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Bumping this back up, hoping that more people have had a chance to handle or shoot these. They were the Ruger American Ranch Rifle 26968, $529; the Savage Axis II 18819, $385; and the just-introduced CVA Cascade SB CR3914R bolt action, $621. I greatly admire many discontinued rifles, such as the Mannlicher-Schoenauer, but they are not included here. Bolt lift is only 70 degrees, leaving the bolt handle well clear of optics. Costs are down. Any hunter in search of more bang for their buck (pun intended) should start with the CVA Scout, a single-shot rifle that comes fitted with a Konus 3-9x40mm scope. I have my safe queens. WebCVA Inc; Great Lake Outdoors; Henry Repeating Arms; Mossberg; POF; Radical Firearms; Ruger; Savage; Thompson Center; Weatherby; Winchester Firearms [+] Show more. Good Luck dealing with CVA customer service. Christensen Arms MPR 801-03035-01 6mm CM, $1799. Its a Bergara barrel. Its Our Pick. A heavy, yet graceful beast of a rifle. I would probably never buy a CVA based on the experience a friend had with their CS department and one of their entry-level muzzleloaders that misfired. without an optic and is a compact 28.5 overall with the brace extended. Grade A- for adults; Grade B+ for youths. Adjustable LOP. A brushed stainless finish, a gorgeous three-color laminate stock, and a great trigger. and the 6.8 Western (can this one magnumize the 270 Win. Unless otherwise noted, these reviews carry the guns prices at the time of the original review. Read Here. Depress the forward portion, and the bolt slides out easily to the rear. Thanks for all the responses! The HTR has a MSRP of $1,225. It feeds and shot very well for a rifle of any price without modifications. Waiting for cooler weather to fine tune and make my decision. Least accurate with the Federal ammo. Masterpiece Arms MPA BA MPR PRO 6mm CM, $2499. A forum community dedicated to hunting and fishing enthusiasts in the Michigan area. The result weighs 5.8 lbs. Oversized bolt, adjustable iron sights, adjustable LOP, a box magazine, and a threaded barrel. WebAnother +1 for Ruger. I have handled a few of these and they seem to me to be just another Ruger American type price point bolt action rifle, I'd say like the rest of these rifles they are accurate though Hb. Tikka T3x Lite Bolt Action Rifle. Mag. Finally, the rifles I'd recommend to left handed shooters are the left handed models of the rifles listed below, when available. The rifles in each category are listed in alphabetical order by manufacturer. Outdoor Hub, LLC (d/b/a Carbon Media Group), 30800 Telegraph Rd, Suite 1921, Bingham Farms, MI 48025 USA. I still may end up buying one as its a little cheaper than the Tikka I like in 6.5 PRC. larger than the Savage 100 Hog Hunter we tested last year. Also read the part about the 2-4 pound adjustable trigger. Would assume a three shot group, but again wouldn't hurt to ask. At Long Shot, Bergara brought out steel and carbon fiber-barreled BMRs in .22 LR, topped with Leupold VX-Freedom Rimfire scopes. Straight-wall chambering. I have zero experience with an XPR so I cant compare them. With its upgrades, the Accura X-Treme series offers an affordable muzzleloader that shares many features of the companys top-of-the-line Paramount models. Image courtesy of BPI Outdoors. The LR-X is available with two stock and metal finish options and has an MSRP of $675. The various categories group rifles by action type and application. Only time will tell which cartridges stick. So I bought the CVA yesterday. Mag., and 450 Bushmaster. They might just send a call tag / prepaid label for return, if requested, but a good question to ask. Saying this is not a cop-out and I'm not being paid by anyone in or out of the firearms industry to write the things I do. Functional polymer stock, the smoothest bolt in the group, and the best out-of-the-box trigger. Still, the Cascade had an outstanding trigger pull, requiring only 2.2 pounds of effort to release. Not a pleasant experience. cva cascade vs ruger american 678-748-2201 cva cascade vs ruger american cva cascade vs ruger americanWorking Hours: Magazine release is accomplished by pressing a latch on the front of the mag to the rear. Proof Tundra Specs. Winchester currently markets a 255-grain subsonic load for the 350 Legend. Beanfield rifle rather than a mountain rifle. Ruger Hawkeye Compact 37139 308 Win., $691. produced sub-minute-of-angle best groups with five factory loads. This year, H&R announced an expansion of its AR-15 lineup, bringing additional "retro" models to the market, including a 9 mm Luger-chambered Colt SMG clone, an M16A2-styled rifle and the carbine-size 723. The SB Series is designed for those wanting a more compact rifle, especially when using a suppressor (though the original Cascade is also supplied with a threaded muzzle). WebProduct Description The Cascade is CVA's first ever bolt-action centerfire rifle. The stock starts with two sling swivel studs on the fore end and ends in a Crushzone recoil pad. CVA, a longtime leader in muzzleloaders, has entered the bolt-action rifle market in 2020 with the new Cascade model. Light enough, accurate enough, and inexpensive enough for us to want to keep it. Take out the Magtech ammo, which none of the three rifles shot well, and we only missed their mark by about 0.3 inches. The rifle never failed to impress us. Possibilities.:). This rifle has a short length of pull and a 16.5-inch barrel. Image courtesy