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Allegedly it got to a point where she knew that her presence in his life was causing them both harm, so she left him alone and did her best to let him move on. I know we all hear this and we all have been told over and over to stay away from drugs but I wish I could drill it into kids heads who might consider trying it. Chris Cornells recent death triggered something in me and Ive spent days reading through this site among others. I started writing this journal online because writing about losing you all has helped to heal my broken heart when nothing else did. But Im glad that Demri existed, she was special and brightened the lives of many of those around her special enough that we still talk about her and admire her beauty 24 years after her death. Tom has two versions. A lot of creativity! I guess Im looking at the wrong fb pages. "remembering Demri"..? It is believed that Layne met Demri sometime in the late 80's or early 1990, as she is thanked . But that black cloud, which they couldnt see in those early days, hovered over them both. Barbara thanks for putting your heart into this and also for educating people about drugs. Teri, Mark Arms girlfriend, was maybe going to live there and then Chad from RHCP did for a little bit but they all had their issues. Ill be thinking of you. thank you for you time keep up the good work for these beautiful magic souls you keep alive. Im sorry, Layne. Best Of Luck to you Ms. Jacqueline from Scotland. Its people like demri and Layne who would really make you think life was worth living. That doesnt mean nobody cares that simply means people have priorities. If they weren't in insert thing, you wouldn't know them. Alice In Chains. We talked about how we KNEW that AiC was going to be the biggest band in the world, and she insisted that I tell Layne that, because he didnt believe it coming from his girlfriend. She was an addict, just like Layne. Theyd have taken her by the arms, and said, See more News You may also like. She did not need makeup to shine. She had been clean for a little while before she went in and shot heroin with that guy she was dating. Id love to know more about her in her younger years before she went out with Layne. Its a tribute vid, and at 5:45 (and I mean exactly easy to miss!) Doesnt matter though that she was not mentioned in her obituary because I know that Rosheen knew how important she was to Demri and Rosheen was at her funeralso that probably hurt her. I was jealous of the model dip**** and I hated her. Is that because of damage to his skeletal system due to heroin? Rare photo of Demri Parrott & Layne Staley from a photo shoot they did together. Sean was an alcoholic and Mike Starr was a drug addict. @ Eric: Nothing. had an issue and he couldnt stop. Jerry wanted to tour but Layne was sick and then in and out of rehab 13 times. So sorry to hear about your Dad too and believe me I understand how easy it is to go back to the only thing we know made us numb again. Yes, Laura very, very true you basically nailed it. Someone asked for a video of Demrigot this from youtube its Demri and Layne singing together hope this helps Then Demri starts to get sick, and shes in the hospital many times, her heart, her lungs. Finally, best of luck if you write a book Muself, I would love to produce a film documenting all of this. We tried to before but couldnt really connect with Nancy- too much focus on Laynes addiction and Heroin, and yknow there was a lot more to those times than just that. Would they be right? I have seen people/myself go from great people to completely changed. Barbara you remember when you came into the room at the hospital and thought you were interrupting and we got Rachel to leave so you could have some private time with Demri and she thanked you saying she felt like she had vultures over her and could feel Rachel wanted her to die so she could have Layne. Demri was the biological daughter of Kathleen Ann (Austin) and Dennis Wayne Dougherty. Also I do know Rachel was trying to be there for Layne after Demri died and he did let her but he said not romantically. Just from her pictures you feel love what a beautiful person she was and I cannot imagine how she is missed by all who new her.I feel fortunate to have found this site and kinda feel as if I got to somehow get some insight to what a beautiful person she truly was.We all now get to experience why she is so deeply missed by her family and friends.Thank you for introducing us to her.RIP. For opening your heart with all of us, for sharing your love and passion for Demri, for making her not being forgotten Im not totally sure when that started to change. I always hope to be able to tell myself if I become terminal someday that death is a part of life and hopefully itll bring me some comfort and I will look at it a different way. I hope so. Thats probably the biggest lesson her legacy has taught me. Photographer unknown. 