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Perhaps the ultimate crowd-pleaser for an invigorating and energizing daytime smoke, Green Lotus is as easy to grow as she is enjoyable to use. Filter (0) Filtres : Sort by . These parent genes make an excellent combination, offering exotic notes on both your palate and your nose. LOL. I love knowing now that if someone has a clone from Smash Hits and Canna Provisions, they got the best available on the market anywhere, he tells Leafly. Heres our searing core sample from the magma chamber of modern marijuana. Need more gas? Over the Christmas break, leading international cannabis brand Cookies cannon-balled into the seed pool with the Cookies Seed Bank. the golden ticket for earthy hashy lemon pine nuggetry. Bodhi Seeds - 4 Play (11 Seeds) $ 70.00 $ 45.00 Add to cart Sale! The service requires full cookie support in order to view this website. Anybody else pop their Panama X DLA5 yet? Space Cake starting to fill out a bit, some nice frost coverage going. Im growing it alongside Crickets Puck Bc3. They do this by demonstrating the quality of their product rather than slick advertising and maintaining a bond with their die-hard fans and satisfied customers through their successful Instagram account with over 63,000 followers. Weed expert Shannon McInerney at Seed 2 Soul Distribution in California said 2023 means more GMO and Papaya for heady, heavy dankness, and funk. Old Soul by Bodhi Seeds can be grown both indoors and outdoors, giving really high quality results in either environment. For now I still grow small numbers here and there, but not consistant. 2013-2022 Seed Supreme. OGRlOTNlYTIwOTllZmRjMDAxYzJlOTIzYzUxNDVjZjEzM2QxZjNjOGFlY2My Reviews & ratings by home growers. Fierce Mahakala Bodhi Mala $ 179.00. After 49 days, he finally attained enlightenment. Subscribe to get freebies, discounts and news. Bodhi seeds are auspicious and a vital symbol in Buddhism. I currently have Goji OG going into flower and I have more Bodhi seeds lying in wait, deciding whether to run Ancient OG or Boba's Stash after the Goji OG, or maybe even something else. Strain creation has gone critical: Leaflys 6,000-strain database could easily grow by 1,000 more this year. This strain is great for backyard bonfire parties or those Sunday chill sessions. It may not display this or other websites correctly. Neroli is a strainl used by many to assist in meditation and relaxation processes. Well, how about the other name it goes by, the 'Punto Rojo'? This breeding method is coupled with a one of a kind genetic library to bring their specialized product to the market. 10 feminised seedsActual special-offer onSeedsmanNow 56.24 % reduced! i hope we see some soon. Y2Q4OTZmOTliZTQ0YTYzMGZiNjJkZDRiMjZhOWVlNjAwNWEyMjI2MzBiNjU5 Seed Trust, Supernatural selections, synergy, InoculateTheWest, when lucky, you will find, NOTICE: Your payment to InoculateTheWorld will show up as ITWGENETICS, ITWGEN-5416266399, OR ITWGEN-7865093264 on your credit card statement. Lastly, on the Gelato front, leave room in the garden for Compound Genetics x Mr. Sherbinski. NDU4MDFhYWNmZmVlN2U3ZjM0YjdkZDQ0NjllNjFlNmYwMWZhOWMwNWRhNTVk Perfect for finding the next best thing or making your own seeds. Balance & Serenity Bodhi Dzi Mala $ 289.00. Historic levels of cannabis liberation continue to democratize not only growing, but breeding. Besides being a relatively simple strain to grow, Neroli also produces a pleasant skunky aroma littered with tropical notes. Chemdog has kept his authentic genetics close for decades, but fans have opened his heart and vault. Since more players have entered the game, we aim to highlight reputable breeders with high-performance beans. Dark Bodhi Seed Mala $ 149.00 Best Seller! Laos is woody, spicy, and meatywith wild, foxtailing buds, and a surprising amount of frost for a pure landrace.. Electric Hashplant (PNW Dogshit aka Electric Boogaloo x 88G13HP), Hollyweed V2 (Topanga Pure Kush x 88G13HP), Pleiadian Hashplant (Pleiadian Love Nest x 88G13HP) ***LIMITED, 1/1 We also expect a full restock of everything Bodhi currently has available in the next week or so and will keep you posted about the details here on the news page. 12/9 The following new gear from AK Bean Brains is scheduled to drop Sunday 12/11 at High Noon 12:00pm Pacific Standard Time! For more Runtz in 2023, check out ClearwatersCreamsizzle (Runtz x Creamsicle #4). This hybrid is a heavy yielder and needs a fair amount of space to perform at her best, though rewards careful cultivation with huge hauls of high-potency weed with all the classic OG characteristics. 12/4 Bodhi Update: The next Bodhi drop will not be a full restock. Information provided by this website or this company is not a substitute for individual medical advice. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Mike crossed the icy, black, kerosine-smelling Falcon 9 (Sherb x Tina) to all the 2023 exotics: RS-11, Zkittlez, Gary Payton, Lemon Cherry Gelato, Oreoz, and Red Pop. harvests. This is a limited edition remix of Tiger's Milk (Bubba Kush x Appalachia) using the Pure Kush suge clone as the mother instead. Buckle your seat belts and hold on to your hats and glasses.. this is pure lemon lime space flight herb, will make you into a sativa believa using breeder Ste Mr danks 80's era super afghani by way of kansas bumps uglies with the appalachia mega dude. ZjhkNDBiODg0OGQ4NTM3M2NiN2I5Y2NlOTI0NWFjZDExMGFiNTE2ZThmYjYy You can also take a fun chance on Wizard Trees x Runtz new Rainbow Runtz, or White Rainbows. Theres never been a better time to grow the weed you want to see in the world. These are smallest bodhi seed beads you can find these days. Im running it this year and crossing it with Kobe from Symbiotic Genetics once I find the right phenos! For more great tangies, see also: Ethos Genetics Mandarin Cookies R3; Atlas Seeds Baparaja (AS1x Super Boof); Biovortex Curious Orange; and Capulator Orange Cookies x MAC. M2YzODY5MTFmMWM4NWU4ZjMxOGY4ZWQxZGFmMGIxOGIyOGExNWIxN2I5NzY0 In this series of photographs, turned into a timelapse, I planted 100 bodhi tree (Ficus religiosa) seeds. g/plant. Royal Mail International Shipment Delays -More Information Here. How to order weed delivery online with Leafly, Leafly Buzz: 13 top cannabis strains of 23. Prestigious and unashamedly exclusive, even the folks at Bodhi Seeds were blown away by the result of their cross-breeding experiment involving Nepali OG and Snow Lotus. Which of these packs would you guys say I might be sleeping on, had them from a while now, never popped any.. Got my mail today and I had these waiting for me! The primal queen of the chem family, the chem 91 skunk va clone is finally woven into the snow lotus genetic mandala of green fire. Blue dream, the queen of California outdoor cannabis gets a heavy duty hashplant makeover. Bred by @plantmoreseeds. Regular seeds.. $77.00 DLA13 (Kandahar Black x 88g13/hp) Regular seeds.. $77.00 Dragons blood Hashplant Hawaiian sativa x 8813hp11 regular seeds .. $77.00 Electric hashplant (pnw dogshit aka electric boogaloo x 88g13/hp) Regular seeds .. $50.00 Face Off Og x 88g13/hp Regular seeds.. $50.00 Gelato 41 x 88g13/hp Regular seeds.. $50.00 1 2 3 4 > >| MWJkZTE5ZDBmMmM1MTBhNjM0MmY1NWVhZGI3Y2VkM2NhN2RjNmZhNTkzNzBi For even more GMO winners, Symbiotic Genetics recommends Cara Cara (GMO x Mimosa). This thread is to document my Bodhi seed grows. Bodhiseeds is a small family based organic breeding collective with a unique and special genetic library and a lot of love to share. The mint wave created by Seed Junky Genetics Kush Mints enters a new era as both newcomers and legacy mint flavors sell through. Bodhi Seeds - Gelato 41 x 88g13/hp (11 reg. But funk is not all this strain has to offer. We work mostly with