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Soldier Fields primary focus is to provide all patrons and visitors a safe and enjoyable environment. This will give you the opportunity to be as close to the stage as possible. From luxury suites, interior club spaces and historic areas to exterior terraces and parklands. The unparalleled lakefront views from the numerous event spaces provide a spectacular environment for any size gathering. Soccer and Concert Club SeatsThe Club Level experience is similar for for non-Bears games. From here you get excellent balance of being able to see both ends of the field (thanks to being near midfield), and you'll also be higher up on the lower tier for seeing over the team and equipment along the sidelines. For most concerts the Soldier Field Seating Chart has the stage set up on the North end of the field. However it is important to note that it will be very difficult to see the front of the performance from most of the seats here. Seating Charts for Soldier Field. You won't have any coverage from the elements, however in our experience the wind tends to be much more subdued in the south endzone compared to the north. FAX: (312) 235-7030 Soldier Field offers a variety of unique hospitality spaces prior to or during major events to make your day even more special. Sections in this location have a varying number of rows, which can be anywhere from 21 to 27 rows. The stadium allows only certain types and sizes of personal bags or containers into the stadium, including: Prohibited items include, but are not limited to: Please visit our Prohibited Items page for a complete list. All Rights Reserved. If the seating chart on this page isn't quite what you're looking for, you might want to select another Soldier Field seating chart from the list above. Soldier Field tickets in 2023 cost $240.73 on average. Bears fans can browse the full Soldier Field Stadium Guide or check out how other NFL stadiums measured up on our NFL Stadium Guide page. These are widely considered some of the best seats for a Bears game due to their views of the field and being completely under cover. One-gallon clear plastic freezer bag (Ziploc bag or similar). The seat number at Soldier Field follows a standard pattern where seat number 1 will be adjacent to the higher-numbered section. These events each have a different seating chart. As a result, you will tend to have a less rowdy atmosphere and cleaner language being used from your neighboring fans, making it a great spot for bringing your little ones. For all available tickets and to find shows near you, scroll to the listings at the top of this page. To view an interactive Soldier Field seating chart and seat views, click the individual event at Soldier Field that you'd like to browse tickets for. Is Section 341 Row 15 wheelchair accessible at Soldier Field? IL 60605 PHONE: (312) 235-7000 |, Chicago Park District Small clutch bags that are 4.5" x 1 x 6.5" with or without a handle or strap, may be carried into the stadium along with one of the clear bag options. Our View from Seat previews allow fans to see what their view at Soldier Field will look like before making a purchase, which takes the guesswork out of buying tickets. Expand View: Click for full screen viewing experience. I am considering buying tickets to see U2 at (ta && ta.queueForLoad ? The Soldier Field is known for hosting the Chicago Bears but other events have taken place here as well. Entry tunnels are located just beneath row 1, so be prepared for long difficult walks to and from the concourse if sitting in rows 15 and higher. X Upload Photos. Seattle, WA. Sitting lower on the 100 level is certainly exciting, but the views will get more difficult due to the lower elevation above field level. You'll be close to midfield for great all around views, and Bears fans will be happy to be closer to the home team sideline. The first place to look for an impressive seat at Soldier Field for a Bears game will be the United Club sections located on the 200 and 300 levels of the east sideline. This is the floor level for end-stage concert ; A1 Soldier Field (5) A2 Soldier Field (1) A3 Soldier Field (2) A4 Soldier Field (3) A5 Soldier Field (2) A6 . Visit our Parking & Direction Page for up-to-date options. Located on the second tier of seating along the west sideline, sections here are also very small (no more than 12 rows in each) for easy access to and from the concourse. Parking Lots are used daily for visitors, museum guests and events. Other times, fans want to account for any bad weather since Soldier Field is an outdoor venue. To search for tickets or to find out if your seats are protected from the sun or rain, follow the link for the seat finder. Fans will access their section from the concourse at the top so fans sitting in the lower rows will have the longest walks to restrooms and concessions. Please hold on to your tickets as they will be honored at the . Excellent overhead coverage for protection from the weather, Covered seats at Soldier Field are few and far between, but not impossible to find. It's important to understand how the seating works to get the best Soldier Field seat view. Soldier Fields Luxury Suites provide the perfect premium setting to entertain clients, reward employees, network with peers or enjoy an evening out with family and friends. Handicap accessible seating is also available in the top rows of Sections 332 and 336. Theater. You can find some good views here, and most particularly in sections 240-241 which keep you close to a traditional end stage setup. Board of Commissioners The cheapest day to go to an event at Soldier Field is Wednesday, where the average historical price for