04/05/93|04/05/02 Haha! Ive read several places where it said he had braces on his legs to help him walk, but I think that is not true. Makes total sense that D and L were soulmates. Girlfriend of Alice In Chains' lead vocalist Layne Staley, Evergreen Hospital, Kirkland, Washington / Bremerton, Kitsap County, Washington, USA, Ivy Green Cemetery Bremerton, Kitsap County, Washington, USA, Douglas Anderson School of the Arts, Jacksonville, Florida (1985 - 1989). When they cancelled the 94 tour it was because Layne was afraid. DAVID DUET Before I left Seattle, Alice in Chains was having their big Bumbershoot show and Facelift was out. I was and still am a huge fan of Laynes and AIC, and admired the beautiful Demri. The next year they got invited to play Unplugged and did a couple of songs for a movie and then Demri died in October and Layne kindof shut himself off. Ethnicity: English, Swiss-German, Irish, Scottish, remote Welsh, possibly 1/64th Cherokee Native American. From everything you say about Demri and what a force of personality she was, this drug seems to have had an unbreakable hold on her. You are a survivor and your story is so important, especially to those that struggle xx, Hi Barbara, just wanted to share this video with you, just in case this photo in it is Demri I know I will personally miss Demri as long as I live but today marks the day that Demri was taken from us ALL forever. End of june..i start getting sick again. I will also never let you be forgotten as long as my heart beats.this website was made in memory of you, Layne and Rosheen..and now sadly, Mike too. Some are experimenting with stuff, which can just be a part of growing up. Thank you for this site, and these photos, and your memories. You do that on your own! Thanks for keeping this site up. It is even hard this far out but so freeingI have terminal cancer and if I could I would have love to have given your daughter whatever it was in me to make this happen so she could be here with you Addiction is a disease and one we need to address in this country very seriously without all the judgementWe shall just pray for all the negative talk out there if there is and the ironic thing is that it is those that judge other addicts that will discover it is in their own family! Pinterest. Thank you for sharing this, I don't care how accurate it was. And then shortly after that, their whole sound changed cause they got introduced to the scene and Susan Silver. Im very thankful for my daughter because for the first time I had to clean up and start to deal with things. The drug is the great deception and it kills people around where I live every day. Shane came along and started talking shit about how nobody commented on Oct 29th and I said people have their own lives to live meaning that I dont monitor this site every single day and I have relatives that have died and friends that Ive known personally that have died. Demri Parrott had an encounter with Katina Bonita Evangeline (1991). The surgery went good..(tryin to hurry) after surgery i got on suboxone n was doing really good for 6 months. We all were our suing a buzz in those days and the idea was to just be careful. I remember I was shooting video for Nancy at one of those tributes five years ago -shooting man on the street interviews outside, and Mike pulled up in a limo and talked to some of us , and we chatted but he was high as a kite. Demri's obituary. I would love to read more about this era and i know there is alot of crap out there but in your opinion which book written about that time in history on AIC and even mentioning Demri would you think is the most accurate?? Sadly, Demri passed away in 1996 of endocarditis caused by her drug use. I do get it a little but its silly. She went out one night with the new bf of hers and she had shot heroin before they left. Yes, families fight, a lot, but in death should not peace be made between everyone? I am very sorry about your lossI hate cancer and congrats on doing good, keep strong. They were both so beautiful in their own weird way. I believe that their friendship was love as well as drug based. Older more successful groups need to talk to some of the up and coming or simply make a video so that record companies can play it to newly formed groups. I made myself get over my stupid feelings for you because I had to, and when I did that I also got over my frustration with the fact that everytime I defended you I had to hide behind anonymity and lose credibility. I have some copies of her poetry. I never met