hand collected or sprouted genetics and a few cherished elites. I will keep everyone updated. The best out there has to include Humboldt Seed CosJelly Donutz. Theres more to the Z wave. 1/30 We will be adding Blue Star Seed Co to the JBC Family soon!!! Its gotta be purple and gas or its not selling, one California shop buyer said. Bodhi Seeds Instagram: I wanted those too but Im running out of money these days buying so many seeds haha. Awe lucky, you have all three of the Columbian Red crosses? We use cookies for certain features and to improve your experience. You will be redirected once the validation is complete. "Deep, earthy, forest OG aromas, with. This is a truly beautiful hybrid of Nepali OG (same mother as Goji OG) crossed to the now retired Appalachia male (green crack x tres dawg). Pura Vida is good life bud. Get the Banana God 2.0 Fems and try Masonics Papaya Moonbow for tropical, interstellar flavor and potency. Flying Triangle (Black Trianglex Wookie 15), Purple Empress (Vintage Jack Herrer x Purple Unicorn), Purple Lemon Thai (Lemon Thai x Purple Unicorn), Strawberry Fantasy (Larry OG x Strawberry Milk), DLA 16 80s Black Afghani x Artifact 1 Afghan x 88g13hp, Staff Of Life (NL2 x Thai x Artifact 1 Afghani), Pleiadian Artifact (Vietnamese x Kashmir x x Artifact 1 Afghani). Growing this strain is relatively easy, but if grown outdoors, it does prefer more tropical climates. Yjk5NzhhNzIzNzI3ODk1NWM5ZmZhMzc1Y2Y3Yjc1MWI5NDFhMmM1YzU0ZTFk Nine-year-old Dying Breed SeedsOZ Kush stays a best-seller. For example, small-batch, outdoor Mendocino County cannabis farmer and operator of Seed 707, Mary Polson, said shell run the Jokerz Candy (Gummiez x Grape Gas) in 23. Most popular Bodhi Seeds cannabis strains. REG Lavender Jack Regular - Bodhi Seeds 8,50 - 79,80 In Stock Select Option 10% On Sale! ZDQxYjlkZjUyMmVmN2JhNmI4YzZhYjE0NWI5MDQ4MTYzYjdiNjhkMjU4YmM2 Ones in newer packaging were just stored in Bodhis fridge longer and released later when the newer packaging was available. REG Lemon Hashplant v2 Regular - Bodhi Seeds 8,50 - 79,80 In Stock Select Option 10% On Sale! Anyone with a taste for Grape strains should consider Blockhead BX1 absolutely unmissable. USA Cannabis Seeds Shipped Discreetly /Free shipping over $90. 103 Strains from Bodhi Seeds (location: California, USA) 37 Hybrid Strains | 5 Pure Indica Strains | 1 . Fire Agate & Bodhi Men's Bracelet $ 120.00. Blue dream, the queen of California outdoor cannabis gets a heavy duty hashplant makeover. The Neroli 91 strain is a descendant of the Wookie 15 and the much-loved summer strain Chem 91 Skunk VA. Heavy yielding, resistant to most common plant problems, and with a flowering time of just nine weeks, this hybrid has all the makings of a true modern classic. Bodhi Seeds Company is one of the most sought after breeders of marijuana seeds because of the fine genetics that they have in each strain they produce. We can't find products matching the selection. 9mm*108 Natural High Density Brown Star Moon Bodhi Seeds Meditation Mala. Y2Q4NzNlOTJmM2YzZjU0YTQyODM0NDg2MDBlMDZmZjhlYjI4MGFkZjViYzZk On the cannabis beat since 2009, hes published three books, including the best-selling cannabis crop science book Marijuana Harvest. Downs guest lectured at the Loyola Marymount University Law Schools Journalism Law School, UC Berkeley Extension, and contributed to Continuing Education of the Bars Marijuana Law Hub, sponsored by University of California and the State Bar of California. Bodhi seed mala signifies the Buddha's attainment of enlightenment under the Bodhi Tree. The sunshine daydream is a bubbashine cross (dj shorts blue moonshine (rare stretch indica pheno)x bubba kush).the bubba bodhi uses is neither katsu nor pre98.he calls it original bubba or pre 92 bubba.he said its a bit more stocky and aromatic than pre98 and less stretchy and more kushy than the katsu cut.and as