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JENNA [00:10:33] It aired a day early. Remember when he got Dwight to believe that Thursday was Friday? Jim "helps" him by giving him suggestions and speech notes from speeches of famous dictators. Kevins Hedonism and 69 lines Dwight Schrute Inspired Valedictorian Speech 80,365 views Jun 12, 2012 1K Dislike Share Save NorthIdahoPfunTime 16 subscribers Matt Pfeifer's Valedictorian Speech from Sandpoint High. People become great by daring, risking and suffering, and not by placing themselves by the wayside in parasitic and vile expectancy. Jim: Yeah, Im definitely going. SAM [00:43:59] Mordor is where Sauron is. JENNA [00:00:24] Good morning, "Office Ladies"! I come really close to getting a strike. Michael: Could go either way. Much of Dwight's speech is based upon real speeches by Italian dictator Benito Mussolini. OK. Most people who stay at the resorts are couples, but they do have single person rates available. At 17 minutes, 34 seconds, he says. Salesmen of Northeastern Pennsylvania I ask you; once more rise and be worthy of this historical hour! [applause] Salesmen of north-eastern Pennsylvania, I ask you once more rise and be worthy of this historical hour. ANGELA [00:02:27] I also own a sweatshirt that says "Always cold". ANGELA [00:29:52] Where are you getting married? JENNA [00:24:40] Is it because he's a little bit rubbing it in everyone's face? You thought there wasn't, but there is. So he's in charge of all those numbers and things. At the end of Michael's story, the alien has been replaced by a man wearing a wizard hat. Pam says, Pam has this line, "Like Toastmaster"? We were so invested in our characters and how our character would react to a moment or to a story that even if we hadn't been directed or didn't think the camera was on us, we would stay in our characters and react in the moment. When Michael dejectedly leaves Dwight's speech, he walks past Angela standing in the back of the ballroom, recording the speech with a handheld video camera. But I did download speeches from some of historys famous dictators. Since 1935 the attention of our general staff has been focused on Libya. Dwight Schrute: Oh, it is serious. Michael and Dwight look for the meeting hall. The Italian people, the Fascist people deserve and will have victory. So it just looked like the room was filled all the way to the back. JENNA [00:55:44] You know, you're an authoritarian. I didn't pick it. Rainn is, he goes full out, guys. Rainn is too sick. Why are we looking at you? ANGELA [00:36:16] There's also a deleted scene. A loaf of bread? Our capacity to recuperate in moral and material fields is really formidable and constitutes one of the peculiar characteristics of our race. And she's worried about people getting offended like Angela. Jim is passing by Pam's desk and Pam says, "Oh, I've always wanted to go to Australia" and he says, "Well, I'm going and I bought a nonrefundable ticket". Here's a summary. JENNA [00:24:33] No. Dwight: I say, salesmen and women of the world, unite. And I didnt know what to make of Ryans remark it seemed randomly mean I think that is a great explanation. The Greek successes do not go out of the tactical field and only megalomania has magnified them. ANGELA [00:38:46] You're not here to look-see, look-see. WE ARE WARRIORS! She says she she's feeling under the weather. I remember shooting on that day. The Axis fights in certainty of victory, while the British fight because, as Lord Halifax said, they have no other choice. JENNA [00:49:23] Super catchy. Dwight's speech has absolutely nothing to do with being a salesman, but he delivers each line as he pounds down on the podium and yells into the microphone, looking like a dictator himself.. In the same period were sent 1,924 cannon of all calibers and many of them of recent construction and model; 15,386 machine-guns; 11,000,000 rounds of shells; 1,344,287,275 bullets for light arms; 127,877 tons of engineers materials; 779 tanks with a certain percentage of heavy tanks; 9,584 auto vehicles of various kinds; 4,809 motorcycles. The audience consisted of 400 extras and 100 mannequin torsos (no arms or legs) dressed up in suits. We are finally in the