Soldier Field events is $158.36. Interactive Seating Charts. COPYRIGHT 2023 Soldier Field Lower corner sections are the best place to get an up close look at corner kicks at Soldier Field. All guests entering Soldier Field will be searched and have their belongings scanned. Soldier Field is a top-notch venue located in Chicago, IL. Capital One Arena Seating Chart. It's unlikely the performer will turn around to salute you - and you're more likely to be completely blocked out from seeing the show. And one of the best ways to take in a show is by purchasing tickets in the Field Seats. This makes GA Pit or floor seating the most desirable. Augusta National Golf Club Seating Chart. Other Events. Some shows have only reserved reserving, others have only general admission access and some shows feature a mix of both. Thanks! Lower level end seats are only located on the north side of the stadium due to the supporters being located on the south side. Bags that are clear plastic, vinyl or PVC and do not exceed 12 x 6 x 12. These are the nights that have shaped the history of sports at Soldier Field. Confirm the location and availability with security. Family restrooms are available close by to either option, located at sections 146 and 154. Soldier Field was ranked #21 for atmosphere, #25 for food, and #26 for bathrooms. Chicago Fire Supporters Section for Fire Games, All Chicago Fire Supporters Section Information. Events are listed in chronological order, beginning with the events happening closest to today. Whether you want front row seats, a balcony view or anything in between, Vivid Seats can help you find just right the tickets to help you experience it live. Being on the 100 level will undoubtedly keep you close to all the action, but not all seats on this lower seating tier offer those phenomenal views you're probably looking for. If you aren't able to score a ticket in the front portion of the field level sections, the seats in the lower level sections will be your next best bet for a traditional end stage concert performance at Soldier Field. From here you will be right by the visiting team entry tunnel (located between these two sections), for great views of the players as they move between the field and the locker room. venues that don't have sections around the entire stage) seat numbers follow a different logic. Seats behind the stage are occassionally sold: Unless your main objective is to just get in the building, you'll want to completely avoid anything behind the stage - like those in/near or above sections Section 101, Section 103, Section 144 and Section 146. Terms of Use |Privacy Policy|Do Not Sell or Share My Info | The Wardruna show scheduled for October 2, 2021 at The State Theatre has been rescheduled to Saturday October 22, 2022 at 7:30pm (note the earlier show time). For the best overall views, look for tickets in the last rows where you'll be close to the concourse and also have more elevation for superior views to the far end of the field. Each of the Lower Level Corner sections features 19 rows of seating, with concourse entrances located at the very top of the section. There's been no shortage of memorable shows at Soldier Field, but here are some of the biggest and best all-time performances that music lovers will remember: Classic games. Guests should be prepared to open their bags for inspection and may be asked by a security representative to shift and possibly remove the contents. This is the version of our website addressed to speakers of English in the United States. Items likely not permitted at Soldier Field include (but are not limited to) camera equipment, laptops or computers, flashlights, drones, strollers, and laser pointers. The same is true for Chicago Fire matches where the elevation makes it easy to see from end-to-end. Although technically labeled as a 200 level section, these seats sit very close to the field due to Soldier's smaller lower tier. Rosa Escareo, General Superintendent & CEO. RateYourSeats.com is not affiliated with Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NFL, the NHL, MLS, the NCAA or any of its members. The most common seating layout at Soldier Field for concerts is an end-stage setup with the stage located near sections Section 101, Section 103 and Section 144. Board of Commissioners Last year, Kanye.The most common seating layout at Soldier Field for concerts is an end-stage setup with the stage located near sections Section 101, Section 103 and Section 144. If you plan on getting a hotel, you are going to be shocked at the hotel costs already. With little to no head turning required, you can sit back and enjoy the game in comfort. If you plan on getting a hotel, you are going to be shocked at the hotel costs already. Read More. Each row will have around 17-18 seats. Terms of Use |Privacy Policy|Do Not Sell or Share My Info | These seats are home to some of the best lower level 50 yard line views in even numbered sections 134-140 on the Bears side, and 107-108 and 110-111 on the visitors side. ta.queueForLoad : function(f, g){document.addEventListener('DOMContentLoaded', f);})(function(){ta.trackEventOnPage('postLinkInline', 'impression', 'postLinks-81573878', '');}, 'log_autolink_impression');United Center during the Vertigo Tour, one in the 300s (top level) and one on the floor. Note: These seats are highlighted on the map, Great seats! A general admission ticket gives you access to a dedicated space on the field. Of course with such desirable and close seating, this will cost much more and can push some fans outside of their budget. The coverage begins to get less extensive near the edges of the media deck, but if you stick to the upper rows you will have the best