to the high m/f ratio of the Bodhi Seeds. OTc4NjYzNDFjNGY3ZWNmYjYyNzY1OTcxNGVjNzEwZGJmZWM3ZjRhOTJmM2Mx YjNlMzMyMmIzYjZmMGVlZDhjOTY3MDE2OGY5MTJmZDdhOGEzNzMxMDcxMWYx the smokeable catalyst Neroli 91 (91 skunk va x wookie 15) sweet summer citrus flowers and shakedown street funk collide in holy matrimony. NTBjZTY3ZTI2YmE1NzdiYTA3ZTYzMzZhMTI4NDAwYWIxMjYxNDIzNWY1YTUz Smoking it is amazing, and all the growers that get their hands on it love it, said Sherbinski. Anyone here grow Soar, Red Lotus, or Columbian Red x 88G13HP ? Equilibrium Genetics fresh menu of landrace sativa crosses helps shatter the Gelato genetic bottleneck. ODYwMmNmYjJiZjA0Yjc5NzgxZTUzNjg2NDkzMTM3ZjBjZGNjZmY5N2M0NDcx Bodhi Tree's 'Class' has also entered the global top 10 show of Netflix and was watched for 99,10,000 hours that week globally. Thanks to the rockstar parental lineage, Love Dawg is a strain that you will fall in love with. Compound Genetics former breeder Chris Lynch launched his new Cipher Genetics line on Cookies Seed Bank, starting with flavors based onZkittlez x Gelato #41. Perfect for invigorating the mind and relaxing the body at the same time, Jabba's Stash is a quick and easy strain to grow indoors or out, owing her formidable genetics to Original Bubba Kush and (you guessed it) Snow Lotus. Another Massachusetts brand Mass Medical Seeds recommends buying and growing its new Chem, Vx1000. They have several seed classifications: regular, landraces, Heirloom seeds and Bodhi - Limited Edition. Cannarado also recommends Euroz (Zkittlez x London Pound Cake #75) which finishes in just 45 days, and is a hash-makers dream, he said. All Rights Reserved. cookie terps on a bigga bush. The business uses organic breeding to produce high-quality seed strains. This week, buy legal clones from the Massachusetts grower/breeder Chemdog himself. Bring an old-school strain back to life like your own little Jurassic Park. NDNkN2MxYjYyZGVmZTQ3Zjc1N2Y1ODRhOGY1OWIwOWE0OWQyMGQ5NjdjYjM5 Does anyone know of a seedbank that carries Bohdi gear, and ships to Canada? Bodhi Seeds are well know as a family-run business who make great effort to maintain their excellent reputation. Move outdoor plants indoors before winter . Few varietals can match their bite and power. Go with legit, original gangsta' Bodhi Seeds' Ancient OG: "A heavy duty, true OG-dominant hybrid that takes things to the next level," stated Bodhi. This makes them one of the most sought after cannabis seed companies in the cannabis industry. Zawtz is a great smoke and needs to be released in seed. 12/4 Sin City Seeds have dropped and are now available. Over the years, the Bodhi breeders have produced and launched some of the most iconic strains to have hit the commercial marijuana market worldwide in some time. Partage Social. Bodhi Seeds Snow Leopard is a deadly 4 way cross of Chem d, a landrace Uzbekistani hashplant, Afgooey, and Blockhead. Also, that movie is funny as fuck. A cut above any comparable strains for cannabis connoisseurs, Jabba's Stash has a complex flavor profile that varies from tropical fruits to bitter coffee to sweet springtime flowers. The general consensus is that Bodhi Seeds can be relied on for their outstanding consistency and reliability. Cannarado Genetics and Compound collaborated on Grape Gas (Grape Pie x Jet Fuel Gelato). Bob n' Doug. Bodhi has some new pre release stuff he's still testing, put up quite a few packs on tude. The company's ethos is shown with how they work with a select few hand collected, premium, and elite genetics. Be sure to check out the following links if you enjoyed the show. Image not found Super Silver Hash Plant Regular Seeds - 11 84.00 Move to cart Image not found Lavender Jack Regular Seeds - 11 84.00 Move to cart Image not found Mango Hashplant Regular Seeds - 11 84.00 Move to cart Image not found OKthats the road map to fantastic cannabis genetics for 