumously, thanks to the efforts of the Archbishop of Szczecin, Andrzej Dziga, who established a theological commission for the evaluation of her writings, which were granted the Imprimatur by Bishop Henryk Wejman. The messages were passed to Cardinal Stanislaw Dziwisz, John Paul IIs personal secretary. Taken from the best-selling book, The Warning: Testimonies and Prophecies of the Illumination of Conscience. The Queen of the Rosary touched with her hand water which flows from the place of apparitions in Itapiranga and asked that it be brought to the sick for healing. However, it should be said that the position of Msgr. Living as an orphan on the verge of starvation, Elizabeth worked hard to survive. Message from Our Lady Our Lady to Gisella Cardia on November 6th, 2021: My children, thank you for having answered my call in your hearts. They began in 2016 following her visit to Medjugorje, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and purchase of a statuette of Our Lady, which subsequently began to weep blood. On Wednesday, June 11, 1997, the day that year of this requested Feast, the Blessed Mother said the following, making reference to a series of apparitions of the Holy family that took place in Ghiaie de Bonate in northern Italy, during the 1940sapparitions in which devotion to St. Joseph was also accentuated: Dear children, when I appeared in Ghiaie di Bonate with Jesus and St. Joseph, I wanted to show you that later on the whole world should have a great love to the Most Chaste Heart of St. Joseph and to the Holy Family, because Satan would attack the families very profoundly in this end of times, destroying them. Gisella What Is Written Will Come to Pass, Gisella The Consecration of Russia is Not Done, Gisella Many Things Will Change With the Warning, Gisella The Time is Over for the Wicked, Gisella Humanity is Falling for a False Freedom, Gisella How Close the Time of Embracing, Gisella You Will Be Persecuted as was My Son, Gisella Everything is Being Accelerated. Together with my blessing, I express my best wishes for the Words of Heaven contained here to resonate in every creature of good will. Cardinal Pter Erd of Esztergom-Budapest, Primate of Hungary, established a commission to study The Spiritual Diary and the various recognitions that local bishops around the world had given to The Flame of Love movement, as a private association of the faithful. Additionally, the juridical actions undertaken by the CDF only restrict 1) official Liturgical promotion of Edsons messages, 2) wider dissemination of his messages by Edson himself or his Association in Itapiranga, and 3) the promotion of the messages within the Prelature of Itacoatiara. Pay attention to dictatorships and what they will require. Their banner was recently blessed by Pope Francis. A small statue of Our Lady that was bought there also started to have lacrimations (that is, shed tears; in this case, of blood and water). The Antichrist is about to appear. There are several major reasons for focusing on Trevignano Romano as a potentially important and solid prophetic source. One priest makes spelling corrections, then another gives the messages a final review before uploading them to the website,, to be shared with the world. but the fire of the Holy Spirit is coming. On July 13, 1960, Elizabeth started a diary at the Lords request. Gisella says that Our Lady, whom she calls "Mary", is asking more than ever to intensify praying the Rosary, making penance and converting. A great Cross will be seen by the whole world. Guided by these messages from heaven, Fr. He also received a visitation from St. Pio and locutions from St. Thrse de Lisieux, St. Catherine of Siena, St. Michael the Archangel and dozens from Our Lady while in front of the Blessed Sacrament. the 10 best short stories you ve never read huffpost. Why Pedro Regis? We can talk about that later.. Seven months later, a statue of Our Lady of the Immaculate Heart in their home began to weep oil profusely (later, other sacred statues and images began oozing fragrant oil while a crucifix and statue of St. Pio bled. Through this movement, I am calling all my children to consecrate themselves to my Heart, and to spread everywhere cenacles of prayer. [Message #389] The messages of Our Lady of Good Success also mention that some of these events will occur in the twentieth century. So what explains this discrepancy in the worlds timeline? As a layman, he managed an insurance agency, and then following a call to the priesthood, he went on to receive a doctorate in sacred theology from the Pontifical Lateran University in Rome. When she was thirteen, He appeared to her in a vision that she witnessed from the balcony of her home. 282282. Two years into this process, she wrote: Prior to receiving messages from Jesus and the Virgin Mary, I received the following inspiration: You must be selfless, for we will entrust you with a great mission, and you will be up to the task. While Faustinas revelations, themselves, regularly allude to this new sanctity of Living in the Divine Will (as do the revelations of many other fully approved mystics of the 20th century), it has been left to Luisa to be the primary herald and secretary of this new and divine holiness (as Pope St. John Paul II called it). Only at the end, when rereading, do I understand the meaning of the entirety of the words dictated to me more or less quickly in a theological language that I do not understand. Soon Christianity will no longer be professed. The close and detailed convergence, without a hint of plagiarism, with messages from other serious sources of which Luz de Maria seems to have been personally unaware (such as Fr. Colin B. Donovan, STL, Marian Movement of Priests, EWTN Expert Answers, accessed July 4, 2019, Those who have not yet heard a proper introduction to the revelations on the Gift of Living in the Divine Will, which Jesus entrusted to Luisa are sometimes perplexed by the zeal harbored by those who have had this introduction: Why so much emphasis on the message of this lowly lay woman from Italy who died over 70 years ago?. These phenomena, when the sun appears to rotate, flash or be transformed into a Eucharistic Host, clearly cannot be faked by human means, and being recorded (albeit imperfectly) on camera, are also