chance at being covered overhead. For a typical end stage setup at Soldier Field, sections 105 and 142 are among some of the best options as these seats keep you close to all the action on stage, while avoiding extreme side angle sight lines. Chicago Fire. There are 19 rows in most of sections in this area, with entry tunnels located at the very top. The standard sports stadium is set up so that seat number 1 is closer to the preceding section. Section 234 Soldier Field seating views. Lower level sideline seats are just about as close as any fan can get to see the Chicago Fire at Soldier Field. Soldier Field - Interactive concert Seating Chart. can all change what are the "best" seats for a concert at Soldier Field. If you are a resident of another country or region, please select the appropriate version of Tripadvisor for your country or region in the drop-down menu. 200 Level Club SeatsWhile all United Club Seats offer a very good view of the field, the 200 level seats have some of the best views in the entire stadium. Just keep in mind that you won't be able to see as much detail from these seats as you would if you sat closer to the stage. Ask below in the comments! Photos Concert Seating Chart Sections Comments Tags. You'll be further from the players, but still have a nice viewing angle down the visitors sideline and ticket prices will be much more affordable than being on the lower level. 7/7 - The view of the stage from the standing room Field section at a concert at Soldier Field. But if you have a large family and are looking to save some money on the price of your tickets, some of the better affordable options will be found in the front rows of sections 323-325. The purpose of this policy is to ensure that all guests enjoy their experience at Soldier Field. Tickets here are far more reasonable than the 100 and 200 levels, and you'll also have a comfortable head on view of the field. In between sections 146 and 148 is the tunnel to the Bears locker room, where the players can be seen running out to the field at the beginning of the game. From luxury suites, interior club spaces and historic areas to exterior terraces and parklands. The club lounge features multiple bars and upscale food options not available to fans in other seating sections. The views to the game will be great as well. The suites offer the finest amenities and personal service in an exclusive and relaxed environment. For Bears games, this is the home side of the field and seats in this location have a great view of the whole field from an ideal seating height for seeing over the players on the sideline. Venues; Teams; Concerts; Theater; Other Events; Use Map; More Photos. Sections in the Lower Level Corner get a good view of all the action and keep fans close to the field without having to pay the higher prices for seats along the sidelines. New concerts are announced frequently, for both Soldier Field and other venues across the Chicago area. The Soldier Field Guest Code of Conduct was developed for all guests attending to enjoy their experience and act responsibly. CITY. There are many things to consider when looking for tickets at a big stadium like Soldier Field. Rows 12 and above in Section 105 are covered, Rows 14 and above in Section 204 are covered, Excellent seating height for watching the game, Not too high up where views are more distant, Close proximity to the 50 yard line and team benches, Further up on the lower tier for better sight lines, Comfortable straight away views of the field, Excellent viewing angles from being near mid field, Perfect combination of viewing height and distance, Excellent views right by the 50 yard line, Good viewing height near the top of the lower seating tier, Overhead coverage to keep you out of the weather, Premium amenities on the United Club level, Between the 20 yard lines for excellent viewing angles, Close to the Bears players along the sideline, Good seating height and proximity to concourse, A more private feeling on the smaller Media Deck, Small sections with a short walk to the concourse, Smaller sections for easier access to and from the seats, Excellent overhead coverage for protection from the weather, On the lower tier for less stairs to walk at the stadium, Good protection from the weather from overhanging deck above, Close to the concourse entry tunnels and not far from a family restroom, Head on view to the north endzone videoboard, Some of the cheapest tickets in the stadium, High concentration of beer vendors nearby, Section 101: Row 1 Seat 9, Row 2 Seat 10, Row 3 Seat 11, Great viewing angle down the visitors sideline, Excellent sight lines to parts of the Chicago skyline in the background, Minimal head turning and cheaper price tag. amazingggg seat! But we recommend being cautious if searching in the first 3 rows of section 340 (and sections 336 and 333 also) as camera wells located just to the left can impact your view from the lower numbered seats. Guests who violate building policies or decline to be searched may be denied entry or ejected from the stadium. If you're looking for great views on a tighter budget, search for seats in the first 10 rows of sections 334-340 on the west side of the stadium. Your concert may have a different floor layout. IL 60605 PHONE: (312) 235-7000 |, Chicago Park District SeatGeeks interactive maps indicate the location of the home and visitor benches, and note which sections are closest to each bench. Price List: Click here to view available pricing. Soldier Field strongly encourage fans to not bring any type of bags to the stadium. These seats here give a more elevated view of the field than the lower level, which helps with the overall view and makes it much easier