2023. Shop Bodhi Showing all 53 results Sale! Showing all 15 results Default sorting 10% On Sale! This years Pave crosses, which come from The Menthol strain, look like jewelry and smell like mint and vanilla. NGRjZmNkMTlhYjE3MjZiMjg5ZmYwMDVkMWMzYjFlYTY2OWE3Y2FjOGNhMzI5 Everyone who knows about Bodhi Seeds loves their products. All Rights Reserved. Cluster Funk Regular Seeds by the cannabis breeder Bodhi Seeds, is a Photoperiod Regular marijuana strain. Place your potted tree in a sunny or lightly shaded location in the garden. Bodhi seeds is a, family run business focused on providing new, cannabis scene. Bodhi and Buddha Bead Wrist Mala $ 75.00. The Space Monkey is a cross between the Gorilla Glue 4 x Wookie 15. They should arrive tomorrow! And yup, we smoked hundreds of varieties in 2022 in pursuit of perfection, power, and pizzazz. It certainly tastes like cannabis and not candy., Need to sleep or fight pain? They're all really sexy to me, but it seems they didn't go over as well as the Mango Biche crosses. *We will keep you posted with the exact drop date/time here on the news page as soon as we have it* New Releases: Score yourself a batch of Lotus Larry seeds and odor control should be your number-one priority. Also look out for Phinest to carry Cannarados newest, Rainbow Drizzle (Snowman x Rainbow Crushers), which has unreal bag appeal and a great terp profile. ZjBlZmJhOGQ4ZjA3ZDExM2Q1M2Q3NGIxNGQ4MWEwZjgxZjIyNTc2ODk2MTg3 My seed buying far outpaced growing, so I've been on chillmode while getting back to proper growing. Last Updated Was Exactly: Saturday, 04 March 2023 22:05. OMG is a strain you probably haven't heard of yet, but you may recognize it by its other name, Old Mother Afghani Indica. See our Cookie Policy and Privacy Policy to learn more. Here at SeedSupreme Seed Bank, you can buy a range of regular cannabis seeds choosing from landrace plants and unique hybrid lines. NugDatabase Home Articles Strains . Ill be working her into further backcrosses this year, the breeder explained. We've collected data about 194 Cannabis Strains breed by Bodhi Seeds ( 4 of this strains got reviews of the SeedFinder users, with an average rating from 8.79 out of 10!) I like the few bodhi plants I have ran,no keepers.but very nice smoke..that peeps still ask for. Vince Merchant, Symbiotic Genetics co-founder and strain hitmaker, recommends their Orange Malt (Ice Cream Cake x Mimosa V6). EVERYTHING ON THE SITE CONTAINS LESS THAN 0.03% THC. NjJmMGJiMGY3YjY0NTQ0YTIyNjQ3NGNhNWYzNGIwZmUxNTQxNTkyNTM5MTVm Seed City are stockists of a whole range of Bodhi Seeds, including indica and sativa Bodhi Seeds, medical Bodhi Seeds, high yielding Bodhi seeds, and super strength Bodhi Seeds. Ethos Genetics Zweet Insanity RBX doubles up on Glue, Skunk, and Durban genes for sugar, citrus, and gas smells coming from a lot of terpinolene, myrcene, and ocimene. new colors and terpene profiles to gardens. is using a security service for protection against online attacks. All their plants are grown using only organic methods and their seeds display above-average germination rates and long shelf life - quality control is key for this company. The bodhi seed derives from the Holy Tree, which was placed by the Gautama Buddha when he attained enlightenment, as per Buddhist tradition. You also release Neptune seed bank of any liability or legal problems as we are assuming that you are purchasing them for NOVELTY purposes only. Popular in recreational cannabis circles, Blue Tara is no less than a global superstar for the medicinal marijuana masses. We've collected data about 194 Cannabis Strains breed by Bodhi Seeds (4 of this strains got reviews of the SeedFinder users, with an average rating from 8.79 out of 10!) Green Bodhi - Cannabis Seed Breeder featuring Sour 78 x Sour 78, SBSE x Sour 78, Sweet OG x SBSE78, Golden Pineapple x Gold78, and more . Scoop up some