of BPI Outdoors. Is that what we found? First sample failed when the bolt disassembled itself. Now we turn to a little cartridge that will fit in a standard AR-15 magazine, can roughly equal the energy of a 7.6239 or a 30-30 Win. Twist is 1 in 16 inches, and the muzzle is threaded at 5824 with a thread protector provided. The Bergara Micro Rimfire (BMR). Carryover winner from Nov. 2020. New Cartridge, New Gun This newest version of the Ruger American Ranch Rifle is a companion piece to the equally new Winchester 350 Legend cartridge introduced at the 2019 Shooting, Hunting and Outdoor Trades (SHOT) Show in Las Vegas. The trim receiver allowed the longest barrel, while maintaining a compact OAL. The one full-sized component of the BMR? It been doing a good job at 80 -100 yards. Our Pick. Im looking to replace a Vanguard .308 1-12 twist that I have been shooting subsonic reloads suppresses with a Coastal supressor. When we pulled the barreled action out of the stock, we thought the trigger looked really familiar, so we contacted CVA about it. The .270 grouped better out of the box than my Ruger ever did. Do all that with a bit more energy, slightly better ballistics, and a little less recoil than the 30-30. That is a great length for many hunting rifles, but it is simply longer than is needed for a smaller-cased cartridge. My friends XPR shoots MOA or less with 150 grain Winchester Deer Season XP. Those familiar with Remingtons will also notice the expected recoil lug sandwiched between the barrel and the action. One of the newer cartridges is the 350 Legend. This year, CVA adds a SB Series to their Cascade line-up. With a growing interest in PRS-style competition, Bergaras Competition Rifle offers new precision shooters a turn-key package that is anything but entry-level. Not only do I find most synthetic stocks surpassingly unattractive, I am convinced that the great majority of them are functionally inferior to wood stocks in most circumstances. Grade A- for adults; Grade C+ for youths. WebCASCADE XT $799.00 SKU: CR3981, CR3983, CR3985, CR3987, CR3989, CR3990, CR3991, CR3995, CR3997 about Cascade XT product details CASCADE SB (Short Barrel) Cerakote Graphite Black/Veil Tac Black $745.00 SKU: CR3901R, CR3903R, CR3914R about Cascade product details CASCADE Cerakote/Blued/Veil Camo $745.00 SKU: on the firing line. The trigger feels good and works well, but it is not in the same league as the 40X trigger of long ago. This may be CVAs first attempt at building a bolt-action centerfire rifle, but you cant tell it by looking at it. The Cascade SB features a black graphite cerakote finish with a Veil Tac Black Camo synthetic stock and has an MSRP of $670. Least accurate with the Federal ammo. Of course, finding the right ammo is part of the journey required by most new rifles. Join our subscribers list to get the latest news, updates and special offers delivered directly in your inbox. A shop fairly close to me has some of these in stock and they have been on my to notice list in my brain for a while may have to step that up a tad. While many products showcased at Long Shot put a smile on the face of those shooting it, nothing produced ear-to-ear grins quite like the BMR. Seekins Precision Havak Pro Hunter 2 0011710059-F 6.5 PRC, $1895. I purchased one in 450 Bushmaster late last year. The PCC craze came out of the ammo shortage/inflation. WebJoin our newsletter! Im usually not one for cheaper rifles but I bought an xpr last year in 350 legend for an Ohio hunt and for the money its a decent rifle. #2. I'm on my 'severalth' Axis & i'm the first to admit, the stock is an utter garbage fire. The footprint for the Remington action is one of the most common out there, with tons of aftermarket products produced for it. I have grouped my recommendations into categories to facilitate comparison. Joe Woolley is one of the Contributing Editors for Gun Tests Magazine and lives in the Houston, Texas area. WebThe Ruger American Rifle has quickly become one of the most popular of the economy hunting rifles. The Hornady 165 FTX, and Hornady 170 are just under MOA n the Scout 350. I usually reply that the most important things about any hunting rifle, and particularly a hard-kicking centerfire rifle, is that it be well made, reliable and fit the owner. We were thrilled to find that the Cascade in 350 Legend we reviewed a year ago had a trigger that reminded us in of a Remington 40X trigger. However, at one time I did sell rifles for a large firearms retailer and I have been an active recreational shooter for my entire adult life, as well as being a gun writer, so I have come into contact with most of the well established models. Ruger American Ranch Rifle 26985 350 Legend, Either that or they are rolling out a Gen 3. Despite its entry-level price The bottoms of Remington-style actions may be easy to produce, but the top of those actions requires a good bit more machining than preferred. WebThe CASCADEs 4140 carbon steel barrel is finished in Cerakote Flat Dark Earth. Tied with the Savage M110 Hog Hunter. Chambering isnt important as Im more interested in the overal quality and accuracy they offer. The BMR is available with either a carbon fiber No. Looking at these in 350 Legend for local deer hunting. Too much rifle and recoil for younger shooters. Copyright 2023 National Rifle Association, Women On Target Instructional Shooting Clinics, Volunteer At The Great American Outdoor Show, Marion P. 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