to see the entire field. Soldier Field Seat Map and Seating Charts Whether you want front row seats, a balcony view or anything in between, Vivid Seats can help you find just right the tickets to help you experience it live. | North corner section will be calmer and better for families. Soldier Fields Luxury Suites provide the perfect premium setting to entertain clients, reward employees, network with peers or enjoy an evening out with family and friends. Driving Directions: Soldier Field, 1410 Museum Campus Dr, Chicago, IL Phone number: (847) 295-6600. These rules include, but are not limited to: On event day, if you need immediate assistance, notify the nearest security guard or usher. To search tickets in these seating areas, select an event and apply the corresponding filter. You can find some good views here, and most particularly in sections 240-241 which keep you close to a traditional end stage setup. During daytime performances, sections on the east sideline (101-115) will see more sun than those on the west sideline. Site Map a carbonhouse experience. Travelling for a road game can be much more memorable when you get to experience both the game and the surrounding city culture. Close 100 level sections are also desirable such as sections 105-107 and 140-142. Chicago, Purses larger than a small clutch bag, coolers, briefcases, backpacks, fanny packs (any type), cinch bags, luggage of any kind, seat cushions, strollers, computer bags and camera bags, diaper bags, or any bag larger than the permissible size. Edited: 5 years ago. As many fans will attest to, Soldier Field is known to be one of the best places to catch live entertainment around town. As you move further south than section 436, the views are noticeably distant and you will be best off just going with the most affordable option among sections 427-435 and saving a bit more money for another round of beverages. Venues . However, some general guidelines for venue bag policies may be helpful to consider for Soldier Field. Luckily most performances don't feature extensive aerial pageantry, so you don't have to worry about missing much at all. These performer-specific adjustments may alter the field layout and the views from each field section. Board of Commissioners Each section has 19 rows and will be uncovered. To help make the buying decision even easier, we display a ticket Deal Score on every row of the map to rate the best bargains. Browse Beyonce tickets today. Pets are not allowed in most cases, but service dogs are likely permitted. Unlike general admission tickets, a reserved field/floor ticket will get you a seat to sit on. Sitting close to the Chicago Bears bench is a great chance to get up close to the players and can be a great part of a live sports experience. Each section has 6 to 12 rows of seating in each with the smaller sections closest to midfield. Scroll to find the full list of Soldier Field concerts that have already been announced, across all genres, such as, Whether you're coming from somewhere in the, 2023 Vivid Seats LLC. Beyonce Ticket Prices for the Upcoming Chicago Concert 7/23/23. 1410 Special Olympics Drive , RateYourSeats.com is not affiliated with Major League Baseball, the NBA, the NFL, the NHL, MLS, the NCAA or any of its members. Fans in these sections will feel more wind on rough weather days in Chicago, but will also have some of the best head on views of the endzone videoboards. Ejections are documented and anyone ejected from the stadium may be banned from future events. As the most trusted independent ticket marketplace, Vivid Seats can help you buy Soldier Field tickets with confidence and peace of mind, knowing that all confirmed orders are backed by our 100% Buyer Guarantee. Guests may pre-purchase event dayparking atwww.SoldierFieldParking.com. This seating area feels like its own private area, featuring far fewer rows in each section, and less fans to have to contend with in concession and restroom lines. Being this high up can make it difficult to follow all the action (especially when sitting in the corners) while also leaving you with longer walks up and down the steep aisles. 200 section was hanging overhead the 100 section so it felt like i was floating. 400/Grandstand seats are the highest and furthest away. Staying on the lower level, seats in rows 13 and higher of sections 104 and 105 are another great choice for families. The If You See Something, Say Something campaign is a simple and effective program to engage the public and key frontline team members in identifying and reporting indicators of terrorism, crime and other threats to the proper transportation and law enforcement authorities. Which seats (Section 432 or 225) are better for a Bears game and why? Sign In; Popular. When seated, you'll turn to your right to see the stage. Soldier Field VIP tickets typically provide a better view or exclusive access to certain areas of the venue. Overall, you'll get a 200 level feel with excellent views at a 300 level price range. On the Field: Sections Field A, Field B, Field C and Field D are Field Seats, which offer some of the closest views of the performers. These tickets are typically labeled GA Floor, Pit, Field or some other variation. Official NFL team logo clear plastic bags are available through club merchandise outlets or at nflshop.com. The Soldier Field is known for hosting the Chicago Bears but other events have taken place here as well. While these seats may appear far on a seating chart, the sections here actually extend almost completely over the Media Deck seats above providing decent views if you are lucky enough to find seats in the first few rows.

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