of Colorado breeder Cannarados Cake Fruit (Wedding Cake x Papaya), or Clearwater GeneticsNeopolitans Swirl (Wedding Cake x Creamsicle #4). Its also possible to visualize all Bodhi Seeds strains together with all their Parents or Hybrids with our dynamic maps - check it out! Bodhi seeds, called Mani beads, are a classic Buddhist rosary. Expect relatively large plants with gorgeous purple hues and sweet berry fragrances, along with a brain-boosting high that maximizes energy and motivation levels after a single heavy hit. Does Bodhi have an email where he does direct sales or do you have to go through a seed bank? It will include the following new releases and a fresh restock of Soul Food (Pinesoul X 88G13HP) A full restock is expected in the next few weeks after this drop. Old Soul by Bodhi Seeds, chunky and resinous lemon-scented buds. Tropical sativa terps for 2023, he said. This strain can boast a pungent lavender to Strawberry Milk. 30% OFF SEED CITY SEEDS! This girl was never going to be anything but a masterpiece of modern cannabis engineering, with her all-star lineage of Blue Dream Santa Cruz (Sativa cut) and Snow Lotus. Click on the strains to find more informations, pictures, reviews, comparisons and sources for a variety - and/or check out the Breeder Info here at the page to find out more about Bodhi Seeds. How many seeds are in a mala? FIRST TIME GROWING JUST HAVING FUN BUT WOULD LIKE A LITTLE ADVICE, CannaGrannys Corner a Thread for General BS and Good Will. Spend the time, energy, and space commercial growers cant. Gas Burzt should raise the bar for super-trendy candy-gas weed. Get the best Neroli 91 seeds right here at Seed City today. Not to many packs were released, only 15 AND they're already sold out. projects he is working on. I first soaked the seeds in warm water for 24 hours. According to legend, when the Buddha was seeking enlightenment as a young man, he vowed to meditate under a fig tree until he discovered the answer to humanity's suffering. Its on track to become bedrock genes of the 2020s. Soar is a lesser-known strain, although that does not denounce this strain's strong genetics. The complete Another OG synthesis session, this is a Goji OG variant using one of Californias best, the Skywalker OG cut, big, hardy, potent and beautiful she steals the sho Creamy chemmy soaring fruity spirit sorbet for the senses. keeping the girth and grandeur and adding jet fuel and mo Super Silver Haze x ('88 G13 x Hash Plant) Tree of Life Regular Seeds big comfy fu Space Cake (gsc forum x snow lotus) the intergalactic version of girl scout cookies. One Potent Parent They work mostly with hand collected or sprouted genetics and a few cherished elites. OWUyMDIxNTFiY2JiMjc5ZTc4NzRhMDcwN2JmM2FmNDJmZDZkYjBlYTU3YTlm 2/21 A bunch of New Strayfox Gear has dropped and is now available!!! Todd McCormicks Ag Seed CoPurest Indica gives you a chance to boot up an original indica with fat leaves, nostalgic smells, and body stone. Take the Cup-winning terps further with PCG and Atlas Seeds new GMO Bomb (GMO x Papaya Bomb) collaborationan 80% indica, tropical, papaya fuel, hash dumper that finishes by early September. This strain is known for its solid yield, insane frost with wild Alpine berries aromas and warm tart hashy taste. bodhi tree seeds 1-48 of 132 results for "bodhi tree seeds" RESULTS Bodhi Tree - 4'' from California Tropicals 4 $3099 ($2.58/Ounce) Get it Mon, Jul 11 - Thu, Jul 14 FREE Shipping Sacred Fig Bodhi Tree Ficus religiosa 10 Seeds $1099 Save 10% at checkout Get it Mon, Jul 25 - Mon, Aug 1 FREE Shipping Symbiotic Genetics also recommends Candied Oranges (Z x MimosaV6). The Masonic Seed Co strain Banana God just won the invite-only Ego Clash. One of the most sought after Breeders on the, Planet, with an expertise in Landrace Seed, hunting,BodhiSeeds produces unique, high-, quality cannabis crosses that hold awards, strain libraries in the world. Sherbert and Headbanger go so well together that Atlas Seeds sells Sherbanger #22 clones at $1,000 each. Check out our bodhi seed mala selection for the very best in unique or custom, handmade pieces from our prayer beads shops. M2FhOGNhMDcwMDljNTllM2IwNDUyZTc0NThjMmEyYjg0YjBjM2Q4ZmNhZjEz Taking the queen of orange cannabis, the AE77 Cali o cut and mixing in t Stevie Wonder was one of the first hybrids that Bodhi Seeds ever made and is still one of their favorite strains. 