kitchen with Jim and Pam, and they are finally bantering again like old times. Thus our first squadron of airplanes left on July 27, 1936, and during the same day we had our first dead. ANGELA [00:29:45] I mean, you know, I've had some frustrations with Pam's mom. So-. The dummies were used in the back and along the sides of the auditorium. I'm on the clock it. JENNA [00:05:39] He mentioned that Charles McDougal was really worried that you were going to see these dummies. And he's like-. Dwight and Michael chuck a football back and forth, talking. [15] The episode was viewed by 8.4 million viewers, and retained 88 percent of its lead-in My Name Is Earl audience. So why does Dwight want to go there? Kevin: Its like Club Med, but everything is naked. He basically wants to be one of the "Lord of the Rings". In order to practice his public speaking skills, Dwight tries to convince the office that Brad Pitt was in a car accident. That's a safe. ANGELA [00:30:53] I did, too. That's all my actual hair. So I text to Creed. Leave me out of it. Dwight, to Jim's annoyance, surfs the internet to find things to buy with his prize money. JENNA [00:58:07] Dwight immediately clicks into Michael's story. OFFICE LADIES | EPISODE 23 - DWIGHTS SPEECH. ANGELA [00:19:43] Okay. ANGELA [00:35:32] And then she's like, this is because of Jen Aniston. Oscar was like the only person that saw me. JENNA [00:55:46] This is how you're going to be most authentic. Michael takes solace that Dwight's speech was better than his by concluding that in being able to entertain him, he was the better speaker. JENNA [00:27:06] Guys, at four minutes, 23 seconds, Dwight has this great talking head where he talks about losing his sixth grade spelling bee for not being able to spell the word "failure". ANGELA [00:38:44] And then they're like-. Share the best GIFs now >>> Kelly Kapoor (Mindy Kaling) then states that it "is karma because of what he did to Jennifer Aniston. He's like, no, I know what I did. I believe he did improvise quite a bit. Although I did use a travel agent recently for a trip and it was very helpful. ANGELA [00:19:56] But we didn't have that. OK. Now, Paul Lieberstein, who wrote this episode, he did an interview once where he said, yeah, I think Jim did eventually take that trip, but he moved the trip. I come among you to look you firmly in the eyes, feel your temperature and break the silence which is dear to-me, especially in wartime. This is impossible because Germany now works with the men, machines and raw materials of the entire European Continent. I mean-. The opening football scene was funny, the middle segment was pretty flat and unfunny (How many times is Michael going to call everyone into an impromptu meeting in conference room? Kelly: Is Brad okay? For example, he would be a person who would give Phil Shea a budget for 13 fitness orbs. Well, both Kent and Paul said a version of the same thing, which was they really tried to avoid getting the dressed up people in the shots. ANGELA [00:14:12] Oh, shut up. He's the last one. Pam looks at the camera. Michael's credenza. Ryan: Nice send me a postcard. Began as a prank from Jim, but turned. Because if they say no. Michael hurls the football all the way to accounting, whereKevincatches it and tosses it back. But guys, it's a little family owned business. JENNA [00:35:31] And the branches closing. We have been at war six years, precisely from Feb. 1, 1935, when the first communiqu announcing the mobilization of Peloritana was issued. Sam? But Dwight just adores Michael and hangs on his every word and isn't rubbing it in his face. Fifth, the morale of the Axis people is infinitely superior to the morale of the British people. JENNA [00:53:50] With your little hat on. ANGELA [00:32:32] And I mean all the guys actually. sothis episode was worth waiting through the Olympic coverage! ANGELA [00:45:44] 11 minutes, 3 seconds, Jim does a prank on Dwight. JENNA [00:40:09] Creed says he should go to Hong Kong. So Kristy Swanson, Jillian Barberie, Bruce Jenner. Back in the conference room. Keep the great shows coming!! ANGELA [00:23:44] Look what I wrote on my card. So I captivated the guy who captivated a thousand guys. We boast that we are not like