evidently not merely the fruit of collective hallucination. Many do not realize how everything is falling down. Gobbi founded the Marian Movement of Priests (MMP). Thy Will be done. The former is the foundation for the latter; thus, it is fitting that Faustinas revelations became widely known first; but, ultimately, God desires not merely that we accept His mercy, but that we accept His very own life as our life and thus become like Himselfas much as is possible for a creature. Convert now. National Headquarters of the Marian Movement of Priests in the United States of America, Our Lady Speaks to Her Beloved Priests, 10th Edition (Maine; 1988) p. xiv. Satan wants to govern your lives and minds. In one passage of the book, the following explanation is given: I have chosen you because you are the least apt instrument; thus no one will say that this is your work. She does what she can to promote the urgent messages heaven is giving to her. . (Trevignano Romano miracolo del sole 3 gennaio 2020/Trevignano Romanos miracle of the sun, January 3, 2020). so that the pains that they will cause might be alleviated. No pronouncement has yet been made on the authenticity of the apparitions, which continue to be monitored by the Church. As he was praying at the shrine of Our Lady for certain priests who had renounced their vocations and were attempting to form themselves into associations in rebellion against the Catholic Church, he heard Our Ladys voice urge him to gather other priests who would be willing to consecrate themselves to the Immaculate Heart of Mary and be strongly united with the Pope and the Church. Salvation and sanctification: the two ultimate desires God has for His dear children. Stefano Gobbi have now begun. In 2010, her mystical communications came to a conclusion, two years before her death from cancer in St. Johns Hospice, Szczecin, on January 5, 2012. 6hswhpehu 'hdu %urwkhuv dqg 6lvwhuv :h kdyh ehhq h[sorulqj lq rxu exoohwlq duwlfohv dssuryhg dssdulwlrqv ri -hvxv 0du\ dqg wkh Gisella Cardia: War Will Reach Europe And Especially Rome. Thirdly, the messages have frequently been accompanied by visible phenomena, photographic evidence found inIn Cammino con Maria, which cannot be the fruit of subjective imagination, notably the presence of the stigmata on Giselles body and and the appearance of crosses or religious texts inbloodon Gisella's arms. We do not share email addresses with ANYONE. Now the Holy Virgin appears during the recitation of the Holy Rosary and beyond, leaving messages of conversion and preparation for events that will touch humanity. Soon afterwards, he announced to Aaron, Theres a decision I have to make in my life. . He knows his wife is neither a liar nor deluded. Meanwhile, despite negative assessment by some in the case of mystic Gisella Cardia, the website which is maintained by otherwise credible people such as Daniel O'Connor, Mark Mallett and Christine Watkins -- insists on her credibility, quoting through her the Blessed Mother as saying as follows on October 10th, 2020: It does not replace any of the existing devotions and practices that Heaven has been asking of usfrequenting the Sacraments, praying the Rosary, fasting, reading Scripture, consecrating ourselves to Mary, doing works of mercy, etc.rather, it makes these calls even more urgent and exalted, for we can now do all these things in a truly divinized way. Then he heard a voice that he believed was God the Father: The Blessed Mother has chosen you to be used as an instrument of God. Soon, there will be wars and the moment of Antichrist. Dom Carillo Gritti, Bishop of the diocese of Itacoatiara, approved the 1994-1998 phase of the apparitions as supernatural in origin on May 31, 2009 and personally laid the cornerstone of a new Sanctuary in Itapiranga on May 2, 2010. Starting in February 1997 and still continuing, the apparitions to Eduardo Ferreira have been taking place regularly on the 12th of each month as well as occasionally on other dates. From 1995 to 2005, Marco had visible stigmata during Lent and relived the Lords Passion on Good Friday. The consistently elevated theological content and pedagogy of these messages and devotions. Ze begonnen in 2016, volgend op haar bezoek aan Medjugorje en de aankoop van een beeldje van Onze Lieve Vrouw, dat bloed begon te wenen. But we know that the Spirit blows where and when He wills, and so with great humility and acknowledging that without Him we can do nothing, we dispose ourselves to listen to the Word, Who is the Way, the Truth, and the Life.. Marie-Julie Jahenny, the great Breton mystic and stigmatist of France, was known for hemographic writing to appear on her body, as well. . Let your will be done on Earth as it is done in Heaven.. . Yet there is additional video evidence of solar phenomena in the presence of multiple witnesses during prayer at the apparition site, similar to the phenomena of the Dancing Sun in Fatima in 1917 or attested by Pope Pius XII in the Vatican Gardens immediately preceding the proclamation of the Dogma of the Assumption in 1950. Apparitions subsequently occurred almost daily until January 1, 1996, two months after the first message from Jesus in a hospital where Eduardo was working as a nurse. In the messages, Jesus and Mary express their profound sadness over mans disobedience of the Divine law, which has led him to align with evil and act against God. Now these messages, which encourage, shape, challenge and fortify the faithful remnant of these times, the end times, are available to the world. you will see the new Jerusalem descend. The alleged Marian apparitions in Trevignano Romano in Italy to Gisella Cardia are relatively new. Taking them with him to the Cathedral of the Blessed Sacrament during his lunch break from his job as a real-estate broker, he devoured them and quickly became a different man. . At the simple shrine on the hillside, a sanctuary structure will be built, as requested by Our Lady. A universal prayer encompassing more religions is not possible, because in this way Christianity-the sole truth-would be abolished. Luz de Mara de Bonilla is a Catholic mystic, stigmatist, wife, mother, Third Order Augustinian, and prophet from Costa Rica, currently residing in Argentina.

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