3.4 out of 5 stars (3.4) 3. Help keep cannabis weird: Make your own unique gardening choices this year. Traditional Tibetan Bodhi Wrist Mala $ 57.00. Not a vendor. Love Dawg is an indica dominant seed strain that will lure you into love. I'm an old head and love a sativa that makes me laugh at shit. Of the 4 new strains I was most interested in. Expect the usual fruity fragrance cacophony, bursting with ripe blue berries and complemented with just the right amount of exotic spice. lol Im excited to see what this cross brings. Ideal for recreational and therapeutic tokers alike, the Bodhi Seeds collection takes depth and diversity to entirely new levels. Strains library. Bodhi Seeds by @plantmoreseeds is one of the most unique and interesting cannabis strain libraries in the world. Bodhi seeds is a By providing us with your email address, you agree to Leafly'sTerms of ServiceandPrivacy Policy. OGVmMDUxNTVmMWNjZmNiNWU1NzAxNzdhYmVhNjE2ZDU1MGRiMGMxNTNiNDUx It sounds rancid, and we mean that as a compliment. One of the most iconic and celebrated names in weed seed production, Bodhi Seeds has put their name to an extensive list of legendary strains over the years. These products are not intended to diagnose, treat, cure or prevent any disease. Complex and enjoyable in the extreme, Goji OG blends red berry fragrances with sour cherries, ripe strawberries, and even a touch of liquorice. Those who know Bodhi Seeds know that these breeders prioritize innovation and new-generation strain development above all else. This strain is slightly more potent and not for the novice with an exceptional terpene profile. It has a sour, dank, skunk-like smell that is not easy to cover up and permeates any room its in, said the legend McCormick. It will include the following new releases and a fresh restock of Soul Food (Pinesoul X 88G13HP) A full restock is expected in the next few weeks after this drop. Last up, a notable mention goes the way of Satsuma, which enhances the unmistakable fragrance and flavor of her orange AE77 Cali-O lineage. But that's not all we love about this humble company, read on to find out more about why Seed City recommends the unique weed seed range the Bodhi Seed Company has on offer. Not to mention, elevated THC levels and the added bonus of fabulously fruity flavors that make Green Lotus downright irresistible - then again, we'd expect no less from a blend of Green Crack and Snow Lotus. Click here to visualize all Bodhi Seeds strains including all known hybrids and descendants with our dynamic map! BREEDER Bodhi Seeds ODkyZDJmYWQ0ZTg0OWQwMzllMjY2NWRlMjgzMzZkNDM3YjQzMzE5N2UxNTlk New Release from Bodhi Seeds One of the most sought after Breeders on the Planet, with an expertise in Landrace Seed hunting, Bodhi Seeds produces unique, high- quality cannabis crosses that hold awards across the globe. Bodhi Seeds - Angelica (11 seeds) $ 70.00 $ 45.00 Add to cart Sale! Has anyone pinned down when these were made? -----END REPORT-----. This was a real surprise for Bodhi Seeds. BROWSE OUR SITE AND ENJOY THE WORLD OF UNIQUE ITW genetics *All orders are dispatched within 1-5 business DAYS, IF NOT SOONER. Bodhi has some new pre release stuff he's still testing, put up quite a few packs on tude. Episode 10 - Bodhi of Bodhi Seeds / Nierika / Supernatural Selections By The Pot Cast is .

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