Demri but I used to rehearse at Naf and played at the Offramp and RCKNDY , so I met Layne, Mike, Sean and Jerry a few times. Demri did NOT get Layne into heroin. Demri Parrott (born Demri Lara Murphy on February 22nd 1969 - d. October 29th 1996) was the love of Alice in Chains singer Layne Staley's life. Very little is known of Demri Parrott, except that she was practically worshiped by her fianc, Layne Staley. She and Layne, and Rosheen, Mike and all the friends are together and laughing, having fun and taking care of us. AIC has always been a huge impact on me personally (and musically). Demri Lara Parrott, 27, of Bremerton died Oct. 29, 1996, at Evergreen Hospital in Kirkland. Living your life not feeling happy is not the way you were meant to live. Layne tried it, loved it. Stills. Felt a little CRAZY. She said take her to Capital Hill to Rehab so he thought he was (per what he told me). Demri Parrott passed away in October of 1996, one of the worst things to ever happen to Layne Staley. Just some random thoughts I had. I know they seem crazy and all, but I have heard peoples stories on YouTube about how veganism, particularly the type that involves mostly raw fruits (unprocessed raw produce is key) changed their lives. Andrew Wood. Would anynof those be from 95 or 96 ? Hearing how so many of your friends relapsed makes it obvious just how addicting heroin is and how strong of a grip it has. Dope sick is horrible and unless you have experience it for yourself you wouldnt understand and the mental part of it is even worse. Not heroin, but pills and marijuana. Dear Barbara, I wrote this on Darrins page, but Im writing to you again on this one, though they are probably all one and the same. I just feel that sometimes Jerry does not get enough credit for the good things that he has done. Layne is said to have overdosed . Hopefully be a soulful powerhouse like him. They are blessed to have had a great friend in you who will tell their story and stick up for them so fiercely too. Hopefully its still like that because its important that addicts be able to call for help without worrying theyre gonna go to jail. What a cute smile!!! -Chris, Was wondering if you ever went on any road trips with Demri to see AIC? Jerry is one of the best melody writers ever, and Layne was a virtuoso vocalist and obviously his lyrics resonate with so many people. I know its been mentioned she was to keep her distance from the band later on but I thought you might have some fun memories travelling together to see some AIC gigs from earlier in the picture? I dont know why I chose here, maybe I need to vent or maybe I just want to share a little bit of the truth as I perceived it. The Real Housewives of Atlanta The Bachelor Sister Wives 90 Day Fiance Wife Swap The Amazing Race Australia Married at First Sight The Real Housewives of Dallas My 600-lb Life Last Week Tonight with John Oliver Mad Season released only one album, Above, in March 1995. I think what we could do for the fallen heroin addicts is change. Seattle police reportedly found Staley on his couch, weighing 86 pounds. Oh lord, the jokes ;D They would go out together and a lot of people thought they were gay. Truly a loving person. <3, Hi Barb I needed to reach out to one of Demris friends. Probably every home in America has it, so it would be easy to squire. Rest in Peace our sweet angels. remember her asking me super-direct questions like, So, hows the sex between you and Angela? And I was like, Oh, my God, you cant talk about this! My mother overdosed and died 2 years before Layne. . 1st I was not talking to you! There are also more happy and nice memories here that focus more on the positive aspects! I was a reference for him. She is too tall.. too lean wrong body type.. cant see her face.. wrong hair.. wrong clothes.. just not her. Demri tried to warn me too and I also ignored her and lost years of my life.. that I can barely remember and doing almost everything I had always promised myself that ID NEVER DO I EVENTUALLY ENDED UP DOING THINGS I COULD NEVER OF IMAGINED ALWAYS JUST TRYING TO SURVIVE THAT FUCKING EVIL ADDICTION!! But my son also dabbles in drugs. Let this be a good story to stop people from picking up for the first time. I'm fascinated at how a beautiful young lady like Demri lost control of her life to drugs. Im confused. I will pray for peace and healing for you and youre children. But, I dont know of a court that would deny a parent power of attorney if they have a child on the brink of death. I think there are clues around us every day of something more and that when we die were NOT gone forever so I will continue to believe that something happens I just dont know what it is yet.

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