them. It was always some new office procedure and we would kind of kind of complain about it and try to figure it out. Summary: Dwight turns to Michael for public speaking advice, but its Jim who provides some effective talking points. Dwight's speech, which was possibly written entirely by Jim as a prank, is derivative of speeches given by historical dictators. It has been a lifetime struggle, a never-ending fight, I say to you, and you will understand that it is a privilege to fight. ", "No revolution is worth anything unless it can defend itself! The Office Season 2 Episode 17: "Dwight's Speech", About Us | Copyright Inquiry | Privacy Policy | Contact Us. ANGELA [00:25:44] He saved it for ta bit. ANGELA [00:17:35] No, he wasn't. And he looks at you and he's like, I know what I said. Dwight: Blood alone moves the wheels of history! So here's what we find out. ANGELA [00:59:38] OK. Well, obviously, I don't know Kent and Paul's answer, but I watched the deleted scenes and there is an extended scene of them walking through the hotel where the convention centers are. JENNA [01:05:01] So I'll get I'll get the time code for that so I can really lay into myself. During the cold open, when Michael is throwing the football to Dwight he hits Jim's desk knocking a bunch of frames and pens onto the boxes in front of Jim's and Dwight's desk. And it was-. So Kent said that the dummies were mostly in the back and on the sides. There were five "dummy wranglers" who moved the dummies around for each shot. ANGELA [00:26:12] Why is he chilling the whole tea set? Kelly talks about her dreams of getting married someday and is visibly hurt when Ryan responds to her flirtatious question about future weddings by saying he doesn't think he'll ever tie the knot; when Kelly leaves the room, Pam advises Ryan to be considerate of Kelly's feelings, but Ryan curtly notes "I know what I said." "Did Rainn actually have the speech written on that paper"? JENNA [00:39:39] Not a problem. To see this page as it is meant to appear, please enable your Javascript! Dammit, I'm forgetting the name. Dwight later reveals that he will be going to New Zealand to "walk the Lord of the Rings trail to Mordor and I will hike Mount Doom. 2023 TV Fanatic Hilarious! There were a lot of extras. Jim, upset at having to hear wedding planning at Pam's desk, calls a travel agent and arranges a trip to Australia. TOGETHER THAT WE PREVAIL. Charles McDougall. They absolutely must not be confused or contaminated by the minority or well-known poltroons, anti-social individuals and complainers, who grumble about rations and regret their suspended comforts, or by snakes, the remains of the Masonic lodges, whom we will crush without difficulties when and how we want. JENNA [00:06:25] He said that we did 47 camera setups in a 12 hour shoot day. However, at 14 minutes, 19 seconds, there is a shot of the audience. [4], The Season Two DVD contains a number of deleted scenes from this episode. It's not a mini fridge. Kelly: Oh. I know you guys are paying for the wedding, but I don't want orange invitations". Maybe some people dont like it as cold as I do. JENNA [00:55:55] Oh yeah. JENNA [00:11:51] Yeah. Whenever I did background work with Kate, we stayed in character the whole time. All right. JENNA [00:49:36] He's having a minor panic. Not a funny episode as much as a clever one. JENNA [00:29:31] Yeah. I wrote that in my diary. And I will travel to New Zealand. JENNA [00:44:33] See your difficulty in explaining it to me is why I don't like to watch it. ", This page was last edited on 18 December 2022, at 22:41. ANGELA [00:34:13] I mean, people are thrilled. Season: 2 Episode: 17 - Dwight's Speech Michael coaches pompous Dwight on the finer art of public speaking after being named as Salesman of the Year. Pam: Are you going to cry, Jim? In, In this episode, Ryan tells us that Jim eats a ham and cheese sandwich everyday. It was a pretty good show. Dwight Schrute ( Rainn Wilson) is named Northeastern Pennsylvania Salesman of the Year and must make a speech at an association meeting at the Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel, getting some assistance from Michael Scott ( Steve Carell ). He tosses it to Phyllis. You mean just Mindy? JENNA [00:25:01] He also puts himself in this position of expert. JENNA [00:52:02] You have to hate this speech. So they had to air us one day early. I've never loved mail more than this mail. JENNA [00:33:23] But then Michael says, no, the difference is boobs. JENNA [00:01:45] So he decides it's time for a vacation. Way to go Mike. Five citations, and you're looking at a violation. I was like, this is the strangest question. This will never happen. The protagonists of history can revindicate their rights, but simple spectators never can. ANGELA [00:26:10] I was like, why is your refrigerator? So, I mean, Dwight kind of starts panicking. So if you're in Scranton, I recommend the Radisson Lackawanna Station Hotel. Congratulations, Dwight. I thought it was a solid episode but not one of the best. 23 With the outbreak of hostilities on Sept. 1, 1939, we had just finished two wars which imposed relatively modest sacrifices in human life but had forced us to make an enormous logistic and financial effort. I can genuinely say that I have really liked every episode of both seasons so far (I own season 1s DVD, too), but The Speech ranks at the very bottom for me. JENNA [00:34:00] Yes. He said that we filmed for only one day at the Universal Studios Sheraton Hotel. JENNA [00:47:29] So was he pretending to be cold now? And by the way, still very tan. JENNA [00:19:58] You had to hook it into your cable box. Not my favorite episode either, but loved: Michaels reverse Heisman pose | No revolution is worth anything unless it can defend itself. When the sufferings of the march by the Julia division almost up to Metzovo are known all will appear legendary. ANGELA [00:12:22] "Bowling with Celebrities". ANGELA [00:01:23] It's a huge honor. Everyone. And I wrote about it in my diary and I said that we stayed in character the entire two hours that they shot in Michael's office. So he goes to Michael for advice. ANGELA [00:47:01] It is it, but it is a hodgepodge. ANGELA [00:15:30] What you cannot see is there is a petite blond person standing behind him. When Pam teases Jim in the kitchen for losing to Dwight, Jim drinks from a mug that says "Together building a better Scranton. And so we answered that question. No. "[7] During the meeting in the break room Dwight references Good Morning, Vietnam. It was me against Raj Patel. JENNA [00:25:54] Yeah. And it looks like things are going to thaw until Phyllis comes out of the bathroom and asks Pam about her wedding dress. It was definitely a good one. And then Michael gives Dwight some advice. "[17] M. Giant of Television Without Pity graded the episode with an "A. JENNA [00:45:22] Or because they want to get the ring to him so he turns into a regular person again? This is our duty to change their perception. Am I wrong? JENNA [00:39:06] It's open from 10:30 p.m. to 3 a.m. ANGELA [00:39:09] Mmhmm, you go wrestle with your friends. There remains Russia, but her fundamental interests advise her also to follow in the future a good-neighbor policy with Germany. Also, Kim Ferry outdid herself with this really intricate braid. JENNA [00:34:39] So Dwight tries it. On the first take, the crowd reacted too enthusiastically to Dwight's speech. Salesmen of Northeastern Pennsylvania, I ask you once more rise and be worthy of this historical hour. ANGELA [00:24:17] He does not want Dwight to succeed. And Michael is like, "Oh, yes. That. Am I wrong? I remember shooting this, the thing that made me laugh on the day is Kelly's line. TOGETHER THAT WE PREVAIL. But he said he hasn't used it since. So I would wear UGG boots under my desk. He said, "At various times Creed has spoken Japanese and Chinese on the show. And you will see Jim use this mug throughout the entire episode. ANGELA [01:05:25] And our theme song is "Rubber Tree" by Creed Bratton. I'm Angela Kinsey. Don't stop. They're supportive of one another. Where possible we resisted strongly and furiously. Rome comrades! Now, let me break that down for you guys. There was an "Office" convention in 2007. JENNA [00:50:04] So Michael runs up on stage and. And then the top shelf of the safe. JENNA [00:26:34] What, like a couple of items like wrapped in mesh with some twine. JENNA [00:20:13] I feel like this is like my mom trying to tell me about what life was like without a microwave. They would kind of have Kevin and my character come out. ANGELA [00:59:56] And it's it's like a just some random convention. ANGELA [00:35:28] And then he goes, oh, also, there's no bonuses. You guys dont miss a thing!). It first aired on March 2, 2006. So here I'll give you the cast of "Skating with Celebrities". You wear a little something, but here was one thing I found interesting. JENNA [00:22:37] Well, speaking of Jim. You can't. And by walking in this area, you give permission to be on the TV show. What does it cost? WE ARE WARRIORS! Like, do you have a memory? But remember, wasn't it Oscar who says he likes the cold? So I think. ANGELA [00:43:03] Yeah. ANGELA [00:26:41] He had a change of clothes, a Dundee. Angela"? ANGELA [00:22:00] I want you guys. They wanted me to come out a little bit to the edge of accounting. This is our duty to change their perception. Look, I'll get real, I'm going to NPR it now. ANGELA [00:08:10] And then we had all the extras hired and everything. We cranked it back up. Jim eats the same ham and cheese sandwich every day for lunch. "You really think you're gonna go? And then they were like, "Oh, B.J., are you OK"? And Michael's like and really, really just brings the room totally down but really earnest and Michael's like, "Oh, OK. All right. ANGELA [00:32:34] We're always in suits and the lights do like warm up the stage but they cranked the air down so the guys wouldn't get sweaty in their suits. JENNA [00:04:55] Yes, this is true. I have just emailed you please let me know which episode you would like. Notable cut scenes include: Non-notable cut scenes include Michael scratching an itch on his thigh, Dwight nervously clicking a pen, and several closeups of Jim's face. ANGELA [00:48:35] And he goes, "Yeah, I didn't. Dwight: They are either going to say yes. ANGELA [00:27:22] That is fantastic. JENNA [00:17:19] So they could see you better. I was like, "Yeah. Press question mark to learn the rest of the keyboard shortcuts. But remember, while today it is me, we all shall fall. Ryan: Jim has worked at the same place for five years. There is no tipping allowed. He did not fall in any of the rehearsals. So now Dwight and Michael are sort of having this great moment at the bar. ANGELA [00:02:34] People know me. But there's more. We're best friends. That we shall have to fight hard is certain, that we shall have to fight long is also probable, but the final result will be an Axis victory. ANGELA [00:38:21] Well, thank you for that. And he gives them a copy of Mussolini's speech. Rainn Wilson tried to improvise Dwight's speech but was advised to stick to the script. Copyright 2023 OfficeTally. JENNA [00:32:00] Different look, different day. Europe therefore, with the exception of Portugal, Switzerland and, for a little while yet, Greece, is all outside the orbit of Britain and against Britain. WE MUST NEVER CEDE CONTROL OF THE MOTHERLAND FOR IT IS TOGETHER THAT WE PREVAIL. He says here are some. He said he did because he thought his character would. By accepting all cookies, you agree to our use of cookies to deliver and maintain our services and site, improve the quality of Reddit, personalize Reddit content and advertising, and measure the effectiveness of advertising. JENNA [00:40:53] No. They've been a bit estrange. Not only the years we've been at war, the war of work, but from the moment as a child, when we realize the world could be conquered. ANGELA [00:00:25] I see what you're doing there. JENNA [01:03:55] To get away from your wedding. ANGELA [00:53:51] I'm filming it. You know, you go for the arrow, because I might have pegged you as a person. Angela and Dwight is talking all about, the, he's going to go to New Zealand. ANGELA [00:13:08] And then I try to look at that and then I roll it down. Think of the Punic Wars when the Battle of Cannae threatened to crush Rome. ANGELA [00:01:51] A vacay. It first aired on March 2, 2006. and and but Dwight is so into it. I like it a little cooler, around 66 degrees. I can prove this logically and in this case belief is corroborated by fact.

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